Monday, October 14, 2013

I am not Jubilee mole, Siaya County gubernatorial seat contender refutes claims

Good People,
I believe Siaya people want a leader who is able to involve and consult professionals of Siaya and across the Diaspora to include Obama wuod Alego (even just an idea shared consultatively from his quarters is a blessing and is just enough) for progressive development plan ........ of course, this does not make him a lesser President of the most powerful Nation of the world........and how that leader is going to move the Community of Siaya to greater heights engaging in popular development programs by being open to accountability and transparency....... providing a realistic budget of what projects and programs are in plan and how public funds are fairly distributed and spent.
You don’t want a leader who is blind to community progressiveness and is ignorant to social welfare development programs, who have no idea how to organize for good strategic and sustainable challenging development programs moving forward for the county; and shun leaders who even before they have their bottom sit properly on the leadership chair, public funds are already channeled to wrong priorities and are not put on immediate needs for Public mandate (people of Siaya needs) and priority. For the short stint with Rasanga on the seat of Siaya, it was clear he was on the wrong path where there were already bad signs he was not the right leader for Siaya. This was clear from how he won the seat, where it was noted won through back door in an unfair craftiness the reason why his election was disqualified by the court.
This short stint proves he is a bad leader whose ways will be shrouded with lies and cheats deep into more corruption and impunity the Siaya people dont want. Since Rasanga was on chair, he did not open up to the Diaspora people and we wonder what is in his mind about the Diaspora Siayans.............People want to know !!!!!!
In my opinion, I suggest for the people of Siaya to try Oduol who sound promising and truthful. Who I believe will reach out to Diaspora for the Development of Siaya............We cannot wait to make Siaya the most beautiful place on earth the world will want to associate and cooperate with progressive development where poverty and thuggery will remain a thing of the past.
Siaya is already a spot very well known in the world and it is just right that it be lifted in honor it deserves with looks that fairly place it well on the face of the world……and ashame those twisted head who sneer and plan to see Siaya products fail with embarrassment.
If I were a voter, I would vote Oduol, but all the same I have voters on the ground and that is where we are directing our people to go.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

I am not Jubilee mole, Siaya County gubernatorial seat contender refutes claims

Updated Monday, October 14th 2013 at 19:44 GMT +3

Siaya County gubernatorial seat contestant William Oduol. [Photo: File/Standard]
SIAYA; KENYA: Siaya County gubernatorial seat contestant William Oduol has dismissed claims that his campaign has been sponsored by Jubilee coalition.

Oduol also pointed out that the race was not between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as claimed by a section of Cord leaders in the region.
“I am not being sponsored by Jubilee. I am sponsoring the campaigns by myself,” he said.
Oduol said his quest for the position on a National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAPK) does not mean he hates Raila but his thirst to spread development and good leadership in Siaya.
“I am not fighting Raila and I am not fighting the party (ODM),” he told a crowd of voters at a rally at Wichlum in Bondo constituency.
He was responding to allegations by his opponents that he was being sponsored by Raila’s opponents in the Jubilee coalition.
“This race is between two individuals. Oduol and Cornel Rasanga and elect us based on what we can offer and not which political parties we belong to,” said Oduol.
Oduol said his good track record will work for him on Thursday during the by-election.
He expressed confidence that he will win the by-election and he is ready to work with everybody in his government.
Earlier ODM MPs campaigning for Rasanga had urged voters to vote in an ODM member so as to implement the party’s policies.
“Even Zachary Obado of Migori County was not elected on the ODM party but has been working harmoniously with elected ODM ward representatives. Why not Oduol?” the NAPK candidate posed.

He said he was confident that the elections were not a measure for Raila’s popularity in the region as claimed by his opponents.
“I have worked and I will still work with Raila and all Siaya residents to improve the livelihood of Siaya people,” he added.

He said he was committed to development but politically supports Raila’s course but would not be cowed by large convoys traversing the county to campaign for ODM candidate.
“You have the power to decide,” he told supporters singing ‘Siaya manyien, Oduol kende’ (A new Siaya with Oduol only) as he toured Bondo and its environs.

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