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I will come for you, Museveni warns Machar

Good People!!!
Who is Museveni to go after Riek Machar. People, Museveni and IGAD are
into business with Corporate Community using Chinese as Agents and what they do is to go for African land for free when Africans are killed and are forced illegally out of their land through politically conspiracy. This is why Museveni rashed into South Sudan and hijacked Bor. Now Bor is not a Ugandan property, why would Museveni want to go after Riek Machar??? What angered him so know, gluttons have no shame. He thinks that the way he took Migingo and killed the fishermen there, he will take Bor......OR the way he killed and chased Konyi and his tribesmen from Uganda is the same way he will do to the Sudan People??? I demand an explanation why IGAD ordered Museveni to bomb Bor where many South Sudan people were killed. Did they establish the truth of what was going on inside South Sudan or they are more concerned into the greedy business and care the less about crime, violation and abuse of humanity in African Nations??? How did they justify and established the truth that claim by Salva Kiir was genuine or the coup simply existed only in the mind of Salva Kiir??? No, we are not stupid which is why Museveni must face music........
He has been getting away with this kind of behavior, not any more.....He is an expansionist but he needs to be put to size where he belong.
This Museveni, if he is a man with balls, let him try go after Riek Machar........I think he will see dust..........Ajaribu ngwe!!!!
Museveni has gotten his match this time round...........When they catch him,
he need to be paraded for bokarao kidogo.........this Museveni needs good
straightening.........Hajachapwa na mwanamke, Rebecca is kiboko yake......
Rebecca should not fear this Museveni.........
Hii ni trailer, sinema bado.........Rebecca will protect the orphans left by John Garang and she will not run away from her responsibility......ana linda boma sio kihere here......
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

I will come for you, Museveni warns Machar

President Museveni at an earlier function in Luweero.
President Museveni at an earlier function in Luweero. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa
By Risdel Kasasira & John K. Abimanyi

Posted Tuesday, December 31 2013 at 02:00
In Summary
President Museveni travelled to Juba where he has asked former vice president now renegade Riek Machar to call a ceasefire or face the wrath of Igad members
Kampala-President Museveni yesterday flew to Juba where he warned South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar to embrace a ceasefire suggested by that country’s government or face “defeat” by the regional forces.
“We gave Riek Machar four days to respond (to the ceasefire offer) and if he doesn’t we shall have to go for him, all of us. That is what we agreed in Nairobi,” he told reporters in Juba.
Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Fred Opolot yesterday acknowledged that he had been briefed about the stern position adopted by the Ugandan President but said: “The warning must be in line with the position taken by IGAD.”
IGAD member states include Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti.
Mr Opolot said the President’s visit was part of IGAD effort to end the fighting that broke out on December 15 as a power struggle but has now turned tribal.
On Friday, leaders from the IGAD countries held special discussions on the fighting in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi and resolved that the warring parties immediately cease hostilities and embrace dialogue.
However, critics have questioned the language used by President Museveni, saying he has “overstepped” his position as President of Uganda.
“What Museveni is doing is not good for Uganda. It will cause us problems. Let him encourage the warring parties to dialogue but not take a one-sided view,” Aswa MP Reagan Okumu, the former Shadow minister for foreign affairs, said yesterday.
President Museveni visited Juba amidst reports that the White Army, a militia composed of Nuer youths reported loyal to Dr Machar, were planning to attack Bor, the capital of Jonglei, which was recaptured by government forces on Friday.
President Kiir, who sacked Dr Machar in July, accused him of starting the violence in a move to seize power – an allegation first denied by Machar. However, Machar has since retreated into the bush and acknowledged he is leading rebel fighters.
Meanwhile UPDF yesterday entered Heglig, the Khartoum-controlled territory and evacuated 110 Ugandans who were rescued from Jonglei.
They landed at Entebbe Airbase at 3pm. Mr Opolot said Khartoum government had cleared UPDF to rescue Ugandans from Heglig.
Meanwhile, an envoy of the Government of South Sudan yesterday said they will not free three key prisoners, whose release Dr Machar, had set as a precondition for talks.
At a press conference at the country’s mission in Kampala, Amb Samuel Luate Laminsuk said his government would not offer any concessions to Dr Machar. It, however, would accept him back if he put down his guns and drew to the discussion table.
Dr Machar told the media last week that he particularly wanted the release of suspended SPLM Secretary General, Pagan Amum, before dialogue with Salva Kiir’s government. But Amb Luate said the government had released two of the 10-arrested former ministers, and was considering releasing more.
“Some political detainees will not be released because they were implicated in other activities, before the coup,” Amb Luate said. These detainees are the former finance Minister, Mr Kosti Manibe, former cabinet affairs Minister, Mr Deng Alor and Pagan Amum.
This creates a sense of uncertainty as to what direction the impasse will now take, especially as the four-day deadline given by IGAD for the start of talks between the Government and Dr Machar’s forces, expires today.
Explaining why there would be no concession ahead of talks, the ambassador said: “Riek Machar is a Member of Parliament and is the vice chairperson of the SPLM. He has not been dismissed from these posts…You can only concede to someone from a different organisation.” He added the Dr Machar should come back home and have dialogue with the government.

UPDF welcome
Asked to deny or confirm whether the UPDF was actively involved with his government’s forces in combatting the rebels, Ambassador Luate said: “I have no idea whether Uganda is fighting in South Sudan.”
However, he later said that UPDF’s welcome in South Sudan “depends on whether they (UPDF) want to evacuate people in one day or to go on and evacuate in other states”.
Status since conflict started
South Sudan government says it has fully recaptured the town of Bor and was in the final stages of recapturing the town of Malakal.
The government also says it is turning its troops to retake the town of Bentiu, which is still in rebel hands.The government says it has shut down 20 to 25 per cent of Oil Production in Unity State, but that in Upper Nile State, oil production was still at 100 per cent.
The current impasse is traced from what the South Sudan government calls an attempted coup on the weekend of December the 15, which the government has blamed on Dr Riek Machar, who was sacked as VP in July 2013. Machar denies there was ever a coup attempt.

Machar accuses Uganda of fuelling South Sudan conflict

Former South Sudan vice president Riek Machar has accused President Museveni of fuelling fighting in the war-ravaged country.
Former South Sudan vice president Riek Machar has accused President Museveni of fuelling fighting in the war-ravaged country. PHOTO BY AFP

Posted Wednesday, January 1 2014 at 02:00
Former South Sudan vice president, whose forces have recaptured Bor, accuses Uganda of fuelling the fighting in the world’s youngest nation by sending soldiers and war planes in support of Salvar Kiir.
South Sudan’s former vice president Riek Machar has responded to President Museveni, accusing Uganda of fuelling the fighting in the world’s youngest nation. “We call upon the AU (African Union) and the IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority on Development) to restrain the Ugandan government from fuelling the conflict by sending troops and war planes in support of the government of Salva Kiir,” a statement released to media said.
Dr Machar also welcomed regional calls for an end to the ongoing armed conflict even as forces loyal to him announced yesterday that they had re-captured the strategic city of Bor in Jonglei state.
Amidst unconfirmed reports of spreading ethnic killings, Dr Machar’s response came in the wake of Tuesday’s deadline for a ceasefire demanded by IGAD leaders at Friday’s Nairobi summit.
While in Juba on Monday, Mr Museveni warned Dr Machar to either agree to the ceasefire or face collective military action from IGAD member states. The rebels now say they are willing to talk, observing in their statement carried by the Sudan Tribune newspaper yesterday that: “We are ready to ceasefire immediately to stop the bloodletting once the government of Salva Kiir reciprocates.”
A seven-member body comprising Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, IGAD is taking a lead role in trying to end the conflict through dialogue.
But Dr Machar’s group said in their statement that IGAD’s efforts could be compromised by the actions of the Ugandan army. “If not stopped, the UPDF’s aggression may compromise IGAD attempt to remain instrumental and neutral in bringing an end to the crisis in South Sudan,” the statement said.
Uganda government response
State House sources yesterday took the view that the South Sudan rebel forces are missing the point. Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi told the Daily Monitor that Dr Machar was misguided in attacking Mr Museveni in person.
Mr Mirundi said Dr Machar should have instead directed his response to IGAD which sent the Ugandan leader to Juba. “The President was conveying an IGAD message, Machar never attended that meeting and so Museveni was representing. However, the Rwanda genocide taught the world and the international community a lesson and therefore, they can’t just sit and watch when people are being massacred,” Mr Mirundi said.
“Taking on Museveni as a person will not help, it should be the summit telling Museveni that what you said while in Juba wasn’t what we told you to convey but not Machar,” he added. Thousands of people are reported to have either died or been displaced in the conflict which has taken on ethnic undertones, pitting the Dinka tribesmates of Mr Salva Kiir against Dr Machar’s Nuer people.
Mr Museveni on Monday is reported to have told journalists upon arrival in Juba that “we gave him (Machar) four days and agreed that if he doesn’t comply with the agreement, then we shall have to go for him.”
Dr Riek Machar said he was committed to peaceful means of resolving the conflict. He, however, expressed concerns about the safety of several senior politicians detained by Mr Salva Kiir when the fighting broke out on December 15. “We call on AU and IGAD Assembly of heads of state and government to bring pressure to bear on the government of Salva Kiir to release unconditionally all the eleven politicians detained in Juba,” the statement reads.
Mr Machar and his group maintained that the conflict was not a coup attempt, describing government
allegations to that effect as “not acceptable”.
Explain army’s role in S. Sudan conflict, MPs tell Museveni

Posted Wednesday, January 1 2014 at 02:00
A group of MPs have asked that Parliament be recalled from Christmas recess to enable government explain the Ugandan army’s involvement in South Sudan’s conflict without House authorisation.
The lawmakers: Theodore Ssekikubo, Joseph Ssewungu, Abdu Katuntu, Barnabas Tinkasiimire, Medard Sseggona, Wilfred Niwagaba and Gerald Karuhanga made the call while delivering what they called their “New Year message” to Ugandans yesterday.
They also asked Uganda’s President to withdraw his warning to South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar to either end fighting or face defeat by regional forces.
The seven MPs also called on the warring parties to exercise maximum restraint. “Article 210 of the Constitution is very clear. It says that Parliament shall regulate UPDF. What the President should have done is to explain to the MPs that we have deployed and seek Parliament’s constitutional mandate. This he has not done,” noted Mr Ssekikubo. He accused the President of inciting South Sudan leader Salvar Kiir’s Dinka against the Nuer tribe of rebel kingpin Dr Riek Machar.
“The statements by the Head of State are heavily loaded statements. Since when did President Museveni become a referee or belligerent in that country?” asked Mr Ssekikubo, adding that UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon only “asked him [the President] to use his good office to mediate between Riek Machar and not to incite violence”.
MPs’ warning
The MPs warned that President Museveni’s Monday statements in Juba places Uganda on a collision path with South Sudan and puts the lives of Ugandans there at risk. Mr Katuntu said South Sudan’s political problems cannot be sorted out militarily. “If we begin taking up arms and start shooting, this would be the biggest mistake we will have undertaken,” said Mr Katuntu.
Mr Ssegona remarked that Uganda’s involvement in the affairs of other countries might plunge the country into war. “You cannot be everywhere at the same time. We are in Rwanda, the Central African Republic, Somalia, Kenya and everywhere as we spend the country’s resources yet there is no medicine in hospitals,” Mr Ssegona said.
Mr Tinkasiimire said the President should not play the role of a “Fire brigade officer” who goes everywhere. “We expect him to deliver on his manifesto and not become a warmonger,” he said.
“We should be discussing electoral reforms at the moment and not meddle into the affairs of other countries. There is unemployment and urgent problems that need to be tackled other than fighting,” Karuhanga said.
President Kiir should step down in peace
By Peter Gai Manyuon
The autonomous of South Sudan came from a background of civil war which might not be forgotten by the generations to come, many people have been lost during the liberation struggle and most children have no parents at the movement and above all, the death was caused by the issue of looking for “Freedom” from the most known dictators from the Northern Sudan.
More so Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed on the 9th of January 2005 in Naivasha Kenya, Referendum was conducted where 99% of the South Sudanese voted diligently for the separation and on the 9th of July 2011, South Sudan was pronounced as a new Republic in the horn of Africa and the world at large ,gave recognition to the South Sudanese people.
Hence, looking above all those issues that South Sudanese people participated in, can you tell me Kiir can be President and he had failed to restore peace and harmony among the people of South Sudan by observing the democratization process, like respect for the rule of law and human rights? South Sudan as the new Nation had turned to be a Country rule by orders and decrees that just incite people in one way or the other. Where on earth will you find a Press Secretary can be appointed using a Republican decree?
Based on my experiences and my visitations to other Countries, I never heard one day that, Mr. so and so was appointed by a decree as office manager or Press Secretary. From this snap shorts I would say Kiir is Incompetent, corrupt, tribalist and a dictator who deserve to be push out from the power by the use of ballot papers and using intelligentsia which had good strategies accompanied by serious monitoring and evaluation from the people of South Sudan.
We all know that General Salva Kiir Mayardit came to power after the death of the late Hero Dr John Garang de Mabior in 2005 up to date, other people thought Kiir cannot be a leader one day by then and other viewed him as a person with a good luck in him, however in 2010 election he was challenged by Dr Lam Akol Ajawin who was the flag bearer of the Sudan People Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC) and President Kiir was a flag bearer of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Kiir was declared winner due to the collusions that he made with Dr Machar and James Wani Igga and other South Sudanese politicians by that time because him alone lack diplomacy and good approach to the entire publics of the Republic of South Sudan, his image had become useless to the public’s because his repetition alone is taking back the politics of the new nation.
President Kiir of the Republic of South Sudan should give power freely because he had lack leadership skills and approaches in him; the party has lost its vision because no convention that took place up to this movement.
Moreover leaving the power like the way Mahahad Gadafir was handled in 2010 in Libya will not be good to the President Kiir therefore his only way is to step down peaceful and charged with the killing of the late Isaiah Abraham who was killed by his security agents and he never brought the culprits in to book.
Incase Kiir step down from the power; he will be investigate for the serious corruption that had become motto in his government beginning from 2005 to date, because the 4 million dollars that had been lost during his regime will be ask one day by the entire citizen of South Sudan even the International Communities will be at the neck of the Republic of South Sudan.
The issue of insecurity that had taken almost many people from 2005 to date will be also counted to him and therefore, he will be question by the International Community due to the killing of the late Isaiah Abraham which is in all books globally.
In conclusion, I don’t wish Mr. President to quit power like the way former African Leaders leave the power beginning from Charles Telar and Muhammad Gadafi of Libya who’s his death disappointed many in the Sub-Sarah Africa at large.
The author is Independent Journalist who had written articles extensively on the issues of Democratization, Human rights: you can contact him through;

Keep off Kenya affairs, Raila tells Museveni

Raila Odinga. File Photo
By Yasiin Mugerwa & Emmanuel Ainebyoona

Posted Monday, December 30 2013 at 02:00
In Summary
Response. Mr Tamale Mirundi, the President’s spokesperson, says Mr Museveni was only thanking Kenyans for voting against the wish of western powers not Raila Odinga.
State House yesterday hit back at Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga who asked President Museveni to stop meddling in Kenya’s internal affairs.
President Museveni’s spokesperson, Mr Tamale Mirundi, accused the former Kenyan Premier of trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, saying “the President does not meddle in the affairs of other nations unless the situation warrants his intervention”.
While in Kenya early this month during celebrations to mark Kenya’s 50 years of independence, President Museveni thanked Kenyans for voting against the wish of “Western imperialism”.
However, despite his disclaimer for not interfering in Kenya’s domestic affairs, Mr Odinga took offence.
Speaking at a memorial service in Butangi, Busia County [Kenya] at the weekend, Mr Odinga urged Mr Museveni to desist from Kenyan internal affairs.
“A very irresponsible statement was made during the 50th day celebrations, a very solemn occasion when the President of Uganda said Kenyans voted against imperial dictation that Kenyans rejected what they were being asked to do at the polls and even liken this election to a second Mau Mau revolution,” Mr Odinga said.
He added: “He implied that those people who were running those election were being sponsored by some foreign powers.”
The Kenyan opposition leader said Kenyans did not need advice from President Museveni.
“Kenyans know what they want, they know their leaders and they know what they want. They know what they want and they vote according to their choices. They do not need any kind of advice from
him,” Mr Odinga said.
Mr Odinga lost the presidential race to Uhuru Kenyatta in the March 4 polls.

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To achieve peace in South Sudan, SPLM/A must be scrapped

Thursday 8th July 1965 around 10 p.m. or so at night I was woken up abruptly by unfamiliar sound. Tat! Tat! Tat! sharp sound in three successions. This was the sound of the German made G3

Rights Group Condemns Uganda’s Involvement in South Sudan’s Affairs, Urges Ethiopia and Kenya to Stay Neutral

Washington, DC, December 29, 2013 (SSNA) -- South Sudan’s human rights group, the Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) has condemned the Ugandan government’s involvement in South Sudan’s internal affairs.

JUBA - Rebels in South Sudan have seized some oil wells and captured half of the capital of the main oil-producing region, the government and army said on Thursday as African leaders held talks to avert civil war.

Atrocities being committed by the murderous Salva Kiir and the ruthless criminals in his service. His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations

Massacre, rapes, executions in SSudan. South Sudanese soldiers have carried out ethnic killings, house-to-house killings and rapes,

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From Dr. Adwok: Sorry Sir, It Was Not A Coup Dec. 17National, Uncategorizedno comments. BY: Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, JUBA, DEC/17/2013, SSN; In the Editorial Analysis /December 16th/, Mr Peter Wankomo couldn’t have erred more in his analysis.

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287 people have been confirmed dead and more than 500

Pres. Kiir Mayardit bringing in Ugandians trops without informing chief of staff General James Hoth Mai . Video youtube.

Analysis about SPLM Crisis: Which group will win the party Leadership? By Peter Gai Manyuon

President Kiir should step down in peace By Peter Gai Manyuon The autonomous of South Sudan came from a background of civil war which might not be forgotten by the generations to come

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