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Part 2: South Sudanese Contributions on their Current Conflicts Crisis situation and Way Forward

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Subject: Fw: South Sudanese Contributions on their Current Conflicts Crisis situation and Way Forward

While I agree with you in that context, one thing is troubling. That there is a possibility that the political detainees are already killed by Museveni's men when they bombed Bor; but incase that was just fears of rumor, then there could be an unprecedented theories by Salva Kiir team that are parallel and don’t make sense and would not bear good outcome that are intended or even bring people together to conclusively agree to overcome their differences and move forward with confidence.
I trust that the political prisoners hold trust from their people and they cover a varied constituency interest of their people......(I mean every voter in South Sudan want to see their freedom fighters’ representatives in the negotiating table to be confidence with the outcome) and therefore, all and sundry including me would read a treacherous conniving and manipulative deceit which shall expound matters that instead shall read fear, malice, doubt, dubiety, suspicion, skepticism, mischief with other related worrisome and uncertainty of the future of South Sudan.........How then shall the Constitution therefore be fully accommodating and inclusive??? If things shall go without the political detainees, then the business community shall have won against the people's interest in their Government, which confirms that Salva Kiir's Government belong to the IGAD leadership's interest and not that of the people of South Sudan, which gave Museveni authority over the people of Southern Sudan to militarily engage in the internal affairs of South Sudan people.
Salva Kiir is the President of the people of South Sudan and he is answerable to the people of South Sudan and not IGAD or Museveni. There is no where signed or stated that the people of South Sudan gave express powers to IGAD or to Museveni to engage in their personal internal democratic matters or in its constitutionality...........but fundamentally, business interest or investments must go according to Public Mandate interest of people, how the people want to be governed.
There are real fears that, without the political prisoners participation, negotiations shall be clouded with lack of serious mistrust with untruth and if the political detainees are freed, then they become part of the negotiating team and that shall break the tension and shall provide for downing tools of arms and calm shall immediately sink in......BUT as new information come to light, many people now believe that they were wrongly accused and considering Mrs. Rebecca Garang explanation, she stated that the political prisoners were together with her at State House with Salva Kiir negotiating for how they can structure and organize to prepare for their next coming election; which to me was their democratic rights and the right thing to do......equally, with the fact that, they are part of those freedom fighters who fought together with Garang and have a stake to share in the preliminary negotiations. Remember as well that, Salva Kiir was holding an incomplete Government they patched up together to pave way for their secession freedom…… (take note, this is an American baby we don’t want it to go to the dogs……) and the Constitutional policy had not been enacted and this was their best bet to engage and complete before the coming election.
Also, considering that, after they were detained, the Government led by Salva Kiir have not preferred charges and brought them forward to arraign them in court.......for which they are unjustly being held........ this is an abuse of human rights. You cannot hold someone unjustly for more than 24 hours without preferring charges. Therefore, for any credible and meaningful negotiations, it should start with the political prisoners being release before they can move forward and this is the right thing to do. It is even wrong in the international justice for human rights that these political prisoners are being held for more than one month before they are brought to court and are charged.
So, first things first, the release of political detainees is top in the agenda with a comprehensive listing that shall ignite peaceful talks. What I concluded is that, Salva Kiir with team are not using commonsense ideologies logistically. There is some truth they are worried will come out and they fear that. They have wasted time debating on nothing, hoping that they shall escape. The more they delay the more the world will find the missing links why things are not working the way they should and will send special team to investigate the truth and the where-abouts of the political prisons and why they have not been presented to the court for charges. Are they Dead or Alive????
Salva Kiir and Museveni with their IGAD shall not get away with this easily. Remember IGAD wanted to transfer the same political prisoners from South Sudan to Ethiopia even without charges being preferred. How Come!!! Does IGAD own South Sudan??? Provide South Sudan Constitutional Peoples Document Mandating that........and therefore, which International Treaty gives them powers to invade Sovereign Territory and by-pass peoples Legal mandate to take political prisoners from South Sudan to Ethiopia prison, under what agreement or treaty states that??? Who are they fooling??? This is exactly what Kenya has done where some Kenyan people were syndicately transferred to Uganda prison and are illegally and unconstitutional rotting in an excluded Uganda maximum prison without the people of Kenya knowing. Mombasa people are aware and are concerned about this. I tell you, this is a Pandora box of sticky-stinky……My friend, they will dance dombolo.........and it is because we are ready to dance with them.....It is because it concerns human lives....!!!
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
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I agree with the conditions proposed in that article by Gal Gar.

The most important right now is to stop the killings of the Nuer so the UN peacekeepers should step in immediately.

The next step is that countries like Uganda and the Northern Sudan should step out immediately. They have no business coming there to take sides.

The next major step is to release all the political detainees.

Then genuine talks can begin.


On 2014-01-18, at 7:21 AM, Judy Miriga <> wrote:
God is faithful and the South Sudaneese shall overcome these trials
and temptetions of greed driven corruption from their leaders. They
are wicked and and evil, and we condemn them in the strongest terms.
God has heard cries of South Sudanese with the rest of Africa's painful
sufferings, and tribulations, God has also heard our Prayers and we
trust and believe that, HELP is on the way; and we must thank God for
renewing our strengths and being in control of His Business. By Faith
we believe and trust in His faithfulness and loving kindness.
The Truth shall set us free indeed.......
God Bless us all...............
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
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Subject: [wanabidii] The root causes of current conflict in South Sudan

By Khorhok Gal
January 17, 2014 (SSNA) -- In March this year, SPLM higher political office, the Political Bureau met to discuss issues pertaining party documents among them are Basic Rule, Code of Conduct, Manifesto and the Constitution. In the meeting, disagreement emerges among top leadership.
The disagreement was based on argument that whether the voting in party election should be by show of hands, or secret ballot.
Prior to this disagreement, Dr. Machar the Deputy Chairman and SPLM Secretary General Mr. Pagan Amum declared their intention to contest for Chairmanship of the party. This has infuriated Mr. Salva Kiir and his inner circle, and the result was a delay of Political Bureau meetings.
However, by July after the President realized that he does not have much support from top leadership of the party he and his group decided to reshuffle the entire cabinet leaving only five of them among twenty –seven national ministers not mentioned assistant ministers. The grand-reshuffle, made some of the party heavy weight to wonder whether Salva Kiir has sideline them from decision-making within ruling SPLM party.
Nonetheless, before reshuffle, the President also suspended the Ministers of Finance and Cabinet Affairs due to their involvement in corruption scandal that involves more than $7.9 million USD. The suspension of two ministers was criticizes by SPLM Secretary General as tribally motivated by the president and that can instigate tribalism in the country. In response, the president suspended the Secretary General by putting him under house arrest in addition stopped him from talking to media.
These events were follows by December 6th 2013 Press Statement by discontents group led by Machar and Rebecca Nyadeng the widow of late Dr. John Garang the founding father of SPLM.
Instead, for president to find amicable solution to ongoing crisis within the ruling party, he proceeded ahead with meeting of National Liberation Council refusing to heed the call from members of Political Bureau of setting up an agenda before National Liberation Council meeting. Subsequently, during National Liberation Council, all basic documents were pass and the SPLM Secretary General was dismiss.
All above-mentioned issues are root cause of the current crisis. The situation was follow with rumors, allegations and incendiary suggestions from both sides ahead of National Liberation Council meeting. During National Liberation Council meeting which was held on December 14, 2013, in his speech the president blasted Dr. Riek and group as traitors that cannot be trusted. The meeting continues for 3 days. However, Dr. Machar and some of his supporters did not attend Sunday’s session.
On the same Sunday night, the Presidential Guards Commander decided to disarm all his forces by order from the President. All weapons were taken to storage facility. Then around 10:00pm local time, the Presidential Guards commander decided again to rearms Dinka folks leaving their Nuer comrades unarmed. After disagreement over who to be armed who should not within presidential guards, then fights breakout between Nuer and Dinka Guards. These soldiers were station in two military barracks.
In the morning, president Kiir convinced a news conference dress in military uniform and declared the incident as a failed coup attempt by soldiers’ loyal to former vice president and his group. The president assured the general public that the army are in control and declared that curfew from 6:00pm to 6:00am be observed.
On that night which is December 16th, the Presidential Guards Tiger Battalion were in charge of security of the city. However, before sunset the president ordered arrest of most of formers ministers accusing them of plotting to overthrow his government.
While everyone was expecting that, the president will deal with his political rivals without affecting ordinary people. His presidential Guards the Tiger Battalion went to house-to-house searches in residential areas that are populates by Nuer ethnic group, and then young men were roundup and killed in cold blood. According to eyewitness more than one thousands (1000) ethnic Nuer were massacre by Presidential Guards for period of three (3) days.
After Nuer soldiers that are servicing in army learned that their families and relatives were slaughter by government in Juba, most of them decided to fights the government that killed their families and the fighting spread all over the country, from Jonglei State Capital Bor, to Unity State Capital Bentiu. One week later fighting is also reports from Akobo, Malakal s and other towns around the country.
What started as internal party power struggle took ethnic dimension; people were targeted base on their ethnicity by armed militants from both sides of the conflict. It is important for International Community to know that there are three components in this conflict, namely SPLA matters, SPLM party, and ethnic dimension. These matters need to be address separately.
Recommendations to IGAD Mediators:
There is doubt, regional leaders and international community is struggling to come up with formula on how to arrest the current political crisis in South Sudan. However, I believe the following suggestions can bring a lasting peace and stability to the Republic of South Sudan.
1. Immediate release of all political detainees from detention,
2. Immediate withdrawal of Ugandans Army from South Sudan,
3. International monitored ceasefire, both sides should withdraw their forces from civilians areas, cities and allow civilian administration to be in charge of cities for livelihood of people to return back to normal,
4. Immediate provisions of humanitarian reliefs for areas that are affected by violent,
5. Political dialogue should be convince immediately after ceasefire observed, and countries that are taking sides in this conflict should not be allowed to play a role in negotiation,
6. United Nations (UN) should establish an independence commission to investigate atrocities committed during this political crisis and bring those committed crimes into justice,
7. South Sudan security sectors need a reform. The reforms should start with SPLA, by recruiting young people into all organized forces, comprehensive disarmament of all tribal militias including illegal possession of firearms by former SPLA soldiers that are no longer in active duty. In addition, National Security personnel should be mixed and reflect country’s diverse communities.
8. Decentralization, most people in South Sudan wants more decentralized system of governance.
Majority wants South Sudan to be divided into twenty-four 24 States in order for government to be closer to people. Therefore it should be divided into following States:-
i) Jonglei state, should divided into four (4) States, namely, Pibor, Akobo, Fangak, and Bor States respectively.
ii) Upper Nile, should be divided into three (3) states, namely, Nasir, Pachoda and Renk States,
iii) Unity State, should divided into two (2) States, namely, Adok and Liech States.
iv) Central Equatoria, should be divided into two (2) States, namely, Mangala and Yei States,
v) Eastern Equatoria should be divided into two (2) States, namely, Torit, and Kapota states,
vi) Western Equatoria, should be divided into two (2) states, namely, Yambi and Tombora states,
vii) Lake State, should be divided into two (2) states, Rumbek and Yirol,
viii) Western Bahr El ghazal should be divided into two (2) states, namely Wau and Raga states,
ix) Warrap, should be divided into two (2) states, namely Tony and Gongrial states,
x) Northern Bahr Al Ghazel into two (2) namely, Aweil North and Aweil South,
xi) Abyei should be number 24 of South Sudan states.
9. Juba should remain a National Capital,
10. Constitutional Review Commission should be fully funded by the national government in order for them to speed up their work on time, follow by nationwide Referendum,
11. Oil Revenue should be Monitor by international community chaired by World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) plus representatives from following Countries, Norway, United Kingdoms and United States to avoid another mismanagement of oil money by authority,
12. Oil producing states should get at least ten per cent (10%) of oil revenue,
13. Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be establish,
The above-mentioned points are crucial for negotiating team to look at and add them to whatever suggestions they proposed for long-term stability of the country.
Khorhok Gal Gar, can be reach at
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Subject: [wanabidii] Facts About President Kiir and M7 Agreement

By Kolong Thieng
January 17, 2014 (SSNA) -- My dear readers globally, I would like to bring in to your attention about what is currently going on between the President of the Republic of Uganda and the small dictator in the Republic of South Sudan known by the name Salva Kiir. Many people are asking themselves what is behind the two gentlemen. And for your information, the two have agreed on some terms and conditions in order to make their progress to prosper well.
The agreement entered in to on January 10th last year bears the signature of Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga on behalf of Uganda and an unnamed South Sudanese official, whose designation is also not shown.
It also makes no mentioned of the signatories and witness by the commanders and foreign affairs officials of the two Countries. Realistically, who is this Commander and foreign Affairs official who signed on behalf of the Republic of South Sudan? Base on my own judgment, the commander was General Hoth Mai, who is the current Chief of General Staff for the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon Nhial Deng Nhial.
The seven page agreement is silent on who would meet the cost of war but mentions that Uganda would use its own military equipment and allow it freely move its militarily gear in to South Sudan. Uganda also undertakes in the agreement to compensate any third party claims arising from acts or omission by its soldiers. But either South Sudan or Uganda shall make any claims suffered by its servicemen or for damage or loss of properties during the war.
It also makes no mention of compensation of families of the UPDF soldiers that might die in line duty.
Base on over issues, will President Kiir and his Counterpart Museveni will survive from International Community?
The objective of the agreement based on the document they signed is to kill Nuer people very well in South Sudan and to use their guys who are money minded persons to help us to fight them and afterward no one will disturb you in leadership because other communities in South Sudan have no legitimacy in term of responding or opposing you, President Museveni told Kiir.
Furthermore, one of Ugandan that I studied with him some years back told me something through phone and sends me an email that entails the agreement between Kiir and Museveni on how they should share oil money in order to achieve their interest in time to come.
The agreement was designed in two ways; one was the money that President Museveni should get from the oil production in 2014 from Kiir government in Juba because Museveni is waiting for 2016 general elections where he is also looking for another term in the office and therefore caution his food friend (Kiir) to look in to that very fast before sending any troops to South Sudan.
Second was the agreement on how much should each soldier get in a day, because incase soldier died in the frontline, they agreed on one hundred dollar per a day to each soldier who will be in South Sudan.
Thirdly was the pocket money to the Uganda members of parliament especially National Resistance Movement stakeholders including the speaker of Uganda and Kiir and Musevni agreed on 3 million Uganda shilling to be send to each individual account so that they can approved the deployment of UPDF forces in the Republic of South Sudan without fail and that indeed happened.
The way am viewing President of the Republic of South Sudan Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit and Museveeni of Uganda, I got confused due to the fact that, they made a gentlemen agreement that have lost many Ugandans in the frontline between Juba and Magala where the forces loyal to Dr Machar and General Gatdet are at the moment. According to rebels they have reported that, they have killed many Ugandans in frontline and captured some of them alive.
Facts about their agreement
President Museeveni was given million dollars to be used as the money for his campaign in 2016 elections and the pocket money for president Yoweri and to convene some of the members of the parliament that might bring noise to the people of the Republic of Uganda but particularly to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) members of parliament excluding the opposition mps of the Republic of Uganda, which happened because on Monday this week, money were send to the various accounts of Uganda Members of Parliament especially the ruling party members.
And within the agreement they have indicated the amount of money to be given to each soldier day and they have signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) based on the terms and conditions that no one from them will break in one way or the other. Each soldier is getting one hundred (100) dollar equivalent to four hundred and fifty South Sudanese pounds (450) in a black market rate. They further agreed that, the Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) and the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) will be given the same uniform and fighting code in order to avoid confusion among the soldiers. They also agreed on the elimination of the Nuer society in the territory of the Republic of South Sudan, by using their men who are money hearted people who will not think of their tribe and the integrity of their community.
President Museveni assures Kiir that, these small Nuer who are still with you in the Army should be motivated in order for them to fight with their people so that, if any one claims we will be able to defend the interest of Uganda and South Sudan properly.
Furthermore, they also agreed on the people who were detained not to be release because two out of the eleven were killed by President Kiir after the meeting of IGAD in Juba last year December 2013. They are fearing to release the rests because question might come where are the rests of the political detainees, therefore they have agreed not to disclosed the information to any one because he (Kiir) and Museveni) are fearing International Community.
What might fail their agreement?
Basically, when you look in to the current fighting that is ongoing between Uganda combined together with Sudan People Liberation Army soldiers that are loyal to President Kiir and the Nuer Society, you will find that, President Museveni and the Ugandans will one day, one time will ask for the compensations from Kiir of his soldiers who have been lost in the fighting especially between Bor and Juba.
Based on what am projecting, Kiir leadership has come to an end even though what might be the perceptions of other people because we can just look at the current fighting that have spread all over the Country. The momentum and the velocity that the forces that are in Central Equatoria especially in Magala from Dr Machar loyalists , you will agree with me that, no Army will defeat them because they have so far defeated more than 30,000 troops from Museveni and Kiir respectively.
Keys recommendations
The only possible way I am seeing, is only for President Kiir to step down like the President of Central African Republic who resign last week because the way I am viewing the all scenario is that most of the Nuer warriors have combined and no one will defeated them I tell you.
Secondly, if Kiir is wise he should apology to the entire Nuer community for what had happened, maybe he should be allow to be in South Sudan territory after Juba is capture.
The author is currently lives in Australia, he can be reached at;
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Subject: Re: [wanabidii] Museveni: The de facto president of South Sudan

Killers will always be killed

On Saturday, 18 January 2014, 10:52, Sudan Press <> wrote:
By: Weirial Gatyiel Puok Baluang
January 17, 2014 (SSNA) -- South Sudan has over 65 different tribes who speak different languages. These people are known for their diversity, hard work, courage, hospitality, and many other unique cultural norms. The idea that a plan created by a Ugandan dictator can succeed in South Sudan is absurd. Yoweri Museveni must first study the people of South Sudan, and only then can he be sure of what to do. The South Sudanese are brave people and are afraid of no man but God. Therefore, dictator Museveni, who established himself as the teacher of a Kiir in Africa’s newest nation, must bear in mind that he lost the direction; Dr. Machar the forced rebel cannot be like the rests of east African leaders who fear him. The south Sudanese (Nuer) whom he is trying to massacre again apart from Kiir’s December 16, 17, 18, and 19 massacres are afraid of no man on earth but almighty father. They were massacred because it was planned for almost eight years and they were not in power. That was the reason that they lost more than 4000 innocents Nuer civilians in vain, not because their cowardice.
The involvement of Ugandan dictator Museveni is not a surprise to me since I had known him as the only leader in the whole world who has been ruling our country after the death of our late hero Dr. John Garang Demabiour indirectly.
The fact that President Museveni sent Uganda’s soldiers officially into South Sudan to fight alongside Kiir against the forced rebel Dr. Riek Machar Teny (the only threat to Kiir&Museveni) is ironical. The international community and South Sudanese must know that the Ugandan president is the one who gave all these ill-guidance to Kiir and he is now assisting him with covert military assistance intended to deal away with Dr. Machar’s Prodemocracy SPLA who are the south Sudanese at the same time.
Museveni and his Kiir are the one responsible for the massacre of more than 4000 innocents Nuer civilians who had nothing to do with the SPLM issues and most of them had never known about SPLM let alone its activities. Now dictator Museveni is again touching the same wound that they have caused some times back by sending his troops to fight alongside Kiir’Gelweng against the prodemocracy fighters and the Nuers as a result of tribal cleansing. The Nuer whom some of them have been murdered by the two Godly friend ( Museveni&Kii) are not’’ WEWES’’(Ugandans).
Appalling crimes have been committed against the Nuer civilians for no reason than their ethnicity by the two friends (Museveni&Kiir).
To the best of my knowledge the involvement of this dictator will not be the solution but fueling it to the maximum.
It is a shame for the two presidents (Museveni&Kiir) to fights against south Sudanese with Jets and Helicopter in the civil war!
Where were this Uganda president and his jets Helicopters during the south Sudanese agains Sudanese army war in heglig?
Dictator Museveni doesn’t want to lose the free oil money that he takes from his friend Kiir’s administration since 2005 unknowingly. Kiir thinks that Museveni is freeing him by fighting alongside him but Kiir may be a slave to Museveni in case the two united forces UPDF& pro Dictatorship SPLA of Museveni and Kiir respectively wins the military war against Dr. Machar’s prodemocracy SPLA. This is a true analysis because in economics, when you are owed or you are given money for borrow by somebody than failure to pay them back in the due time you will automatically become the slave to the creditor. It is ironical for any foreign country to exercise his/her military against our people (South Sudanese).
Kiir shows the signs and the symptoms of the weakest leader in the globe due to the fact that he is helped by the outsiders against his own people. South Sudan is nothing to the eyes of the world because of our weak and coward president Kiir mayardit who turned to be one of the sons of dictator museveni.
The world, and the South Sudan in particular, must know that the Ugandan president is not an expert in any good governance; he is only an expert in dictatorship. I want the good people of South Sudan to understand that Museveni is an experienced killer in Uganda, and we must tell him to stay out of our home dealings or else our nation will be another Somalia in our beloved Africa. The people of Uganda are our African brothers and sisters; but Museveni is separating the two friendly countries by fueling the current crises in our country that he has created.
Dictator museveni is putting the south Sudan and Uganda future relation at doom due to the fact that his days on the earth are numbered because of the blood of the people he has killed in cool blood. The bloods of our great leaders Dr. John Garang, George Athor and the rests will drive him to the grave as soon as possible.
South Sudan have got a well-qualified leaders unlike Uganda that has only one man (the so-called Museveni)
I came across the world history but I have never seen a foreign intervention in other country’s affairs directly like what have been done by dictator Museveni of Uganda.
Museveni doesn’t like president kiir as seen in the entire step he has taken, museveni a foreign president declare the capture of jameiza by his forces not the SPLA, what a shame to our president!!!
If all presidents were like my president kiir than there would have been no need of creating the country boundary. Museveni must not compare the south Sudanese with Ugandans, we the strong people of south Sudan we fought 22 Arab countries during the liberation days but we had never surrendered yet we gains our independence.
In conclusion,
I as a patriotic son of this expensive nation, I appeal for my brothers and sisters in south Sudan and in diaspora to strongly condemn the direct involvement of president Museveni of Uganda which has a bad contribution on our future generations. Remember our population during the 2008 census was less than Ten million but it will decrease in and increasing rate if this dictator Museveni involved militarily.
Furthermore, Ugandans must put in mind that their friendship with the south Sudanese got spoiled completely.
The author is concerned citizen of south Sudan: he can be reach through

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