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Dont be Vague, it is Hague................


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You are spot on. The decision of AU to even request UN to defer the cases for sitting president because of Kenyatta and Ruto is gross, horrible and has a bad taste. Bashir was indicted sometime back but no AU meeting to ask the UN to defer Bashir'c case was called.

Honestly this shows why Africans do not get respected because its absurd even for Head of States to ask for that. We all know that Kenyatta and Ruto are alleged to have committed the crimes before they were elected into their offices.

Does it means that African Heads of States are telling us that one can commit any crime as long as he/she is not a president or deputy president. Once this particular person is elected to an office he/she can continue with his/her life till he/she leaves the office and can then be brought to justice?. What about those people who were wronged. Don't these Heads of States believe that justice delayed is justice denied?. Do they have the moral fiber to protect the constitution and ensure justice prevails in their countries? I truly wonder loudly.

It was "Don't be vogue, It is Hague" It was "I will fully cooperate with ICC" But alas now we see acts being passed to pull out of ICC, "Let us defer the cases till these noble people leave office" , "How could we prosecute a sitting President?" What is wrong with Africans? Don't we have some sense of decency and respect for ourselves. Don't we have values or things that we truly subscribe to that will portray us as civil and accountable for our actions If we can't respect ourselves, how do we expect others to respect us? What example are we showing to our people? The kind of efforts and strategies being used by Kenyatta and Ruto to avoid ICC to me indicates that they are afraid of the law and they can only be afraid if they have something to hide.

Guys this is really sad. We ought to have an iota of shame and know that we are all human beings and no body is equal than the other. We need to fasten and pray God to ensure that UN help the poor Africans to access justice and fairness by standing firm to oppose the deferral of the cases, because we will never get justice from these sitting presidents under this conditions. Their actions speak louder than words.


Good People !!!
Someone please tell African Union "Don’t be Vague, it is Hague" was the choice of Kenyan lawmakers.............the process now has gone too far and has been overtaken by events......going back to square one would mean, "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"........Which side would they want their bread buttered ???
The music is on for only 1% what about the remaining 99% of the rest of the population, do the group of African Union care? Are they fair? and, is this sharing for the common good of all??? What are they up to?? Is their spanner at work killing Democracy in Africa or not?? Is their theories for Africa’s economy balanced, is from informed choices and is it scientifically tested and proven to weather times of pros and cons of Nature changing scenarios and on that thread, are they the master of Nature or cartoons that they must not be taken serious??
Finally, is their philosophy theories destroying nature, survival and livelihood by fueling and greasing corruption with impunity to a large extent where life has become a standstill for Africa??? Where is their mission taking Africa???
For the most part I believe, African Union need to re-think and re-strategize their formula of doing business that are of benefit to Africa for the greater good of Africa's livelihood and survival to avoid doomsday......................


Cheers !!!!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,



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