Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kidero, Shebesh deny claims of seeking deal to end matter

Good People,


Better that way than putting self in such compromising situation like that of Kilonzo Mutula, where facts of his death turned out a mystery; should he have opted to stick with taking death threats to Court, the world would have known who engineered his death threats and the truth would have been known why people wanted him dead.


We are fatigued, sick and tired of multiplying numbers of political stage-managed conspiracies, hooliganism, responsibilities with playing victims as target for sexist engineering prostituting for sympathies………that add no value to political leadership public officials are elected to engage on.


Shebesh ambush to Kideros Office with glaring crowd of gang posed danger with real threat and it is therefore not a simple matter to be dealt on the street deals. People must know why as a law-maker, she had to apply an approach of crude invasion of hooliganism which prompted unfavorable and unfortunate reaction that send her rushing to court.........


Democracy works better this way.........Let the truth be told and the world get to know, exactly what was cooking in the hot pot.........


Cheers !!!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Kidero, Shebesh deny claims of seeking deal to end matter

Updated Sunday, September 15th 2013 at 12:16 GMT +3

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero Photo: Standard


KENYA; The tussle between Governor Evans Kidero and Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh has taken a new twist with assertions from both sides that they were not working on a deal.

Mr Cecil Miller, the lawyer representing Ms Shebesh in the matter denied media reports that his client had placed a compensation demand on Dr Kidero’s table for consideration.
“No meeting has been held between the two,” said Mr Miller.
Instead, the lawyer said his client was waiting for police to charge the governor after the MP reported the assault case.
“I spoke to her this morning and the position remains the same. There are no negotiations and she is also not ready to negotiate,” said Miller.
He said his client had secured a P3 form and a file opened on the matter, adding that he expects police to charge the governor.
Miller denied that any emissaries had been sent to meet Ms Shebesh with a view of reaching any settlement.
And Kidero’s team also called from City Hall to distance the governor from the alleged reports of negotiations to end the matter.
A Mr Okello and Chief of Staff George Wainaina claimed that their side of the story had not been sought.
“The Governor is quite upset that he could be quoted as having initiated the talks yet he has neither sent anyone to any meeting nor received any offers for talks from such persons,” said the governor’s spokesman George Millah.


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