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Why Museveni met Kenyatta, Kagame

Why Museveni met Kenyatta, Kagame

Sidelined? Museveni (L) welcomed by Jakaya Kikwete in Tanzania earlier this year

East African community rocked by Kampala meeting that excluded two members

The decision by three East African leaders to meet in Kampala in the absence of their two East African Community colleagues and announce major infrastructure projects and fast-tracking of the political federation agenda has left people wondering whether the bloc is falling apart.
Asked why Tanzania and Burundi were not at the meeting, President Museveni, flanked by Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta, answered that it was not shameful and that they would be briefed.

Indeed, it was not shameful and they will be briefed but that response didn’t sound convincing at all, as it doesn’t really explain why Dar es Salaam and Bujumbura couldn’t come.
East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) member Dan Kidega is one of the people worried about the health of the community in light of the Kampala meeting that excluded Tanzania and Burundi.
Kidega says whereas the meeting’s resolutions were in line with existing provisions, not having some members at the table kills the spirit of unity among member states.
“Some of the things that they agreed upon have already been discussed and considered at the EAC level but it perturbs me to hear that a tripartite arrangement is discussing the same. This is not in good faith,” Kidega told The Observer.
The three heads of state, who met at State House Entebbe on Tuesday, signed a memorandum of understanding binding them to improve relations and enhance development among their countries.
They resolved to revamp the East African railways network and build one standard railway system connecting the three countries, clear non-tariff barriers by forming a customs territory, as well as set up two oil pipelines connecting the three states.
Besides, they agreed to invest in building an oil refinery in Uganda, improve accessibility and affordability of electricity in their countries, as well as invest in the exploration of renewable energy sources.
In addition, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda undertook to fast-track the East African Community in regard to achieving a political federation, as well as expediting an identity card for the people of East Africa.
Under Article 7(e) of the East African Treaty, the three states had a right to meet and take such decisions using the principle of flexibility, which allows for progression in cooperation among a sub-group of members, even if this happens at a different pace from the rest of the region.
“The meeting had the legal mandate to agree on issues if they feel that they are ready, and it is about setting the pace for the other members to catch up with the pace set by them,” said Fred Mukasa Mbidde, another EALA representative.
Kidega concurred with the legal cover but maintained that the meeting was held in bad faith.
“They agreed to have a customs territory but it is very clear that at the EAC level they had already agreed to have a customs union. And, if they are interested in the union, they should have asked why this had failed to work, not just rushing to make other moves,” Kidega said.

Doomed or boosted?

Whereas Kidega and Mbidde are optimistic that the infrastructural projects agreed on by the three heads of state can be achieved, they argue that for the meeting to discuss fast-tracking political federation without Burundi and Tanzania was a waste of time.
“These two are member states and a political federation cannot just be pushed without their involvement,” said Kidega. Mbidde added that although the heads of state may be heavily interested in political federation, it requires the input of all stakeholders.
“Based on the different findings that have been carried out to establish the challenges that the process towards a political federation was finding, it was discovered that citizens as well as stakeholders of the five partner states have to be involved and consent to its formation,” says Mbidde.

3 amigos: L-R: Rwanda's Paul Kagame, Uganda's Yoweri Museveni and Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta

In 2011, a team of experts released a report titled “Addressing the fears, concerns and challenges of the East African Federation”.
According to the findings, concerns were raised about differences in land tenure systems of partner states and possible loss of land due to free movement of people and rights of establishment within the EAC partner states.
The report recommended the involvement of stakeholders in the process. The desire to fast-track the regional political federation endeavour is not new. East African Community leaders several years ago proposed a single president by 2013, and a commission was established to seek the views of East Africans about it.
While the move enjoyed significant support in Kenya and Uganda, Tanzanians were not very enthusiastic. Rwanda and Burundi had not yet joined.
Analysts say that Tanzania’s cautious approach towards federation has left other leaders who prefer faster movement towards that goal, like Museveni, a little frustrated. Such frustration could explain why some member countries have decided to make a bold move and wait for the others to make up their mind.
Some members are also uncomfortable with Tanzania’s perceived preference for the southern Africa bloc (SADC) to the EAC. Dr Philip Kasaija, a lecturer of international law and relations at Makerere University, believes a meeting like the one in Kampala creates disharmony in the path to a political federation.
“Whatever they are trying to do cannot be achieved because a political federation requires the concurrence of partner states,” he said.
However, another analyst who didn’t want to be named said it could well be the tonic that the community needed.
“When the member countries that were foot-dragging realise that others are marching on, it could hasten the process as they too jump onto the ship lest they get left behind,” he said.

Why Tz missed

While President Museveni described the curious absence of the other two East African members as “not shameful”, adding that they would be briefed accordingly, he didn’t say why they were absent.
Kasaija believes that the “cold war” between Rwanda and Tanzania might have something to do with it.
“You cannot rule out the explanation that Tanzania missed because of its disagreement with Rwanda in their foreign relations,” Kasaija says.
Following last month’s call by Tanzania’s Jakaya Kikwete at a meeting of heads of state from the Great Lakes Region in Addis Ababa, that Kigali should hold talks with Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), rebels fighting the Kigali government from bases inside DR Congo, relations between the two countries have hit a cool patch.
President Kagame referred to the comments as utter nonsense. Kikwete was asked to withdraw the remarks and apologise, but he has refused to do so. The FDLR is a sensitive issue in Kigali because of the former’s role in the 1994 genocide, as well as its continued security threat to Rwanda.
The militia draws most of its members from the genocidaires, who participated in the 1994 mass killings. Kasaija was also quick to mention the impending visit by US President Barrack Obama, saying it could well be a factor too.
Obama is visiting Tanzania this week, and so Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda might have wanted to use the meeting to make the statement that the region has more important things to attend to.
“Why did they have to wait when he is visiting? Maybe if it was not deliberate, they should have waited when his tour is done,” he said.
The US president’s African tour that began this week has so far taken Obama to Senegal, with South Africa and Tanzania also lined up. According to regional commentator Charles Onyango-Obbo, Obama’s choice of the three countries is based on their considerable respect for democracy and multiparty politics.
“They are all today multiparty democracies. Secondly, they have presidential term limits. Thirdly, they are corrupt yes, but certainly not among the worst in Africa. By and large, at least Ghana and Senegal hold fairly free elections in which the opposition has a fairly good shot at winning,” Obbo argued in a newspaper column.
Commenting on the possible future of EAC without Tanzania, Kasaija argues that the latter does not lose anything from being locked out.
“Tanzania obviously has leverage over other countries because of its strategic location. It is not like Uganda and Rwanda which are in the cooperation because of their landlocked nature. It can move out anytime since it has access to the coast and after all it has SADC,” Kasaija says.


#1DAVID2013-06-27 23:33
well Uganda and Rwanda maybe the reasons why EAC is failing...M7 is using EAC to boost his popularity other than to boost trade among other countries.

In other words Secretariat should be applauded in its mission to build cross border partnership and for its endeavor to make sure that the people of East Africa know and realize the benefits of the EAC; noting though, more resources are needed to make sure that all the people know the EAC and its programmes that is Common Market Protocol, Monetary Union road map, Federation and integration process.

The issue of the CMP is the driver for the regions economies and the balance of scale have to be shared equally among the partner States.

#2Moses Okello2013-06-28 00:24
According to available documented the trio is suspected war criminals. Museveni, Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta are potential war criminal suspects.

Start with Yoweri Museveni: according to the December 19, 2005, ICJ ruling in the DR Congo Vs Uganda, he is a potential war criminal suspect at the ICC. The verdict of International Court of Justice (ICJ) provides cause to prosecute Museveni at The Hague's International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

According to the Spanish Judge Andreu Mercelle’s indictment, Paul Kagame, had a hand in the murder of 9 Spanish nationals. Isidro Uzcudun Pouse, a Spanish Missionary from the Dioces of Donosti, was assassinated by Kagame’s RPF in Mugina Rwanda on June 10, 2000.

Maria Flors Sirera Fortony, 35, a nurse and Manuel Madizo Osuna, 42, a physician and Luis Valtuena, 28, a journalist, were murdered in Rugengeri by RPF on Jan. 18, 1997...continues..

#3Moses Okello2013-06-28 00:36
Joaquim Vallamajo a Missionary in Africa was abducted tortured and murdered by RPF in Byumba on April 26, 1994. Servando Mayor Garcia, Julio Rudriguez, Jorge Miguel, Angel Isa Lucio and Fernando De La Fuente Marian, brothers were assassinated by the RPF in Bugobe (DR Congo) on October 31, 1996.

The Spanish nationals had become inconvenient witnesses who had seen Kagame's RPF killing of Hutu refugees in some part of Rwanda and DR Congo.

Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta has issues going on at The Hague-based ICC. Kenyatta is accused of crimes against humanity, for his involvement in the 2007. Kenyatta’s indictment at the ICC is related to his "indirect co-perpetrator" in the violence and murders that claimed about 1,200 lives and left over 500,000 homeless after the 2007 disputed Kenya elections.

#4Bossman2013-06-28 04:10
The absence of the two was a strong message to the trio. We are not wanted anywhere for human rights crimes, and we are not part of that buffoonery.

#5Steven Nsubuga2013-06-28 06:21
Political federation will never work until m7 is of the mix. So he convinces the other two actors only if he becomes president?

Im wondering, why would Kenya want to associate itself with the tow most ruthless dictators that Africa has ever seen as of late? Ok, I get it Kenya is led by another indicted criminal at the hague.

+13#6Lakwena2013-06-28 08:20
This was a Tripartite Summit of Shameless Wrongdoers (TSSW)!

No wonder they shamelessly said, "it was not shameful and that they (Tanzania and Burundi) would be briefed". Of course, after the criminal syndicate deal is struck.

HE Kikwete should keep his pacific smile, which shines over TZ and leave the criminal conspirators to their own vice.
-19#7santus israel2013-06-28 09:06
The visit of the US President of late adds no substance whatsoever. It's about politics. For Obbo to claim Obama chose Senegal and TZ because they hold regular elections is shallow, after all, Obama was recently accorded a state visit in Burma, the biggest exporter of corruption and misrule.

Does Aung Sun Su Kyi ring a bell? Makes KB a joke!! No wonder he is globally ignored. Israel, the world's worst human rights abuser and racist government is America's number one ally and recipient of foreign and military assistance. We all know who is at the recieving end of America's bullets and the blockades in Gaza and the occupied territories.

Ask the Palestinians..... Not forgetting South Africa that still runs rule over blacks! American drones are killing innocent people all over the Arab world under the pretext of fighting terror!! Only the naive and shallow still think the US is still the global power it was decades ago and his not visiting Rwanda Ug or Kenya is a slap.
+12#8L Kono2013-06-28 10:04
There is no African leader who can wish to partner with the life president (Museveni) who is leading the most corrupt and despotic regime.

But because Kenyatta still has the ICC problem and Kagame the FDLR they want to find solace in the East African Community which hasn't been sold to the populations of their respective countries.
-15#9Mulisa2013-06-28 10:11
I don't think this was EAC Meeting on the Agenda. It seems illogical to say that Tanzania and Burundi absence is politically motivated.

There are 05 member states, yes... but this does mean that all Ugandan interests concern Tanzania; and not all Rwandese interests should be communicated to whole EAC.

It depends on which country to facilitate which country's policy. again , to associate Obama's visit to 3KKK meet is as irrelevant as having chosen highly corrupt nations.
+13#10kato2013-06-28 10:25
useless talks. how do you talk about a federation when you are busy dividing your own country into tribal units (uganda).

what a contradiction! this just sums it al: the trio is a bunch of selfish, power hungry fellows.
+9#11Betty Long Cap2013-06-28 10:28
Exclusion of Tanzania indicates the decision to locate the two oil pipelines connecting the three states was made in favor of the better environmental route through Kenya.

President Museveni, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta are master politicians at oil politics albeit played with bloody hands. President Barrack Obama trumped the trio by boycotting the bloc.
+12#12Jane2013-06-28 10:32
Quoting santus israel:
American drones are killing innocent people all over the Arab world under the pretext of fighting terror!! Only the naive and shallow still think the US is still the global power it was decades ago and his not visiting Rwanda Ug or Kenya is a slap.

America will remain a global power for the foreseeable future to come... US made china what they are today and China cannot survive with the US..FACT!!

America run and police this world as far as it goes.if you think china is the global superpower then you are deluded like the rest of NRM goons on the payroll

+19#13sue2013-06-28 10:40
@ santus israel
Well you may think Besigye is a joke but M7 doesnt agree with you. why do you think the NRA soldiers are camped outside his home restricting his movements.

Besigye can overthrow this govement within a blink of an eye with his movements alone eg as walk to work prove. Keep on bashing Besigye because you are on the pay roll and a parasite like David, Nakasero ,jane etc

+14#14jee2013-06-28 11:03
The two have to prepare the work for their exit stragedy because the ICC is closing in on both candidates. Kagame is retiring in 2017 (good luck to him) he cant appear in ICC dock without any distractions.

While M7 awaits the fate of kony who the americans have approved the use of body image sensor drones in his search in the central africa. if they caught him alive then M7 has a problem with what comes out of kony's mouth

+11#15Bongomin Morris2013-06-28 11:27
I sympathize with Uhuru Kenyatta who is blindly being misled by M7. Uhuru Kenyatta should know that M7 likes pocketing people for his personal gains and then abandon you when he has finished with his mission.

After realizing that Tz, because of its national interest and rightly so, is making a cautious but steady calculated moves toward the EA federation, M7 as usual likes to rush aiming to gain personal score now feels that Tz is delaying his ambition to be president of EA.

He is now getting a by pass through Kenyatta.

For Rwanda, why should Kagame not talk to the rebels if that can bring peace in the country? Reconciliation is all Rwanda needs.

+5#16Webesixty2013-06-28 11:27
Quoting santus israel:
The visit of the US President of late adds no substance whatsoever. It's about politics.

Israel, the world's worst human rights abuser and racist government is America's number one ally and recipient of foreign and military assistance.

You are damn right Santus ISRAEL! Why talk about your neighbours dirty linen hung out to dry when it's your dirty window that needs cleaning?

US has never killed a single Palestinian in comparison to Some hero of yours who pumped rounds into a church full of Palestinian POW's in the 1979 war! Israel is a client state, could you tell the world what Rwanda is to the US? And your choice of cyber name? The great lakes region is wailing because everyone is very happy?

It's not the gun but the criminals that bear them that need some serious soul searching!
Rwanda would be heaven on earth, thanks to gun totting trigger happy self seekers.

+7#17mary2013-06-28 12:04
@ santus will be interesting to hear from you how you got the name Israel. Clearly you are not a fan of israel lol.Despite of all that china has done in Uganda..with their cheap perishable goods and the crumbling chinese built stadium.

US still runs Uganda and they are still right with their intelligence that Uganda is a a failed state and will continue till 2030

+10#18Twasoma Fuledi2013-06-28 12:24
Any "professor" or jouralist that does not mention ICC as one of the reasons why these 3 suspects met must be a UPE graduate.

+7#19Betty Long Cap2013-06-28 12:26
Quoting mary:
US still runs Uganda and they are still right with their intelligence that Uganda is a a failed state and will continue till 2030

If what mary says is true, America is doing a poor job running Ug. 2030 is too long to wait to set the crooked path straight. First order of business is to oust the rascal.

+5#20kabayekka2013-06-28 12:43
The Germans killed millions in many countries in 1st and second world wars.

Today this country and tribe of Germans have ambassadors all over the world for recociliation governance. These Ruanda tribal factions need the world more than the world needs them.


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