Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is corruption in Africa a new cancer?

Is corruption in Africa a new cancer?

There is corruption in every part of the world and society but let see why corruption is destroying African countries economy and majority of its people are poor. Below it will illustrate some cases of corruption in Africa Continent.

CASE - 1
James Ibori - Former governor of Delta state in Nigeria
James Ibory was jailed in UK for 13 years for fraud totalling nearly $77 million, money that belong to Nigerian people. How did he managed to steal so much money and took millions of dollars out of Nigeria. Let follow his path.
Jame Ibori

exclusive house in Hampstead North London $3.8 million.

Money found his house in Nigeria

£120,000 Bentley

Money everywhere in house

Ibory Mansion in Abuja-Nigeria

Money in wardrop
Mouse over of pictures to Enlarge it

James Ibory came to Britain in 1980s and worked as cashier at Wiches DIY store in Ruislip North west London. However, Ibory was convicted in 1991 of stealing from the store but then returned to Nigeria and began his master plan to get to the top of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) association.
He ran central Bank of Delta state in his home like show in images below, it was estimated that he stolen about $450 million. He spent $176,000 a month on his credit cards and ran up a $25,000 bill for a two-day stay at the Lanesborough hotel in London.

Ibory shouldn't be illegible to be a governor because of his criminal record in Britain but he managed to conceal his UK criminal record, which would have excluded him from office in Nigeria by changed his ages.
How come a man who had an official salary of $6,000 a year buys a house in Hampstead in one most expensive area in London worth $3.4 million?
Some of luxury items and properties Ibory bought:
  • A house in Hampstead, north London, for $3.4 million
  • A private jet for $19 million
  • A property in Shaftesbury, Dorset, for $522,000
  • A $5.4 million mansion in Sandton, near Johannesburg, South Africa
  • A fleet of armoured Range Rovers valued at $1000,000
  • A $180,000 Bentley
  • A Mercedes Maybach for 407,000 euros that was shipped direct to his mansion in South Africa.

CASE - 2
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue - The President's son of Equatorial Guinea
He's the son of President of Equatorial Guinea that it is funding his playboy life with funds of oil revenues that could lift poverty in Equatorial Guinea.
Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue

Micheal Jackson clove $1.8M

Teodorin(Playboy ) in St. Tropez-France

Private jet, for $38.5m

Exclusive district in Paris,42 Avenue Foch-Obiang's six storey building, worth $30 million

Mansion in Califonia for $30 million

Confiscated cars in Teodorin's home in Paris, valued more $30M
Mouse over of pictures to Enlarge it

Government in US (united state of America) is trying to recover assets worth more $70 million from Teodore Obiang Mangue Jr.

Mr. Teodore Jr, whose salary as Equatorial Guinea's agriculture and forestry minister was €3,200 a month, owned two Bugatti Veyrons, the most expensive and fastest street car in the world, costing about €1m a piece. He was in the process of acquiring a third. However, the majority people of Equatorial Guinea lives below the poverty line, despite the country's vast oil revenues.
France authority has seized 11 luxury cars belonging to Mr Obiang that include a Maserati, a Porsche Carrera, an Aston Martin and a Mercedes Maybach. The case was brought in French court by NGOs against African leaders who are misusing the fund of their countries for their own interest. In USA was include a $38.5m Gulfstream V private jet, a $30m mansion in Malibu, California, and $1.8m of Michael Jackson memorabilia(a white crystal covered glove and a crystal covered pair of socks).
Mangue's some top luxury goods:
  • A Private jet, for $38.5m
  • Mansion in Califonia for $30 million
  • 4 Million euro of worth of vehicles in Frace
  • Micheal Jackson clove. $1.8 Million
  • 18 million euro on art from Yves Saint Laurent's collection

Denis Sassou Nguesso - President of Congo-Brazzaville
Sassou Nguesso owns 16 of most luxurious houses and flats in the French Capital and his country received $ 183 million from Britain to help his people. According to anti-corruption groups transparency International and Sherpa that Denis Sassou Nguesso is one of African politicians said to have built immense overseas property empires using public funds including the income of foreign aid from their countries treasuries.
 Denis Sassou Nguesso president of Congo-Brazzaville

The Sassou N'Guesso families have 24 properties in France in their own name, 112 bank accounts and various sports cars. Meanwhile, NGOs states that 70 percent of Congo-Brazzaville people live on less than $1 a day.

According to Global Witness reported that one month of personal expenditure spending by Christel Sassou Nguesso, the President son could have paid for vaccinations against measles for 80,000 Congolese babies.

Denis NGuesso has more love about his appearance and his suits then to help economy of his country or to improve the poverty of his people.

The French anti-money laundering authority, which declares that in April 2010, he ordered 91 suits from Pape for €276,000. A month earlier, in March 2010, he had bought 48 shirts for €24,000. In one year, in the 12 months from November 2009, Sassou N'Guesso spent more than €652,000 on clothes there. According to the investigative journalists Hofnung and Harel.

President Nguesso gave in an interview with RFI in defence of himself and the others without a shame of stealing from his people.

This what he said: "Why are we the only ones accused when other African heads of state and world leaders also own properties in France? I therefore consider the accusation discriminatory. "And by the way you don't mean that having been head of state for so many years it is not possible for me or any of the others to be able to raise money to buy the properties?"

He's out of touch with reality and his people, that why every corrupted leaders or dictators end up be overthrow from power. The problem is where his money coming from that he can afford to buy luxury properties in Europe, as a head of state he should be thinking how to improve the basics condition of his people in Congo and not using the money of country to live like a Sheikh or King in Europe.

CASE - 4
Isabel Dos Santos - The daughter of the president of Angola
The eldest daughter of Angola's President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos Africa's second longest serving president, who is often accused of running his government as if it is his personal investment holding company. It seems that there is nothing of value in Angola that is not directly or indirectly owned by the Dos Santos family and it proven below.
Isabel dos Santos

She's not forty years old yet, born in 1973 Isabel dos Santos got her start in business at age 24 by using her father's influence to get lucrative state contracts. She has been described as "one of the richest women in Africa" with a personal fortune of over $US50 million. How she managed to accumulate such massive fortune?
On April 2, 1997, Isabel dos Santos, in partnership with her mother Tatiana Cergueevna Regan, set up the company TAIS(Trans Africa Investment Services) Limited, in Gibraltar. She held 75 percent of the shares and her mother the remaining shares. In turn, on October 11, 1999, the Angolan government, headed by her father, announced an agreement with her company(TAIS), the Goldberg Group and Leviev Wellox, to establish a diamond trading joint-venture, Angola Selling Corporation (Ascorp), (Council of Ministers, 2003:1438-9; on the 5th of October 2004, Isabel dos Santos transferred all of her shares into her mother's name and, by this time, TAIS had changed its name to Iaxonh).

Isabel Dos Santos in Italian court against news paper La stampa, she lies under oath she said, "I am the daughter of President José Eduardo dos Santos and I do not manage any assets, much less a financial 'empire' belonging to the President, an "empire" which simply does not exist". But evidences below show otherwise

Some of her investments and positions in Companies:
  • She is a Director of the executive board of the largest mobile phone (UNITEL) operator in Angola.
  • Since 2005, she has been a director of Banco BIC, in which she holds 25 percent of the joint stock, according tolegal documents dated from the June 7 2006.
  • Shareholder of ZON Multimédia(the stake for 164 million Euros in 2010) and Portugal Telecom.
  • May 2012 bought extra 5% of shares in ZON increasing her stake to 15.46% to becomes top ZON shareholder, the deal cost about 38 million Euros
  • She has together with Angolan state oil company Sonangol through their mutual offshore holding named Esperanza Holding in Portuguese Galp Energia.
  • Her others financial interests Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Banco Santander Totta, Banco Português de Negócios,Mota-Engil as well as, since 2010/2011, the Sonae enterprises in Angola.
  • Isabel dos Santos also owns shares in the Angola cement company Nova Cimangola. Her husband (Sindika Dokolo ,Congolese) is member of the board of the company Nova Cimangola.
Despite, all mineral resources of the country but the majority of Angolans lives in miserable deficiency and below poverty line. But Dos Santos's Empire is expanding in Angola and abroad. José Eduardo dos Santos has used his power to craft a business empire for his family of immense value. for instance, Prodoil is a oil and gas private company in Angola set up on November 9, 2001, by Marsanto, but Marsanto is a company created on December 17, 1996, by the niece and nephew of the President, Esmeralda and Edson dos Santos Sousa, children of his sister Marta dos Santos, as well as herhusband José Pacavira Narciso who own 55 percents of Prodoil.
Moreover, despite Sindika Dokolo the husband of Isabel dos Santos a member of the board of the company nova simangola that produces cement in Angola. He also gets the exploration rights of a subsidiary of Endiama, the Angolan state company for diamond exploration and sale.
CASE - 5
Ali Bongo - President of Gabon
He's the son of former President of Gabon(Omar Bongo) who died in 2009 who stayed in power for 42 years. The Bongo family has the biggest property portfolio in France. They own 39 properties in France, mostly in exclusive area of Paris and on the French Riviera. They also have 70 French bank accounts and at least nine luxury cars in France, including Ferraris and Mercedes worth a total of €1.5m.
 Ali bongo president of Gabon

After Ali bongo was elected president that year he bought himself a Bentley Continental Flying Spur for more than €200,000, which despite the fact that oil-rich Gabon has less than 500 miles of asphalt roads. In Addition, a $120 million, 14-bedroom townhouse in Paris also includes a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, seven parking spaces and a tennis court that Ali Bongo bought just last year.

The Bongo family is alleged to have taken off 25% of the oil revenue and domestic product over the years. A French investigation into Elf Aquitaine (French Oil Company) was told that Omar Bongo received 50 million Euros a year from the oil company.

Ali Bongo took over the family franchise, in Gabon where many places carry his family name, he doesn't even have to work at developing a personality brand, and he's already got one. There are in Gabon, a Bongo University, Bongo Airport, numerous Bongo Hospitals, Bongo Stadium and Bongo Gymnasium even a town named Bongoville. Bongo family own everything value in Gabon they are the biggest brand in Country.

Your comments

Hahaha, no more place to hide for African corrupted politicians who are looting african resources with their family members. Social Media + internet = Power to the people.
Antony , USA, New York

Ibory lived in London but come back in Nigeria with corruption in his head. Why he didn't bring back to Nigeria the ideas how build more schools, Hospitals, welfare system that he knew how it works in England! " You can take Monkey out of bush but you can't take bush out of Monkey head"
Olu , Lagos, Nigeria

My Continent is 100% right about Isabel dos Santos and her dictator father. 95 percent of Angolan people are living in poverty and Dos Santos family are looting the resources of the country.
Ze , Angola, Luanda

I feel sorry for African people. But a dictator or corrupted leader can be only in power if his people are too passive.It seems as insult but African people must be more aggressive toward these corrupted leaders.If African want to see change in their countries, you need to sacrifice yourselves.
John , London, England

You want change Africa?. Get educated, be armed, know your enermy, get the wealth, redistribute it, take ownership of your own life, destiny, defend entire interest of weak, oppressed Africa, or wait for France to F**** you up, and remain food, fuel for the corruption. Live like a human or die.
B Degaulle , France, Paris

Ninty nine % of the current African leaders came to the power through fighting, and still stay on power using guns. Almost all of them are illitrate and panders. This group create the age of immorality in Africa. Following the example of leaders, every civil society is running for corruption. Let us
Gadaa Oromo , Oromia

Brother Nyesom Amadi , England

Unfortunetly the African dictatorship seems to endure for centuries while the western power take their oil without paying nothing,
Greason , Luanda, Angola

Having corrupt leaders is just perfect for the status quo, meaning the continual rapping of Africa, follow the money and see where it leads, always to the west,Europe America and who usually funds these thief's into office? its all to distract you from the real thieves mensioned above. WAKE UP !
Gary , London

And after they get through robbing stealing, killing and rapping, then get sent to the hague sent to jail for 50 yrs who takes all their money and assets? Lol !!! The same criminals who put them in power so they get all the free minerals and all the money ! wow double bubble we call it. WAKE UP!
Gary , London

John from london is right, the power is with the people and not the leader/dictator. B Deguelle from france is a true sceptic when it comes to african mindset. People may find him offensive or hating africans but I see him a realist. His point are directed to root areas where we must look in and deal with. We cannot ignore reality of things. I would say leave Bongo family out. Leave dosantos alone. Tommorow, the dosantos or bongos may vaccate the presidential offices. Do you think there will come a much needed change? I think the next guy may just be as bad if not worser. I think why we have so much corruption downtown africa is because we dont have true democracy in practice. The governments are more like yesterdays kingdoms. Our mindset is still like a cavemen. We believe in superstions most part our uneducated anchestors use to believe many full moons ago. Witcraft, tokoloshies, ghost, reldion etc. are but some of the things were you may find us africans tuned in to great time. meanwhile reality passes on and when we wake up we try to blame the stronger ones. Its our belief in non real things that keep us out of thouch with reality. We must get educated. We must be eager to learn and understand what type of systems and policies moved the western countries ahead. We must see where our governmental policies and constituions are outdated. We are our own enemy as common people as long as we put the blame on corrupt individuls unless we dont change the very environment and systems which, enable this individuals to corrupt. If the masses can act, believe me bongo will be out of office by tommorow. So will dosantos. But meanwhile, they will enjoy their flashy cars and money while looking down on us thinking..."stupid sleeping passive ignorant unwise easily manupulated politically misdirected africans". Who cares!!! to fight corruption in afrca, we have to be real. By the way I myself will corrupt if given an oppurtunity to head any african state there where people doesnt stand up for their rights and its quite natural.
KHOISAN , Namibia

I agree with most of what people have wrote and in particular John from London. The is Africans must be assertive and less aggressive as this might go out off hand if a negative mind is listened to by the people. The more people understand their rights, government policies and assertiveness better
Robert , London

Hello my brothers and sisters, we all know our politicians are corrupt and continue to do so.I cannot tell more than 3 good presidents in Africa.The same problem you tell us In Angola, Gabon, Congo is happening now in Chad where I come from.My point is what to do as youths and educated African?
Doude , CHAD

I think the west and the europe is manupulating the election proccesses in african countries and the world, great time to their economic, socio, political and diplomatic interest. They want africa divided. Africa is their playground. They like the status quo. Thats why they will always insure that the next president is for who ever country is just another dumb one who likes shiny stuff. A no brainer. If by any other chance you become a african country president and you happen to talk about true development and change to masses, then they will frame you and have you removed with NATO Bulldog siding with any mayor political opposition in your country. Eventually with someone in their favour. (Think gaddafi) Do you really think the west and the europe care about corruption in africa? So if we fight the presidents of african countries will not solve the corruption issue. There is no way africa can solve her its problem with current political climate as well as foreign politicies which is most part one sided to western powers. Our presidents are just middlemen. They are the victims themselves. They are unknowing hungry puppets in the countries where most stand divided beyond the reasons they themselve doesnt clearly understand. AS long as we are divided, the west likes it. They will not want to see us taking a common ground like the idea of united africa. By all means they will try to keep us primitive and misguided. Look behind the presidents then you would see the shadow international body which is installing and removing them from the offices. It aint a the voter. Doude from Chad. What education do you have? You have me thinking about what type of education and of what nature, is actually needed to have us africans introduced to fight corruption.
KHOISAN , Namibia

It just sad. it seems the Gambia dictator is imitating them and wants to be crown a king and rule for 1000yrs
Malick , Gambia

we are facing the same issue of corruption for the last 04 Yeras this Government is Pakistan President Asif Zardari and Prime minister Yousaff raza Gillani are the CORROUPTIPON KINGS.even their families are looting and plundering the wealth of the nation right out of the Tax payers pockets.
Ali , Pakistan

I read your post and wished I'd wirtetn it
Henriquemullersousa ,

only a special messenger from heaven will tackle the corruption cancer in africa, president museveni has his shortcommings in uganda and the major one is corruption,even his party the NRM is the most corrupt
benard , uganda

Surely it is and it is ruining the entire continent. It is unfortunate that donor countries continue to pour more money to the corrupt leaders while knowing it that donor money is misused. We the youth of Africa have have to make sure that we fight this "pandemic" or else we continue to live lament.
Tim Mugerwa , Uganda

I think we Africans should ask ourselfs if this anything to do with our own pride? Why we always allowed western influence in our Afrcan countries? To me it looks like they put puppets in front of black nations to be the corrupted leaders.. Things do not happens if we not allow them....
Ismayl Isha , Suriname

African is a blessed land, Just watch how these people normally end..., Whatsoever a man sowed that is what he'll reap. Let them Keep on doing their vices time will tell
Eric Alimamy , Freetown, Sierra Leone

alex , mexico city

Guys wake up,some african people has so victim of ur owner system of life,evrything is fuck up in this fucken country,does guys enjoyed life and does guys can't enjoyed.Defois on se posent des questions prkoi on souffrent....l'injustice de nos soit disant president mais un jrs tout changeras,

I'm a Liberian, living in Liberia I will like to give information to International Community that Liberian are not geting anything from your grant that you are contribution to common people of Liberia.
Amos Harris , Monrovia

comments have been omitted
Bodaerapreork , Tonga

Western governments and companies STOP funding this scum, you are the reason these people are rich and powerful. Stop buying the oil, stop buying the timber until a real democratic government is in existence. The people of Ireland will help you Africa even if the USA and France wont! Never give up!
Frankie , Rebublic Of Ireland

African corruption is like the story of Cat and Mouse,cat kills and eats mouse, mouse held meeting with elders,it was concluded that a Bell should be tie to cats neck to give an alert whenever cat makes a move! Then come the question of WHO IS TO BELL THE CAT? We Live to Die in Afrca (RIP Fela)
David A , Nigeria

We need to bring all those crminals into justice. If theris is Hight court commicion that is the time that all those type of activities should be investigated
Mr.Nobody , Angola

Why that nobody thins about poverty in Angola? Chineses are in and out in our Country nobody talks why? We fought for freedom, and we are still selling back our country and resources to Portugueses and Chineses. Let us work up Guys Savimbi is gone, but we still have briliant people out there
Desconhecido , African

I do Acknoledge that Angola is our Country, why do we have to sufer if that is our Country? Why do we have to be paid less than foreiginers? Why? We need someone to explain to us What is human rights? In terms of democracy we need some one to explain to everyone what is democracy? we need leaders
ninguem , Luanda

It is high time now to make sure that Africans citizens send these tycoons if the money owned illegaly
DAUDI , Tanzania


It saddens me to see African leaders misuse and ignore their own citizens for their own desires. We need to stop corrupt leaders and establish a democracy. The African man and woman must be agressive and insist for better rights and shared wealth.
Joel , santa monica

I agree with many opinions but what people don't understand is that,Africa is a Continent, Not a race.Any African (Black, White, Arab or any other Asian rootshould act to curb corruption, fight pverty and respect the public funds. The moment we alienante Africa to mean only black nationalists,we
Nyamweya Onderi , Brazil

(NONTINUATION,)we only help harbour corrupt citizens who're never held responsible for their mischieves. No nations in Africa down 60 or more years after independence", just countries ruled by tribal chiefdoms. African of any color, race must be forced to work for the good of his resp.countries.
Nyamweya Onderi , Brazil

Solution, Africans must shun tribal identities, include every born citizen including those of backgrounds other than Black and Arab as rightful citizens and demand productivity and accountability from all citizens. Elect to public offices civil servant, NOT their tribal connections/influences.
Nyamweya Onderi , Brazil

Grammar is awful
Bob , XD

I like Gary's Comment "And after they get through robbing stealing, killing and rapping, then get sent to the hague sent to jail for 50 yrs who takes all their money and assets? Lol !!! The same criminals who put them in power so they get all the free minerals and all the money! This is pathetic :-(
Precious , Uganda

We can eradicate corruption as a means of loving our neighbors as our selves. By so doing it will be very difficult to embezzle a nation which form part of the people...
osei , Accra, Ghana

Critics will criticise, but power people keep enjoying tax payers money like kings/queens. Let us wake up and put an end to our pathetic excuses of leaders called presidents. One thing that puzzles me is that we actually allow such idiocracy to happen knowingly. Had these political icons been ruling european/western countries, they would be rotting in prisons instead of clinging on to power and milking a countries resources like ìt is a family business.
lam , lusaka

Blood Money will not go unnoticed. The rath of God will have no mercy on these people, as they have no mercy on their people...
Roberto Oliveira , Cabo Verde

Why is it that only Africa is rife with corruption? When the theives amongst us re cought, its discovered that Europe or America is their destination for stolen public fund! Why give aid with one hand and collect it with the other hand? We know who the real thieves re, forget we re blacks
Adebayo Rafiu , Abuja, Nigeria

it so bad that african has know leaders with positive goals for their subject but vision to misuse power and mission to steal public fund.
tee basz , nigeria

I wanna cry. Kenya is pathetic. With a new leader whose father raped this country, all hope is gone. But hey guys! Tribalism is even worse than stealing from the people. We know that they are corrupt but bcoz they are our tribesmen, we still put them back in power. It is all bullshit!
Edu. , Nairobi.

What is going on in the Arab spring may not be far from Africa time will tell, let us have our fingers crossed.God will perform wonders, trust GOD.
omo oye , uk

suffering and smiling...
WyseUpAfrika , Nigeria

In Economics the term 'rent seeking' is prevalent in most ideology, free democratic economy or dictatorial. The solution is creating a strong developmental government led by committed children of the people with public benefit over their's as goal. Ethiopia is been doing just that for 20 years!
Wondwossen , Oakland USA

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