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Africa Land Grabbing and The World Economic Crisis is Engineered through corrupt Political Maneuvers

Africa Land Grabbing and The World Economic Crisis is Engineered through corrupt Political Maneuvers
An economic and financial report shows serious crisis has engulfed the whole world since 2008. International and local Banks are not doing very well and most major International Banks of the world are seriously working out ways and means to stay reasonably positive and this does not exclude China.

I have carefully observed that, Prejudiced Personalities are characters that prefer unequal treatment that lead to discrimination and conflict of interests in the Government, which are in essence, are unconstitutional and irregular.The characteristics continually lobby and forcefully demand their ways of special interest for control through intimidation to acquire and access with east,public social institutions and facilities and utilities to build individual economic wealth position, through conspiring for bankruptcy in public corporations, ofshoring and outsourcing of companies; where they continue to make huge profits that are evade Government regulation and are untaxed from public resources and income.
I want to believe that, some reasons that contribute to Government instabilities with economic failures therefore, are mostly from Special Interest pressure in cohort with politically correct lobby network who benefit from Public Wealth and Natural Resources from Government Facility and utilities, and whose activities are taking away value from Government system on such Free Trading interests, irregular Hedge Funding, offshoring, outsourcing, political Corruption, Graft and Impunity, terrorism and insurgencies to influence dominance and unfair impositions for illegal occupations.It has been noted that, in the New Emerging Markets where, raw materials are coming from Africa, the conspiracy is now in the Scramble for Africa's Land.Targets are seen on water tower, public wealth, oil and mineral resources which has taken a bad turn with Mushrooming of insecurities from Militia Groups and Private Army financing.Pirating in deep waters has become commonplace with illegal dangerous activities and exchanges are at the boarders; as a result, these have created Trading imbalances that has affected commerce and GDP from not complying with Trading Regulations of both the local local and international Trade exchange.This has also Brocken down the discipline and order of good business and has involved a great deal of black-market currency laundering with Arm proliferation as well as Drug trafficking where foreign currency is seen transferred illegally to foreign banks without trace.
This shift has seen many public corporation companies collapse from business sabotage and fair service delivery to public, is also monopolized.At this point, Government’s Regulatory system and competition are deeply challenged, allowing the effect to fizzle down to Worlds Economic Collapse.
Policy Reform Initiatives require that, security is guaranteed and business policy regulations must be complied by all business entrepreneurship and must protect foreign trading as well.Bankruptcy and public corporations
Frequent complaints, comments and analysis, with documented reports from all over the world have not been taken seriously that, the unscrupulous business community with their corrupt political networks are the genesis and causes, with characteristics and consequences of the world economic crisis.Evidence of early signs from offshoring, Arm proliferations, offshoring, outsourcing and bankrupting of government facilities that are transferred to privately owned undertaking have been done with lots of secrecy and under the care of corrupt politically correct aided lobby network.These activities open opportunity for default from unscrupulous business enterprising engaging in unconstitutional unjustified investments that fail to comply with principles of law and order and also avoid meeting their obligated commitments as public servants.Consequently, they avoid paying the regulated Government Taxes that help keep the Government Functioning effectively but instead staged a campaign that Government do not create jobs thus developing tag of war with conflict of interest right in the center of Government operations to defeat Government functionability to service delivery and these are clear show-cases for economic crisis, headed to collapse.
Social and Economic Policy at the UN Shared with the World Leaders
The founders of the UN believed that the horrors of World War II had sprung largely from the Great Depression of the 1930s. So they gave the new organization wide powers in the social and economic field, seeing such work as laying the basis for future peace as well as human well-being. The Charter speaks of the UN promoting "higher standards of living" and creating "conditions of economic and social progress and development." Since 1945, idealism has ebbed and conservative forces asserted themselves. 50 years down the line, the target is re-colonization of Africa hence the scramble for Africa Land to sabotage, hijack and control Africa’s land, water tower, wealth and resources from the powerful unscrupulous special business interest companies of the Rich nations; that increasingly opposed UN charter for economic and social Development matters.This is why, they don’t want to follow the law that provides regulatory intervention that allows fair operation of markets.
While the UN and its related institutions do much to promote development, other powerful institutions and actors dominate the global economic system.Bretton Woods and Other Governance Fora, provides analysis on the tremendous power that The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization wield over global social and economic policy. These actors generally represent the interests of the Rich Corporate Business Community while excluding the voices of the poor with their needs.This is how broken down of UN Regulations and Discipline became ineffective from the Lobby of the unscrupulous Special Interest and Voice of Reason fell out of order.
In 2000, hundreds of heads of state ratified the UN Millennium Declaration and promised to meet a number of "Millennium Development Goals."Those goals have not been accomplished by many African Nations, but funds for Millennium Development Agenda have been consumed without trace.The UN High Level Panel establishment on System-Wide Coherence Institutions that provide Processes of Social and Economic Policy Making at the UN and wherefore, the UN must play fair to all. This also is not very effective but dazzling………..
The articles and documents established in February 2006 by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at a Millennium Summit with follow-ups of comprehensive information on the UN Millennium Summit in 2000 followed by Summit in 2005.
It has been observed therefore that, World leaders are failing to meet the UN's Millennium Development Goals, which seek to reduce the percentage of hungry people by half by the year 2015.World Hunger analyses how speculation on food prices, combined with our inequitable globalized system of agricultural production have contributed to the food crisis and soaring food prices of 2008.Climate Change brings added pressure to achieving food security, therefore the agricultural system requires a holistic approach with greater emphasis on socially and environmentally sustainable solutions.This holistic approach does not mean the Unscrupulous Corporate Special Business Interest are mandated to overtake supremacy of Peoples Government operations by force.It does not advocate for illegal occupation with extra-judicial killings with genocide and atrocities……..killing and raping women and children of Africa and making their lives miserable pain and suffering and destroying their livelihood and survival with cultural traditions, human rights, respect, honor, dignity and value……..No, it meant doing business Responsibly with Integrity and preserving and protecting their security to enjoy their freedom of doing business in a reformed manner.………It also does not mean that people should be forced to invest on GMO (Genetically Modified Foods) against their secured nature and human rights…………nor does it say that a Corporate Special Business Interest intertwined with corrupt politicians qualify to feed the world sustainable with food on a begging bowl……No No No……That is not correct.
Because of the above, we are presently faced with unsustainable environmental practices that pose increased threats to the Earth's climate, water, forests, biodiversity, food and energy supply, disproportionately affecting developing countries, mushrooming of Militia Groups that protect special interests corruption, impunity and graft that are now spread out and are affecting slowly affecting the world with terrorist attacks. Over 150 governments have ratified the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, thereby rapidly accelerating the global climate crisis. In a globalizing world, problems and solutions reach across national borders, resulting in a growing need for international collective action. This has raised the importance of the concept of Global Public Goods in the Global Peoples Governments to engage in international policy making to streamline people’s concerns and interest for Mutual good of all and advocate for Peace and Harmony of greater good of all.
Note the Five Drivers that Contribute to Peoples Government Failure that Causes of Economic Collapse.
1) The wheel of Peoples Government effectiveness is when Peoples Government is caused to disfunction the way it should, it means that, information on GDP record is not accurate and budget deficit will keep rising from unknown activities, more or so when the political interest push it to default.Theunscrupulous Special Interest of the evasion of taxes that forces Governments dysfunctioning contribute to corporate malfeasance and global imbalances………
2) The system of 'political financing,' by which huge sums of money, are often gained corruptly by politicians, and are invested in the political process lobby with the expectation of a corruptly gained reward once power is secured by corrupt Politicians.
3) The role of organised crime in securing political support, control, security and cover for trading operations ranging from drugs to counterfeit pharmaceuticals
4) The role of National and International Companies and NGO & Foundations in the 'mis-pricing' of products, and acquisition of the same illegally from illegal occupation of Africas Grabbed Land which enable a large chunk of profits to be moved to havens where tax is low or non-existent - a common phenomenon from Russia to Peru.
5) The system by which illegally trading and corruptly gained products - such as oil, timber and rare minerals – are from offshoring transit from illegal sector to the legal sector, such as timber from Africa.
It is easy to see that these five drivers are the reason for The Scramble of Africa for Re-colonization of Africa. No African country has an economy, except South Africa, in which more than 60 per cent is recorded in standard GDP figures; dominant political parties are typically funded by a small clique of the corporate special Interest; where organized crime is a major factor of illegally acquired products - such as timber, oil, Diamond, Gold and coltan from Congo – are illegally acquired by M23 from the informal to the formal sector Markets. By these criteria, corruption in Africa is very much part of an international pattern………which is why M23 is a sponsored through Kagame and Museveni the insurgency of M23 must be defeated by pressure from all people of Africa descent.
it arises from deep structural factors which it will take great energy and courage to change.
The question of the size of the unrecorded sector is one which governments can tackle over a three to four year period as
is partly sustained by the export of illegally felled logs from Cameroun's vast forest reserves.
No African country has an economy, except South Africa, in which more than 60 per cent is recorded in standard GDP figures; dominant political parties are typically funded by a small clique with corporate interests ; organised crime is a major factor in many countries especially in the drugs and counterfeit pharmaceuticals business ; 'mis-pricing' of mineral and timber exports is common; and the transit of illegally acquired products - such as timber, oil and coltan - from the informal to the formal sector is widespread. By these criteria, corruption in Africa is very much part of an international pattern.

Transnational Special Interest Corporations are in a Mission to Hijack Africa and Interfere with Governments Functionability for Re-colonization through Chinese invasion to Africa
When the TSIC dominate the global economy and exert their influence they interfere with over global policymaking for safer trading exchange, they also interfere with all other International United Nations Urgency which include increase of influence of Special Interest of these corporations at the UN which then makes the work of the United Nations irrelevant
To be more precise and specific, the problem is solely greed for power to control business of monopoly is the reason why these corrupt special interest who use the same Government facilities and utilities to develop the network of Global colony to terrorize Peoples Government service delivery hide themselves from public and play safe to avoid justice within their politically correctness and lobby networking.
Trade cannot thrive or promote development in such disoriented polluted environment where Militia Groups use threats and terrorize people and are lobbyist in control of Government functionability for service delivery.If they do, they make the environment unsustainable without respect for human, freedom and labor rights.
When Business community and Peoples Government are on Crossroads chasing wealth, discipline, Law and order gets out of control and both Local and the International Trading commerce want to have their independence from complying with Rules and Regulations and security of people is compromised; as a result people suffer through economic crisis and from sabotage.
A consensus must be drawn that, all must play by the same set of rules and that Private business alone without Government Regulations, cannot provide an efficient Velocity of Supply vs Demand for commerce and effectively and efficiently deliver public services and resolve World Food & Hunger.
An additional problem is that free trade in the real sense of it is not really free but is an organized law breaking which at many times commits theft and from evading to pay taxes, which has defied the gravity of good practices of commercial law regulations from Government’s balanced regulatory system of “fair trading practices” that leads to safer economic success and stability. Meanwhile, poor countries open up their own markets to US and EU exports without security for balance of trade is so dominated by transnational corporations that new trade rules mainly benefit those companies .
To protect the illegal wealth creation and interest of the unscrupulous business community operation, the mushrooming of organized Militia Groups quickly begun to take shape as observed in the Great Lakes of East Africa.This is clear indication for example with the formation of such like Al-Shabaab and M23 that are an engineered propitious auspices of Zenawi, Moi, Museveni and Kagame and was the reason for destroying Government of Somalia, where most of Somalians are engaged in Pirating and the dysfunctioning of the Somali Government that contributed to failing of Law and order and consequently, boosted the illegal organized businesses of Militia Groups where injustices sky-rocketed in the Great Lakes of East Africa, and where terrorists of Militia Groups are infused into the Police system through corruption as a result, it contributed to 2007/8 election gone bad in Kenya where many people were slaughtered, pain and sufferings of many engulfed the country with failing of security and failing of Law and Order is now completely out of order.We saw forced evacuation of people from their ancestral homes driven to homelessness on the streets.
This was a calculated move to create opening for illegal Land Grabbing in Africa where these big businesses of unscrupulous Corporate special business interest community expect to build their colony to hijack and accommodate Huge track of land in Africa for GMO (Genetically Modified Organic transfer foods), and others are busy planning their International NGO Agents and Foundations taking place of the local community and strategically preying as HIV Aids service providers with other disoriented Agricultural services to the local community.They also claim they are creating jobs which in real sence it is killing jobs instead……… As a result, trade is inherently unequal and poor countries continue to experience rising of unemployment, insecurity, poverty, and income inequality.Through their International NGOs and Foundation they take over Government functionability and claim, government do not create jobs, and thereafter, they hijack Africa and do as they wish to serve their personal interest.
These activities are not only in the Great Lakes of East Africa alone but are spreading out across the world and no one will be safe.Liberia is a show-case, and it will still take more than 100 more years for Liberia to recover; and while Taylor will be serving his time at the UK Jail, the Corporate Special Interest who hired him to steal from his country are still having a fields day ripping Liberia to their bones and poverty pain and sufferings will stay with Liberia people for as long as they remain sleeping……….and the special interest claim that, Liberia’s Mineral Wealth are a curse to Liberians.Are they real for real??? Who made it a curse??? And Do you believe these fooling statements……….
It must be known that, these conspiracies are well organized engineered terrorist insurgencies expected to destroy Africa with have a long lasting impact laughing stock to all Africans irrespectively.These insurgencies in Africa are technically engineered through political networking conspiracies where Militia Groups and private army are infused to populate an extraordinary growth of Militia attacks in Africa…… to kill and scatter people of Africa and its people to be without identity and also impose security risk that now are seen like cancer, spreading and taking toll in the Global Regions of the world.
These are extra-ordinary times that see attacks spilling out of control from Political engineering and Signs and times of Economic Crisis is when things fail to function from the way they should in an organized manner.In these instances, Jobs are a problem to come by, income is affected, peoples community social welfare is under attacked and nothing seems to fizzle down with ease.This is clear evidence in such like situation where politics is attacking and interfering with schools, healthcare, housing, food and security.The problem does not seem to end any time sooner butevidence is seen accumulated in expansion of breaking down of law and order.These are signs that all is not well and that causes instability that affected the wheel of commerce must be addressed urgently and not later.
The reason why, the special interest theories is misleading is that, they believe, if Government is forced to default and Shut-down, Business Community will take over power of Government functionability because business community create jobs.
Strategies that Minimize the Impact of the Crisis
To minimize the impact of the crises, there must be a restructure of global business discipline where the UN Financing proposals for Development for the the G20 is fairly balanced with policy principles for Good Governance in Africa.This includes stopping to finance the illegal and unconstitutional Millitia groups who terrorize regional sovereignty to engage in unjustified and illegal boarder business trading.The law must also discourage and put on notice, corrupt Politicians with foreign UN donors who encourage the same.The Corporate unscrupulous Special Business Interests with its network, including all the International NGOs and Foundations that engage in such deals must be exposed from their undercover businesses if they fail to comply with standardization of democratic rules of good governance, as all must play by the same set of rule to allow economic development to provide a competitive opportunity to all in a fair manner.
Good Democratic policies with Just Rule of Law by the Peoples Government provides strategies towards a balanced economic planning and both would automatically inject Policy Reform Initiatives momentum for positive activities in response........and these must be regulated by the effective Established Government System put in place in order to promote sustainable development.
To foster growth, each individual activity in their own special way, capacity, skills, talents and professionalism put together in their small way in a community or Country, specializes in producing goods and services to which it has a purpose for sharing at "Give and Take" and has potentials for comparative advantage over each other.At which point, we all need each other at every stage of Sustained and durable Development program.What must be acceptable is that, all must play by the same set of rules to allow regulation measures take effect for the good of all.Extraordinary Plan of Action must take a surgical approach to address Poverty and Sustainable Development programs, with Factual budget for The Millennium Development Goals that can only succeed where there is conducive and favorable condition.Small Mama Mboga business contribute hugely to sustain economic balance and Domestic stability
Poverty and Development programs, The Millennium Development Goals will only succeed under strict observance of the law and where there is conducive and favorable condition to allow exchange of business to thrive in a fair competitive challenging edge. Small Mama Mboga business in their own way also do contribute hugely to sustain economic balance and Domestic stability.

About Corruption, Graft and Impunity in Africa, it takes two to tangle. Who do we blame and who do we charge. The World Bank Structural Adjustment with IMF Stabilization program spurred corruption under conflict of interest that saw Kenya with the rest of Africa fall into serious Economic Collapse. World Bank funds its loans with a mix of member contributions and corporate bonds.
This meant that in exchange for money received from the World Bank Loans for Development and Services to Kenya and Africa in support of Agriculture for Arid and Semi-Arid, to improve Draught and poverty situation, Education Programs, Energy, Health Care, Infrastructure, Security, Trade Investments, the Millennium Development Agenda, fiscal deficit and the balance of payments deficit; thus, Kenya government and most African Nations "surrendered" their banking, Budgeting and Financial policy management, Trading Investment, Land, Agriculture, Energy sectors, Transportation & Communication, Education and Security to the World Bank and IMF guidance, supervisory and control. The Financial Policy of Kenya an Africa therefore is mostly undertaken under secrecy with very little transparency where even government bureaucrats does not know what the World Bank and IMF are doing in relation to Economic safety-net and stability for Africa peoples Democratic mandate and interest. The World Bank with other UN and Foreign Institutions review financial of African policies with budgeting of these sectors and control and directs the government leadership to shape policies to suit their vested interest and design how to change them. In the event, the Structural Adjustment from world bank and Stabilization policy programs from IMF (as show-case), brought with it serious conflict of interest, with huge financial capital flight from Africa to include offshoring with outsourcing Africa’s wealth and mineral resource found themselves loosing heavily through Government Public Trust & Corporate Bankruptcy that led to serious economic collapse with varied insecurities. The Privatization of Public Corporation, Parastatals and the bankruptcy of the same was a miscalculation and drain that were engineered through heavy corruption involving some corporate international companies of unscrupulous special interest and International NGOs as well as International Foundations. The Structural Adjustment and Stabilization programs from World Bank and IMF with other UN Financial Agencies failed to balance, regulate and monitor to harmonize and bring investment spending by the government to a level that would support sustainable progressive development agenda, with economic stability or recovery. This is because the imposed policies by the World Bank, IMF, UN Financial Institutions and other International NGO and Foundations as contractors, were of unscrupulous greed special interest who network with politically correct personalities for short-changing and corrupting Public wealth and natural resources for their selfish gains. As a matter of fact, the irregularly and unbalanced GDP results since, data of trading exchange and input did not consult or correspond to the facts recorded on the ground and also, that the activities performed are without the Constitutional Policy Recommendation as a result, it has since caused serious negative impact on Africa people’s lives.
As a matter of fact, there was no notable reform or improvement in parastatal Public Corporation reform in Kenya. Initial steps to restructure key public enterprises institutions like the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), Kenya Railways (KR), Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) and Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC), saw serious mismanagement and corruption, making economic growth and progress in down turn disintegration and collapse.
There were no notable investment that improved economic growth except for politically correct personalities who illegally benefited from public corporation of Government trust with outsourcing and off-shoring public wealth and resources.
In other words, IMF and World Bank Financial supervision to Kenya and the rest of Africa have not been genuine and as well it is feared that these UN Financial Loaning Institutions purposefully avoided to document the correct GDP data information and Balance of Trade to represent the correct information as is on the ground; giving leeway to Unscrupulous Special Business Interest opportunity to corrupt and plunder Africa’s Wealth and Natural Resources without Mercy. In this situation, the Government is not able to balance its budget effectively, absorb and document the bad debts with non-performing loans it incurs…..thus, provide the correct report for GDP (Gross Development Products). A case situation of The same is now happening with United Nations Agency when it comes to Africa’s Wealth and Resources exploitation from Africa. As a matter of concern, these are the genesis of extreme poverty situation Africa has been put to suffer.
The debt crisis and liquidity crunch from 1992 (under Structural Adjustment) has led to a serious economic debacle that saw per capita in real GDP drop. This was the beginning when poverty begun to be felt biting real hard by many households in Kenya. Since then, the Social Welfare begun to experience the effect and took early measures to create awareness and provided remedy strategies to help the Domestic family from falling apart and to adjust and create self-help jobs to sustain family households. In this case, the economic recessions was real and financial crisis was felt all through to this day. Today as we enter the 21st century we are still a long way from recovering the fall in per capita in real GDP. Today, Kenya government is showing signs of suffering from a deep fiscal crisis as it faces a severe crisis of misuse of public finances, wealth and natural resources, Trust and Confidence in leadership governance.
The result of these non-loan guarantees is the heavy obligations running to billions of debts per year. With the heave corruption and impunity from unfinished business guarantee and political expense campaign of political Memorandum of Understanding, we do not know the exact amount of debts created with unscrupulous Special Interest guarantees made. But we are already noting the serious continued financial bleeding of the Public Resource Financial irregularities in budgetary allocations to honor similar guarantees, and borrowing from bilateral and multilateral sources, as well as through the bond market, to finance such liabilities. This is Life and Death Concern which is why, people of the world must engage in their business of Government Functionability under the trust of Democratic Governance Legislative Principles in order to improve people’s lives under progressive development agenda.
Today all over the world, People’s lives are now more vulnerable than ever before. Jobs are scarce, and workers with jobs are less secure.
To succeed, People of the world must unite against the corrupt dictatorship with their unscrupulous special interest network who must not get away with corruption and impunity, genocide with atrocities financing in Africa. Pirating, sponsorship or financing of Militial groups must stop……..(the more reason why Al-shabaab, Mungiki, Boko Harm, M23 e.g. must be crashed)
We cannot allow to bankrupt the government institutions and corporations from effective public service delivering and balancing and still GDP to stabilize the Economic Progress and improve security, education, technical engineering and science innovation in a challenging and competitive World Market Place in harmony and without Governments Regulatory measures the driver of economic “Give and Take” balance and against “Products vs Consumer” principles of commerce redistribution.
And that, we shall fail the world if we continue to allow UN playing dilly dally with foreign/multinational companies and NGOs who engage in cronyism that fuel corruption and impunity in Africa and still expects the Government to serve and credit their unscrupulous special interest that continue to put the world at a disadvantaged and dangerous compromised security of the world.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

DR Congo army, rebels resume clashes
Friday October 25th 2013
48 minutes ago

Goma (DR Congo) (AFP) - Fighting resumed Friday between the army and rebels in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, both sides and the United Nations said, just days after the latest effort at peace talks fell apart.

Clashes took place some 25 kilometres (16 miles) to the north of Goma, a strategic city of one million people in the mineral-rich but volatile east, rebel spokesman Vianney Kazarama told AFP.

Each side accused the other of starting the fresh outbreak of fighting.

"The army attacked our positions at 4:00 am (0200 GMT)," insisted Kazarama.

But Olivier Hamuli, spokesman for the army in the flashpoint province of North Kivu, said: "They attacked us."

A source from the UN peacekeeping mission in the country, MONUSCO, said the rebels carried out the first attack.

"Fighting is ongoing. These are not skirmishes," said the source, who did not wish to be named.

UN soldiers have gone into action alongside Kinshasa's troops, according to an officer in the regular army. "We are supporting (them) with part" of a UN intervention brigade, the MONUSCO source confirmed.

"Helicopters are ready to lend support if necessary," the source added.

"We saw UN helicopters. They were flying over Kibumba," an M23 stronghold under attack, a local human rights activist said, adding that civilians in the region were fleeing towards the border with Rwanda.

The UN Security Council in March approved the deployment of a special African force of up to some 3,000 troops, under MONUSCO command and led by a Tanzanian general, with an unprecedented offensive mandate to target rebel groups in DR Congo.

There were no immediate reports of casualties, but the MONUSCO officer said that shells had landed on Rwanda. He could not say where they came from, since both warring sides were close to the frontier.

The Rwandan army said that three shells had fallen on its territory, injuring a civilian, and accused Kinshasa's troops of "having targeted innocent civilians in Rwanda and fleeing Congolese refugees".

At midday, a MONUSCO officer said "things have calmed down a little".

The permanent secretary in Rwanda's ministry of refugee affairs, Antoine Ruvebana,said that between 2,500 and 3,000 people had fled into the country via two border posts, while an indeterminate number of displaced persons remained in DR Congo.

'Sabotage of the peace process'

On Monday, the rival sides both announced a halt to peace talks taking place in the Ugandan capital Kampala despite UN pressure to end the year-and-a-half-old rebellion ravaging eastern DR Congo.

According to the Congolese government, the talks were suspended due to disagreement over the extent of an amnesty for the army mutineers and their reintegration into the national army.

Backed by the international community, DR Congo's government is refusing to give amnesty to about 80 leaders of the M23 rebels and to enlist these men into military ranks.

In a statement Friday, M23's political spokesman Amani Kabasha accused the Kinshasa government of carrying out a "wholesale sabotage of the peace process in Kampala".

Members of the M23 group are mainly Tutsi fighters from an earlier rebellion who were incorporated into the army in 2009 and then mutinied in 2012, claiming that Kinshasa had failed to keep its part of a peace deal.

The rebels took control of Goma, capital of North Kivu province, for more than a week late last year before withdrawing under international pressure.

Kinshasa has long accused Rwanda of pulling the strings behind the rebellion and UN experts have even said that the M23's "de facto chain of command" was topped by Rwanda's defence minister.

The human rights activist said that at Kabagana, close by the Rwandan border, he saw Rwandan troops "coming in... to reinforce the M23".

Kigali has vehemently denied accusations that it is arming, financing the rebels -- and even supporting them with its own forces.

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