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Raila blames Police Commission chairman's woes on Jubilee

Good People!!

Jamani, mimi na shangaa……..tena najua kwamba, kama mambo hayaendi vizuri, hua kuna kasoro………tena, kuna usemi unaosema kwamba, tamaa iliua fisi……..Kumbe usemi huo kina ukweli………watu wa zamani kweli walikuwa na akili ya kupima na kuona mbele.

Good people,

Is it legal to hoard or hold people’s title deeds of people’s land.In which case, the past Government was wrong.Did they have a reason to hold people’s title deeds………and if people must wait for justice to be done for more than 5 years, is that government legitimate???

I am dumbfounded and amazed to read worrisome loose talks and see suspicious characters bond together in association that make someone wonder, is there something cooking?and I am left in puzzlement asking myself, what could be the reason for the common bond of this type of funny fellowship,and where people of questionable characters tend to bond so close together for, and to make matters worse, is that, the things that come out of their mouth, are against public interest and this calls for why people must demand that:

1) Raila come clear reasons why he is attacking Uhuru against title deeds that were given to the owners.There must be something he knows that public do not know and why it took him more five years before he released them.

2) Raila must tell Kenyans what happened to Migingo during his leadership as Prime Minister and whether he have a hand in dishing out Migingo to Museveni and why

3) Why Raila and Wetangula engage in criticizing, attack and accusing the Government of frustrating the National Police Service Commission Chariman Mr. Johnston Kavuludi iofthe police force. People must be told why they are in dispute on this matter.
One thing is clear, that there are speculations that there are Mungikis, Al-shabaab, Al-Qaeda with some Nigerians feared to be Boko Harams that are infused in the police administration force, and the same could have been engaged in terrorizing security of people, and so, could Raila and Wetangula be knowing something that the people of Kenya do not know? And Why cry foul……???There are some dangerous groups in the country making life very difficult for ordinary people to survive under normal peace and harmony.It is therefore that, some of these illegal corrupt networks must be exposed.

Good People, leaders must be taken to task and explain some of their reactions that look fishy and are suspicious.

There are business of Pirating, Drug Trafficking, corruption and the likes that must be wiped out because they are destroying fundamental fabrics of good governance and they too interfere with justice from taking its rightful cause of action.

Leaders who turn to be Mafias who protect Pirates with Drug Traffickers and share business with them, makes the economy of the country very shaky and also suppresses innovative economic development. These type of leaders are never intelligent and cannot give the Country any useful bargain that provides a balance and spur development.Because of this, they destroy the institution of learning with other basic survival needs that make life meaningful and valuable.They will never curb or stop corruption from getting too dangerous and thus putting peoples lives at risk.

People must demand for answers……..The Government too in their service to people, must see to it that justice is fairly done and is firmly executed so justice is seen to have been done; and that, all play by the same set of rules without discrimination or favor.

People like Wetangula and Kamlesh Patni are people with questionable circumstances that have issues that require to be cleared in the Court of Law.If leaders continue to surround themselves with such people, there are very big question marks that people ponder in their minds.

There are more questions that answers…….it is time that these questions begin to be answered through legal justice in order to make the Democracy work the way it should……….and People must demand for answers.........there are possibility that people could be taken for a ride when the left know what the right is doing.......but are stagemanaging a show to fool the people........
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Monday, September 2, 2013

Raila blames Police Commission chairman's woes on Jubilee

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (left) and Senate Minority Leader, Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula. The pair read mischief in recent developments where a human head was  dumped outside Mr Kavuludi’s office in Nairobi saying it was part of a wide scheme to remove him from office.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (left) and Senate Minority Leader, Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula. The pair read mischief in recent developments where a human head was dumped outside Mr Kavuludi’s office in Nairobi saying it was part of a wide scheme to remove him from office.

In Summary

  • The pair read mischief in recent developments where a human head was dumped outside Mr Kavuludi’s office in Nairobi saying it was part of a wide scheme to remove him from office.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Cord principal Moses Wetangula have accused the government of frustrating the National Police Service Commission chairman Mr Johstone Kavuludi.
The pair read mischief in recent developments where a human head was dumped outside Mr Kavuludi’s office in Nairobi saying it was part of a wide scheme to remove him from office.
“Mr Kavuludi’s office was meant to ensure smooth functioning of the National Police Service Commission as provided for in the constitution but not to create friction in the police administration,” said Mr Odinga in Butere district at the weekend.
Mr Wetangula on his part argued that two bills aimed at undermining the commission had been taken to the National Assembly in order to strip Kavuludi of his powers and mandate.
“We urge Kavuludi not to relent and warn the government to brace for tough times ahead,” he said. He added that jubilee government was taking the advantage of tyranny of numbers to violate the law.
Siaya Senator James Orengo argued that Kavuludi saga was a serious matter since his commission deals with critical issues related to not only hiring of police officers but sanity in the police service.
“We must stand our ground as leaders to prevent the government from targeting civil servants from certain communities at the expense of national integration,” he explained.
His sentiments were echoed by Kakamega senator Bonni Khalwale and several other MPs from Nyanza and Western regions present during the homecoming party of Butere MP Andrew Toboso held at Butere girls.

What is this for ???

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No problem thanks.
Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.
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Dear Sam

I am not able to help you in in this request. I equally I do not know of any Kenyan living in Mozambique with that kind of connection you require. Thanks


On 29 August 2013 11:36, Samuel Omwenga <> wrote:

Hi Richard,
My ultimate objective is to meet with either the Commander in Chief of Police or their Intelligence Services chief (akin to our NSIS); can you inquire from him if he can arrange this? If so, I'll definitely like to talk to him otherwise find out who can and let me know.
If it works out, I'll take care of you when I come I assume you're still there?
Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.
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On Aug 29, 2013 12:32 PM, "Richard Mungla" <> wrote:

Hi Sam

We have a retired Kenya Army Major as the chairperson of Kenyans living in Mozambique. He is certainly known in the high circles. Do you want to connect with him. Otherwise majority of Kenyans are either businessmen or professionals


On 28 August 2013 15:15, Samuel Omwenga <> wrote:

Hi Richard,
I need someone with high connections preferably with police or army but OP is fine as well.
I am currently in Thailand you can call me here +66 9 4464 0771 or provide your # and I'll call you for more info.
Samuel N. Omwenga, Esq.
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On Aug 28, 2013 2:46 PM, "Richard Mungla" <> wrote:

Hi Sam

There are many Kenyans in Mozambique. I am one of them. How can I (We) help you? I am a regular reader of your articles


On 26 August 2013 00:40, Samuel Omwenga <> wrote:

Any Kenyan in or doing business in Mozambique or anyone who knows one please get in touch privately.
Peace, Unity and Truth
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Uhuru orders probe into land given to the powerful

Updated Sunday, September 1st 2013 at 09:35 GMT +3
President Kenyatta is entertained during his tour of the Coast, Saturday. [PHOTO: PSCU]
By Jacob Ng’etich
Kenya: The government will investigate how influential people allocated themselves large chunks of land at the Coast.

Reacting to claims by Lamu residents that land in the area and other parts of Coast region was illegally allocated to influential people in the previous government, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu to investigate the allegations. Mrs Ngilu’s docket includes land and housing.
The President also put on notice Lands officials who were involved in the land-grabbing scheme that their days are numbered.
“Those Lands officials that use their powers to ask for “something small” to serve Kenyans should desist or else they will go home,” said Kenyatta.
He warned that his government would not tolerate cases of ordinary people being dispossessed of their land.
“This story of people coming here and dishing out land anyhow should be forgotten, mambo ya ukora tuwache (trickery should stop), those who are interested in land should use the right channel,” said Kenyatta.
Speaking at Kongole grounds before issuing 2,000 title deeds to the residents of Pate is land, the President said the titles he was issuing had gathered dust in the Lands offices.
Move faulted
Some leaders in the region had previously threatened to oppose the issuance of the titles because the government had not consulted them. They had also demanded that the National Lands Commission be involved in the process.
President Kenyatta regretted that the issue of squatters seeking title deeds had lingered on for 50 years without being addressed.
“During the campaigns we had requested the residents to give us votes so that we can solve land issue and that is what we will continue doing,” said Kenyatta.

He said the Jubilee leadership knew during the campaigning period that land was a factor of production that is very beneficial to Kenyans.
“There is no way you can fight poverty without enabling people to own land. We must solve the land problem so as to unlock the land issue, and we are determined to do just that,” said the President.

He asked the beneficiaries to utilise the title deeds by either acquiring loans to build commercial structures, tilling their land, farming or starting businesses by using the land papers as collateral.
“The land for the 60,000 title deeds we have given you is worth more than Sh20 billion in value. You need to take the titles seriously, let’s use this value to benefit us,” he urged.
Kibaki’s promise
He said title deeds are free of charge and no government officer should purport to charge them anything.
“When I appointed Ngilu as Cabinet Secretary, I asked her to prioritise issuance of title deeds to Kenyans and especially to those in the Coast because they have suffered for many years as they do not own the land they live in,” said President Kenyatta.
However, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has faulted the move, saying the function of issuing of land title deeds should be left to the National Lands Commission.
He said the President should have used the occasion to allow the commission to begin its job of identifying land that was taken away from the people at the Coast and return it to rightful owners.
“The issue of land is bigger than mere issuing of title deeds and so the government should take land reforms seriously and not just make it a public relations exercise.
He was speaking at the home coming party of Butere MP Andrew Toloso yesterday afternoon.
The President has been in the Coast region for three days, together with his deputy William Ruto, where they distributed title deeds to squatters in Kilifi, Mombasa, Lamu, Tana River and Taita Taveta counties.

On Friday, the President presented 22,000 title deeds to residents of Kilifi and Mombasa and pledged to resolve the land problem.
Yesterday, Kenyatta told the residents of Lamu he was ready to fulfill former President Kibaki’s promise of training 1,000 youth in the county so as to get jobs in the LAPPSET project. He said the government had allocated Sh20 million for this purpose.

“You need to make sure that you liaise with the Lamu project officials so that the locals benefit from the opportunities,” said Kenyatta.
He said Sh200 million would be allocated to the county to build a decent hospital.
Revoking titles
He also promised to reconstitute the LAPPSET board to include a representative from the county to champion their issues.
Addressing the gathering, Deputy President Ruto said land allocation in Lamu done three years ago should be reviewed.
“It is not possible to have less that 100 people allocated one million acres while the residents were only given titles of an acre or slightly more…this is something that should be condemned and rectified,” said Ruto.
He urged the Lamu people to embrace education and asked the county leadership to increase the number of secondary schools.
Lamu Governor Issa Timamy said Provincial Administration officials — who are still apportioning individuals land at a fee — perpetuate illegal allocation of land.
“Some chiefs and the district officers continue to distribute land to outsiders regardless of the fact that there are real owners of the land,” said Timamy.
He also accused some senior government officials of grabbing land around the proposed Lamu port and asked the national government to consider revoking the titles.

“We at the county government are not going to allow this, some people were allocated 200,000 acres and others were given land running into thousands of acres,” said Timamy.
The Lamu governor said that his government would not recognise some of the land allocations that had been fraudulently done.


Kackzy01 September 2013 12:15 PM
Let the Coast people be given what belongs to them. The place with the highest land grabbing is Kilifi county. Grabbers with arabic origin have been the great threat, especially a place called Shariani. The reason behind this is that the local leaders are given huge sum of money by the rich-oriented-arab-origined individuals. Alternatively, they are given a portion of the grabbed land. Please Your Excellence, do some to rescue the Kilifian common Mwananchi Kackzy

Hussein Abbas01 September 2013 11:38 AM
This is what we were waiting to hear from the President and his Deputy cause People have taken allot of Lands which does not belong to them how can one own 200,000 acres and others running to thousands acres . We are behind Governor Issa Timamy and we are sure he will bring a very big change to Lamu People . We have to give him time . GOD is with him . Hussein Abbas

Thuthru01 September 2013 6:40 AM
What am I hearing?

mayaka01 September 2013 6:06 AM
Good for you Mr, Timmamy I suggest all title deeds be revoked. Mr. Odinga should know that the reresidents are very happy to receive their title deeds after waiting for over 50 yrs. The national lands board sat on them why would they give them now. I know politicians are unhappy that the their favourite politicking tool has been taken away from them.

Noah01 September 2013 1:06 AM
What the president has done appears a good thing at the face of it, but we have to be very cautious about politicising issues like issuing of the title deeds. They should be left to the administrators. For example telling the people that we asked you to vote for us so that we issue the title deeds appears to imply that the title deeds were not issued for over 50 years because the coast people were not voting for the government of the day. Which should not be the case at all. The main risk is that the president cannot be challenged on issues of the kind even if he gave title deeds to the wrong people. But after his government, someone can challenge (or the next government) may challenge such actions saying the president erred in .....and the title deeds can be later nullified and a legal process instituted. We have seen these things happen. So the executive should not indulge on issues that do not concern them for political expediency. It is what has ruined this country since Independence. The due process of the law should be the guiding principle and not political expediency.


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Subject: [uchunguzionline] ODM is no as good at it portrays itself

TNA has the instruments of power at hand. Land issues in Kenya are well documented in the Ndungu report and in the TJRC among others.
We have now had successive governments that have just talked about land without making attempts of finding long lasting solutions. If TNA can undo such, then its a welcome so that issues of squatters can be a bygone the goodness of ODM being a non factor - some problem you suffer whether one is in a ruling party or not.

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 1:06 PM, Jacob Boaz Muoga <> wrote:
the so called ODM Leaders in Coast use to use Orengo As a bridge to allocate themselves thousands of acres in Lamu and get title deeds that belonged to other people in Mombasa at exchange of paying Orengo apartment/hotel rooms at The NYALI beach hotels particularly Tamarind and they also got Railway land to place their godowns at no fees.who does not know that in Mombasa?They should support UHURUTO forthwith on this matter and stop acting like the Arab absentee landlords.

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Subject: Re: [uchunguzionline] CORD POSITION ON LAND REFORMS

Elimu ni nguvu. Thank you mama Cidi for speaking the truth and speaking from the ground. I think Cord and more so Rao should first get the right information before going public on such issues. I would have expected them to support the issuance of the title deeds but call for speedy investigation and issuance of title deeds instead of condemning the exercise in toto. For once, their position that there is a political agenda didnt hold water since those they claimed were sidelined went public and stated that they were consulted and are in full pictures. The Cord leaders in Coast realized that their leaders at the top were the ones playing politics with the land issue. It is from this background, that Lee, a prominent ODM youth leader payukered.
Ruto had a good response on this. He said that, they are okay being labeled clerks if that means helping wananchi.
I dont see the reason for porojo from Cord, the anger over these title deeds. The focus should have been solving the land instead of attacking those trying to solve the land question. Are they afraid that the current regime may succeed where others failed? Afraid of losing ground politically?
If I were Uhuruto, I would ignore Cord and solve this land issue for the next 5 years. By the time Rao returns to Coast to talk land maneno, no one would listen to him. Lets not forget that ODM held the land docket and Orengo, like those before him sat on these titles for years. Ngilu comes in, get cobwebs off the titles and hand them to owners. Instead of giving her kudos and demanding that more be done, Cord leaders come raising hell and didnt even want the titles go to owners. Will there ever learn to shut the hell up when necessary and raise it when it is necessary? Hell no. Everything must be opposed as long as it does not benefit them,
I wont be shocked to see Coast tilting towards Jubilee in 2017 if the latter play their political cards well. They are already doing well....Just Cord leaders in Coast about that.

On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 11:57 AM, Naomi Cidi <> wrote:

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From: Naomi Cidi
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Subject: Re: [uchunguzionline] CORD POSITION ON LAND REFORMS

Hey Lee,
We all know information is power!
The tittle Deeds that are being distributed now have been in draws since the NARC administration was in power as you rightly put it. The question is - Why were they not distributed to us then?
I received my tittle deed at last. I come from Kakoneni in Kilifi County. People in Lango Baya and Chakama and Soso Bora in Kilifi County got their tittle deeds. This is land that is not contested and not held by absentee landlords. We are not squatters on this land! Why deny us our titles in the name of Land Reforms? Other Kenyans in other counties have their tittle deeds so they can empower themselves through bank loans. Kwani Pwani Si Kenya?
For your information, the Land Reforms are on Course. My Brother Dr. Swazuri who heads the NLC says the land reforms are on course and that contested Land is 20% only out of coastal land that needs to be investigated. The balance 80% is not contentious. Why deny coastals their tittle deeds on the 80% ?
Previous Governments played politics with our land problems. I am aware ODM especially played politics on our land issues and were voted into power all of the 6 Counties. Now, those who were shouting horse for us not to take our tittle deeds were not coastals. Anyway they went to State House - ate Ugali I presume and changed tune! Now it's OK for us to receive our tittle deeds! Shame on them. They own big pieces of land in Lamu and other parts of Kenya and have tittle deeds but they don't want the poor coastal to get their titles for two acres three acres of lands? It's inhuman!
Wapwani wish to collectively thank the Jubilee Government for distributing our long awaited tittle deeds. We have all hope that through the NLC more tittle deeds will be given to us by the Jubilee Government - kusema na Kutenda mayo- and that other historical injustices wll be addressed within the first 4 years of this administration!
Am smiling! All the way to the bank!
Madam Naomi Cidi.

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On Sep 2, 2013, at 10:49 AM, Lee Makwiny <> wrote:
The new obsession of the Jubilee government with title deeds at the Coast Province raises many questions as to the true objectives of the coalition.Firstly, the truth is that the process of solving the squatter problem at the coast is not a jubilee initiative. These are processes that started as far back as 2002 under the NARC government. All that the Jubilee government has done is to move title deeds from the strong room and distributed it to the beneficiaries.It is not honest to pirate on the efforts and initiatives of previous governments to bolster ones political capital. Let Jubilee initiate and implement its own programs on land reform and only then will they be entitled to claim credit.Secondly, this process is clearly an effort to hood wink Kenyans into believing that land reform has started without the government having to deal with the real issues.At the centre of land reform in Kenya is the addressing of historical injustices as contemplated by the Constitution. How the Kenyattas came to own upto one quarter of Kenya's land.The Jubilee government wants to pull the wool over the eyes of Kenyans so that they forget the real objectives of land reform.When the President says that land titles should be investigated, this investigation cannot be for the crimes of a few years back and must extend to the days after independence where the root of these land crimes lie.And the Constitution is clear that this investigation is to be conducted by the National Lands Commission. By taking over the process, the president and his deputy want to determine what gets investigated and what does not. That leaves the Kenyatta family's land intact. Remember Ruto was recently forced to hand back land he had stolen from an internally displaced Kenyan. Remember the same Ruto was in court over land belonging to the Kenya Pipeline. The two leaders want to hijack the process, keep the Land Commission away so that Kenyans cool down feeling reforms have began and so that the two shield what they own.If the Jubilee government is being honest about land reform, let them uphold the Constitution of Kenya and leave the matter to the institutions and agencies created by the Constitution for this purpose. Otherwise, the Jubilee government will only be subverting the Constitution so as to protect the vested interests that will suffer from genuine land reform.Let an independent organisation carry out land reforms. That organisation is the Land Commission.

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Subject: Raila out to cause confusion in the country

Sunday September 1, 2013 - Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi,
has sensationally stated that former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga,
will receive another humiliating defeat if he continues with his quest
for a referendum.

On his Twitter account last week, Mutahi, who is one of the most
celebrated political scientists in Africa said, Raila is only
interested in reviving his already dead political career and he will
again receive a thrashing from Jubilee supremos.

Mutahi, who is famous for his wizardly hypothesis dubbed “Tyranny of
Numbers” which saw President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William
Ruto clinch the Presidency on March 4th, said Raila’s aim of calling
a referendum is to revive his dreams of a run –off which he didn’t
have after he lost the March 4th elections adding that he wants to
confuse Kenyans bearing the fact that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his
Deputy William Ruto are due to attend trials at the International
Criminal Court (ICC).

Mutahi said Raila will win the argument on the referendum but he will
lose the fight the way he lost the March 4th elections.

Here is Mutahi’s Ngunyi tweet

Mutahi Ngunyi #Referendum is the run-off that Raila didn't have. It is
meant to coincide with ICC confusion. He will win the argument, but
lose the fight.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Raila faults Uhuru for issuing title deeds

Former Prime Minister and CORD leader Raila Odinga addresses a past rally. Photo/JACOB OWITI

Former Prime Minister and CORD leader Raila Odinga addresses a past rally.

In Summary

  • Among those being fronted for nomination include former PS Kerry Orege from Bondo and former Ambassador Elkana Odembo from Ugenya.
  • Cord co-principal Moses Wetang’ula and Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale echoed the sentiments and asked the President to steer clear of land matters.
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for issuing title deeds to squatters at the Coast, saying the move is unconstitutional.

Mr Odinga said identification of genuine landless people and issuance of the title deeds was the mandate of the National Land Commission and not the President or the Cabinet Secretary.

“The work of issuing title deeds is for clerical officers and not for the Head of State,” Mr Odinga said.

“By usurping the commission’s powers, it will be difficult for the government to repossess grabbed land and revert it to the rightful owners,” the Cord leader stated.
Cord co-principal Moses Wetang’ula and Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale echoed the sentiments and asked the President to steer clear of land matters.

President Kenyatta issued the first batch of 60,000 title deeds to Coast residents on Friday.
The former PM also asked Kenyans to press for a referendum, saying that Cord would soon embark on an exercise of collecting five million signatures from across the country to push for the referendum.

He was speaking during the homecoming party of Butere MP Andrew Toboso at Butere Girls School. Legislators from Western and Nyanza attended the ceremony.

Meanwhile, there is intense lobbying for the Siaya Governor seat ahead of the October 17 by-election. Yesterday, Ugenya MP David Ochieng’ said ODM party had not settled on any candidate.
“You will continue to get mixed signals until we get a candidate. It is too early to say that we have settled on anybody. The party structures are working on the issue and whoever is presented to us we will support,” said Mr Ochieng’.

The former Governor Cornel Rasanga on the other hand expressed optimism that ODM would endorse him for the seat. “I hope the party will make a very concrete decision and not a biased one. I vow to remain an ODM member even if the party picks another candidate.”

Although in public the MPs are showing a united front, there is intense behind-the-scenes lobbying.
Nominated MP Oburu Oginga let the cat out of the bag when he said the party should nominate a candidate from Bondo.

Dr Oginga said the Siaya governor’s seat was initially for Bondo and Rarieda constituencies before a candidate from Alego was nominated.

“The seat initially belonged to Bondo before (William) Oduol claimed that he was defeated unfairly during the nominations paving way for Mr Rasanga. I do not see the reason why Mr Oduol took Mr Rasanga to court yet they are all from Alego. If they cannot handle the seat they should return it to its initial owners.”

Among those being fronted for nomination include former PS Kerry Orege from Bondo and former Ambassador Elkana Odembo from Ugenya.

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