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New ‘War of Worlds’: Capitalism vs. Planet Earth

Re: New ‘War of Worlds’: Capitalism vs. Planet Earth
I got this message from the inspiration and from Prayer to
God, when I yearned from God in my heavy heart, "what shall I share in this New Year of 2014." It was because, in every way I looked, I saw darkness, fears, killings, pain and sufferings of my people. I saw the very rich and the very poor, but there was nothing there in the middle. I went to sleep but the message came at the wee hour of 3 a.m. and it woke me up in a startle. Right then I knew it was the answer I yearn from God. I did not waste time, right then, I put it on draft just so I don’t forget. It said something like, in believing, faith, trust and hope for happiness, lies my [God] Covenant. My people shall not die if they keep the commandments of God and are good stewards of the Land. That is where I [God] give my creation life and humanity have the responsibility to preserve, care, nurture and protect what provideth life for goodness sake. That, my people are not the tail but the head. He who taketh away land from my people are God’s enemies. In exchange, let my people trade with the value of land responsibly. So that is how I came with the [Land Stewardship Perspectives Call to All Humanity to value Life by observing the Law of Nature According to Gods Purpose for Creation].
Today, the first thing I saw when I opened the computer, was the message of [New ‘War of Worlds’] from Paul B. Farrell talking about Global Warming referring to Capitalism vs. Planet Earth ........... I realized that, the message given to me did not come by chance and was not a coincidence. It was a purposeful message God want us to share.
It is a big lesson we must learn (for example) from the case in hand of South Sudan. These people have fought the longest to protect their land and why the wife of Garang did not ran away with some men to be married elsewhere, but remained in the land to protect and preserve that which her husband fought for and led his people to believe and trust, that, in sharing responsibly, they too can trade in the land profitably in "Give and Take" partnership and not that they must be driven out of their land by force. It is also not by chance that the land of South Sudan God purposefully want to reveal Himself (God) to mankind that, He God will save God's children in Africa and people of African Descent together with the world are Partners in Sustainable Development..........that we are not the Tail, but the Head.
In this forum, I see we have religious people like JaGem, Warsama, Pastor Birai and Cosmos etc., the list is long; to be knowledgeable about the teachings of God. It is sharing time. What can we share in this message coming from different views.
Your Thoughts ........!!!!!!!
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
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I got tired reading after 10 mins. I wish ypu would boil it down for us in one paragraph.
I'm sure that there's an important point here you're trying to make but if people don't read it, it's lost.


On 2014-01-04, at 6:31 PM, Judy Miriga <jbatec@yahoo.com> wrote:

Land Stewardship Perspectives Call to All Humanity to value Life by observing the Law of Nature According to Gods Purpose for Creation.
God called humanity to be custodians of the earth and are therefore entrusted to be responsible in caring and sharing to make the world a better place.The relationship between man and earth is to nurture, protect and preserve nature that gives life to living things. This is why, in our quest for good life, we cannot work in isolation and in discrimination from one another.We are all Blessed in very many different ways, and in a balanced exchange of goods and services of “Give and Take”, we share and cooperate in doing good business fairly.
In our obedience to the law of God, LOVE has natural ramifications in our moral beings, if we fail to obey.Consequences of natural disaster from our careless lifestyle is as a result of Global warming (for example) that come from irresponsible human activities causing pollution, that with other related causes emanating from our bad behavior of greed (for example); we fail to observe rules……but if we realize penalties comes with being irresponsible, chances are that, we are conditioned to discipline to avoid paying consequences of failing to obey.
When business people fail to follow the rules, they will have broken the law and there are consequences for the same.
It has been observed that, some corporate special business network conspire in many ways to rob people from Africa (for example) a dignified livelihood.People know who they are and they sponsor and Aid some African political leaders to do injustices and commit crime against humanity, but they are happy that no one has taken them head-on. They assume things are okay yet it is not.The network of these people, plan attacks, poison, or just force people out of their dwelling places to irregularly take Land that do not belong to them.It is called Land Grabbing, but they seem like it is normal to slaughter and destroy human livelihood and survival.It is wickedness and evil.Here, the conspiracy planners aim at their targets who have little security, are weak, disadvantaged or are helpless.They plot to exterminate them through extra-judicial mass killings or force them out of the land into the streets, and the pay-masters feel their corrupted African leaders are doing them justice because they are getting free land from Africa at the expense of the poor.Other victims of such circumstances are pushed to concentration camps or slaughter houses, and others are made easy targets to work as slaves for temporary earnings. In this situation, crimes, violation, abuse of human rights are committed in record high.Justice is silenced because the Rich and Most powerful are the beneficiaries of the business.The politically correct take advantage of that and imagine they are immune and continue to engage in the corruption of human sufferings with their rich and most powerful counterparts, and together they conspire to silence justice, as a result, people constantly live in fear of attack or being killed, denied rights, pushed to poverty, pain and sufferings……..and unfortunately, the law of nature can never be silenced for too long.The law of nature is not a respecter of persons in their dominion of wealth and power.The ramifications of which even the Rich also Cry……….and because the voice of reason cannot succumb to silence, God promise that, the Truth Shall Set Us all Free…… it is just right that we discuss in open forums and expose the injustices……..and in our small ways, condemn it and call it for what it is. Shout on the market places and on the streets and the devil shall be ashamed……..
This behavior of Land Grabbing is taking Africa by storm and the bizarre has caused a stench in the houses of those preaching the Good News of God…….where in God’s house has been made a den of sin. They call themselves Religious, yet they disregard God’s law of LOVE for being responsible, preserving, protecting, sharing and caring.
They have completely disregarded the law of gravity, of balance, of nature and of life, and the teachings of God are turned upside down. God’s people are not to abuse their inheritance, but to treasure it. It cannot be bought and sold, but shared mutually in harmony and in a sustained profitably gain life is secured and preserved in an organized manner. I may as well add the warnings as sung in Beatitudes, “Blessed is the land that is polluted, for God will redeem it from your sickening abuse”.What God put Together in His Wisdom …… upon our Creation …….. for Survival and Livelihood, let no man mess with it.It is because we have a covenant with God, a Purpose for Creation to protect and preserve for His Glory, and which Humanity are partakers of inheritance for the same. …… “The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine [God's]and you are but aliens and my tenants.” This verse clearly assumes that mankind is custodian or caretaker of land…….. Leviticus 25.23
The natural things that is, Land, Water, air and Natural Resource from where we get our food and air we breathe, is fundamentally vital in order that we stay alive.Any adverse Impact (from industrial prospects, economic, commerce or trading activities) that curtail the smooth function-ability for exchange and transfers of goods and services may affect ability to access food Security and stifle development the way it is suppose to work.That is why, professionals engage in their line of professionalism or research and science in order to establish institutions where things are organized and channeled systematically and progressively without going wrong.The greedy business in the “Free Entrepreneurship” is in a hurry to make money and as a result, business flow is short-changed and the system deviates from good trading ethics and practices, and from maintain discipline, law and order; it follows conflict of interest of an individual or group of people whose selfishness or greed takes the best of them to default. When this happen the Trust is severed and people look at each other with suspicion.That common bond linked by Trust is cut……….
All Human Beings, animals and livings things in water or in the air, derives life from Land.If life is organized in a well established system, the Trading of Business and commerce is guided by the principle rules of Trading Policies where all people must observe. Business thrives well where Trust of good faith is maintained.Trust strengthen families and brings families together.Trust brings to being new friends across borders.The Principles for good Trading therefore have no border for ethnicity, religious, political or national boundaries.But, disobedience, mistrust and greed is the cause of many business head-swell leading themto avoid the law and subsequently take law in their own hands to push for irregular conducts or free things and engage in undercover slavery (where others hurt) and where dehumanization threatens, and causes fear and intimidation; has repeatedly led to genocide, injustice, exploitation, corruption, poverty and deadly violence.
Our lives are inter-connected with each other in sharing and caring of the universe. Our Cultural Heritage played a greater part in nature preservation to avoid Global warming in our changing world, but Industrial pollution hazards do harm to many and impacts the environment negatively.The effect is not a one man problem.We must reason together.
If Business Industrial wastes pollutions affects the environment in ways and means, and if the Industrial business did not take the pre-caution to protect or preserve the environment, hazardous effects on human health security and nature could be a disaster and dangerous. The law must be followed. Business rules therefore, are equally guiding principles that all must in our different ways, participate to improve life and observe. Being responsible means that people of the world must cooperate under mutual shared responsibility to do good where, although we are different in many ways, we still must find opportunity to collaborate and work together, fix what is wrong and plan together and research to improve lifestyle harmoniously but remain in the business of maintaining the law of gravity, “Give and Take” that of balance, for the sake of nature and of life. This calls us to be disciplined, vigilant and remain focused in the relevancy of caring and sharing through maintaining law and order of preservation and protection in our obedience to Love.Nothing is difficult, it can be done……….
How shall we ever work together as a team in the world and command respect if we do not reciprocate, command cooperation, if we are not willing to cooperate, and in “Give and Take” in the exchange of goods and services, if we Land Grab and push the unfortunate to slaughter houses and into extinction……….and all we think about is Greed and Selfishness with destruction of human Life and Nature in the name of Free Business Enterprising……How shall we command Respect and Honor, when Respect and Honor is earned?Upon creation, No Life was meant to do Evil to gain Good.Evil is doomed.Where evil and wickedness becomes guiding principle, the mind is corrupted and progress is futile.Consequences of which are disastrous and are filled with misfortunes.The blood of those crying in the wilderness for justice shall not rest until judgment day. Those whose lives are terminated and are taken by force because of greed, and have been short-changed and taken away painfully shall always remain on the head of those who commit those bad acts of greed and selfishness, and it shall follow them to their great-grandchildren……….their faces shall be filled with misery…………
But, Blessed are they who are persecuted for their righteousness ………and the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God who listens and rewards according to the riches of God’s Glory.Which is why, we must stay the cause people, we must keep on our journey to the Promised Land where the Land is flowing with milk and honey and it is where Love, Peace and Happiness abound.Exodus 3:17
2014 is a year all humanity must claim blessings and cleansing and so we must be free ………it is a year we must see the promised land, the land full of milk and honey that shall bring happiness to all of us Black, Green, Yellow, White, Red or Blue………it is because we belong to each other and in sharing, we can improve our Partnership in fellowship and in business and create many more opportunities where Love, Peace and Harmony for common good is the rock of our foundation moving forward.
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

New ‘War of Worlds’: Capitalism vs. Planet Earth

Opinion: Global-warming rate today has impact of 400,000 daily A-bombs

Jan. 4, 2014, 6:01 a.m. EST
By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch
SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — There’s a new “War of the Worlds” raging, and this one is for real. Forget the pre–World War II radio hoax by Orson Welles. Flash forward to 2005 and the Steven Spielberg–Tom Cruise version? No, flash a little further. New technologies making Marshall McLuhan’s “medium is the message” dominate: new media, Twitter news, Google Glass, Big Data, Raymond Kurzweil’s “ Singularity.” Hot news. Staccato. Immediate. Now.
America’s $60 trillion deadliest enemy
Doomsday poll: 98% risk of 2014 stock crash
‘Zombie capitalism’ heralds ‘World War Z’
Old guys rule? Bill Clinton says women do

New York Times
Enlarge ImageNew York Times story on the effect of Orson Welles’s hoax on listeners.
But how can we tell what’s fiction and fact? What is reality in this Big Money world?
In today’s bizarre reality of artificial intelligence and drones, there are only six really true facts you need to know about this new “War of the Worlds,” the final war between the old conspiracies of Big Money and Big Oil and Big Government and the Big TV Networks vs. an emerging but ragtag conspiracy of eco-activists and climate-change scientists and global-warming billionaires. This is all you need to know about your future and the fate of our world:
Fact 1: Wall Street’s fictional record highs
Like the Orson Welles hoax, the stock-market benchmark’s all-time highs are a fantasy. But, for now, they control the medium. Yes, the majority, the global “collective unconscious” actually believes that what it’s hearing in the media is factual. And most believe it when they hear from the news anchors that 2013 was the best year since the dot-com rally of the late 1990s.
But imagine a “War of the Worlds”–style cut-in: “We interrupt this program ...” An alien invasion of Planet Earth, it says. Mushroom clouds. Panic ensues. And global retweeting. Once upon a time, in 1938, we believed the cut-in. And maybe we still would. Except that today’s “alien invasion” is capitalism, attacking, dominating, depleting world resources.
So imagine that cut-in, today, with the message that Wall Street is winning. Big Money is winning again. And you, Main Street investor, are the loser.
On an inflation-adjusted basis, in today’s bizarrely zero-sum economy, Wall Street actually lost trillions in retirement funds for Main Street America’s 95 million investors, while inflating the inequality gaps. Yes, from 2000 to 2013, Wall Street was actually underwater.
Still, most of us believe what the Big Money–Wall Street conspiracy broadcasts. It owns the medium and, thus, the message.
Fact 2: Global warming is as deadly as 400,000 A-bombs — every day
Next, imagine alerts rapidly streaming across your monitor. Big headline flashing: “Earth’s rate of global warming is 400,000 Hiroshima bombs a day.” Suddenly, fade to black. An eerie silence. You wonder: Is this our new reality? We’re in the dark.
Facts really are stranger than fiction. No matter what new broadcast technologies deliver our news — TV, LinkedIn, Hulu, Google Glass, “Star Trek” mind melding, Kurzweil’s “Singularity”— the fact is this: Global warming is running at a rate of 400,000 A-bombs hitting Planet Earth daily, dangerously overheating our world, day after day after day.
Big Oil is fighting to keep that info off Big TV News. But the fact remains that the 400,000-daily-A-bombs headline is real. It was first posted on ThinkProgress.com and voiced by one of the world’s leading climate scientists, James Hansen, the head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies from 1981 to 2013, in a 2012 TED Talk. But since Big Money rules today’s reality, even if the conspiracy loses a round, its perpetrators will invest heavily a comeback. They can’t afford to lose the “War of the Worlds.”
Fact 3: Just 90 companies trigger 63% of all global-warming pollution
This, from the Guardian, is a show stopper: “Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions: Chevron, Exxon and BP among companies most responsible for climate change since dawn of industrial age.” The opener hits harder: “We know who’s profiting from emissions—let’s bill them. Shell, BP, ExxonMobil and Chevron are some of the 90 entities discovered in a recently published research that contribute to most of the world’s emissions.”
Get it? Big Oil really is Big Polluter. “There are thousands of oil, gas and coal producers in the world,” observed Richard Heede of the Climate Accountability Institute, who looked at methane and CO2 emissions from 1854 to 2010.“But the decision makers, the CEOs, or the ministers of coal and oil, if you narrow it down to just one person, they could all fit on a Greyhound bus or two.” In effect, “Heede’s work debunks the myth that everyone (and therefore no one) is responsible for climate change.” In truth, Big Oil is Planet Earth’s biggest enemy.
Fact 4: ‘Big TV News’ conspires with Big Oil climate-science deniers
Wonder why you rarely hear about climate change on television news? Here’s why: Network television is a major climate-science denier in cahoots with Big Oil and all other climate-science deniers. Yes, to survive, “Big TV News” relies upon hundreds of millions of dollars a year in television ads from Big Oil.
The facts: About a month ago, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, the leading media watchdog group exposing bias in the news, released a new survey of national newscasts on CBS, NBC and ABC: “Extreme weather is big news. In the first nine months of 2013, there were 450 segments of 200 words or more that covered extreme weather: flooding, forest fires, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and heat waves.”
But, unfortunately, the television networks are now de facto climate-science deniers, aiding Big Oil. How? TV news consistently fails to analyze “the human-made climate change that is affecting ... extreme weather.” Of those 450 segments, “just a tiny fraction, 16 segments, or 4% of the total ... mentioned the words ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming’ or ‘greenhouse gases’ [while] 96% of extreme-weather stories never discussed the human impact on the climate.” Yes, Big Oil ad spending is influencing Big TV News.
Fact 5: 2013 was worst year in human history for climate change
If you owned stocks or are an ideological climate-science denier, you loved 2013. And you’ll ignore ThinkProgress’s “nine major reasons climate change, and the carbon pollution that drives it, helped make 2013 one of the worst years in human history”:
  • Global CO2 levels hit 400 parts per million in 2013 for the first time in recorded history
  • It’s getting hotter, faster
  • A huge number of animals and plants face extinction
  • The world suffered deadly heat, drought and wildfires
  • Choking pollution shut down population centers
  • Countries suffer disasters but still commit to doing even less about emissions
  • Sea levels broke records in 2013, amplifying the effects of storms and floods
  • Much of the world is doubling down on fossil fuels
  • We are woefully undercounting methane emissions
But few in Big TV News will broadcast this message about how humans cause climate change. We prefer to hear “Wall Street’s best year since 1997!” Better yet, tell us that “2014 will be better” and give us predictions of more big returns. And, yes, that’s what our brains, and the world’s collective unconscious, will hear because the conspiracy has Big Money on its side to control the media and message. Till it’s too late.
Fact 6: Both worlds are losing this new ‘War of the Worlds’
This “War of the Worlds” redux pits capitalism against Planet Earth. But, unfortunately, in today’s “War of the Worlds,” the old conspiracy of Big Money–Big Oil–Big Government–Big TV Networks is beating the ragtag eco-activists fighting against global warming and climate change.
How? Every single day Big Oil and other climate-change deniers are spending megabucks to control your mind, to manipulate what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. Remember, just 90 organizations with a war chest of trillions are spending billions every day to get you to ignore that rate of 400,000 A-bombs a day — and not only that. They want to control your mind, the collective unconscious. The real “War of the Worlds” is for the control of your mind. And everyone else’s.
Why? Any admission that humans are responsible for climate change would result in new carbon-emission restrictions and taxes. Until then, the impact of those 400,000 daily atomic bombs exploding on Planet Earth remains in force, and the Big Money–Big Oil–Big Government–Big TV Networks conspiracy will keep winning. And Planet Earth will keep losing, unfortunately.

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