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An Open Letter to President Obama

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From: Judy Miriga
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Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 12:18 PM
Subject: An Open Letter to President Obama

To the Administrator JFK Foundation,
I wish to inform you that, we shared and discussed amongst the Diaspora, people of African descent from different organizations including Friends of Congo representatives, the Tanzanians and the Group Representatives of South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya and we agreed on the following points, that while we are developing plans for modernization and globalization, to balance, we have to consider the following:

1) First, our main urgent concern and needs is to stop crime and violation of humanity and we must demand early establishment of the Rule of Democratic Governance in Africa where the Government system is made to function while observing the Rule of Law through Transparency and Accountability as guiding principles for safety, sustainability, and economic security that provide conducive environment in partnership to both America and Africa

2) Secondly, we must theorize how present business in Africa can justify crimes, violation and abuse of humanity, where massacre of South Sudan, DRC Congo, Luo's of Migingo Island in Kenya and Acholis and Alur's of North Uganda in pretext that Museveni is looking for Konyi, shall provide for social justice in Africa and how shall these bring together modernization and Globalization in Africa without reducing and stamping out the injustices to bring about Peace and Reconciliation.
3) Thirdly, Moving forward demands that things must be done differently and those sponsoring the injustices that endangers Africa's security , livelihood and survival must be stopped, so Partnership between Africa and America can commence on a clean slate with transparency to gain trust and bring people together those of America and from Africa.
4) Realizing that during JF Kennedy leadership, he planned the best for Africa including the airlifting of Obama's father through Tom Mboya; but because of obstructionism in the Congress, America partnership with Africa supported lesser opposition groups giving room to USSR influence to Africa and seeing that history repeating itself, China is rooting and gaining momentum in Africa; for which we would like things done differently.
5) About sorting out the people invited, if we agree on the presentation format concepts first, because the policy adjustments must be adopted uniformly, then we are able to identify how to reframe details to be presented to the invitees challenging them against Civil Society's interest and concerns.
Our mission is to succeed doing things the right way, we would like therefore to have JF Kennedy foundation to work alongside with us in this mission.
I attach our communication for your ease of reference so we may gain your support and back-up.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
219 Stubblefield Way,
Cell: 301-318-7782
Office of the Press Secretary
January 21, 2014
Statement by the Press Secretary Announcing the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit
The White House is pleased to announce that the United States will host the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on August 5 and 6, 2014. President Obama looks forward to welcoming leaders from across the African continent to the Nation’s Capital to further strengthen ties with one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing regions. The Summit will build on the progress made since the President’s trip to Africa last summer, advance the Administration’s focus on trade and investment in Africa, and highlight America’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development, and its people.
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From: Judy Miriga
To: President Barack Obama
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 12:18 PM
Subject: An Open Letter to President Obama

Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 12:18 PM

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,
Re: Africa and People of African Descent critical Policy issues facing Globalization Impacts

Facing Global Challenges and Competition, African Society both in Diaspora and in Africa are faced with consequences of Global business impact. There is therefore, an urgent need to energize good Politics to conform with favorable ethics of good Business practice. This calls for trained Civil Society with organized Social Welfare that in return, provides gainful trust and good-will to both the business community and the people. African Leadership must play the custodian trustee of the people in a manner that, business is able to be facilitated differently by observing the rules of the game and since Africa is the source for Global Emerging Markets, it shall secured its Natural resources for progressive development and sustainability.

Challenges where People of African Descent have to address Africa’s Critical Issues facing Globalization Impact in such areas as:

1) How to fix Economic development -----focusing on critical issues

2) How to mobilize manpower for better engagement

3) How to utilize Finances effectively for gainful investments in Africa

4) Africa’s position in meeting Global Competition Challenges will demand that African Society be organized.

Mr. President, this declaration to you on Africa’s Social Justice for Fair Globalization engagement, require our Practical strategic partnerships between US/Africa, to have an opportunity for good development implementation, where descent work produces acceptable decent life.

Globalization to comply with Policy and Partnerships engagement to observe Human Rights Dignity, Value and Virtue:

I. How competition and collaboration amongst USA/Africa’s interest to restructure and implement the process for development for the good of all,

II. How rules of the game should create safety and incentives long-term vision for security of all

III. How to fairly engage all the stakeholders and shareholders, to emphasize on essentials patterns of sustainable long-term positive networking under transparency and accountability

IV. That, government policy changes to encourage both short-term and long-term for value-added and job creation, and altogether restore trust between governments, the Civil Society, the business community, and the professionals.

I am writing this petition to you with a heavy heart but with a hope that we shall find a solution to our problems.

I hope that you will find time to digest and understand my petition to you to take urgent action on this very fluid situation taking place in South Sudan which is being fueled by Museveni’s Uganda troops who are terrorizing South Sudan people and are interfering in local political matters in the neighboring countries as well.

As an American Citizen of African Descent with families and friends in Africa and with deep attachment and feelings over poverty, pain and sufferings in Africa; my heart bleeds for Africa. Before coming to the USA, I worked as a social worker in Kenya to help community organizing and improve their lives, nothing was working because of constant interferences by politicians. I then joined politics to improve matters, but that too was not in my favor. My heart is troubled how politics conspire against Africa’s human rights, survival interferences and destroys livelihood and the same is violated and abused without due care. The brutality, injustices and crimes committed against African people in Africa is more than can be imagined. African people live in constant fear of death. Having worked with Africans in Community welfare organizing, I came to understand that, Africans are very good people, very friendly, loving and are committed good workers if given a chance. Civil Society organizing, Trade and Skills Development with management apprenticeship to produce good result is possible within partnership of America and Africa.

There is no reason why Africa with all the wealth, natural resources and manpower the world need, should be living a pathetic, horrible and miserable lifestyle and why its people should continue to live with a face of poverty and misery where pain and sufferings permanently stays within their door steps all days of their lives; and as well, are being treated by the world inhumanly without care. I feel the pain in my bones and could not hold back my feelings without sending this petition for you to urgently intervene in a special way especially in South Sudan where matters are presently getting out of control.

It is my belief that, by God's Grace, this email shall open doors and soften the most difficult hearts of our people to open for dialogue and as well, those of our special business interests with the rest of our related business community that are our backbone in economic security for our survival and employment, to begin to re-think and consider adopting better changing scenario to engage sustainable ways of doing business. There are those with most responsibilities for Africa and America’s troubles, there shall be room to relieve their grips of hostilities and commit to a fair and balanced prospects that are more fulfilling and are profitable success stories. It is in this changing scenario of doing things differently that shall be the beginning of our coming together as a people, to agree, win and generate Love and Peace amongst ourselves and eventually engage the world to find solution to all of our wars, conflicts and troubles ....... and also, find ways how we can contribute to improve situations that has over time, developed hatred, Civil Wars and deepest conflict of interests in Commodities, Wealth and Resources distributions that at the same time, are poorly organized or mismanaged and consequently failed our unity of purpose but led to our conflicts and National economic collapse. These eventually led to stage-managed obstacles with barriers that are our stumbling block leading us to ruins which are reasons for constant obstructions that results to our hateful differences and as well, continue to obstruct our unity for progressive development you had promised Americans and the world upon your becoming The President of United States of America.

I take this opportunity to bring to your attention that, it is the same consequences for which China is stealing our show in the world's economic power through its corrupt dealings with heavy negative indulgences in Africa, while our differences blinded us from seeing and acting to counter their bad effects that are crafted and driven to defeat America, UK, Israel and the European Community in general.

People fear engaging in sensitive topics such as this one, the reason why even the office of State Department would not touch it lightly. Collectively, we can do better and improve matters and in reality, we could save ourselves lots of trouble from being defeated and from being consumed by our common enemy. Mr. President, we must not fail when we are able to fix things more or so when confronted by a common enemy. We must go back to the drawing board and re-design how to engage the world to our advantage, gains and profit. We must not allow to be consumed because we love and prefer our comfort zones and do not want to shift or adopt new ways away from our comfort zones more specifically when our common enemy is about to strike to defeat us.......When the world changes and takes a different shifts, we equally must change strategies to engage the world. These are times we must unite to negotiate and apply wisdom and intelligence to save a bad situation from destroying us and where stability of our foundation is greatly threatened. We must sit down and talk to each other responsibly to find ways how we can meet challenges and move forward positively. Killing and destroying ourselves does not contribute to our strength; it is a failure we must desist from before our boat sink. We must stop these senseless killings in Africa, and we all must be bold enough to face reality for goodness sake.
President Obama, Although some special interest business community in America use Chinese manpower and influence as their business Agents in Africa [who benefit 100 folds from the same], and who in turn engaged President Museveni, Kagame and Uhuru, who in turn are slaughtering their own citizens mercilessly, this shall not help matters. Today Japan’s joining in the South Sudan discussions between Salva Kiir and Riek Machar in Ethiopia, and where China feels threatened and has expressed disharmony; the situation as things stand, is getting fluid there. In addition to where America is sending Rwanda troops to Chad and CAR, this is spelling doom and we all know that these are reasons why the UN reported about Kagame’s M23 re-grouping with the new recruitments presently taking place in DRC Congo is definitely worrisome. This is not going to help matters or create Peace, but instead, it shall compound Museveni and Kagame’s interferences of incursions in the Great Lakes of East Africa that will affect the neighboring Countries negatively. It is the very reason why Museveni has Uganda army holed up in South Sudan in the first place. Are we giving Museveni, Kagame and Uhuru more tools and weapon to destroy Africa people to benefit Chinese interest and invasion in Africa?
Looking at the precedence relationship between China and North Korea, America must be very worried and cautious about unity of Asian (Asiatic USSR) block with the uneasiness they have about America's superpower that the Asian (USSR) unity might use China's rooting and occupation in Africa to our great disadvantage which is their aim to defeat America. It will definitely lead to the collapse and defeat of Europe and America's interest and investments, yet America has heavily invested its taxpayer money with American technology including sophisticated arms and manpower resources in Africa, but this Chinese ball game is truly twisted. To be specific, we are headed to the 3rd World War if we cannot stop the way things is the very reason why I am writing this email that we are able to take an early bird to avert and save an ugly situation..........We must apply wisdom to save this about to explode situation. We must sit with our business community to bring in new ideas that will save us from this unfavorable situation urgently.

One thing we must do is to change strategy and focus and use African manpower instead of importing Chinese manpower and prisoners to Africa. The Chinese growing population in Africa have hit a snag in their daily importation with their regional Asians coming to Africa. It is exploding. But the fact is that, Chinese importation to Africa is even more expensive and dangerous to America’s Special Business Interest in comparison to utilizing African Labor Resources that are harmless and are inexpensive because they are locally right there on the ground. Applying common-sense African organization planning under Agricultural small farmers Cooperatives arrangement with partnership development between America and Africa will end this surge of Chinese and Asiatic (USSR) influence and interest in Africa. After all, Chinese are worsening the environmental pollution and destruction of Natural stability of land by exporting soil of Africa to China. Very soon Africa is going to be a desert, barren and dead without any resource.

Mr. President, we can do better by urgently re-thinking how to do things differently, and this way with our special business interest with other business community who are the America's backbone in Economic security, we shall be on the road to prospective excellence. This approach shall provide an effective mutual cooperation to move matters forward progressively on a united front.

Ideally President Obama, we shall not need Museveni or Kagame or Uhuru who have deeply involved and are in serious dealings with the Chinese presently and who are the real cause of injustices, poverty, pain and sufferings in the Great Lakes region of East Africa and in the neighboring peace; but are a real trouble in South Sudan which is why South Sudan leaders cannot resolve their differences or agree to resume talks. Museveni and Uhuru have put their interest first before the people of South Sudan and this is unacceptable.

It is also sad that we have not heard former President Clinton who is a friend of Museveni and Kagame. We expect the Clintons to come out strongly to condemn Museveni for what he is doing to disrupt peace in South Sudan. We call upon former President Clinton to come out strongly to demand that Museveni remove his Uganda troop in South Sudan. The fact is that, Museveni is the problem in the Great Lakes of East Africa and as well, he is the trouble in the neighboring countries. Museveni killed Kenyan fishermen and forcefully hijacked Migingo Island in Kenya irregularly and unconstitutionally, then placed his Uganda Army where he occupies Migingo island unjustly; a situation where his Uganda police have terrorized and killed many Kenyan fishermen and confiscated their fishing equipments and tools and hoisted Uganda flag on the Island. Museveni and Kagame financed M23 in DRC Congo and recently they send them back and are busy recruiting jobless Africans to terrorize the people in and around the Great Lakes Region and the neighboring countries. They continue to engage in organizing terrorist militia groups to invade and attack in the insurgencies of territorial sovereign ambush. He is doing the same in South Sudan, which is why Uganda troops are illegally in South Sudan doing the unthinkable. No one is safe and how will this help matter? Museveni, Kagame and Uhuru must be stopped.

President Obama, we have done what we could to speak up and shout for the world to hear, intervene and stop Museveni who is the leader of incursions, but have failed. There is an obstruction somewhere that is re-energizing Museveni and Kagame and why they are boastful and bullies. You are in a position to speak wisdom. Wisdom will save all of us. We are all children of God and God loves us all equally and God planned Peace and Love for our happiness. God is able to use you to bring us unity, peace and happiness. I may be asking too much but something tells my heart that, if you try, you shall be amazed how God will have touched the difficult hearts and put a new thinking in their minds. The ball is in your court to use wisdom and intervene to save America and Africa from bad and negative challenges that are looming to destroy us with those that have conspired to drive the European Community, Africa and America to collapse.

Africa has the wealth the world needs which is why China and Asian (USSR) unity is gaining momentum rooting for Africa. Shall you sit and let China superpower build up with its economic power overtake America’s power because they have control rooted in Africa and are transporting Chinese to Africa to overtake Africa’s Land, Water, Wealth and Resources in their invasion to Africa through our business community???Can’t we do better to assist our business community to work out things differently and by agreeing that, yes we have screwed-up, we have made mistakes like everybody else and no one is perfect........and the change we now need is to engage doing things differently? Let us begin a new walk of life that can improve matters, a walk of dignity and a walk that will give us respect and recognition in the world.........?

Mr. President you can do better. Let me add one important point though, that I love the Clinton family from the bottom of my heart, but I want them to do the right thing. I am not in any way pulling strings negatively, but for all our good. If we fall we stand, and I think they are good people who can engage to do better. I believe they are able to join with us and buy my proposal of organizing better to save both America with American tax payer including extending security for Africans in Africa by doing things differently. After all, Bill Clinton came to power with an African face. I want to challenge the Clintons to come out and accept that, they truly love Africa and Africans and as much, they may have profited in the past and still love doing business with Africa's resource, which therefore would mean, it is time to give back to Africa by joining to save this ugly situation in Africa worsened by Museveni and Kagame. The fact is that, there is no war in Africa but it has been engineered and is being instigated by the Chinese Partnership and Agency relationship with America’s special business interest where Museveni and Kagame plan to assassinate and exterminate Africans from their land to provide room for Chinese labor force importation and illegitimate occupation.

United we are strong, but divided we are weak and this gives our enemy opportunity to defeat us.

It is my hope that you will hear my petition plea and urgently intervene positively.

God Bless you with the First Lady and your two beautiful daughters with Bo. and give you strength to save the Great and most Beautiful America, a Country of all Nationality of the world from collapsing.



Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Museveni advises city protestors to go to hell

Gen Kale Kayihura (right) and other officials welcome President Museveni at Paraa Safari Lodge where he opened the first East African police retreat on Monday. PHOTO | COURTESY
By Andrew Bagala,The Citizen Correspondent

Posted Wednesday, January 15 2014 at 12:12
In Summary
  • Since the 2011 general elections, members of the opposition have been protesting demanding the removal of what they describe as an illegitimate and corrupt government

Kampala. Individuals or groups that insist on holding demonstrations in busy business areas were yesterday advised to go to hell by President Museveni even as he revealed that Uganda hired out police equipment to help prevent election violence in a neighbouring country.
The President’s comments at a conference of regional police chiefs also included fresh praise for Uganda’s police forces whose response to protests has been criticised as high-handed, brutal and extreme.
The conference taking place at Paraa Safari Lodge in the north-western district of Amuru has been convened in light of the ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions rattling governments across North Africa and the Middle East. President Museveni presented a paper titled: “The recent wave of violence and instability in North Africa and its implications to our region and the rest of Africa”.
“You want to demonstrate? No problem; go to free space but after that go home because we have other things to do. Someone says ‘no, I wish to go to the market and step on women selling their tomatoes in the market’. We, in Uganda, say go to hell. This man (Uganda’s Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura) has enough tear gas once they take enough smoke they go home,” President Museveni said.
Last evening, reaction to Mr Museveni was equally scathing with opposition leaders wondering who should go to hell first.

Peaceful assembly and demonstration are protected as fundamental rights and freedoms under Uganda’s Constitution.
The government, however, has increasingly used force to stop its opponents from holding rallies in the city saying they cause chaos and disrupt commercial activity.
Since the 2011 general elections, members of the opposition have been protesting demanding the removal of what they describe as an illegitimate and corrupt government. The President said Ugandans were lucky not to have elected a president with a village mindset who would have allowed the killing of those who trample on their businesses.
“Those Ugandans have been lucky not to elect a man from the village,” he said

Kenyans still remember Uganda's UPDF causing havoc and pain in Nyanza.One thing Kenyans who were beaten mercilessly by Uganda's UPDF believe that M7 shall not be eternal president of Uganda.Who could say that Iddi Amin Dada would be dethroned? he was powerful,he was a uganda demigod.No problem Nyanza people and Migingo families are patiently and painfully nursing the pain caused by President Museveni.History never dies.

Museveni is becoming 'The Policeman of Eastern Africa'!

EAC creates regulations for credible regional standards

By Zephania Ubwani ,The Citizen Bureau Chief

Posted Thursday, January 16 2014 at 00:00
In Summary
The mentioned regulations are expected to be approximated and/or aligned to the existing National Laws as required by the EAC Treaty.
Arusha.The East African Community (EAC) has issued regulations to enhance the operation of the EAC Standardization, Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing Act (SQMT) of 2006.
The SQMT regulations are geared towards facilitating regional trade, the Secretariat announced here yesterday.
The regulations were approved by the Council of Ministers in November 2013 and are issued in line with Article 6 of the Protocol on Establishment of the EAC Common Market, with reference to Free Movement of Goods.
Article 6 of the Protocol stipulates, among other laws, that the free movement of goods shall be governed by the EAC SQMT Act, 2006 and regulations made there under.
The regulations include: The EAC SQMT (Product Certification in Partner States) Regulations, 2013; The EAC SQMT (Designation of Testing Laboratories) Regulations, 2013; and The EAC SQMT (Enforcement of Technical Regulations in Partner States) Regulations, 2013.
The EAC SQMT (Product Certification in Partner States) Regulations, 2013 provides for certification bodies in the partner states on the basis of product standards.
The regulations will facilitate the issuance of quality marks on products conforming to regional and international standards and provide consumer confidence of the products traded in the region.
They would also provide for emphasis on recognition of each Quality Marks issued by other Partner States in conformity assessment of goods moving across borders.
The EAC SQMT (Designation of Testing Laboratories) Regulations, 2013; provides for the ministers responsible for Trade in the Partner States to designate Testing Laboratories to be recognised in the region.
The regulation will facilitate an organized recognition of testing laboratories to test goods for conformity assessment of goods in the region.
The EAC SQMT (Enforcement of Technical Regulations in Partner States) Regulations, 2013; provides for Partner States to declare or notify a technical regulation which may create barriers to trade and obliges Partner States upon request to explain the justification for that technical regulation.
The mentioned regulations are expected to be approximated and/or aligned to the existing National Laws as required by the EAC Treaty.
According to recent statistics, trade between the EAC bloc with the rest of Africa doubled to $ 4 billion last year from $ 2bn in 2010.
The bloc also registered significant growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from $ 2.6bn in 2010 to $ 3.8bn last year.
“EAC was the fastest growing region within African continent. Growth registered rose from 3.7 per cent between 2010 and 2012 against the average sub Saharan Africa growth of 3.2 per cent”, said the deputy secretary general in charge of Projects and Programmes Ms Jesca Eriyo.
There had been a remarkable improvement in intra-EAC trade over the years, although the integration process was still faced with a number of challenges.
Kagame’s stern warning to dissidents
If someone feels no shame in destroying what we have built over a period of time, I for my part will not feel shy of protecting what we have built...treason brings consequences...all those fellows would have been nothing if it wasn’t for Rwanda...anyone who betrays our cause or wishes our people ill will fall victim. What remains to be seen is how you fall victims”RWANDAN PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME
By The Citizen Reporters and Agencies

Posted Tuesday, January 14 2014 at 00:00
In Summary
  • Comments by Rwanda’s top leadership send signals that Kigali knows what transpired
Kigali. Rwandan President Paul Kagame has warned that “treason brings consequences” in an apparent reference to the country’s former spy chief, who was recently killed in South Africa.
President Kagame’s remarks are seen as confirmation of Kigali’s hidden hand in the death of the former head of external security, Patrick Karegeya, and could heighten tensions, particularly in relations between his country and South Africa.
It is unusual for a head of state and or his top lieutenants to issue such explicit comments amid accusations that his government may have been involved in the killing of his opponents.
For instance, when the United Kingdom accused Russia of the murder of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with polonium in a London hotel, Moscow vehemently denied the allegations.
Likewise, when Mossad spies infiltrated the United Arab Emirates using forged passports and assassinated Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel on January 20, 2010, Israel strongly denied any involvement despite damning evidence from CCTV footage.
But strong comments made in Rwanda, first by the Prime Minister, then Foreign Affairs minister, Defence minister and finally by the country’s strongman appear to confirm claims that Kigali planned and carried out the assassination of the former spymaster.
The body of Karegeya – a fierce Kagame critic – was found on New Year’s Day in a luxury hotel room in Johannesburg, where he had spent several years of exile. Police, who found a bloodied towel and a rope in the room’s safe, said a preliminary investigation indicated he might have been strangled.
Karegeya’s supporters immediately accused the Rwandan government of being behind his killing.
Now President Kagame’s remarks only served to lend credence to this allegation.
“If someone feels no shame in destroying what we have built over a period of time, I for my part will not feel shy of protecting what we have built,” he said at a prayer breakfast in Kigali.
“Treason brings consequences,” he warned Karegeya’s fellow dissidents and other former allies who have gone into exile.
“All those fellows would have been nothing if it wasn’t for Rwanda.
“Anyone who betrays our cause or wishes our people ill will fall victim. What remains to be seen is how you fall victim,” Mr Kagame said.
Karegeya was the former head of Rwanda’s external intelligence service and once a close ally of President Kagame.
In 2004 he was demoted after the two men fell out. He was then arrested and jailed for 18 months for desertion and insubordination.
Karegeya was stripped of his rank of colonel in July 2006 and fled the country the following year.
Mr Kagame’s comments follow remarks on Saturday by Defence minister James Kabarebe.
“Ignore those making noise saying that someone was strangled with a rope on the seventh floor in a certain country,” Mr Kabarebe told a public meeting promoting reconciliation among Rwandans.
“If you choose to be a dog, you die like a dog and cleaners will remove the trash and dump it where it is supposed to be so that it doesn’t stink for others. Those that have fallen victim, it’s because they have chosen that path,” he was quoted saying in the local media.
The minister confirmed to AFP that he had made those comments, adding: “When someone like him dies ... we are not really bothered.”
President Kagame and Mr Kabarebe argued that Karegeya and his allies were behind a series of bloody grenade attacks in Rwanda over several years. A Rwandan court in 2011 sentenced Karegeya in absentia to 20 years in jail.
Three other dissidents were handed similar sentences. All four were charged with “forming a terrorist group, threatening state security, undermining public order, promoting ethnic divisions and insulting the
person of the President”.
Karegeya had denied being linked in any way to the grenade attacks. Rwandan Foreign minister Louise Mushikiwabo earlier said in Twitter messages that Karegeya was a “self-declared” enemy of Rwanda.
“You expect pity?” she asked her followers some days after the man’s death

Coalition of the willing emerges again in EAC

3 member states continue to go it alone despite earlier commitment by regional leaders.

Posted Monday, January 13 2014 at 08:41
In Summary
  • Defence ministers and top security officials from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have met in Kigali where they signed an agreement to jointly fight transnational crime
Dar es Salaam. The so-called “Coalition of the Willing” comprising Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda is back, emerging this time around with a defence and security pact.
The coalition caused much hullabaloo last year when it was accused of sidelining the two other East African Community member states namely Tanzania and Burundi, but things later seemed to have been sorted out during last November’s EAC Summit in Kampala when the five heads of state reaffirmed their commitment to work together.
The three countries on January 1, this year, started issuing a single tourist visa whereby Kenya would take 40 per cent of revenues, with Uganda and Rwanda splitting the rest between them.
Under the arrangement, tourists wishing to visit Kenya, for example, will be required to pay $100 (Sh160,000) for a 90-day visa that will also enable them to tour Rwanda and Uganda.
The scheme is aimed at making the three countries a single tourist destination.
On January 1, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda also began using their respective national identity cards as official travel documents that would enable their citizens to travel among the three countries.
Travellers just have to present their identity cards to immigration officers at border posts to verify their validity before being issued with a stamped coupon to cross the border.
Last week, defence ministers and top security officials from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda met in Kigali where they signed an agreement to jointly fight transnational crime, especially terrorism.
Tanzania and Burundi were absent from the talks, and The Citizen has reliably learnt that Tanzania was not invited despite its readiness to participate in regional security meetings.
The agreement signed in Kigali seeks to address the security challenges that may come with the free movement of people in the region.
Defence ministers James Kabarebe of Rwanda, Crispus Kiyonga of Uganda and Raychelle Omamo of Kenya signed the agreement, whose details were, however, not made public. Also present were Rwandan Internal security minister Musa Fazil Harerimana and his Ugandan and Kenyan counterparts, Mr Aronda Nyakairima and Mr Joseph ole Lenku, respectively.
Tanzania’s defence docket is currently vacant following last month’s sacking of Mr Shamsi Vuai Nahodha and three other ministers after agencies under their watch were implicated in atrocities committed during Operesheni Tokomeza launched to curb the slaughter of elephants in national parks and game reserves.
But the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) spokesperson, Major Erick Komba, told The Citizen that if the meeting was part of the EAC integration process, then the Chief of Defence Forces, General Davis Mwamunyange, would have attended.
“If it was an issue that has something to do with integration, TPDF would surely have been represented,’’ he said.
The Kigali meeting was also attended by police chiefs from the three nations, but police spokesperson Advera Senso referred The Citizen to the organisers when asked if Inspector General of Police Ernest Mangu was invited.
“Get in touch with organisers of the meeting. They are the ones who can tell you what the agenda was and why we did not attend,’’ she said.
Asked if Tanzania and Burundi were invited, EAC Secretary General Richard Sezibera declined to comment, and asked this reporter to contact the two countries’ governments.
“Just ask the governments of Tanzania or Burundi if they were invited or not…they will give you an appropriate answer,’’ he said.
Reached for comment, East African Cooperation deputy minister Abdallah Juma Saadalla said Tanzania was not invited to the meeting.
“We weren’t invited…we have already signed the EAC Defence and Security Protocol, which has yet to be ratified. Whatever our fellow members are doing is outside the integration process,’’ he said.

China condemns Japan leader on visit to Ethiopia

Associated Press
By ELIAS MESERET January 15, 2014 7:44 AM
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, center, sits between Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, right, and Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission Erastus Mwencha, left, during Abe's visit to the African Union (AU) headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. The visit comes at the end of Abe's weeklong African tour designed to restore


 influence in the face of China's rise, as well as help Japanese companies win business overseas. (AP Photo/Elias Asmare)
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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, center, sits between Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, right, and Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission Erastus Mwencha, left, during Abe's visit to the African Union (AU) headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. The visit comes at the end of Abe's weeklong African tour designed to restore Japan's global influence in the face of China's rise, as well as help Japanese companies win business overseas. (AP Photo/Elias Asmare)
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — China's diplomatic assault on Japan's prime minister moved to another continent Wednesday, as China's top official at the African Union called the Japanese leader a troublemaker just after his three-country visit to Africa.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Ethiopia over the last week, pledging hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and trying to shore up relations on a continent where China has made deep inroads in recent years.
Abe's Africa trip follows his visit last month to a World War II shrine in Tokyo that China views as a memorial to war criminals who assaulted the Chinese people.
Xie Xiayoan, China's Ambassador to Ethiopia and its envoy to the African Union, said Abe's visit to the Yasakuni Shrine was offensive and he called the prime minister a "troublemaker" in Asia.
The Chinese disdain for Abe's visit here went past the political level. On Sunday Chinese activists brawled with Japanese embassy security in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, as they took pictures of the embassy and protested Abe's visit.
Chinese activists had collected signatures from among the thousands of Chinese nationals living in Ethiopia and tried to submit it to the embassy to protest the shrine visit.
Eyewitnesses in Addis Ababa told The Associated Press that Chinese construction workers erected a sign or banner that said "Sankaku Island belongs to us," a reference to disputed islands both nations claim. The witnesses, who insisted on anonymity out of fear of reprisals, said the sign was taken down before Abe's convoy passed by.
Abe on Tuesday told reporters that Japan is in Africa as part of his "strategic diplomacy" program. Abe announced $20 million in funds for the U.N. mission in South Sudan; he also noted that Japan has deployed peacekeepers to support the mission there.
doitnow3 hours ago
"Eyewitnesses in Addis Ababa told The Associated Press that Chinese construction workers erected a sign or banner that said "Sankaku Island belongs to us,"
Now the real story should be with the exception of a few African countries, how China brings in their own staff to do ALL of the work and does not put money back into the economy by hiring local people. While many Chinese men marry African women, One should not consider that as contributing to the economy by the government of china.
Helen10 hours ago
USA should be as angry with Abe for Pearl Harbor and
the war in the Pacific but all that is in the past.
Time for China to come into the free world and not
try to dominate and dictate their Communist doctrine
to a free acting society. if they push the envelope
there will be trouble. there won't be any goods coming
out of China. A confrontation would not be wise on
their part. China should back on Japan, being the new
Guy on the block.
Timur7 hours ago
When was the last time China pushes communist doctrine? Some of China best friends are anti-communists, like Pakistan. In Africa, Japan and US are playing catch up as China is Africa's largest trading partner.
KO13 hours ago
China's fear is the monopoly it had enjoyed in Africa while the west and others were asleep.. Africa is going thru unprecedented growth and it is the last frontier for cheap labor. In 5 - 15 years the "made in China" label will be replaced by "Made in African country". China does not want to lose the foot hold in Africa especially to Japan. Africans know Japan is technologically advanced and gain much more than they did with China. China was the only one that invested in Africa and now reaping the benefit with the growth Africa is registering. The rest is just political posturing ...
Timur12 hours ago
You are thinking China as a Western nation. The Chinese thrived in all corners of the world even with prosecutions and without Chinese government support. They don't fear competitions on a leveled playing field.
acheniushenzi8 hours ago
Well spoken man, Africans want to work with Japan not china.
Timur7 hours ago
Right. How much has Japan contributed in the anti-colonial struggles in Africa compared with what China did? You don't know because you are white.
Lucien Mekonta1 day ago
It seems to me that China now can afford to be magnanimous. There is no point dredging the horrors of the past. Also, Japan is only 1/10 of China in terms of population. I also believe that post-WWII Japanese and Germans have been models world nations. I cannot say that about some nation, which should remain unnamed, that should have known better.

Daft commentaries have a skewed view of things. The true losers in Africa are the so-called western democracies. What Africans readily recall about the West is the Slave Trade, Colonialism and neo-Colonialism, the Bible, exploitation, overthrowing governments, propping up tyrants, supporting Apartheid, cultivating strife, mustard gas, and add your own. People do not remember most of the "aid" that the West sent to Africa, like the excess military hardware that was delivered to strengthen dictators' armies.

Do not lie to yourselves. There is nothing that China and Japan have done which even remotely compares to what the West did to Africa. Only a fear that they will take African resources. The truth hurts. China and Japan are at least paying for it. They are not plundering.
Expat22 hours ago
Lucien where does all the rhino horn powder and elephant ivory go?
Kamron13 hours ago
To a Sandusky tribe...
Kamron 13 hours ago
Or to Pope acquittals?

Kamron13 hours ago
Is expat khazar goiyom? Cave dwelling child eater.
John1 day ago
Wow! China's really opening up their Mao Jackets all over the World. We'll be having Chinese killing Japanese #$%$ going down right in front of the Capitol Building if Abe comes here for a visit! Therapy for 70 years of pent up hostility. As if America didn't suffer enough then? We Didn't Start The Fire! Stalin did! South and North Korea - and who told Uncle Joe to keep on goin' farther South? Mao? WE already WON the WAR - USSR got more out of it than anyone else did. No "Pacific Charter".
Vic4 hours ago
China still hurts, every time Japan authority, tastes salted fish to satisfy Japanese diet requirements.
JCQ9 hours ago
Funny how Chinese calls Japan's Prime Minister a 'troublemaker' when China comes up with actions that create tension and diplomatic discord with her Asean neighbors like: unilaterally coming up with airspace zone rules, sending its navy ships to disputed islands like Senkaku and the Malampaya islands, making too much noise about a shrine visit and now, protesting Abe's visits to Africa. As if China's presence in Africa is totally innocuous.

Jim15 hours ago
The Africans are learning to hate the greedy blood sucking Chinese just like the rest of the world that has dealt with them. Wait until the African people realize they are getting sold out by their government that is taking brides from the Chinese to pillage their country's resources. The Chinese will suck them dry and leave their garbage behind.
Squigoth16 hours ago
Looks like a new international bully has arrived... China.
River18 hours ago
This assault proves that China is big country but has small character.
Charles1 day ago
So it's OK for China to be in Africa, but not Japan? A bit hypocritical of the Chinese, as usual.
Wombat18 hours ago
Waste of news space, who, other than Beijing, actually cares what they think?
Shadow!18 hours ago
Now I'm beginning to think why Africa is suddenly ''everybody's'' interest.
EU offer funds to alleviate poverty in Nigeria while Europe itself needs to alleviate their own poverty; US frowns at anti ''gaye'' (LGBT) law recently passed in Nigeria, and now, it is a struggle between Japan and China to ''assist'' Ethiopia and other African countries?
I am beginning to conclude that there is a ''certain something'' cooking up!
That Guy1 day ago
China’s agendas: To control the pacific, the shipping route lanes and mineral/oil rights WITHOUT BUYING THEM. They keep crying like a big baby, thinking that everyone will follow their line of thinking AS IF WE ARE ALL STUPID.
Expat22 hours ago
Exactly! Thumbs up Guy!

S19 hours ago
Eventually, these two nations will once again confront each other.
Maomao1 day ago
no citizen of china really knows what did mao tze tung did it to his own people, chinese was told that mao mao was a great hero and a god of china.
Japan have killed million of chinese
USA is an evil who's against china becoming a super power
Tibet and Uighur was not invaded but liberated by china
environmental problem in china was cause by the western countries
all their bordering countries have stolen or occupied a territory that belong to china, now it is the time to take it back.
Charles1 day ago
Yes, they are told that and tey are stupid enough to believe every part of it.
Freedom Now19 hours ago
What japan did to others was INHUMAN
Let chinese judge themselves.
let Africa deal with China After 300 years and more of colonization what did Africa gain with Europe
colonization and slavery Japan business has always been in the front row of exploiting Africa with the upmost disdain of fair pricing and human right with most of the business deals in Africa Maomao I do not known you but I known about China and Japan and I am convince that choosing between China and Japan Africa is way better of with China
Japan and the rest of the world have a criminal record in Africa and now that China is bigger and stronger everyone is pointing finger at them at least They are doing something in Africa
Japan can keep their change and their poisonous aid.
Lobby10 hours ago
Wow, finally the Chinese in Ethiopia could strike and exercise their "rights", while Ethiopians themselves could hardly do!

Maomao1 day ago
china is everywhere sowing the seed of the devil, hope Africa wake up before too late. even in the foreign land they are showing their true color. what a shame including their diplomat wants a piece of action on child game…. what the hick!!!
it looks like china enjoy every minute being the talk of the town,,, china uses almost century old as excuse to sow terror in Asia now in Africa…
china have been in war or have territory dispute w/ her bordering countries,
war w/ India
war w/ Nepal
War w/ Russia
War w/ South Korea
war w/ Vietnam
Invaded & occupied Tibet
Invaded and occupied Uighur

Battle15 hours ago
We need to start up P.A.T.O., just as we once needed N.A.T.O.. Chinese aggression will lead to a war if we don't act soon to outspend them and beef up our allies military strengths. This is very serious.

South Sudan army loses contact with key town claimed by rebels
Soldiers from South Sudan's former rebel army the SPLA sit outside the governor's compound in Malakal on January 12, 2014
Juba (AFP) - South Sudan's army said Friday it has been unable to contact its forces fighting in the key oil-town of Malakal as rebels claimed to control it.
Malakal, the main town in northern Upper Nile state, has become one of the most bitter battlegrounds in the conflict now raging for over a month in the world's youngest nation.
On Monday, rebels staged an assault to seize back Malakal -- which has switched hands twice -- but both the government and rebels have insisted they are in control.
"The commander in Malakal has not been accessible since yesterday," army spokesman Philip Aguer said, without giving further details.
The United Nations is sheltering some 20,000 civilians in its cramped base in the riverside town, reporting tank battles and heavy street fighting in the hours after the rebels launched their attack.
Dozens of civilians were wounded as stray bullets landed inside the UN base, with peacekeepers firing warning gunshots to keep warring sides away.
Displaced South Sudanese women walk towards the United …
Rebel spokesman Lul Ruai Kong, speaking in neighbouring Ethiopia, claimed earlier this week to have taken the town.
Telephone networks are apparently no longer working in the area, and South Sudan's Minister of Information Michael Makuei insisted late Thursday the town remained "fully under our control", and called rebel claims a lie.
Elsewhere, the army has for days talked of an imminent assault on rebel-held Bor, the capital of restive Jonglei state, which has already changed hands three times since fighting began.
Aguer said there had been no reports of fighting on Thursday there, but insisted the army is still "moving to Bor".
Up to 10,000 people are believed to have been killed so far in the fighting pitting forces loyal to President Salva Kiir against a loose coalition of army defectors and ethnic militia nominally headed by Riek Machar, a former vice president and seasoned guerrilla fighter.
The attack on Malakal came days after the government recaptured the northern Unity state capital Bentiu last week, another vital oil town.
The UN's Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Ivan Simonovic, who visited Bentiu this week, said Thursday that it had been left a "ghost town", and reporting that he had seen bodies in the streets that had been tied before being shot.
According to the United Nations, about 400,000 civilians have fled their homes over the past month, many of them to escape a wave of ethnic violence between members of Kiir's Dinka people -- the country's largest group -- and Machar's Nuer community.

US starts flying Rwandan forces into Central African Republic

5 hours ago
Rwandan soldiers march past a crowd gathered to watch thousands of Rwandan
 troops returning home across the border at Goma
View gallery
Rwandan soldiers march past a crowd gathered to watch thousands of Rwandan troops returning home across …
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military on Thursday flew a first detachment of Rwandan soldiers into the Central African Republic to bolster African Union peacekeeping efforts, a Pentagon spokesman said.
Colonel Steve Warren told Reuters that 70 Rwandan troops had been transported. He said the operation would last three weeks and would airlift a total of 800 troops from Rwanda into the former French colony using two C-17 U.S. military aircraft based in Uganda.
The Central African Republic descended into chaos after a mostly Muslim rebel coalition, Seleka, seized power in March, unleashing a wave of killings and looting that sparked revenge attacks by an "anti-balaka" Christian militia.
More than a million people have been displaced by the violence since Seleka installed their leader Michel Djotodia as interim president. More than 1,000 people were killed last month alone in the capital Bangui.
France in December hurriedly deployed roughly 1,600 French troops to help African peace keeping forces.
The U.S. airlift operation moving the additional Rwandan forces would be very similar to the mission the American military carried out last month, moving forces from Burundi into the Central African Republic.
There has been relative calm since Djotodia's resignation under intense international pressure last week, but sporadic violence has persisted in Bangui. Neighboring African states have evacuated more than 30,000 of their citizens.
The commander of French forces, General Francisco Soriano, told a video conference in Paris on Thursday that the security situation was improving but remained "extremely complicated and very volatile".
Rich22 minutes ago
A waste of U.S. resources.

South Korea rejects North's call to halt drills with U.S.

South Korea on Friday rejected a call from the reclusive North to halt "provocative" military drills with the United States, saying that as a

Rwanda Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide

Wed, 09/01/2010 - 06:18 — Glen Ford
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Left writers have been reporting for years that U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda bear primary responsibility for the deaths of as many as six million Congolese. Now a leaked United Nations report has confirmed that Rwanda’s crimes in Congo may rise to the level of genocide, since President Paul Kagame’s forces killed Hutu elderly, children and women without regard to nationality. Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s “mentors and funders in the U.S. government…must be held equally accountable.”
Rwanda Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Millions died while Washington’s allies occupied and looted the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

A leaked United Nations report documenting Rwandan atrocities that “could be classified as crimes of genocide” in the eastern Congo has created a political crisis that threatens to disrupt Washington’s plans to dominate the continent. Rwanda’s minority Tutsi regime – a close American client that acts as a mercenary for U.S. interests in Africa, along with Uganda – threatens to withdraw its soldiers from United Nations “peace-keeping” missions if the report is not suppressed. The UN missions in Chad, Haiti, Liberia and Sudan are actually extensions of United States foreign policy, just as Ugandan and Burundian troops prop up the U.S.-backed “government” in Somalia under the guise of “African Union” forces.

The Rwanda crisis threatens to reveal the United States’ role as enabler in the deaths of as many as six million people while Washington’s allies occupied and looted the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. At stake is not only the reputation of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, an alumnus of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, but the larger American strategy for militarization of Africa and exploitation of her riches.

The 545-page report details crimes committed in Congo by the Rwandan military and its allies between March, 1993, and June, 2003, and reinforces long-standing charges that Kagame’s forces were also aggressors and mass murderers during the Rwandan mass killings of 1994. When Kagame’s Tutsi rebels – previously based in Uganda – gained control of Rwanda after 100 days of fighting and ethnic cleansing, they pursued more than a million Hutu refugees into neighboring Congo. There, they hunted down and killed untold thousands of old men, women and children in 600 documented incidents that are, at the least, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The report’s authors clearly believe the Tutsis engaged in outright genocide – the purposeful eradication of a people – since Kagame’s men made no distinction between Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus; they killed them all. Congolese Tutsis and kinsmen from Burundi joined Kagame’s Rwandan Tutsis in the mass murder – confirming the racial or ethnic nature of the slaughter.

Kagame’s men made no distinction between Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus; they killed them all.”

The Tutsi Rwandan military stayed in eastern Congo to exploit the rare minerals of the region, employing slave labor and selling the booty to multinational corporations. They were joined by the Ugandan military, who also set themselves up as soldier/entrepreneurs on Congolese soil. The Rwandans and Ugandans remain in the region, uniformed African gangsters in league with Euro-American corporations in a killing ground that has swallowed up possibly six million Congolese. Some estimate Congolese “excess deaths” in areas controlled by Rwanda, alone, at three and a half million. Their blood and stolen heritage has made Kigali, the Rwandan capital, a bustling beacon of capitalist enterprise – a “free market” success story.

Carnage on such a scale could not have occurred were it not for the connivance of the United States, which has nurtured Kagame at every juncture. After training him for major operational command, the U.S. funded Kagame’s rebels through its Ugandan client, President Yoweri Museveni. When Kagame’s rebels invaded Rwanda, some of them still dressed in Ugandan uniforms, the Americans dismissed the Hutu president’s complaints. When the plane carrying the Hutu president and his Burundian counterpart was shot down by a missile – almost certainly by Kagame’s men – and mass killing broke out, the US. forced the United Nations to withdraw from the country – a move that could only have been of advantage to Kagame’s well-trained and armed forces, which quickly conquered all of Rwanda. When United Nations reports showed Kagame was killing 10,000 Hutus a month inside Rwanda, even after the opposition had collapsed or fled, the United States halted an investigation. Then Kagame’s men swarmed into Congo, and the larger genocide began.

Carnage on such a scale could not have occurred were it not for the connivance of the United States, which has nurtured Kagame at every juncture.”

The leaked UN report cannot be put back in the bottle. Kagame, who labels all critics “genocidaires” or apologists for genocide, is exposed as “the greatest mass killer on the face of the earth, today,” as described by Edward S. Herman, co-author of The Politics of Genocide. Kagame’s mentors and funders in the U.S. government, who aided and abetted his genocide in Congo, must be held equally accountable – if not more so, since United States corporations derive the greatest benefit from Congo’s blood minerals, and the U.S. military gains the most advantage from Rwandan and Ugandan services as mercenaries at America's beck and call in Africa.

It would be great if Kagame pitched a pathological fit and made good on his threat to withdraw his soldiers from Haiti, Chad, Liberia and Sudan. But that would seriously inconvenience the United States, whose interests the UN “peacekeeping” missions serve. Kagame has no problem killing Hutus by the millions in Congo, but he will not dare upset the superpower to which he owes his bloody career.
BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at


akechlo - 09/03/2010 - 21:54

I am not shocked to find Andrew Young and Quincy Jones among those who are loyal to both Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni
Andrew Young is reportedly building a mansion on Lake Muhazi in Rwanda, where Kagame also
owns a mansion, and next to exclusive multi-million dollar lakeside resorts and golf courses.
Quincy Jones has bought an island on Lake Muhazi.
This information is found on page 23 of this document:
Please, find time and read the file. You will understand how black elites operate behind the scenes. When they said Clinton was a black president, they must have meant that he knows how to use black elites to enrich his people. Jesse Jackson Sr. and Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey played very major roles on behalf on Bill Clinton during the events leading to turmoil in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Donald Payne was at the time a personal friend of Charles Taylor who is on trial at ICT at the Hague; this is the court created for dealing with Black Africans who have exhausted their usefulness to the western governments and corporations. This also reminded me of role played by Ray Nagin of New Orleans during Huricane Katrina. Orders were given to shoot and kill. Many African males were shot in the back!
Like poor people in Africa who are being slaughtered by Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, the African Americans in this country has no one watching their backs. African elites everywhere are collaborating with the multinational corporations to take care of themselves and their families!

The truth is sad and depressing

Enlightened Cynic - 09/04/2010 - 12:38

You are so right. Without the aiding and abetting of the Black US elites, a lot of this shit wouldn't be going down. It pains me to no end that people will sell their soul and the souls of millions of "invisibles" for their own creature comforts. (when they already loaded with cash moreover)
There is indeed no one watching common Black folks back, that's turning into the theme of this past generation, isn't it? If these rank, sell out, bitch-ass, m***er f****ers had half a heart, and brain, there would be a genuine "back to Africa movement" in the sense of cooperative and fruitful partnerships and economic relations benefiting all sons and daughters of Mother Africa.
Another reason I can't stand "racial,tribal" politics. If someone is going to fuck me and mine, why does it have to be someone who looks like me? Why do Black folks BLINDLY assume every nigga in "power" is looking out for them? When in reality every "street smart," astute common Black person knows the niggas who running for elected office or preening in front of white folks is a selfish traitor.
Has racism over the centuries really fucked us up that bad? Or are we fucked up enough on our own?

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