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SHOCK: Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed Says ICC Is Free To Jail Joshua Sang BUT NOT Uhuru!

SHOCK: Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed Says ICC Is Free To Jail Joshua Sang BUT NOT Uhuru!

Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed caused a stir on national TV when in a question and answer session said Journalist Joshua Arap Sang the co accused with deputy President William Ruto was not a subject of discussion at the AU as the case involving him is PERSONAL.
Ms Mohammed almost gave a go ahead to the ICC to mince little Sang, jail him forever- an unfortunate confident remark that is likely to cause the many poor Kenyans appreciate their slave status.
Ms Mohammed made it clear that the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta was NOT PERSONAL , effectively confirming that her boss lied during the presidential debate that the ICC case despite its magnitude was a little personal matter.

Ms Mohammed’s remarks immediately drew anger from ordinary Kenyans many who interpreted her utterances to mean that the rich and powerful can cause crimes and get extreme protection for it even at the expense of taking the country down the Zimbawe way. It was shocking to hear the cabinet secretary declare Uhuru’s case special!
“Her remarks once again proved that Education is just overrated, if such empty eloquence is the kind of advise the presidents gets then there will be no end of tragedies in this republic, i feel sorry for the president” a leading international law expert who sought anonymity said.
Upon receiving Ms Mohammed’s remarks the poor little Joshua Sang, a journalist whose only crime was admiring Ruto’s political skills back in 2007 felt miserable and resorted to God, here is what he posted on his Facebook;
Some people must weigh their words.!!!! It is painful but I am encouraged that I have a FATHER who is The KING OF KINGS- JEHOVAH/MESSIAH.”

AMB. Amina Mohamed: Joshua Sang's ICC case is personal and was not on AU agenda
Published on Oct 14, 2013
AMB. Amina Mohamed: Joshua Sang's ICC case is personal and was not on AU agenda (Is Sang a lonely man?)

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Gordon Teti · Top Commenter · CEO & Founder at Self-Employed · 1,644 subscribers
WHY Uhuru Kenyatta should not even think of skipping ICC?

While it is a fact that he was not validly elected by the Kenyan voters, what is factual is that during the presidential campaign debate, Uhuru Kenyatta was particularly asked not to vie for the presidency until he clears his name with the ICC.

During the entire campaigns including the presidential debates, Uhuru categorically and emphatically stated that the ICC case against him was a personal challenge and that at no point would he drag the entire nation into the case. He also promised the electorate that he would abide by the dictates of the ICC.

Six months after he forced himself into the office of the presidency of Kenya, Uhuru is telling Kenyans and the world that since his position has changed, he is not dealing with the ICC as Uhuru Kenyatta but as the Presiden...t of Kenya, which is contrary to what he told the voters while campaigning for the same office.

To some people, it may appear as a sudden thought that Uhuru has realised the ICC case against him is no longer a personal challenge but to many this was the card that Uhuru hid under the table during the presidential campaign. Uhuru forced himself to the presidency to shield him from the ICC trials and the chicken have come home to roost with Uhuru declaring both in words and actions that Kenya is now part and parcel of what was hitherto a “personal issue” and he no longer wants to co-operate with the ICC.

Since forcing himself to the presidency, Uhuru has used every government resource available to him, including courting the African dictators like Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Robert Mugabe, to mention but a few, to subvert the course of justice by avoiding the ICC trials altogether. Uhuru almost succeeded in rallying the whole of the African dictators behind him thanks to massive personal wealth and government resources that has been used in bribing of the African dictators. However, last Saturday, October 12, 2013 during the AU summit in Addisababa, Ethiopia, Uhuru suffered a setback when many of the African big men who had previously pledged their support for mass withdrawal from the Rome statute that created the ICC developed cold feet like they did before when they abandoned Muamar Ghadaffi of Libya. The move left Uhuru with only Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Omar Al Bashir of Sudan as the only two die hard lords of impunity who are still clawing ferociously at ICC for obvious reasons. Both are suspected of mass murder, rape and genocide of their own citizens and as for Al Bashir, he has been indicted by the ICC.

The African dictators are using the principle of sovereignty in their crusade against the ICC while the reality is that it an attempt to insulate them against acts of Impunity. The question is, in the unlikely event that this ill campaign is granted, does it mean the African dictators can kill and maim while in office because they are immune to prosecution?

The Rwanda genocide of 1994 is still very fresh in our collective memories. In one voice, the world must unreservedly guard against the leadership of countries that may wittingly use the caveat of “sovereignty” and “immunity for sitting presidents” to discredit the ICC in an attempt to circumvent retributive justice.

When we all know that Omar Al Bashir of Sudan was indicted when in office, it is completely wrong for Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary and the other government mandarins and sycophants of Uhuru Kenyatta to lie to Kenyans that it is unconstitutional for Uhuru to be prosecuted at ICC.

With the consequences of non-compliance with the Rome Statute so clear and decisively biting, Kenyans dread that their great country may be turned into a Harare or Khartoum. I am hopeful that like Harare and Khartoum, Kenyans will willingfuly accept to become collateral damage in the event Uhuru refuses to co-operate with the court.

This is why Kenyans of goodwill MUST not only exhort but demand from Uhuru that since this is his personal matter, he is obligated to go to ICC and defend himself. Uhuru has nothing to fear nor worry about if he has evidence of witness tempering and couching as he has said thousands of times. All Uhuru has to do is to go to ICC and prove his innocence.
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  • why is she heartless,

  • She is arrogant and has Patrolism to deffend other Kenyan's. What she can do is just cover the naked of the person sleeping with. The UhuRuto were aware of the consequences of ICC even before the ricked themselves to power. Let each of them take Political Responsibility rather than looking for sympathy from other failed head of states who want to bring Kenya down, we know the tricks of the likes of Uganda that UDF man hatakikuona Kenya yaenda mbele. Kenyan’s we are one but not One person is one for Kenya.

  • Gordon Teti · Top Commenter · CEO & Founder at Self-Employed · 1,644 subscribers
  • Gordon Teti has twitted the United Nations Security Council "Kenyans are opposed to deferral of ICC case against Uhuru Kenyatta @SCRtweets"
    Kenyans and the world must voice their concerns to the United Nations Security Council. Please, let your voice be heard on behalf of the Kenya 2008 victims of genocide, mass murder and rape.

  • Job Lagat Arap Mengich · Director at Choralfest Society (Kenya)
    Now where is the clip that shows her saying sang should rot in jail? This is irresponsible posting. Intention is to incite people and the owner of this post must be jail with Baraza
    Job Lagat Arap Mengich, You are the one who is not using the resources you have. You should have gone to Google and search for the clip. Here it is, I did the search for you. Now who should go to jail???
    2 hours ago

  • Mwalimu Jefferson · Top Commenter · Saint Leo University
    Her remarks against Sang tells us that the poor and the vulnerable of this planet have no justice....?


    ATWOLI in the Hague for Ruto trial, Tells Uhuru To Man Up, Go To The Hague To Avoid Sanctions!
    The man whose limo changes colour when it is leaving Naivasha for Nairobi and works for Kenya’s workers, Francis Atwoli, is part of the Ruto delegation at the International Criminal Court.
    While it is not known when the Atwoli travelled to the ICC, it helps to boost the ‘moral bank’ for the Deputy President who, unlike his boss, Uhuru, has decided to clear his name at the ICC, or get jailed by the court; whichever option judge Osuji-Eboe will decide to take.
    Atwoli is a big catch for Ruto apart of the sympathy search in the use of the predicament for a better political positioning. Atwoli’s Hague appearance is a confirmation to Uhuru that the Kenya public are keen to see him clear his name at the Hague and should NOT use his position of the presidency to bring suffering to the millions already surviving his economic mismanagement.

    Meanwhile, it was another day at the ICC when the third witness, a woman who claims to have been part of Warembo na Kibaki lobby group, took the stance at the Hague.
    The woman has caused hilarious soundbites in social media by her legendary definition of a kalenjin as ‘tall, thin and black’, a charge which, to judges in the court of public opinion, would mean one Joshua Arap Sang who had earlier claimed to be the ‘shortest journalist’ in Kenya, is NOT a kalenjin.
    Be that as it may, the case continues!

    Uhuru CORNERED: The Constitution is CLEAR, Uhuru MUST attend ICC Trials, Otherwise Referundum Or Amend The Constitution

    Posted in: |

    Perhaps it is for lack of foresight or just another warm up for total disregard of the constitutional provisions, it turns out the country will have to go for an urgent referendum or Parliament to urgently repeal certain sections of The Kenya Constitution or make amendments that will softly cover The Head of State should he opt to defy ICC trials.
    The Constitution of Kenya 2010,shoots tough, candid, straight and clear:
    Art. 1(1) – “ALL sovereign power BELONGS to the PEOPLE of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution”.

    Art. 2(1) – ” The Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic and binds ALL persons and ALL State organs at both levels of government”.
    Art. 2(5) – “The general rules of international law shall form part of the law of Kenya”.
    Key Questions
    • Does Uhuru’s Jubilee got numbers to pass a constitutional amendment?
    • Can Uhuru rally Kenyans behind an anti- ICC referendum?
    • Will Ruto play ball now that it is clear that he was set up to test waters?
    • What is the timeline?
    Very interesting times to be a Kenyan, with stagflation hitting hard, Uhuru popularity ratings will be plummeting like an over-ripen avocado, prompting people even those from his stronghold to find it hard to rally behind him.
    TIME WILL TELL, we should wish our president well, it is no longer a little personal matter, perhaps he should JUST ACCEPT AND MOVE ON, Kenya is bigger than an individual ama?



    Benedict Manyifu · Nairobi, Kenya
    the time has come for the son fo jomo to face justice
  • Gordon Teti · Top Commenter · CEO & Founder at Self-Employed · 1,644 subscribers
    Why mass pull-out from International Criminal Court failed?

    At the Council of Ministers meeting on Friday, October 11, 2013 in Addis Aba Aba, Ethiopia, West and South Africa countries warned that any resolution to withdraw will be ill-timed, arguing that in any case, most countries are members of the ICC as individual and not as a group. The Council of Ministers set the agenda that was debated and adopted by the the African dictators at the summit and failure to include giving Uhuru Kenyatta impunity from prosecution on the agenda left only dictators from East Africa countries, Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda as the only proponents for mass withdrawal. The Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti blamed the absence of certain nations from the AU extraordinary summit that took place on Saturday, October 12, 2013 in Ethiopia, for the failur...e to call for a mass withdrawal from the International Criminal Court. Mr. Karti disclosed that a number African countries ashamed of being seeing to be supporting mass murder, rape and genocide, on Friday’s ministerial meeting adopted stances that “generally weakened” the African position. It is not by coincidence that opposition towards the 11-year-old ICC runs deepest in East Africa since two of the region’s dictators, Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir and Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta – have been indicted, while William Ruto who is suspected to have orchestrated the burning to death of women and children in Kiambaa church in Eldoret in January 2008 is already on trial on charges of crimes against humanity.See More
  • Frankline Magaki Onchiri · University of Washington

  • Douglas Mugeri Wa Otieno · Senior Consultant at Manchester United TV
    Indeed Kenya is bigger than an individual.
  • Ben Macharia · Makerere University
    i pity u n the people like u 4 ua oblivious opinion

  • ----------------------------------------

    CLASHES expected in Nairobi as NGOs plan Demo over Western Diplomats new support for Uhuru
    First they said it would be ‘essential contacts, then they pussyfooted!
    Verbally violent clashes are expected in Nairobi this week as civil rights organizations and other non-state human rights actors are expected to demonstrate over plans by western diplomats to scuttle the trial of President Uhuru Kenyatta.
    The revelation that a section of European Union and other Western diplomats are drafting a request to the United Nations Security Council to defer the cases involving President Kenyatta by at least one year has shocked Kenyan civil society groups, many who have been working closely with the victims since 2007/08 to ensure they get justice from the International Criminal Court.

    So outrageous is the new revelation to Kenyans that Nairobi may experience a series of violent confrontations, all in bitter word exchanges, between the NGOs and anti-ICC characters. Already, one David Matsanga is raring to go!
    A senior human rights personality based in Nairobi told this writer that the new attempt by western diplomats is ‘an insult’ to a country already worn out by the ICC cases.
    “Either they terminate the cases completely or continue with them. Next year he will still be the President, so what will have changed then? This is an insult to a people already tired with hearing ICC this ICC that. . .” he said, requesting anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue.
    The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, reporting from Nairobi run a story claiming European diplomats in Nairobi are pushing the Security Council to delay the Kenyan cases till next year.
    “Western diplomats are preparing a UN Security Council resolution that would put the International Criminal Court (ICC) case on hold after the African Union lodged objections to the trial” reads the paper. Interestingly, the paper mentions Westgate as part of the reasons why Kenyatta’s trial should be delayed.

    “The Telegraph understands that European officials have sought to adopt measures to ensure Mr Kenyatta is not forced to leave the country in the wake of the Westgate incident”.
    The development, should it sail through, will convince the quarters still backing the court in Africa that indeed, justice at the ICC is not blind to the status of individuals appearing before it, a charge critics may further use to continue discrediting the court as a political institution.
    Curiously, on Wednesday last week, Uhuru Kenyatta met both the Russian Ambassador to Kenya, Alexander Mararenko and his United States counterpart, Robert Godec. But sources near state house gate have revealed the two ‘gentlemen’ only discussed bilateral issues between their countries and Kenya.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta with US Ambassador Robert Godec
    President Uhuru Kenyatta with US Ambassador Robert Godec at Statehouse on Wednesday.[photo/]
    This week may be a long one in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.


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