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Conservative groups target U.S. Republicans who voted to end shutdown

Jagem, Wuodgi jok mariek, thurgi Odera Akanyo!!!

A yes kodi, you have spoken well. You have evoked good memory of what those who lived in the villages of the great forest of Luo Land did as a lifestyle, and where the father of the great, Wuod Alego Wuoyi Siro cometh; a leader who feareth the Law - who sayeth the Law is Good and is fair to all and made sure he practice what he preaches for the good of all. (The word of God sayeth, Happy is the man that feareth always: but he that hardeneth his heart shall fall into mischief)…… A leader who promises and stays the course through thick and thin and delivereth for the good of all, a man worthy for credit in the goodness of his faithfulness...........A man who believes that, God created us all equal and all must Play by the same set of rules.........who believes that Government is for the people and Peoples Government must provide opportunity to all in a fair and balanced manner so all can engage to play their fair share in National Building and contributing in their small way to collectively feed in economic development that greases the wheel of commerce and provides for inputs of economic development. This is the pool where distribution is quantified and and value is redistributed to economic progressiveness to provide enough for all to get involved in their own daily activities moving forward to helps improve lives and welfare and ultimately at the end of the day, everyone is left satisfied and are happy sharing in love and thanking God for the Blessings and goodness of life in harmony...............
Jagem, you see, 50years down the line of development progress from your village homestead brought you this far to USA……….so you advanced from a Herdsboy to a Technical Engineer in the USA……..Like Obama Sr. who advanced to USA and became an Economists but never had the opportunity to exercise the skills, and I can just imagine, where Kenya would be today ……….and the progress is called Development…………
With the progress, you move forward to improve with it your culture and tradition……so you do not leave and forget the identity of who you are………Which it is also hard to forget traditional foods, how valuable people of old kept it so close to their hearts and maintained its values, because they were healthy foods that kept them alive and strong.
Wuod Kayuocha, while bel is called Millet, Kal too is called millet and this is why kal is qualified to FINGER MILLET, because it is a little smaller than bel (sorghum) and Bel is known as Sorghum and thereby leaving out the Millet for its qualification and people prefer just calling it Sorghum. Kal has a lot of nutrient values and easy to digest, it is usually kept during draught and it is because when planted, it gets ready in the farm very quickly before the maize is ready and it can be fed with ease to the little new borns, the sick and the old. You can also mix it with milk.
Bel stays in the stomach for long and in the same way you don’t get hungry quickly. It also have many medicinal values in it besides making busaa with it………….
This is why, I am totally against the GMO which is altering our values and is destroying existence to our traditional food.
Last night, by mistake, I ate those GMO toxic foods and I almost died. I was bloated with very severe heart-burn and I took antacids but it never paid attention to give me my peace. It went on for more than two hours trying all possible remedies I know best but nothing yielding, finally, I had to seek urgent medical attention. This is how bad GMO is. Now tell me, in a situation of a poor-man in the village, what shall become of them when faced with a case such as that happened to me last night? Wont they die in big numbers………….???
Anywhay, the truth is, Bel is called Sorghum and Kal is called fingermillet, because kal is tinier and lighter than bel although they look alike ...................

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,




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Omollo rafiki yangu,

"So" me the pictures, because I know I am not confused. You see, when I was growing up in Got Mumwe, I took care of Ongeche (monkeys) invading our farms. That was an unassigned mission; to battle Ong'eche the whole day from sunrise to sunset. I had a bag wooven from a plant called "Olandra" which was ever filled with stones. To go with that was a "Sling" (Orujre). Though I was pretty young but I was a great marksman with it. So, Ong'che had to keep at bay never to invade our shamba. my breakfast lunch and sometimes supper came from the farm in form of roast Maize. and at times Apuoyo or Awendo caught through a trap. I was a good hunter too, very good with traps.

In those shambas we planted Beans, Kal, Millet and sometimes Mbaazi (Obande). Mbaazi is like Pojo (or when cooked, Dengu), but it is not Pojo. We also mixed a certain grain called 'Olayo. This also looks like Dengu but it is not tastes sweet and is more nutresious that Dengu.
Then there was Kal (Soghurm). Kal is used in the same way as Barley. It is a catalyst to help make Busaa be frothy and to have the Alcoholic as well as the Nutritional content in the Busaa. Kal also helps in speeding fermentation of Busaa before Molasses or Sukari Nguru is added in the mixture to form "Amuna" or "Kangara." Kangara is then taken for distillation to produce "Pelele Kmur." Are we together?

All those grains mentioned above were undergrowth in the farm. They never went to a hight of 4 feet. In contrast to that the other two cereals Oduma (Maize) and Bell (Millet) can grow to a height of between 6 - 8 feet. I know this because I tended them for many years . Good harvest depended on how much effort I and ny brothers put in the battle with "Tumbiris.

So when you tell me that Shogurm is Bell then I want to disagree, because Bell cannot be used to ferment Busaa. Kal (sorghum) is used. Au siyoo?


On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 7:50 PM, Geoffrey Omollo <> wrote:
Wuod gi Chiedo moa Gem aka Agwenge K'Odhek,

It is the other way round:

(Finger) millet = Kal

Sorghum = Bel (aka yadh orie-nyasa)

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I thought Sorghum is Kal while Bell is Millet.


On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 7:15 PM, Maurice J. Oduor <> wrote:
Let me read these links first to see if there's something to be concerned about.


On 2013-10-19, at 3:55 PM, Judy Miriga <> wrote:
Presently the only thing I have gotten some wind is Maize and Sorghum (Bell) and I fear
for our peoples health.
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
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Thanks Judy. I'll read these articles and render an opinion. I encourage others to read them too.
Are you aware of any particular food in Kenya that we're currently eating in large quantities that is Genetically-Modified?


On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 2:42 PM, Judy Miriga <> wrote:
I must thank you for your cooperation to allow for discussion on this very sensitive matter that is about to destroy the world because African Politicians are not willing to discuss and address it more specifically now that GMO is leaning towards being damped in Africa after European Nations have rejected it. World Poverty is man made and engineered from organized and stagemanaged coup by global politically correct network conspiracy of unscrupulous special interest.
1) First immediate emergency from oral observation in Human production unit is that you cannot fire from the effect of the GMO that causes weakness in body tissues.
2) There is too much bloatness (kuodho pusu pusu) and the stomach gets too much toxic gas which is the cause of many deaths here in the USA and which is not common with Africa local and traditional foods and people pass gas carelessly which is an environmental pollution that spoil are and can easily make people sick and can endanger life
3) Transfer of gene causes confusion of being that God initially created because it is a biological transfer between animal gene, human gene and plants 4) Brain and thinking faculty and human behavior gets affected and is altered adversely
5) We then end up destroying nature and cultural way of life if a company must feed the world and people are rendered helpless from producing food except all live by the begging bowl. This system of control is dangerous in that, the owners of food will give you as and when they feel like it and with the situation of Africa where there are too many poor people, survival will be next to impossible. I believe this is another way of family planning. Those with food will chose who to give food and those who cannot afford will surely die...........Since their land will have been hijacked and taken away from them and majority people will remain homeless and extremely poor.
6) There are better ways to make the world stable with sustainable food sufficiency and not by private sector company control.
Check the footnotes for links and attachments.
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
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You're very passionate about these GMOs, Genetically Modified Foods. I'm now curious to know what science is saying about these GMOs. I would like to read up on what health effects they may cause in the body. Can you give us some Research Links so we can read and be on the same page with you? If these things are unhealthy for our bodies, we want to know about it.
There was a time I brought my mom some maize seeds from Canada; the seeds were so interesting in that each maize stalk would not grow more than 3 feet tall but would produce upto 3-4 cobs each. I'm wondering if they were GMO maize seeds. She more than doubled her maize production; but over a period of 4 seasons, the seeds from her successive crops became more and more "nyaluo" (behaved like the traditional seeds).
Give us some scientific links that talk about the health effects of GMOs.


People of the World,

Re: Conservative groups target U.S. Republicans who voted to end shutdown

The world is facing an extreme deadly poisonous Poverty situation in the near future……and it is not only possible, but engineered. Global extreme poverty is engineered starting from the Western Countries and is now headed to Africa. Health news in Germany shows massive resistance to genetically engineered (GE) foods both amongst politicians and the general public who got united against it which caused chemical giant BASF to close its Germans biotech division. Chemical companies are into big business without caring for the future of human life. European opponents of GE foods are jubilant to eradicate GMO organic of gene cross breed transfer. This explains why BASF Drug Company is moving its genetically modified (GM) plant science headquarters from Germany to Raleigh in North Carolina for example.

I am a very worried person, a very worried person in deed about livelihood and survival of Human existence on earth in the next coming few years. If I connect the dots and begin to think hard what I have gone through in recent experience where I was faced with serious circumstance of negativity to save an awkward situation six years ago, when I led a big demonstration to White House to protest on a deadly election stolen in Kenya 2007/8; I now can attest that, I see very clear the picture of that negative forces that pushed against all positive efforts I engaged to save Kenya against the mission forces that wanted Kenya to burn. I look back and critically dicected possible actors of the reason why, and I concluded that, there was a theorized conspiracy going on that politicians did not want it known to public or openly discussed for fear it could backfire adversly and no one wanted it to be heard loudly but undercurrent forces were in big deals and without Gods intervention, that short-changed and finally caused it to fail, it would be a different story in Kenya today.

The very people who ganged against me from pushing the election gone bad in 2007/8, fought very hard and they were led by none other than Prof. Anyang Nyongo teamed with Joe Nyangah and Raila’s advisor Salim Lone who made a good number of trips to USA beginning February of 2008.  They met with Russ Feingold with whom they discussed and negotiated and the mission has now turned that GMO has still remain the unfinished business that demanded peoples humongous chunk of land for their Agri-business in Africa.

It was not going to come easy, but people were to be forcefully evicted from their homes and a conspiracy had to be hatched. That people must be vacated from their land in ways and means to pave way for large Drug Companies to illegally and unconstitutionally occupy public land. Although President Bush was able to act immediately who sent State Secretary Condoleezza Rice to go and negotiate for a truce to bring peace in Kenya, Russ Feingold quietly continued to meet privately with Prof. Nyongos group who knew what exactly was cooking in Kenya, and wanted to keep it that way; which is why, Russ Feingold totally and adamantly refused to meet with me even after I sent several requests through Senator Ben Cardin who was initially on chair for Foreign Affairs at the time before it was quickly handed over to Russ Feingold to handle Kenyan situation. I had a rough time but God was faithful and even though it was an upheld struggle, I ended up triumph against all odds that prevailed. I must also accept that, the good result come from my persistence engagement and pestering that brought and delivered good news to Kenya and where, Kofi Annan headrf an eminent team, loaded logistics that succeeded in bringing calm and establishment of peace with the formation of Coalition Government Reform Change that brought with it the New Constitutional order for Kenya.

It is clear now that Russ Feingold was truely after special interest take-over of Kenya and the deal was sealed that, bringing me to the picture was going to spoil for their plan. Shortly afterwards, Museveni who was the instigator, who initiated the ambush to wipe out the Luos from existence in the Luo Nyanza of the Great Lakes of East Africa, was rewarded with the illegal occupation of Migingo in a colourful ceremony where Museveni was adorned with Luo traditional costumes distinction of a King and was given a Luo cultural honorary stool for an elder as a gift.

What fashioned my thinking in this sequence to realize that Railas behavior iss like that of a chameleon changing color many times in a spar of moment is that, immediately after Kibaki announced from State House that he was the President, Instead of Raila going to negotiate with his 5 Pentagon members to find solution, he saw an opportunity to sneak and dash with his son to meet with Kibaki privately at Kibakis house to do monetory dealings leaving out Pentagon Members behind in the cold not knowing what to do in the circumstances. It is not the first time Raila sneaked to such negotiations for purposes of stay-relevant-in-power deals. He takes the money to build his power capacity and let other people hijack the opportunity of leadership. This is why he was so confident Kibaki will handover power to him. It was again seen when Jesse Jackson came forward to meet with Uhuru to seal Raila relevancy of stay-in-power to maintain and sustain the unfinished business of GMO with thieving of public land. This means he knew all along something about what was cooking in the business of creating a situation for sell-out to remain in the deal of sharing political power at whatever cost with the Status Quo while people are left fighting for him that he won, and others are killing and destroying one another. Railas secret for power is too costly for Kenya and the Luos in general. It is a costly political reality of confused political greediness with unscrupulous Special Interest Companies of the world that are in the wake of the Scramble to Africa land; to re-colonize Africa and make its people slaves in the New unconstitutional and illegal expansionist would be Land owners.

I see a replica of my situation where Ruto and Sang seem to be tied up under a conspiracy theory for a toasted goose………..and my question to provide an eye opener therefore is, did Raila have a hand on the demise of Ruto and Sang shared with Kibaki…..??? Is Raila therefore, edging closer to negotiate power with Uhuru??? Was Raila aware about the killings and slaughtering of the Luos in Luo Nyanza ??? Is Wastegate an organized trigger to cause confusion??? Why did Raila reward Museveni with Migingo??? Why did Raila do nothing significant to save Migingo when he was in Power with Kibaki…..??? Why was Prof. Anyang Nyongo and team kept sneaking to meet with Russ Feingold and push me out of the scene??? Why is Russ Feingold with UN special envoy Mary Robinson who featured prominently on GMO are today pressurizing for Congo Government to cave in to negotiate with a terrorist group of M23 supported by Kagame who has been slamed with embargo sanction for supporting M23??? Why should the Congo people allow their land to be taken by Militia Rebel of M23 that belongs to Rwanda and who invaded, terrorized, killed many Congolese and raped their women and children, are they not human beings and don’t they have Human Rights value, respect and dignity???

I am able to unravel the puzzle and clearly spell out and state that, there is spanner at work to destroy Africa and the world from seing sanity and applying reasonable justice that are fair to all. It is the greed of selfish few who conspire to illegal ambush acquisition of big chunks of Peoples’ land, wealth and resources that are being taken illegally and unconstitutionally from the Peoples Government Trust hold in the unacceptable occupation with pretense to feeding the world through GMO.

People of the world, wake up! This is a war against livelihood and survival and it is influenced by a few corporate special business interest who are against goodwill of Peoples Government fair to all but, take advantage of the same to lean on political patronage to influence special interest through a Government takeover and destroy both Africa and the world through pushing it to the third world war..............

Congo Government is about to make the worse mistake to negotiate with M23 and people of Congo must stand up to protect their livelihood and survival. Kenya too must wake up and think outside the box to save Kenya from Museveni with his collaborative network of unscrupulous Special Business interest. Peoples lives and security comes first on top of all else.

Connect the dots people, where there is smoke, there is fire........acts of patronage is against the law, it poke holes of disunity in the Government, and it conflict with public interest fighting inside the Government. This is he same reason for Peoples Government shut-down and why every time there is a Government shutdown, Raila must find a reason to come to USA to sneer, and I am not sure this is the advice from his advisors. On the same vein, Prof. Anyang Nyongo is taking two months leave on his way to Havard University for GMO without consulting with the people. Where is the Democratic Rule of Law??? Why did both Raila and Prof. Nyongos plan coincide with US peoples government shut down??? Was there theories had something they were to benefit from it???

When Peoples Government shuts down, it is the majority disadvantaged who suffer. In this thread, most private sectors got support from the Government to excel. If they got a booster from the Government, so individuals with capacity to start-up business and create jobs but have no means to access establishment facilities are in many ways gets a booster from the Government to succeed. It is wrong and narrow minded for theorists of "Government does not create jobs" to engage and benefit from Government insentives but block People from accessing the same opportunities. I believe these are anarchists who seeks to overturn the Government by violence and by all unconstituted means where they want to confuse the society and peoples government, with no proper regulatory established system of order but create confusion for their selfish gains. This type of politics have seen unscrupulous special interest punch loopholes to acquire, manipulate and control power in the use of Government finances, and benefit from the accumulative public wealth, public facilities and utilities to monopolize and concentrate to channel and grant favors to themselves in their circle of friends of the few unscrupulous special business interest with a pretense that, Government does not create jobs......whereas, it is the same place Private Sector gained power to build self. Ofcourse, Private Sector did not come from space, but built their foundation through political Government lobby and support which in reality is the creation of jobs where they were able to expand and grow from employing more people.

Narrowing the capacity of a Government to be overtaken by a single group of business interest is naive and it is not peoples public interest. This Private Sector theory cannot replace the Government or balance the wheel of commercial organized strategic system that operate economic excellence and success.

Again, allegations that Government should get out of the way for Business Interest to Create Jobs and run Politics is illogical, inconsequential and is insane and does not have any substance.

Life must be of meaning and caring and sharing for mutually common good of all must take a center stage for peace, safety, security and protection of Livelihood and survival where all remain happy and satisfied with all the goods of the earth has in store for us.

Where is the truth and justification, and where is the world headed to..............??? Can we all begin to start doing something small positively in our own special ways persistently and unite towards saving this grave situation.................??? If it is singing, get down to sign in market places and in public places, if it is teaching or preaching do it and reach out like you care to save life from perishing and God will Bless us all.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,


Congo rebels expect 'major breakthroughs' in peace talks

Saturday October 19 2013

2 hrs ago......

Kinshasa (AFP) - Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) said on Saturday they are heading toward "major breakthroughs" with the Kinshasa government in peace talks in Uganda, possibly within hours.

Under Uganda's mediation, "major breakthroughs are about to be obtained in Kampala since the heavy involvement of the international community in the dialogue" between the two sides, the M23 movement said in a statement.

It referred to the "remarkable presence" of US special envoy to the Great Lakes Russ Feingold and the UN special envoy Mary Robinson as well as Martin Kobler, the head of the UN mission to the DRC, and representatives of the European Union and African Union.

During talks on Friday, "the M23 made major concessions on its political demands in order to make possible the signing of the peace agreement in Kampala in the coming hours," the group said.

"By this act, our movement wishes to demonstrate its determination to contribute to the rapid establishment of a lasting peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo," it said.

No DRC government negotiator was immediately available for comment on the statement.

The M23 controls an area of around 700 square kilometres (270 square miles) in the east of the DRC, bordering Rwanda and Uganda.

The M23 was founded by former Tutsi rebels who were incorporated into the Congolese army under a 2009 peace deal.

Complaining the deal was never fully implemented, they mutinied in April 2012, turning their guns on their former comrades and launching the latest rebellion to ravage DR Congo's mineral-rich and conflict-prone east.

The United Nations regularly accuses Rwanda and Uganda of supporting the M23, something both countries deny.

The negotiations in Kampala had reportedly stumbled over the question of an amnesty for the rebels and their reintegration in the army. Backed by the international community, the government in Kinshasa has said there will be no impunity for the main rebel leaders.



Dr. Jimmy 24 minutes ago
The CIA isn't doing its job in the Congo but I bet the pressure is on. Wall Street has untapped resources there.

Special Representative for Global Food Security Jonathan Shrier (Acting) participates in Hunger, Nutrition and Climate Justice Conference in Dublin

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
April 16, 2013
On April 15 and16, Special Representative for Global Food Security Jonathan Shrier (Acting) participated in the “Hunger, Nutrition and Climate Justice” Conference, held at Dublin Castle and hosted by the Government of Ireland and the Mary Robinson Foundation.
The event brought together key policy makers and global leaders, civil society representatives, and people who face food insecurity and undernutrition to facilitate a dialogue with the goal of informing potential approaches to address the nexus of hunger, nutrition and climate change in the post-2015 Development Agenda.
President of Ireland H.E. Mr. Michael D. Higgins formally opened the conference, and speakers included former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and former Vice-President of the United States Al Gore. Special Representative Shrier (Acting) participated on the panel “From Learning to Leading – Informing the post-2015 Development Agenda,” where panelists offered different points of view on how the exchanges from the conference could be connected to the post-2015 agenda.
The U.S government works with partners to build the resilience of communities vulnerable to climate change, by helping partner countries develop strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, transition to low-carbon futures and better cope with climate impacts. Feed the Future, the U.S. Government hunger and food security initiative, supports partner countries in developing their agriculture sector to spur economic growth that increases incomes and reduces hunger, poverty and undernutrition. These investments contribute to the health, stability, and resilience of developing countries, and support responsible management of natural resources in the face of a growing population and changing climate.
To learn more, please visit here.
PRN: 2013/0419

Monsanto should be tried for 'ecocide, genocide', says NGO

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Monsanto should be tried for "ecocide and genocide" as its genetically modified cotton seeds are responsible for the poor cotton crop yields, deterioration in soil quality and suicides by farmers in India, said NGO Navdanya slamming the World Food Prize conferred on the US multinational Wednesday. Monsanto has attracted criticism from activists worldwide for being conferred the top food award. Navdanya, an Indian-based non-governmental organization which promotes biodiversity conservation, biodiversity, organic farming and the rights of farmers, said: "Contrary to what Monsanto proclaims, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have led to a decline in yields and an increase in pesticide use, soil deterioration and farmer indebtedness and suicides. In India, most of the 284,000 farmers' suicides are in the cotton belt - Monsanto controls 95 percent of the cotton seeds." "In a just world, Monsanto should be tried for ecocide and genocide," it said in a statement. "Yet on Oct 16, with the full support of powers most responsible for the state of hunger in the world, Monsanto is giving itself the World Food Prize! "We condemn this self congratulatory accolade - the GMO emperor has no clothes... We will not allow our Seed and Food Democracies to be hijacked by the current outmoded, reductionistic mechanistic paradigm," it said.
It said the award comes on Oct 16, World Food Day, "a day when people all over the world are reminded of the shameful fact that over one billion people in the world are hungry and another billion are malnourished - this despite the fact that government institutions and multinational seed and food conglomerates have repeatedly over the decades declared to have the solution - one based on industrial agriculture, chemicals, GMOs and monocultures". "FAO tells us that more than 70 percent of food comes from small farms and small farmers. Only 10 percent of the GMO corn and soya grown by Monsanto is eaten directly. (And this is because that 10 percent is not labelled and would be 0 percent if people had labelling and food freedom). The other 90 percent goes to feed cars and animals," it said. "Let us honour all the Real Food Heroes who bring us real food by defending our food freedom- small farmers and gardeners, mothers and chefs, honest and real scientists. Let us celebrate those who save and exchange seed, preserve biodiversity and enrich our soils, and who through their actions are building food security all over the world and in communities everywhere with vibrant alternatives based on seed reform and food freedom.


Activists Destroy Genetically-Modified Papaya Trees in Hawaii: Awesome or Too Far?

genetically-modified papayas
Public outrage over genetically-modified foods is growing by the day. But is it OK to cross the line into vandalism? Recent actions by anti-GMO activists in Hawaii force us to decide.
A family farm in Puna, Hawaii, suffered from a recent act of eco-activism where over 100 genetically-modified papaya trees were cut down by machete during the night.
“It’s hard to imagine anybody putting that much effort into doing something like that. It means somebody has to have passionate reason,” said Delan Perry, vice president of the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association.
genetically-modified papayas
Genetically-modified (GM) papaya trees were introduced to the region to protect against ringspot virus. In 1992, the virus became widespread, infecting thousand of papaya trees by killing the plants leaves. As a result, the virus cost farmers millions of dollars in losses. The genetically-modified papayas, which are planted on the majority of farms in Puna, Hawaii, are resistant to the dangerous ringspot virus. And it’s estimated that the genetically-modified seed has saved Hawaii’s papaya industry over $11 million.
Puna is the center of Hawaii’s commercial papaya industry, and this incident of eco-activism wasn’t the first of its kind. In 2011, the same farm was attacked, with 3,000 genetically-modified papaya trees cut down over 10 acres. And only a year before 8,500 GM papaya trees were destroyed.
Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Destroyed?
There is a clear divide between consumers who support organic farming and those who support GMOs. Genetically-modified crops often tote reduced pesticide use, but reports show GMOs often require extra chemicals to combat weeds. Even more so, the untested effects of GMOs raise enormous concerns, and consumers are still fighting for the right to know through GMO labeling.
At first, those of us who oppose genetically-modified foods might cheer at this valiant act of civil disobedience. Yet, it quickly becomes apparent that each act of vandalism negatively impacts farmers who are already struggling to hold on to their land. The most recent attack on the genetically-modified papaya farm in Puna cost the family over $3,000 in lost crops.
“These farmers are working really, really hard to support their families,” says regional property owner Peter Houle. “They’ve done nothing wrong and they feel violated.”
If papaya farmers are only protecting planting genetically-modified seeds against the ringspot virus by , should they be punished in this way?

Imagine - no extreme poverty. It's possible by 2030, says report.

Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo News
Two recent reports say that extreme poverty could be effectively eliminated by 2030 (AP)
More than a billion people around the world still exist in extreme poverty, which is defined by living on less than $1.25 a day. The good news is that number dropped by half from 1990 through 2010. And a new report says eliminating extreme poverty altogether is “within reach” by 2030.
The report was produced by the Brookings Institution, which says that a combination of increased shared consumption and improving global distribution of resources have dramatically reduced the poverty rate over the past 23 years but that “both factors are needed simultaneously,” to bring the total percentage of those living below the $1.25 rate to 3 percent or less.
The report gained prominence on Friday when Bill Gates tweeted about it in a message to his 13 million plus followers:
What are the prospects of ending extreme poverty? This interactive chart shows how far we've come since 1990:
— Bill Gates (@BillGates) October 18, 2013

“Over the past twenty years global poverty reduction was made possible by a consistently large mass of people lining up behind the poverty line each year, and sufficient consumption growth to carry many of these individuals across the threshold,” the report explains.
According to the report, there are more people living around the $1.25 mark “than at any other consumption level in the world.” Amongst the world’s billion people living in extreme poverty, a report released this month by the World Bank Group says that 400 million of them are children .
However, the World Bank Group report also had good news that aligns with the findings of Brookings, stating that 750 million less people live in extreme poverty today compared to 1981.
“We need to act urgently, and with a sharpened focus, to implement effective policies in places where poverty remains entrenched, particularly rural areas,” Jaime Saavedra, the World Bank Acting Vice President of Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, said in a statement. The Governors of the World Bank Group have also endorsed the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030.
Perhaps not surprisingly, China and India have been at the forefront of extreme poverty reduction over the past two decades. The Brookings report says that China has now reduced the number of its citizens living in extreme poverty into the single digits and that going forward “the baton has been passed to India.”
From there, Brookings says sub-Saharan African faces the largest extreme poverty gap.
So, what stands in the way of fully eliminating this most extreme form of poverty?
Brookings says there are two major factors as they look ahead to 2030. First, that as countries like China make progress on poverty, they will become satisfied with the progress already made and will lack incentives to complete the job. And secondly, that in the most greatly affected regions of the world, populations of extreme poverty will begin to condense, making it all the more challenging to see economic improvements.
  • Poverty & Welfare
  • Society & Culture
  • extreme poverty

Conservative groups target U.S. Republicans who voted to end shutdown

By Gabriel Debenedetti 10 hours ago
By Gabriel Debenedetti
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Groups aligned with the Tea Party movement are targeting two Republican U.S. senators who backed a bipartisan budget plan on Thursday, vowing to support their challengers in Republican primaries before congressional elections in 2014.
The plan to reopen the federal government and increase the nation's borrowing authority ended a 16-day government shutdown that conservatives backed in an unsuccessful attempt to weaken Democratic President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul.
Hours after Congress passed the measure, the Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party Republican from Mississippi who is running for the seat occupied by Senator Thad Cochran.
"Chris McDaniel is a constitutional conservative who will fight to stop Obamacare, balance the budget, and get America working again, the Senate Conservatives Fund statement said.
Cochran was among 27 Senate Republicans to support the plan to end the shutdown. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican who helped to craft the deal, faced a similar backlash on Friday.
McConnell's primary opponent, Tea Party candidate Matt Bevin, was endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, a group founded by former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, a leading voice of the Tea Party.
The movement swept a wave of right wing lawmakers to Capitol Hill in 2010 and helped Republicans regain the House of Representatives. Groups like Club for Growth donated heavily to a slate of successful candidates during that election cycle.
Club for Growth - whose influence over dozens of the most conservative members of Congress is such that its pronouncements have effectively killed some budget proposals - already had targeted Republican Representative Mike Simpson, the only one of Idaho's four members of Congress to vote for the bill that ended the shutdown.
Club for Growth is backing Tea Party Republican Bryan Smith as a more conservative alternative to Simpson. Smith also has been endorsed by FreedomWorks, a conservative group whose chief executive, Matt Kibbe, predicted on Friday that Tea Party conservatives' frustration with moderate Republicans could lead a split of the Republican Party.
Taken together, the endorsements signal that the battle over Obamacare - and far-right conservatives' push to put more of their candidates in Congress with an eye toward killing the Affordable Care Act - is far from over.
Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund are major contributors to the campaigns of several staunch conservatives. The Center for Responsive Politics says they are the two largest donors to Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican whose 21-hour floor speech in September helped set the stage for the shutdown fight over the health reform law.
Cochran, 75, has been in office since 1978 and has not officially announced that he is running for re-election in 2014.
In endorsing McDaniel, Club for Growth's political action committee (PAC) said in a statement, "If Cochran runs for re-election, he will likely have the entire Republican establishment behind him - all the more reason that Senator McDaniel will need the strong support of the Club's PAC."
McConnell, who has been in office since 1984 and has clashed with Cruz, will face a two-pronged challenge next year.
Well-funded Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky's secretary of state, is running for McConnell's seat. But before he can face her, McConnell has to defeat Bevin in the Republican primary.
In backing Bevin, the Senate Conservatives Fund cited various votes by McConnell to fund the government, which the group equated to funding Obama's health care law.
McConnell's campaign mocked the SCF's endorsement of Bevin.
"Matt Bevin now has the dubious honor of standing with a self-serving D.C. fundraising group that made its name by recruiting and promoting unelectable candidates that ensured Barack Obama a majority in the Senate," McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore said in a statement.
"They clearly care less about Kentuckians than they do about their reputation for supporting laughably bad candidates," Moore added.
DeMint, the Senate Conservative Fund's founder, emphasized the ongoing efforts to pressure moderate Republicans on Friday with an editorial in the Wall Street Journal headlined, "We Won't Back Down on Obamacare."
In an interview on Thursday, Club for Growth president Chris Chocola, a former Indiana congressman, pledged to endorse more candidates, noting that the shutdown and surrounding debates "may have defined our opportunities a little bit better."
Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler also said his group would keep fighting the health reform law, in part by helping the opponents of Democrats in conservative states, such as Senators Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Kay Hagan of North Carolina.
(Editing by David Lindsey and Doina Chiacu)
US prosecutor condemns Hague trials of Kenyan leaders
From: khaguli maurice
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Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 7:56 AM
Subject: [PK] KM and OKLI, kama hii beer!

Ruto; Uhuru hii maneno ya ICC ni kama hii beer ndani ya maninio yangu. Uhuru; ai! Ruto, hata hii yangu ni nzito sana sijui kama tutafaulu but wewe uko na nafasi ya kusetiwa free msee-Mudavadi ndie alilaani sisi-niombee ndugu!
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Subject: RE: US prosecutor condemns Hague trials of Kenyan leaders

The man is right (US prosecutor):

Remember even the ICC, Ocampo; Koffi Anna etc told kenyans to form local tribunal to try PEV victims at home. But hell no, they wanted Hague and ICC. Then they used ICC propaganda to climb to presidency & Deputy president. Whose mistake is it?. It is not ICC `s mistake that Uhuru & Ruto are there. The mistake is on Kenyans who wanted it. So all these hindsight wisdom springing while ICC was used as a propaganda to attain power are all rubbish. Let them go to Hague, that is where their destiny rest. Cheating people all the time will finally fail and its is failing. I wish they knew.

Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 09:16:32 -0400 Subject: US prosecutor condemns Hague trials of Kenyan leaders From: To: CC:;;;
Ndugu Khaguli and other loudmouths:
Can you let us know what is going here? Do you agree with this prosecutor?
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Subject: Re: [PK] US prosecutor condemns Hague trials of Kenyan leaders
This David Crane does not offer any solution. In this article, do you see any solution he has offered? Just saying that "political realities have to be taken into account" is an empty statement.
On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 9:16 AM, Kuria-Mwangi <> wrote:
Ndugu Khaguli and other loudmouths:
Can you let us know what is going here? Do you agree with this prosecutor?
Daniel Howden in Nairobi, Friday 18 October 2013 02.52 EDT
David Crane
David Crane, the former chief prosecutor of the special court for Sierra Leone. Photograph: Ben Curtis/AFP/Getty Images
A former chief prosecutor of the international criminal court has condemned its cases against Kenya's president and vice-president, warning that the indictments could damage the fledgling international justice system.
David Crane, the US lawyer who built the case against Liberia's former president Charles Taylor, said his successors at The Hague had ignored political realities in pursuing the Kenyan prosecution, which he said "could be the beginning of a long slide into irrelevance for international law".
Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president, is due to stand trial next month at the ICC, the first time a sitting head of state will have done so. Along with his deputy, William Ruto, whose separate but related trial has already begun, Kenyatta is accused of masterminding the violence that killed at least 1,300 people in the wake of a disputed election at the turn of 2007-08.
Last week the African Union passed a resolution calling for immunity for all serving African heads of state.
"I would never have indicted or gotten involved in justice for the Kenyan tragedy," said Crane, a former chief prosecutor of the special court for Sierra Leone, a precursor to the ICC. "It's placed them in a situation where they are damned if they do or damned if they don't."
The African Union has called on the Kenyan leaders not to attend hearings at The Hague until the UN security council, which oversees the ICC, has responded to its recent demands.
France is working on a UN resolution that would defer the Kenyan cases for 12 months, according to a senior diplomat in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
Human rights groups have said giving in to AU demands for immunity would set a terrible precedent that would encourage heads of state to trample constitutional term limits, cling to power and rig elections. "It's become a lose-lose situation," said Crane.
Crane said the cases he built during three years of investigations in westAfrica from 2002-05 had taken into account local politics as well as the law. "Politics is the bright red thread of modern international law, a successful prosecution must factor in the international stage."
After ad hoc tribunals dealt with the fallout from civil wars in the Balkans and west Africa, as well as the genocide in Rwanda, the ICC got a permanent home in the Netherlands and issued its first arrest warrants in 2005.
Under the Argentinian lawyer Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor's office pursued high-profile African leaders, including Sudan's Omar al-Bashir – who has ignored the warrant – and a number of alleged warlords in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Crane said Moreno-Ocampo had a "political tin ear" and had been overly ambitious in his indictments.
When Kenya came close to a civil war and as many as 400,000 people lost their homes after a contested election result in 2007, mediators brokered a deal under which a national tribunal was meant to be set up to try the guilty. The ICC stepped in as a court of last resort when the Kenyan parliament could not agree on a local alternative.
Moreno-Ocampo became a celebrity in Kenya, with minibus taxis named after him, but his initial popularity waned, and this was exacerbated by his decision to name Kenyatta and Ruto, political rivals whose supporters had fought during the violence, among the indictees. The pair united in a "coalition of the accused" and won elections this year in a campaign that portrayed the ICC as a colonial throwback.
Moreno-Ocampo was replaced last year as chief prosecutor by Gambia's Fatou Bensouda.
Crane said the ICC should have used the threat of its intervention to nudge for reform rather than launching prosecutions that the Kenyan elite would never support.
"It's a question of some justice versus no justice," he said. "If it's perceived that Kenyatta and Ruto have won then we're thrown back to the pre-Taylor era in Africa."

Top Ban Ki-moon aide fights Sierra Leone corruption claimsBy KEMO CHAM in Freetown | Friday, March 1 2013 at 12:12

UN Secretary General`s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Hawa Bangura.
The UN Secretary General`s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Ms Zainab Hawa Bangura, is fighting to clear her name in an embarrassing graft scandal at home.
The former Sierra Leonean health minister has been linked to a corruption scandal involving a Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation-funded immunisation project run by the Geneva-based Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization (GAVI).
In December, GAVI announced it had uncovered the misuse of funds allocated to the Health and Sanitation ministry of about $1.1 million.
As a result, an existing grant worth over $500,000 was frozen and a pending two year grant of $5. 4 million suspended.
President Ernest Bai Koroma in January suspended 10 senior health ministry officials as the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) started a probe.
But government critics have alleged Ms Bangura was an accomplice as some of the loss happened when she was health minister, and want her investigated.
Ms Bangura has denied any involvement.
A close ally of the president, she served as foreign affairs minister between 2007 and 2010.
She was moved to the health ministry in January 2011 ahead of her current appointment in August the following year.
The alleged misuse of donor funds, according to the GAVI Alliance, occurred between 2008 and 2010, with one part in 2011.
Ms Bangura is believed to be nursing ambitions of a more advanced political career, with a possible eye on the presidency, a position she first contested for in 2002.
Seen as a defence
But in what is seen as a defence for the embattled former minister, GAVI said the purchase of materials related to the embezzlement was done by a constituted committee, in line with the National Public Procurement Act.
It added: “As a Minister, Ms Bangura did not participate in that Procurement Committee.”
All of the suspended officials were said to be part of that committee, but the critics say they are only scapegoats.
A group calling itself Concerned Sierra Leoneans has been extremely vocal on the issue.
It has alleged that Mrs Bangura took time off from her UN job to come home and destroy evidence prior to the institution of investigation.
This issue has affected her image, hence, according to the GAVI Alliance, she had requested them to clarify her role on the matter.
Concerned Sierra Leoneans however, is pressurising GAVI to act and has even accused the Alliance itself of “gross negligence” and possible complicity in the theft.
"We intend to hold GAVI responsible for the theft because of their sloppy oversight and will not hesitate to sue them…,” the group said in a statement, claiming to be speaking on behalf of defenceless Sierra Leonean children.
According to reports, officials from the GAVI Alliance were scheduled to be in Freetown this week seeking an explanation from the government about the missing funds.
ACCORDING to the Kenyan DAILY NATION today, the UN SG Ban Ki-Moon has asked African leaders to adhere to their commitments to the ICC. Meanwhile South Korean ICC JudgeSang-Hyun Song said the Kenyan Parliament twice refused to enact a local tribunal.
Let Ban Ki-Moon adhere to his commitment to transparency and integrity by stepping down for a probe into the allegations against him.

Mohamed Warsama
On Friday, October 18, 2013 4:09 PM, mohamed warsama wrote:
Voltaire Network

Corruption at the Top

An Open Letter to the dishonorable Ban Ki-moon

by Hassan Hamade
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Lebanon to prepare for a possible NATO action against Syria. Too busy conspiring against the peace he should be defending, he forgot to inquire about Israel’s daily violations of Lebanese sovereignty. In an open letter published by the Lebanese press, Arab thinker Hassan Hamade lambastes Mr. Ban and his representative Mr. Rød-Larsen, recalling that far from standing up for principles, both are thugs wallowing in corruption.
Voltaire Network | Beirut (Lebanon) | 27 January 2012
JPEG - 39.9 kb
Mr. Secretary General,
While listening to your speech in Beirut, in which you proclaimed the absolute necessity to proceed with the reforms, “because the flame of freedom ignited in Tunisia shall never be extinguished”, I immediately thought of a Swedish person, famous for her integrity, transparency and credibility in terms of reforms. I meant Mrs. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, who was once the UN Under Secretary General, in charge of the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), which main mission was to ensure the good services providing of this “big machine”, namely in the finance field and who served under your supervision.
You certainly know, Mr. Secretary General, that Mrs. Ahlenius, whose professional career has always been flawless, be it in Sweden or during her office at the administration of the UNO, has drafted a 50-page report related to the status of the Organization in terms of finance and utilization of public funds in budgets of various services.
Said report clearly indicates you as a principal responsible for financial exactions performed at all levels, especially at your department level, and makes you accountable for lack of transparency. It even goes further to say: “Sir, your actions are unprecedented …. and deserve more than just condemnation.”
Empowered by her function to lead the war against corruption within the UNO and to monitor the good carrying out of services, Mrs. Ahlenius writes that she is certain of your implication in the financial chaos that drowns your administration which totally lacks transparency: “Your actions – she pursues – lack transparency and violate audit regulations”. She sums up by stating: “I am sorry to say that the Secretary General steps into a phase of delinquency, where he is utterly collapsing, and one might say, from which he cannot be rescued.”
Facing this report, you opted for total silence, all the while completely ignoring it. Moreover, you summoned its recalling from the official UNO website within the 48 hours that followed its electronic diffusion [The Voltaire Network has found this document for you. It is attached herewith at the bottom of the page].
We knew of this report from a number of journalists who took note of it, yet did not initiate an accompanying media campaign, nor did they interrogate you concerning the subject probably by fear of triggering a process which could open the case of the generalized corruption that prevails within your administration, at the expense of peoples of the world.
Remember Mr. Secretary General that Mrs. Ahlenius, following her trip back from her native country and after the publishing of mentioned report in August 2010 which crowned her 5-year-mandate, wrote and co-published a book with the Swedish journalist Nialas Ekdal.
In this book titled Mr. Hasard, the UNO deterioration under the direction of Ban Ki-moon [1], the authors describe in details a multitude of your exactions which deprive the UNO from the minimal vital credibility.
They qualify you as incompetent and corrupted, thus discrediting you of your entire professional path.
Mr. Secretary General,
The book, just like the report, had its share of silent attacks which contributed to its complete suffocation at the media level. You surely know about the occult forces that lead the combat against the truth defended by Mrs. Ahlenius? Those are the exact same forces that protect you, Mr. Secretary General.
How dare you speak of reforms, you, the thief?
You are probably not used to hearing such direct, vivid and true critiques, but you should get the habit of it. On the morality level, you surely are in no position to give reform lessons to anyone. It would be interesting however to benefit from your eloquence about reforms to demand their application at the UNO first. The first step towards accomplishing this matter would be your interrogation by a special investigation commission that would send you for trial to the competent tribunal. The world needs a Nuremberg to judge crimes of corruption and pillage of public assets belonging to the peoples of the world. What do you think?
Public assets which you illegally disposed of, according to Mrs. Ahlenius, belong to the peoples of the world, which governments finance your organization and pay your salaries, yours and all the UNO staff.
Incidentally however, it would be interesting to note that governments that pretend to form a protesting bloc against the takeover of the US on the UNO mechanisms, and who accuse you of acting for Washington’s account, avoid requesting the formation of an investigation commission to examine accusations perpetrated against your person by Mrs. Ahlenius! Roles are reversed and you are now giving them lessons in reforms!
Mr. Secretary General,
Just a few hours before your arrival to Beirut, you made a promise to appoint a new Attorney General for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to replace Judge Daniel Bellemare who resigned.
Tell us about the nature of judges who will be appointed by a person as controversial as yourself? Can we expect justice from judges who would accept to be appointed by a person caught in the act by their own Under Secretary General?
Is this the “highest degree of professionalism and transparency” so-promised by late President Antonio Cassese?
Mr. Secretary General,
In the name of which Wisdom did you keep silent, facing the accusations of Mrs. Ahlenius? Is it because you consider as a “crime of honor” or a “political crime” the misappropriation of other people’s funds?
Or is it by fear of seeing this case opened in front of the whole world? This is it!

Calling for a United Nations’ Spring

Let us imagine things the other way around, and that a certain number of countries require the formation of an investigation commission backed by proofs and evidence of your implication as well as that of other United Nations officials.
Wouldn’t we be at the threshold of an era that would justify a so-called “United Nations’ Spring”?
JPEG - 21.3 kb
Terje Rød-Larsen was compelled to resign from his ministerial functions in Norway because he falsified his declarations in such a way that he did not pay taxes for the past 10 years. With his fraudulent qualities, he was nominated to serve at the United Nations.

Terje Rød-Larsen, the fraudster

It seems that your loyalty for people who protect you was apparent by the presence, at your side in Beirut, of your coordinator in Lebanon Mr. Terje Rød-Larsen.
The latter refuses to admit that Israel, which he considers as his second home-land, has accumulated more than 10 000 deliberate violations of applicable resolutions issued by your UNO, in defiance of the whole world.
Mr. Rød-Larsen merely speaks of ‘incursions’’ and not of ‘’aggressive acts of war’’. The difference between the two concepts is huge, since, according to Nuremburg judgment sentence, the war of aggression represents ‘’the supreme international crime’’ and consequently, exposes its perpetrators to prosecutions for war crimes in front of the international justice.
You probably do not know the difference between ‘’incursion’’ and ’’aggressive acts of war’’, just like the Lebanese government and the permanent delegation of Lebanon at the UNO?
Your coordinator in Lebanon, Mr. Rød-Larsen, surely does not ignore this fact. He dissimulates the fact to avoid any reference to the supreme international crime, which could result in the prosecution of Israeli officials for crimes of war, notwithstanding the recidivism factor that aggravates criminal responsibility, especially that the number of such ‘’aggressive acts of war’’ has beaten all wars and conflicts records.
I shall say no more, Mr. Secretary General, apologizing for not finishing my letter by presenting my sincere regards, awaiting the results of a true investigation as regards the contents of the report and the book written by Mrs. Inga-Britt Ahlenius, for whom I kindly present my sincere regards and my profound respect.

Attached documents

(PDF - 597.9 kb)
[1] Mr Chance : – FN:s förfall under Ban Ki-moon, by Niklas Ekdal and Inga-Britt Ahlenius, Stockholm 2011. ISBN 978-91-7337-271-8.
Hassan Hamade
Hassan Hamade Lebanese thinker and polemist; member of the National Audiovisual Media Council of Lebanon. For the past seven years, he has featured weekly as a political commentator on the NourSat satellite channel, together with philosopher F. Georges Rahme. Their show, Open Forum, garners on average some 40 million viewers.

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