Saturday, October 5, 2013

Open Letter To Speaker Boehner with Republican Congress Representatives

To Speaker Boehner with Republican Congress Representatives,


As a Citizen of this Great Wonderful Nation, I feel obliged to petition for public interest, challenge, demand or share why I feel Sorrowful, Saddened and Concerned with Attitudinal Behavior of Speaker Boehner with his Republican Congress Representatives, going after President Obama with intent to Break him……….This is the whole purpose of Government Shutdown and good people must stand with President Obama to stop the stalemate and ask Boehner with Team to face reality and Open the Government facility to public without further delay. It is because, the Animosity towards the Affordable Healthcare (the Obamacare) is illogical, trivial, irrelevant, inconsiderate, irresponsible, insignificant, unconstitutional and is unjustified to warrant a Government Shutdown. Intelligent public leaders and Responsible lawmakers must not behave this way………It is shameful to display acts of hate for selfish reasons and close down on logics that bring value, no one will have respect towards such a mentality; and this is truely sad.
This morning Saturday, October 5th 2013, Speaker Boehner was heard saying:
"This morning, I get the Wall Street Journal out and it says, 'well, we don't care how long this lasts, because we're winning,'" Boehner said, theatrically waving a copy of the paper.
"The American people don't want their government shut down and neither do I," he added.
"All we're asking for is to sit down and have a discussion, reopen the government and bring fairness to the American people under 'Obamacare,’ the health care law that is President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement.
Really, Speaker Boehner needs a reality check…….this his attitude is of total misconduct, violation and abuse of the Law. This is not the time to discuss Obamacare. Shutting the Government because of Obamacare is insane. Where was Speaker Boehner when the Obamacare was passed and made into law? Why now at this crucial juncture when the Government is facing critical budget default?.......More or so when the Budget Ceiling grew out of proportion even before President Obama came to Office.
Lawmakers are obligated to deliver public services diligently. Instead, these politicians seem to be embroiled on playing drama for cover-up in their conflict of interest, the reason for Government Shutdown. This is unacceptable…….
Logically thinking, if the Government is shut and is put to dysfunction, it means the Government ability is weakened, drains and depleted from economic stability that go towards hurting and affecting small business, the poor and the middle-class adversely and unfavorably.
It is sad therefore that the Speaker does not care and Congress do not seem to get any closer to resolving the fiscal debt impasse hurdle. Speaker and Congress Representatives must explain to the American people why they are shifting from resolving urgent fiscal Budget impasse and instead wasting time to discuss business of Affordable health care, nicknamed “The Obamacare” which is already a match-up with options of choices fair to all, the poor and the rich, where is the problem??? Why is Boehner with Congress Republicans so hateful about anything that are about to benefit the poor in ways and means??? 

It must be known to all that, the Affordable HealthCare (Obamacare) Bill of Rights is already an Act of Law in the Bill of Rights and it is a done deal…….that, if the People are healthy, the Nation becomes healthier, people get engaged in their own ways and the economy gets stronger.
Why does Speaker Boehner with his Republican Congress find it so hard to get this reality right and get moving forward, open the Government, get into public business interest and fix the budget…………???
Is President Obama the Goose for sacrifice to be cooked by Speaker Boehner along with the Republican Congress for mistake of previous leaders for not doing their fair share in fixing the budget every year they were in Office??? Is it because President Obama is black and must pay sins of the previous Presidents or is President Obama an Angel to curry the burden of proof of the past Presidents failure??? Why so much hate in every turn of event where President Obama does not even have a breather………and we shall never forget when the Republicans made it very evident that “They want to break President Obama”, is this it??? Because he is Black???........Dont you all feel it it is all wrong ???
Get Real Speaker Boehner, get real !!! Play bi-partisan leadership as a Speaker of the House and put hate aside for the sake of American people and this great Nation to Unite the world in Peace and get down to business that give us all a good bill of safetynet, health and happiness…….We need each other and cannot afford to lead the world or challenge competitions with navigating enemies of the world successfuly, if we are going to remain divided with huge gaps between the rich and the poor. The poor too have a way of contributing to the Nation’s economy in their own small way………Why then make it so difficult for the poor through conspiring for the Government shutdown???
As much as we need Africa in the World Business Market Place, We need President Obama to lead the way while he is of sound mind so he is able to instill organizational order of democratization principles, security and discipline that which the Chinese spoil in magnifying corruption with environmental pollution, bringing the worlds economy into loggerhead.
We feel it in the bones and it pain us when President Obama is treated with disgust for mistakes that are not of his making…….when all he is trying to do is to bring order, peace, and unity with balanced opportunity mutually fair to all………..
Speaker Boehner, you dont have good reason to shut the Government, let it not be “your way or the highway” and all shall be fine if you open the Government immediately without any further drama.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,



Long political crisis will weaken US abroad: Kerry

Saturday, October 5th 2013

25 minutes ago

Nusa Dua (Indonesia) (AFP)
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Saturday the political standoff paralysing Washington was "reckless" and would weaken the United States' standing abroad if it did not end soon.
The country's top diplomat said the bitter struggle between Republicans and Democrats that has led to a partial government shutdown was sending a message to the world that the United States could not get its "act together".
Kerry insisted the United States had not yet been diminished in the eyes of leaders around the world and that a solution would be found soon, but warned of consequences if the standoff continued.
"If it were prolonged, or repeated, people would begin to question the willingness of the United States to stay the course and its ability to," Kerry told reporters at a meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum on the Indonesian island of Bali.
"But that’s not the case and I don’t think it will be the case.”
US President Barack Obama had been due to travel to Bali for an APEC leaders' summit starting Monday.
But he had to cancel his Asian trip, which would have also taken in Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines, to deal with the first government shutdown in 17 years.
Kerry is filling in for Obama on the Asian tour, and he made it clear that he believed Republicans blocking government spending in Congress were playing a dangerous game.
"I think it is reckless, personally, to even provide those moments where you have these risks that are exposed," Kerry said, referring to areas of spending on global security hotspots that have been suspended because of the shutdown.
Calling on Congress to immediately end the five-day standoff, Kerry urged those responsible to consider how other people around the world may view the situation.
"I believe that those standing in the way... of reopening our government need to think long and hard about the message that we send to the world when we can’t get our own act together," he said.
US still the world's superpower:
Nevertheless, Kerry insisted he was convinced the standoff would not be long term, and the United States would emerge as strong as ever.
"The United States will still be the strongest power in the world, in terms of our military capacity, the largest economy in the world," he said.
Kerry also was adamant that Obama's so-called strategic pivot to the Asia-Pacific had not been weakened by the president having to cancel his trip to the region.
“Let me be clear, none of what is happening in Washington diminishes one iota our commitment to our partners in Asia, including our efforts for both trade and investment throughout the region," Kerry said.
Some analysts have said the dysfunction on display in Washington will dilute the appeal of the American democratic model, and that authoritarian governments around the world are viewing the chaos with glee.
In comments that appeared to address those concerns, Kerry emphasised even the rights of people with "incorrect" views were respected in the United States.
"This is an example of the robustness of our democracy, the capacity for many people to make their voices heard, sometimes we may feel incorrectly," he said.
Kerry's comments on US commitment to Asia were echoed by his host at an APEC gathering of foreign ministers ahead of the leaders' summit.
"It is very important to underscore that the United States' engagement in the region is a process, it's not an event," Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa told reporters.
"We have been seeing over the recent past the enhanced engagement by the United States in the region."
Obama is refusing to negotiate with Republicans over budget issues until they pass a temporary bill to open the government and agree to raise the $16.7 trillion US statutory borrowing limit -- without which Washington could default on its debts for the first time ever later this month.
But Republicans are demanding the president enter into talks on their goal to defund or delay his health reform law -- a step Obama refuses to take.

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