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Jaramandia la uhalifu : Mauaji ya kinyama katika kaunti ya Garissa - A Conspiracy to Kill

Good People,

This is sad indeed. I am shocked. The law should bring justice
to the people of Kenya sooner. If there are latest of Jicho Pevu,
we would love to track it down.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Jaramandia la uhalifu : Mauaji ya kinyama katika kaunti ya Garissa

Published on Jun 30, 2013
Jaramandia la uhalifu : Mauaji ya kinyama katika kaunti ya Garissa
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What is Duale talking about? KDF never burnt Kismaayo
And then you see guys on twitter going on about the semantics of how Kenya is NOT a failed state. I ask but one question, Is Garissa part of Kenya? If as we all agree it is, then the residents of that region have THE right as the rest of us to security and stability. Thanks Moha for highlighting what goes on in Kenya. And yes Kenya IS a failed state. You cannot PICK and CHOSE who to protect. We are all Kenya.

A Conspiracy to kill
Published on Oct 28, 2012
It started with the burning to death of a driver who had simply dropped his boss to a meeting. What was to follow was the revelation of a dark underworld of bitter business rivalry, big money and a family struggling to move on without its breadwinner. NTV's John-Allan Namu with out latest investigation, a Conspiracy to Kill.
Mr.Manoha, Head of Presidential Press, please also log in to ''msaragambo wa ardhi'' n will very much appreciate if you could bring our ''OUT CRY'' to the attention of our Beloved President His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta to our rescue.
For our Jubilee Government is a ''DEGITAL GOVERNMENT'' otherwise more and more Fellow Kenyan Citizen will very much be suffer in Total Defamation and Completely Destroy Their Lives due to the Conspiracy of the Asian employer and the Senior C.I.D. Officers thanks.
Oh! Yes! With the indulges of our beloved President H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta I will be the Final Fifth Person to have been Totally Destroyed of my Life by the Total Defamation done onto me by the Conspiracy of the two
Then only will they stop making other Kenyans to suffer like the way I was forced to under go through by them
Its a big shame to see that the known C.I.D. Senior Officers turning themselves into Agents of Crime I say so because they made me to suffer knowingly I am Innocent and others
Your Excellency, despite of the national out cry as you can read through all comments below, the C.I.D. have not taken the initiative in doing the follow up of the full successful investigations done by the Jicho Pevu with full prove beyond doubt that this Asian is the one who killed his own driver our Late Brother Kenyan Citizen Kiarie.
With your indulges it will stop further conspiracy by this Asian and the C.I.D. from destroying fellow Kenyan lives in ''FABRICATING MURDER CHARGES'' to them.
Msaragambo wa ardhi
Published on Oct 27, 2012
Mwaka wa elfu mbili na kumi James Ng'ang'a Kiarie aliuawa jijini Nairobi. Aliyetekeleza mauaji hayo hajajulikana. Mohammed Ali amefanya upekuzi kuhusu mauaji hayo na sakata ya umiliki wa ardhi na kukuandalia makala yafuatayo, Msaragambo wa Ardhi.
Ciru you and your beloved children are in our Prayers, and Inshallah our Late Brother Kenyan Citizen Kiarie will get his Constitutional Rights of Justice to Prevail of his ''MURDERERS''
Long Live His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta n Long Live our Well Respected n Well Elected Jubilee Government.
Inshallah the Asian employer will be arranged in court to answer the ''MURDER'' charges of his Late Driver along with all those who were involved with him.
T.N.A. and Jubilee Government is here to stay
Jicho Pevu : Dhahabu ya mauti
Published on Dec 23, 2012
For the last six months now, KTN's investigations desk has been digging shocking details of a web of corruption, murder and intimidation. KTN has established that a ring of international gold dealers are wheeler dealers of blood gold mostly originating from the troubled Democratic republic of Congo.
Two years ago a senior KRA official was shot and killed in a mysteries murder that thrust a gold consignment into the limelight forcing a president to make a surprise visit to kenya. Kenyan police have denied that 2.5 tones of gold was stolen while in transit through kenya but we uncover how that same gold was traded in kenya
KTN's investigations and crime reporter Purity Mwambia with Jicho Pevu investigative feature.
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NTV Investigates: In the footsteps of Kabuga
Published on Jul 8, 2012
He has been on the run for more than 18 years, and for much of that period, Kenya has stood accused -- rightly or wrongly remains the question that today, we shall confront.For more than seven months, NTV's John - Allan Namu has been investigating claims that Kenya is harbouring Felicien Kabuga, a man wanted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) for his alleged role in the 1994 genocide, that claimed an estimated 800,000 lives. Our investigations were grueling as they were frustrating as they expectedly teetered on the brink of the very futility that has attended to all previous attempts to locate the whereabouts of Felicien Kabuga. But in the process, our investigative team led by John-Allan Namu came across several curious pieces of information and varied claims that suggest that the alleged presence of Felicien Kabuga is a question Kenya is yet to conclusively deal with.
you mean some phone tapping etc its first time i heard Kenyans involvement with Congo transporting etc as i knew it was involved  in so may drug and weapons and minerals in Congo,.shame on Kenyans leaders,.,.
They sh'd hire private instigators not a reporters....UN/Rwandans.And flashout everybody involved with impunity/evil.It's been 18 yes, Rwandans deserve the truth and peace of mind.
greed, blood money &secrets .
He played a big role in role in Rwandan Genocide. Watch Ghost of Rwanda and if you have humor, you will appreciate life and see why Kabuga should pay for his action.
Good work Allan we need boldness to cast the demons in our African continent. Such people like Kabuga should not be allowed to walk in our beautiful country......for the doubting thomase, they search for the documentary of Ghost of Rwanda and actually associate themselves with the truths told by the victims and people who were directly involved in the humanitarian crisis at that time in Rwanda. Guys let join hand and fight this impunity of our government of hiding murder suspects because are mon

KTN Kenya Inside Story: The Untouchables Part 1 with Dennis Onsarigo
Published on May 25, 2012
KTN Kenya Inside Story: The Untouchables Part 1 with Dennis Onsarigo
Artur brothers need to be hanged and the government has something
in their pockets to keep them mum. bloody rats sucking the life out of kenyans.
we are being led by a band of monkeys on drugs.
whatever happens to this ex cop we know who to look at.
Those of monies and influence, from the helm to the lowest official in the government are corrupted to the bone. They started by grabbing lands and taking bribes and now they're into drugs. OMFG! Time has now come ti rid the country off this cancer and call for "Majimbo".
kenyans r too generous,they let everyone in the country in the name of investors....they will bring mafias and terrorists who will kill the innocent kenyans in their own land....
its the time pple take action, no one is honest in the current govt coz they all know wen these things happen, but wat happens to us minorities we get shut with being killed and fired so that we cant speak the truth... u see ppla are getting shut by God all of them will go they are a cursed gen and govt....God have mercy for us poor kenyans............

KTN Prime 26th May 2012 Part 2

Published on May 26, 2012
KTN Prime 26th May 2012 Part 2
in kenya people are drunk with power so obsessed that even life threatening matter seems unimportant and life so cheap people can kill for 20 shillings. i dont know what and why there had been disrepect of life. only thing i can say is '' let us be the change we want to see from others'' we are mirrors and what we get is what is projected unto us.
"President" Kibaki's daughter Wangui Mwai was not only sleeping with the Artur brothers but also doing the drug trafficking business with them. They went to state as "family," so YES... Kibaki was well aware of what was going on. The corruption of Kenyan "leaders" is shameful and unspeakable. They are selling Kenyan lives to thugs like the Atur brothers and to Alshabaab who spend their stolen money in Kenya to buy land and own buildings in the city. PATHETIC USELESS GOVERNMENT!
Conclusion - kibaki had to be party to this or sanctioned this somehow. Is that Winnie woman his love child. Her mother gets state security, her last name is mwai. She asked her daddy if he could let 7 men in and some drugs and he obliged. Daddy's little girl got what she wanted at the expense of an entire country. Whatever little kibaki has done just became worthless. Thugs in suits in that state house. God please deliver us from these morons

KTN Inside Story: The Untouchables Part 3 & 4

Published on May 28, 2012
Watch KTN Live on KTN Inside Story: The Untouchables Part 3 & 4 featuring the artur brothers, drug scandal, standard and KTN raid, mercenaries, kenya police

KTN Kenya Inside Story: The Untouchables Part 4b with Dennis Onsarigo

Published on May 25, 2012
Watch KTN Live KTN Kenya
KTN Kenya Inside Story: The Untouchables Part 4b with Dennis Onsarigo

Andy Shakur 1 year ago
Kenyans have what we call closed mind narrow mind mentality. How many of you are criticizing the police for all the bad work they are doing? I'm sure most of you are. How many of you are willing to look beyond their tribesmen in the coming elections and look for ideas in other candidates?! Very few I'm sure.
So please look at all those incompetent people running the country and remember you contributed to that. Next time, vote wisely NOT BLINDLY!!

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