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Good People,

1. My reliable investigation proved that Kibet is not Kuria Mwangi and Kuria Mwangi is not Kibet........That Kibet is Kibet.........

2. Mr. Kibet is very right and I also salute all contributors as well, that in whichever way you look at it, that justice must be seen to be found so, as a measure of punishment and discipline to evil doers, a repeat of the same should never happen or lure its ugly head in Kenya again and that victims, in whichever condition; poor, weak, segregated, marginalized or victim of circumstances, have equal rights for justice and that, justice must be seen to be fairly done.

3) That where there is smoke, there is fire........and genesis root cause of the problem which is to acquire power by force and violently with illegal means of Land Grabbing .......the main reason that sparked killings in 2007/8 should be unearthed, and perpetrators of the same must see justice so a repeat of the same must never go scot-free.

4) That Land Grabbing is an act of theft as is an illegal and unconstitutional act that is against Public Mandate or interest, which suppresses and destroys fundamentals for sustainable and progressive Development where Economic drivers are disabled from public access except they are channelled towards a selected few group members of Special Business Interest network; and where Social welfare with cultural values and peoples dignity, peace and unity is completely wrecked, torn apart, disarrayed and pushed to endless conflicts and killings.

5) That Museven Army, Mungiki/Al-Qaeda/Al-shabaab with Artur Brothers did not enter into Kenya from Uganda in Uganda Air-force planes to kill people if there was no conspiracy cooked by those who were in power or were seeking power at the time.

6) That Migingo would not have been easily and illegally acquired by Museveni immediately after the simmering of the 2007/8 election gone bad.

7) That after election win of Uhuru and Ruto, Kibaki commissioned the Kenya police more powers over Uhuru and Ruto leadership before leaving the office which is the case where the police force with infused Al-shabaab and Mungiki with Boko Haram from Nigeria in a show-case presently demands excessive independent legal powers in Kenya to accommodate East Africa...............I mean is this it ?????????

8) That after Uhuru and Ruto election, Museveni demanded to acquire Kismayu Port and Mombasa Port........ There must be explanation why there is private prison for Kibaki and Raila leadership in Uganda, and why people are hijacked and held there illegally and unconstitutionally without human rights. The investigative episode of Jicho Pevu says it all…………

9) Where on the same vein, it was recently witnessed as President Jonathan Goodluck jet in to Kenya to demand for illegal 42 Oil Fields for his business community in Kenya......and where Chinedu after deportation was caught in Kenya enjoying free life doing his usual business

10) Where we continue to witness extra-judicial killings with burning of peoples homes in Tana River, Kwale, Lamu, Garissa, Garsen, Isiolo, Turkana, Mombasa, Nairobi, Migingo, Siaya, South Nyanza and also Burning of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport .........

11) Somali Pirates have taken control of all businesses in big cities in Kenya and are spreading into the rural villages including Lamu, Tana River, Turkana, Migingo and in Migori

12) Kamlesh Patni is still free from Goldenburg with Triton saga and the matter cannot find footing in the Kenya’s Court

13) The Court is Intimidated by the forces of the Special Business Interest and cannot provide fair justice as it should in the provision of the Constitutional Reform Accord. Those opposing ICC in Parliament have special interest and they should be investigated

14) People in Kenya continue to live in fear and intimidation from organized Militia goups where freedom is curtailed with poverty, sickness and hunger has become a thorn in the flesh.

15) It is a fact that, Turkana, Kalenjin and Luos people have genuine reasons for fear of extermination with extinct as their lands have become the target for the rich and the most powerful gang of Special Business Interest in Kenya.

The reason of all these happenings is that the illegal unauthorized Special Business Interest groups have taken control of the Government dictating their terms against those of the Public Mandate. The Special Business Interest have ganged against the poor and marginalized who are victims of the unfortunate free loading of LAND GRABBING.......

Uhuru and Ruto will therefore have no case if the matter does not involve Kibaki and Raila to explain why Museveni used Uganda Army and Airforce to kill Luo Nyanza in Kenya and also why there is official business for Somali Pirating with Mungiki/Al-shabaab and Boko Haram having fields day in Kenya with demand to give power to the Police Force in Kenya.........................

Kibet with all the silent voices in fear also have right to demand for security of their livelihood and survival and without ICC brokering, the evil and rot in Kenya will never see the light of Justice. The conspiracy to stage manage blocking of ICC Hague must be defeated and ICC must be given opportunity to comb the rot of injustices in Kenya...........This will provide for those international business community who are financing the Boko Harams, Museveni, Kagames to be exposed.........Wake up people wake up..............but if justice is left in Kenya courts alone, there shall be no true justice or the International condemnation to Museveni, Drug barons, to Al-shabaab, to Boko Haram or to the international Business who finance these greedy and corrupt politicians to kill and destroy their own............

Let the Truth be Known once and for all........Let the most powerful thieves of the world be exposed people...........demand for justice...........Africa shall be free if justice is given a chance at the International Court of Law and this is your best bet....

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson &
Executive Director for
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa


Jaramandia la Uhalifu : Human Right Abuses in Garissa by Kenyan security Forces

Published on Jul 7, 2013
Jaramandia la Uhalifu : Human Right Abuses in Garissa by Kenyan security Forces
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Jaramandia La Uhalifu : Mauaji ya Robert Ouko
Published on Jul 21, 2013
Jaramadhia La uhalifu : Kenya first Political Assasination
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News : Kiini cha mashambulizi Baragoi
Published on Nov 17, 2012
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Maafisa wa jopo la kitaifa la polisi walizuru mlima suguta na kujionea wenyewe maasi yaliyotendewa maafisa 42 wa polisi waliouawa kinyama, jumamosi iliopita. Baadaye walifanya mkutano wa faragha na wakuu wa polisi katika maeneo ya baragoi. Wakati huo huo mkuu wa polisi mkoani bonde la ufa john mbijiwe alikuwa na wakati mgumu wa kuwaelezea wanahabari wa ktn kwa nini idara ya polisi inatoa taarifa za kupotosha kuhusiania na kuwepo kwa maafisa wa kulinda usalama katika mlima suguta. Mwanahabari wetu mohammed ali ambaye amepiga kambi katika mlima huo wa mauti ametuandalia taarifa hiyo
A country controlled by thugs who cares for no one, they send young recruits to help one tribe against the other, taking sides, Mbijiwe should be held responsible.


From: Jack Ndunya
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Subject: Re: [uchunguzionline] KALENJINS BEING FINISHED!!!


Stop lying!
Take a keen look at the chronology of events that led to Kenya being part of ICC.
-Kibaki signed the Rome statute, making Kenya part of that court,
-Muthaura, Kibaki's Sec to Cabinet, and Maj Ali, his Police Boss were accused and both released. Mathaura was said at the time to be the Chair of NSAC where both him and Ali sat..
-Hon Kosgey, was part of the ODM Luminaries in RIFT VALLEY, He too was listed, went to Hague, the pre-trial chamber looked at the evidence and decided to acquit him.
-Kibaki went further and preferred Mudavadi as his successor and not Uhuru.
- The police, who was caught on camera shooting innocent, unarmed protesters was charged in court and later released since the judge could not link the gun he was assigned to that used to kill the youths. Same Judge though in a different case, Kawangware taxi drivers shooting by APs, sent the APs to jail yet he said the prosecution could not link the guns to them.

What does all these tell you, if you are smart Maryanne???

Kibet is Kuria mwangi and Kuria Mwangi is Kibet!
Its either an alias or Kuria Mwangi uses Kibet to attack when he feels threatened. I have been monitoring the posts from the two and have come to that conclusion.
From: john kibet
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Subject: Re: [uchunguzionline] KALENJINS BEING FINISHED!!!

Dr. Anyumba,Brother, I am not celebrating. Actually, what is there to celebrate about for sure?To say the truth, I am not the celebrating type actually. To use a term prevalent in your neck of the woods, I am too "clinical" for my own good to be a celebratory type. Anyway, enough of me for now.You say that " Brother, it is too early to celebrate. Ruto might have jumped from frying pan to the fire.." What do you mean by that? What has William Rutto done now? Intimidate some witnesses? Or are you talking talking about Jubilee deciding to get out of ICC? Well, I always give credit where it is due and the only time that I have seen ICC prosecutor do something intelliegent (all the others has just shown her incompetency) is WHEN SHE USED the Kenyan parliament motion to withdraw from ICC AS A WEAPON.We know that Bensouda has been LOSING WITNESSES left and right and she WAS LOSING FACE before the whole world. Now the Kenyan MP's and the Jubilee government have given her SOMETHING TO SAFE FACE, literally, as to why witnesses are not showing up at the Hague. But this is something that she never strategized for. Nevertheless, I give her kudos for having the forsight to use it as a weapon. Eventually though, it WON'T do anything to the current cases SINCE WITNESSES HAVE BEEN WITHDRAWING WAY BEFORE the Kenyan parliament decided to withdraw from the Rome Statute. So anyone can say what this Bensouda is doing is akin to what's called a "hail mary" in the American foootball lexigon. Yes, this is a desperate measure on her part that won't succeed.You know that depsite me and you being on opposite ends of the political devide, I still respect you because I think you're above bar unlike the other ODMers who lack that grey matter called brains. Having said that, when you say that "Kikuyu's can NEVER be trusted," you make me really wonder.I mean, who can really be trusted to say the truth? Can you TRUST YOUR FELLOW LUO'S simply because they happen to be your tribesmen?Dr. Anyumba, brother, I think you're being way emotional and I am surprised. I don't know, may be the WHOLE KIKUYU TRIBE HAS WRONGED YOU somehow. I don't know, but what you're saying is akin to me saying that because I believe that Raila Amollo Odinga is a CON MAN, THEN EVERY LUO (for that matter) IS A CON MAN. If I thought that way, then something would be wrong with my head.I am not beating any drums about anything. All I did was point out that the Kalenjin nation is UNDER SIEGE at the Hague. This is not my creation Dr. Anyumba, but Bensouda did that, courtesy of Raila Odinga sycophants. So why can't a Kalenjin react when his own tribe is being annihilated? If the truth be told, the Kalenjins are on TRIAL BECAUSE of one person: RAILA ODINGA. Yes, if the Kalenjin's had not supported Raila Odinga in 2007, there WOULD BE NO PEV of 2007. This is a fact that no matter any gallivanting from ODMers, it won't change. Raila Odinga BETRAYED the same Kalenjin's who VOTED FOR HIM EN-MASS. No question about it. William Rutto was not running for President in 2007. Only Kibaki and Raila Odinga. So why is it that scapegoats were found to take the place of those responsible?The Kikuyu's and the Kalenjin's have been at peace all these years except during every election cycle, politicians actually ginned-up tribal clashes to GET ELECTED! This is a fact.You further claim that "don't think the Kalenjins are not being sacrificed now, as we speak by the Kikuyus...." So how are the Kalenjin's being SACRIFICED BY THE KIKUYU'S as we speak Dr. Anyumba? Are the Kalenjins being sacrificed by one lying Kikuyu witness by the name of Grace Nyakero Githutha? How has she now become the whole Kikuyu nation? You sound like you just woke up or something brother because what you're currently saying is very incoherent. If you want to talk of hegemony, look first within the Luo community. There is something called Raila Odinga hegemony and this hegemony has DESTROYED THE LUO PSYCHE as we know. The reasons, among others, why Luo Nyanza is UNDER-DEVELOPED is because of Odingaism. So please, remember that charity starts at home.Lastly, you claim that "If the Kalenjis are being finished as you purport, then they have chosen to finish themselves ." I don't even know how to respond to this because what I am hearing is that the Kalenjin's choose to put ourselves on trial. Amazing stuff to say the least. The only thing I can say is that the REASON WHY THE KALENJIN'S ARE UNDER SIEGE TODAY IS BECAUSE THEY SUPPORTED RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA. Period. We as a tribe are not on trial because of the Kikuyu's. Nope, its because of supporting Raila Odinga and now we are paying for his (Raila's) SINS!What did the Kalenjin's get out of supporting Raila Odinga???: Texas size ego from Raila sycophants, Raila being selected Prime Minister, and last but not least, the Kalenjin nation ON TRIAL AT THE HAGUE!John K
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Brother, it is too early to celebrate. Ruto might have jumped from frying pan to the fire. Kibet, slow down your drum beats. Kikuyus can NEVER be trusted. One day you might remember these words but history is a beautiful thing. I have no hate in my bones for any person or any tribe but brother, don't think the Kalenjins are not being sacrificed now, as we speak by the Kikuyus.

Well, I have talked about hegemony. I say what I see. If the Kalenjis are being finished as you purport, then they have chosen to finish themselves

From: john kibet
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Wanjiru, What you say is VERY TRUE. Yes, just like ex -president Moi (and me included), Raila Amollo Odinga OUT-FOXED William Samoe Rutto. There is no question that Raila Odinga USED, and I mean big time, used William Rutto to try to ascend to State House. Along the way, he nearly destroyed the Kalenjins! I remember telling everyone before the 2007 elections that Rutto was being PLAYED by Rayila and some of those folks told me that HE WAS SMART. SMART MY ASS! Look at what is happening now. He (William Rutto) is PAYING FOR RAILA's SINS AT THE HAGUE and the mastermind of the PEV is busy CREATING ANOTHER one with the help of his manic followers! Now the WHOLE KALENJIN NATION IS ON TRIAL FOR William Rutto's STUPIDITY!!!

From: Maryann Wanjiru
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John K,
Most of these people CANNOT handle the truth, and facts are STUBBORN, The truth here is ODM used Ruto and then dumped him in the Hague. Ni hayo tu!
On 18 September 2013 06:30, john kibet <> wrote:
Joseph Nyaringo, Despite the fact that you're a Raila Odinga sycophant, I am going to address what you raised in a measured and sober way. First of all, yes Kikuyu's and Kalenjin's have been at logger-heads where the land question is concerned after Kenya's independence. But the problem started way before that when the British colonialists disrupted everything concerning land as we know it. Who can forget the UPROOTING of a whole population of people from one place to another (call it reserves)? Who can forget the divide-and rule tactics that was used by the British to PACIFY most African tribes in Kenya--whom they considered very HOSTILE to their (British welfare)? I can go on and on as to the origins of the land problems that has bedeviled the Kikuyu's and the Kalenjins. But time and space is limited. Secondly, yes I might have been born the other day but I know that the land problem between the Kikuyu's and the Kalenjin's didn't start in 2007/08. If we have to solve anything, we have to be honest with ourselves. Yes, when President Kenyatta became president of Kenya, he upended a lot of things. Case in point is that he gave away lot of land (private and public) in the Rift Valley, Coast and other areas to powerful individuals in his administration. Of course the majority of these people were Kikuyu's BUT there were other powerful individuals from OTHER TRIBES TOO WHO BENEFITED FROM JOMO KENYATTA'S LARGE. I am being objective here because I know a lot of knuckleheads in ODM and elsewhere want to paint this picture that ati only Wakikuyu's benefitted from land allocation. Nope, anyone who was who and who after independence benefited immensely from what was called "free GK Stuff" (government of Kenya property). Along the way, president Kenyatta ALLOCATED himself large tracts of land to which is giving President Kenyatta Junior sleepless nights as we talk. But people need not FORRGET THAT THE LIKES OF JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA (Raila's father) ACCUIRED PUBLIC LAND JUST LIKE KENYATTA'S FAMILY DID. So did ex-president Moi and his family. Not to forget the "Kalenjin mafia" that was part of Moi's kitchen cabinet. Also lets not forget about the Luo mafia who populated Raila Odinga inner cycle until recently. What I am trying to say is that not the so called "Mount Kenya Mafia" BENEFITTED from allocating themselves public land. This BEHAVIOR has been going on until recently. When Raila Odinga was the prime minister, he and his cohorts like James Orengo ALLOCATED themselves PRIME LAND AT THE COAST. But I never hear anything from Raila Odinga kool-aid drinkers. Only what happened in the past! Thirdly, the common Kikuyu mwananchi (and other tribes like Kisii's, Luhya's, etc.) decided to VENTURE into Rift Valley after independence. They LEGALLY BOUGHT LAND ON A WILLING SELLER-BUYER mode in which no one was forced to part with their property. Here is where the REAL UNDERBELLY OF THE LAND PROBLEM between the Kalenjin's and other tribes in Rift Valley. The problem is that it was years latter when my own tribesmen, the Kalenjin's, REALISED that the MAJORITY in their OWN BACKYARD had become (what they have termed in the past as 'OUTSIDERS") other people than themselves. This meant that these "OUTSIDERS" (Kikuyu's, Kisii's, Luo's, Luhya's, etc.) WERE NOW RUNNING THE SHOW---politically, economically, socially, etc. And herein lies what the Kenya politicians, (especially the Kalenjin politicians in Rift Valley), have used OR EXPLOITED FOR THEIR OWN SELF AND POLITICAL ENDS for quite a long time to get elected. These politicians realised that the Kalenjin's were no longer the majority in areas of Rift Valley that were ONCE KALENJIN DOMINATED and THEIR ONLY OPTION WAS JIN UP a cycle of "tribal clashes" where NON KALENJIN'S WERE "CHASED AWAY" when every election was at hand. Yes, politicians did this and if we have to solve problems, we have to talk about the truth (which I know most knuckelheads in these forums doesn't have talk about)! I could add other factors(and other tribes in Rift Valley) versus the Kalenjin's. , but this reply is getting too long and most ODM knuckleheads can't read anyway. Now there you have an abbreviated version of the land conflict between Kikuyu's (and other tribes in Rift Valley) versus the Kalenjin's. Forthly, William Rutto DIDN'T STEAL MUTESHI'S LAND. If you weren't a Raila sycophant, you'd have come to terms with the facts of the case. Actually, a none Kalenjin judge decided the case recently so please if you can read, check out what the judge said in her ruling. If you need help in the interpretation of the ruling, lets us know so that we can help you. We got lawyers who can help for free. Fifth, the so called first ICC witness, Mrs. GRACE NYAKERO GITHUTHA had been found in 2008 by Judge D.K. MARAGA to be A LIAR. Pure and simple as that. Check what transpired during her trial and if you need help, let us know again so that you can be helped! In her case, criminal case 34 of 2008, REPUBLIC VS. STEPHEN KIPROTICH LETING and 3 others, etc. the she NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER SAID THAT William Samoe Rutto WAS PART OF A "NETWORK" or was the ring leader who ORGANIZED the 3000 Kalenjin youths to burn the church. The NGO's came along, and walalala---this Grace Githutha now comes up with a story that she heard William Rutto PLANNING THE VIOLENCE at Mark Too's place. This is amazing stuff in the sense that when she was at the Nakuru High Court, she NEVER EVEN SAID ANYTHING CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. Actually, the Judge found her conduct and testomy VERY WANTING! I hope Khan, Rutto's lawyer, can GRILL HER on her Nakuru testimony and let the whole world see HOW SHE HAS BEEN COACHED to implicate an innocent person. If the ICC is a Kangaroo court and the Judges are in the pockets of Raila Odinga, then they will CONVICT William Rutto and President Kenyatta. But if they're independent and impartial, then this ICC UJINGA AND IDIOCY WON'T LAST LONG. Anyone of average intelligence can tell you that. John K

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Bro John Kibet.
There has been rivalry between Kalenjins and Kikuyus over land and this didn't just start in 07/08. You have raised very clear points here but remember, despite the fact that Ruto was not running for office, he made the worst mistake to grab 100 acres of mr. Muteshi; a Kikuyu at the height of the violence. I was a resident of Eldoret during the violence, and I lived not very far from the Kiambaa Church... I heard sentiments, arguments and counter-arguments from regular Kalenjins. I visited eldoret show ground, the largest idp camp and here i used my listening skills to extract so much from the displaced whose makority were Kikuyus. Of course there are some arguments by the prosecution like initiation ceremonies which do not make sense but listening to today's testimony by the 1st witness, who is a Kikuyu, it's extremely premature to dismiss the ICC or for Ruto to celebrate. The real elephant is now standing tall in the pew.
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On Sep 17, 2013, at 11:25 AM, Tom Oreje <> wrote:
Listen more to your lecturer/ professor. And oh, oh, grow up dude!
On Sep 17, 2013, at 6:01 PM, john kibet <> wrote:
Okello, A couple of E's and some D's. What's your point? John K
From: okello emmanuel <>
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Subject: Re: [uchunguzionline] KALENJINS BEING FINISHED!!!
Your logic is twisted. Incidentally, what are your scores in class?
From: john kibet <>
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Subject: [uchunguzionline] KALENJINS BEING FINISHED!!!
It amazes me what this Bensouda was doing by accepting "the circumcision video evidence" from the NGO's of Kenya and labeling it as real evidence purporting to show Kalenjin warriors in training. I mean, it is way beyond my imagination to watch a KALENJIN INITIATION CEREMONY being labelled "training for warriors" video.
I wonder, was William Rutto in these so called "warrior videos?"
The office of the prosecutor must be BEYOND RETARDED to think that not even an average person would look at the video(s) and say, "uuh, really? Is that what I am seeing?"
This could only have happened because OCAMPO and BENSOUDA NEVER DID ANY INVESTIGATIONS. All these idiotic prosecutors were be on their fat, LAZY ASSES (while sleeping on their jobs) and use stuff provided by Raila Odinga followers, maniacs and sycophants like Professor Makau Mutua, Senator Omar Hassan, Gladwell Otieno, Ken Wafula, etc. etc.
Now I don't even believe the TRIAL WILL LAST A WEEK (if it goes beyond the two witnesses).
Folks, the Kalenjin Nation is UNDER THREAT. There is no question about this. Why?
When you hear that Kalenjin politicians, ex-military men, businessmen, etc. are BEING ACCUSED OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, then no one has to say this IS ONLY ABOUT RUTTO AND SANG. Nope, it was never about these two because the ICC persecutors' opening statements clearly shows otherwise. THE WHOLE KALENJIN NATION IS ON TRIAL---no question about it.
I asked a third party to apprise Rutto's defense of these five questions:
1) wouldn't it have been easier for the Kalenjin military men to INSTAL William Rutto (or for that matter, anyone they wanted) when they WERE RUNNING THE MILITARY? I mean, its an open secret that Kalenjins are "stacked" in the military and the police. So why would someone like L. General A Cheruiyot (a distinguished general) go be part of a some "Network?" allegedly led by someone who was small potatoes then? This DEFY LOGIC ladies and gentlemen!
2) who was running for office in 2007? William Rutto or Raila Odinga? First of all, Rutto was not even running as vice-president. So how could he be fighting for power while he was not the principal?
3) how can a circumcision ceremony be part of an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY? Is African cultures now on trial? If so, we need to know!
4) did William Rutto wanted to kill the Kikuyu's for the heck of it, to ascend to power, or what? The world wants to know the motive as to the reason behind the so called "Network" created by Rutto.
5) the so called European 'expert" on what happened in Kenya. Is the prosecutor telling us that Kenyans DON'T KNOW what their problems are and they need a European to tell them?
If Bensouda or Ocampo was really serious, how comes they didn't want to hear from the people he accused? Is this what the Rome Statute called for that someone was going to be accused, charges COOKED and then don't offer the accused a chance to defend themselves?
In the end ladies and gentlemen, Ocampo and Bensouda are going to be of great help in DESTROYING ICC as we know it. I want to state that ICC WAS A NOBLE IDEA in which the original concept of bringing murderers, dictators, and genocederes ( as my Professor R Hrair Dekmejian likes to call it) to face justice WAS A NOBLE IDEA. But along the way, the ICC has been used as another NEO-COLONIAL TOOL.
In the case of Kenya, it has been used by the NGO's and the Western Powers TO TRY TO ELECT RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA because this is a man WHO COULDN'T BE ELECTED TRHOUGH THE BALLOT--as all democracies should be!
But Moreno Ocampo, in trying to SELECT Raila Odinga as the fourth president of Kenya, BROKE ALL IMAGINABLE LAWS KNOWN TO MAN by DISREGARDING all the safeguards and what the Rome Statute was ORIGINALLY MEANT FOR. In the process, it didn't matter for Ocampo, and now Bensouda, that INNOCENT PEOPLE were being RAIL-ROADED! The end justified the means for these two prosecutors!
My heart cries for the true victims of PEV of because the true INSTIGATOR of their misery might never be brought to trial. Hopefully, the Jubilee government see's that justice is done and seen to have been done.
For President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy William Rutto and Joshua Sang, just know that this ICC IS LIKE A PASSING CLOUD. It will be over soon--may be in days or weeks. That I can sense now.
John K

Baragoi massacre: Kenya government yet to recover guns stolen from slain officers

Updated Sunday, September 15th 2013 at 16:44 GMT +3


Raiders know the government does not mean what it says and are emboldened to carry out more raids

Morans follow proceedings of a peace meeting in Silango. [PHOTO:

By Boaz Kipngeno

KENYA: Residents of Baragoi in Samburu County have for the second time defied orders from the government to surrender all illegal firearms, including those stolen during the Suguta Valley massacre where 42 police officers were killed.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku had in July issued a two-week ultimatum to whoever could be keeping the 48 guns lost during the massacre, saying failure to do so will compel the government to carry out forceful disarmament.

You have played with security matters so much but for this one, you have no option. You must return the guns and Samburu must be peaceful,€ said Lenku. The Cabinet Secretary said cattle raids have ruined the image of the country for long. Failure to do so (surrender the firearms) will compel the government to act and that will be destructive and painful.
However, months after the tough talk, the government is yet to embark on the forceful disarmament, with cattle rustling going on unabated. Residents have now despaired.
John Leterewa says they are used to such pronouncements.

These are hollow statements which we are used to. Raiders know that the government does not mean what it says and are emboldened to continue with raids,€ he says.

During Lenku’s visit in July, politicians from Turkana and Samburu counties requested for more time to look for a solution before the government steps in.

We request the minister to give us a little more time to engage our people through other means to end cattle rustling,€ said Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal. Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok said utilisation of available resources in the region and developing infrastructure such as roads and power may be the solution.

More than forty police officers were killed at Suguta Valley in July last year. Since then, different efforts have been made to end cattle rustling, poaching and highway banditry.

Peace meetings
The Samburu County Government plans to engage the neighbouring Baringo, Turkana and Marsabit counties to promote cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Peace meetings are held in different parts of the county by top security personnel and residents.

It is like a joke, a kind of sick joke. Go to Wamba, Maralal or any hospital in the region and count the number of casualties,€ said John Lenkulate, a resident of Baragoi.

During this year'€™s Madaraka Day celebrations at Kenyatta Stadium in Maralal Town, Samburu leaders asked the national government to account for the 42 guns stolen by bandits during the Baragoi massacre.

The leaders expressed concern that the national government has not taken any action to punish the bandits. If the government stays mum, the atrocities can't be stopped from recurring because they can be revenged, said Samburu North MP Alois Lentoimaga.

The leaders said reconciliation will not be realised when one community is in possession of 48 stolen guns and more than 3,500 bullets.

Pokot and Samburu communities live harmoniously in Lolmolog location where an exchange programme for primary school children in Longewan Primary School has been introduced to foster cohesion between the two communities. They have also jointly embarked on a programme to protect the area’s wildlife.

On the contrary, there is still animosity between Turkana and Samburu communities in the county. Recently a class three pupil at Masigita Primary School was killed by bandits believed to be from the Turkana community.

Police laxity
Residents accuse police officers in Baragoi of laxity, saying all they do is collect dead bodies after raids and confirm deaths. An officer says it is difficult to separate two communities in a fight because they are heavily armed. How can you go in between heavily armed bandits who know how to shoot just like you? asked the officer.

He said he cannot risk his life “interfering in other people’s culture” trying to recover livestock while he owns none at home.

Kenya Police Reservists are common in the area. They are given guns by the government to protect their people against communal raids. However, some guns belonging to some KPR are believed to have landed in wrong hands and are being used in cattle rustling, poaching and highway banditry.

Samburu Central District OCPD Morris Assilah said there are 180 police reservists in the region 104 in Opiroi and 76 in Barsaloi.

During a peace meeting in Marti, Maralal Catholic Bishop Virgilio Pante of Maralal Diocese urged Turkana and Samburu communities to embrace peace. €œPeace cannot be achieved in one day and you don’t have to wait for peace from the government in Nairobi. When will you enjoy the blessings that God has bestowed in this land?€ he said.

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