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Platform for Pan Africa Exchange Fellowship Engagement for Progress

Press Conference:

March 12th at Marriot Residence In Crystal City and Voice of America on 13th 2013 at 1.30 p.m.

RE: Platform for Pan Africa Exchange Fellowship Engagement for Progress

To: US President Barack Obama

UK British Prime Minister Cameron

Cc: African Governments

Pan-African Leadership DAWU

Constituency for Africa & Diaspora People of African Descent

March12th 2013

Confederation Council Foundation for Africa in collaborating with WADU are concerned that livelihood in Pan African Society for progressive development Agenda is not stable or promising because of too much corruption with excessive Land Grabbing situation which is forcing people out of their land into a life of jobless, poverty and hopelessness.

Our Mission is to work as a team with other like minded to engage and review Plan of Action to improve Africa’s Livelihood and Survival, and provide interventional advocacy voice of reason for Victims of Land Grabbing and help recover from excessive poverty throughout Africa. We participate and network in creating awareness in ways and means and as well motivate grassroots community with civil society to participate in nurturing peaceful atmosphere where people are able to engage in profitable business activities with that of job creation, eradicating poverty, promoting good healthcare with favorable and conducive environmental security for business to thrive.

In the just concluded General Assembly of Commission on the Status of Women (ECOSOC) NY, where our honorable ladies of COFEMAP from Congo Joelle Nyota Mbadu, Marie-Clare Tsombe and Chantal Ntumba Muanza attended, I take this opportunity to welcome you to Washington DC and we expect that together, we shall work as Pan Africa Society for women to build and improve our Africa destiny and share in the competitiveness of the Global-Market-Place.

In recognizing women participation and progress for development and the resolutions passed at the just ended Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC), I believe we have a lot in our plate as women to provide opportunity for Advancement of the Status of Women and achieve notable progress success.

We have noted with concern that, Land Grabbing, poverty and corruption is making women, children with majority people of Africa more vulnerable crimes and is perpetrating killings of the people of Africa by the minute, yet Africa is full of valuable natural mineral resource, which if utilized responsibly is able to put Africa in a favorable spot because, the world need Africa to expand their business and stabilize economic wealth standing. This explain why, Africa’s resource wealth value is in high demand at Global marketplace and the world’s economy depends on it to create and build wealth. It is why people of Africa must commit to engage in a favorable Plan of Action to safeguard their livelihood and survival from informed choices and bargain fairly to bring value in sharing of Africa’s resource wealth.

Problems of Land Grabbing

Women as Partners of Economic, Social and Political progress are shareholders and core beneficiaries of sustainable Development and additionally, women of Africa shoulder more responsibilities in the home. Without women, there is no community and Domestic families cannot exist. It is therefore crucial that African women participate in all ways of development that would eventually improve life and bring happiness in the Domestic homes.African women sacrifice their lives to make a family stand.They go through thick and thin to make homes work. A happy healthy family brings forth a strong, prosperous and progressive Nation; credit goes to African Women the reason why, women and children need security with a secure functioning and stable Government to protect their livelihood and survival and negotiating with the world prospects of feasible economic development.

When there is outbreak of war or conflicts, women and children suffer most. Today, majority of African women live in the streets with their children where land grabbers destroy their homes and some find their way out of the homeland to become refugees in foreign countries of the world and this is unacceptable.

This is against virtues of human rights, dignity and virtue for humanity. We constantly watch in videos and other media networks how Congolese women and children suffer from cases of Land Grabbing. Land Grabbing has become a sore in Congo since the death of Patrice Lumumba and the struggle for freedom of Mandela and Winnie Mandela and it is time that things must be done differently where the faces of poverty, human decay, pain and suffering in Africa is no more.

Africa for more than 60 years has paid a heavy price for freedom with their blood and life. It is enough price we have paid in pain and suffering.The painful death of Lumumba and the struggle of Mandela supported by Winnie Mandela for justice should give People of African Descent a reason to be free and begin a meaningful journey to a destination where Peace and Unity with sustainable progressive development agenda in the Global Market Place is our key to competitively challenge for success story of Africa.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time that leaders of the world come forward and join the Pan African Women with the Greater people of Africa worldwide to improve the way trading business and entrepreneurship is done safely and securely in a balance mutually benefiting common interest of all.
Unity of Purpose In Development:

It is our aim to work towards achieving a sustainable, reliable, conducive and peaceful environment where people of Africa should begin and continue to live in harmony at peace with each other and suffice to produce enough food to improve food sufficiency and alleviate poverty and sufferings and as well engage in cooperative trading business that will create jobs for themselves and improve their community welfare lifestyle through engaging in an organized community welfare programs with increase of Public-Partnership in Cooperative entrepreneurship development agenda that make Agriculture and Natural Resources fundamentals for business success.

Trade in Africa is able to succeed when Regional Countries discipline themselves in compliance with a functioning democracy. Democracy is the backbone of stability in economic development and success. It is the people who must own and protect their democracy so that public interest are safeguarded. The truth is that, when people are hungry and poor, they become vulnerable and easy prey for political corruption and decay.
Political Corruption:

Africa’s problem number one is made worse by politicians who engage in corrupt deals which they make secretly under-table with Corporate special interest stealing away people of Africa resource values because of selfishness and greed.This is killing potentials, dignity, value and virtue of Africa’s livelihood and survival and it is our appeal that good people of the world join with us to put pressure and stop this lack-of-care attitude against people of Africa. The world must live at peace in unity sharing and caring for one another. Africans are sick and tired to be treated like animals driven to slaughter houses.

We call on friends and sympathizers to join with us and help us fight to stop Land Grabbing by the corrupt politicians whose network deals with special business interest is failing Africa’s development progress and is causing ripples in destabilizing and destroying domestic family institutions and forcing women out of their settlements from rebel attacks and as a result women are not able to concentrate in development matters of their family, engage in community welfare and participate in achieving career excellence or engage effectively in the success story of the progressive economic development.

Why Democracy Must be Made Functioning in Africa:
1)To protect and secure Public Mandate and Interest where peace and unity for common interest of all is guaranteed

2)To build security, confidence and trust that safeguards common interest on Partners of development
3)Protect against mushrooming of underground illegal market trade deals that have made corruption worse and dangerous

4)Control the illegal drug trade

5)Protect and control against trafficking and sale of arm weaponry

6)Regulate and protect against Black Market currency operatives (these channels of illegal goods and services pollute safe environment for business trading and expand corruption because of the illegal undercover dealings)

7)Government regulatory system to provide and offer services to its people is made strong whereby, a balance for Economic development is easily achievable; which on the other hand, the Black market makes the Government regulations dysfunctional and inactive. With Black Market, goods and services are channeled through illegal ways and means where Government taxes are evaded/avoided and the business at all times is very dangerous and risky. Although Black Market create jobs, there is no law or order with lack of security. They make life difficult and cost of living goes becomes very expensive as their CEOs and Lobbyist get away by smartly robbing the society huge sums of money that are paid from public Tax-payer and the people end paying high taxes in purchases of goods and services to pay off money stolen and lost in illegal black-market undertakings that add no value in areas such like Pirating, foreign exchange, Arm trafficking, organized thugs that provide rebel group and private Army Mercenaries to create terrorism in Africa, joblessness, child prostitution etc., women turning their homes to prostitution den to earn money with drug trafficking which only contribute in destroying the Society and the Governments system functionability including the avoidance of paying taxes, but the corrupt special interest utilizes public resources for free to build their special interests’ wealth against public mandate which results in degenerating of Cultural and Traditional dignity and values where the institution of African family is as a result destroyed. At the end of it all, it provides greasing and cushion for corruption, graft and impunity which has pushed livelihood and survival of people of Africa in danger headed for extinction.

Our top priority agenda for 2013 and beyond:

Getting Down to Serious Business:

To further President Obama’s vision for making US Africa’s Diaspora Policy viable and feasible, it is our humble request that a reliable and committed progressive shared Plan of Action for Millennium Development Agenda must begin to open doors for AGOA to do business in Sub-Sahara regions giving bigger percentage of women the resources and opportunity to share and engage in trading under a more safer and secure environment being protected under Regulated Trading Policy.
Black Africa Welfare Association Fund:

Our plan to establish Black Africa Welfare Association Fund will help in formalizing our Plan of Action to boost and facilitate Public Partnership engagement for Millennium Development Agenda in the following areas:
  • Maintain and enhance public awareness in implementation of good Democratic principles for Plan of Action to safeguard and improve Africa’s livelihood and survival now and in the future
  • Provide resource funding for Public education through Civic Exchange Programs and Adult Learning so that people became aware of their Constitutional Rights, engage and support Government policies and be able to safeguard and protect their livelihood and survival and participate in their community development with welfare programs to improve their lifestyle
  • Develop Resources and raise money to Expand University prospects in Africa and raise money for Youth and Young Girls Educational Scholarship especially those pursuing technical, science and engineering degrees

  • Raise money and pull resources for Africa Agricultural and Mineral Resource Industrialization prospects

  • Support and boost Cooperative Partnership agenda for Agricultural undertaking to boost and improve food production in a balance with cash crop production

Humble Request to US President Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron with good Leaders of the World:

In fast-tracking Africa’s Development engagement, we as Pan African women Representatives for Africa, we take this opportunity to make an Appeal to US President Obama, UK British Prime Minister Cameron to jointly consider our humble request in:

üConsidering endorsing and nominating Africa’s Diaspora Pan-African Woman’s Representative for the Constituency of Africa in the Congress to engage in African Diplomacy matters, One-Stop-Service Center teaming with the Government Departments to facilitate programs for people of African Descent, report and negotiate to foresee the networking and effectiveness of African Policy implementation for mutual Public-Partnership Development Agenda both locally and abroad and is soliciting to provide financial and in-kind to support 500,000 start-up for youth and women’s projects including Public-Partnership for Agricultural produce, Solar for Energy, Exchange Programs, setting up Community Welfare and Cooperative Industries, Health Clinics and Water Supply project initiatives in Africa before 2013 ends.

We are asking for seed Educational Funds for Scholarships for Technical, Science and Engineering students both local and overseas, while an establishment for a Black Africa Welfare Association Fund is picking up to Support Peace initiatives in Africa, help to eliminate pirating, help to suppress the mushrooming of organized gangs, help to eliminate child trafficking and prostitution of all types, stop trafficking and sale of arms to Africa and secure firm policy for environmental protection necessary to provide and sustain development agenda with social and economic stability.

We hope to do better and achieve our goals in a short period of time we shall set the Global Market-Place on a fair and firm ground as we continue to collaborate and work together in ways and means, to unite and respect Human Virtue, Value and Dignity without discrimination and together, we shall improve livelihood and survival mutually sharing in greater common good of all.

We look-forward to fast-track in progressive development success and recover from our historical injustices and loses, from poverty, pain and long sufferings so history will tell tales that African women were able to bring fortune from defeating and destroying corruption and succeeded where men failed.

Put women first and you will not go wrong……

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

History of Africa's Slave Trade (Obama's Visit to Ghana)
Published on Sep 29, 2012
History of Africa's Slave Trade (Obama's Visit to Ghana) / The Ancient Empire of Ghana was heavily impacted by the first Europeans who made their way to Africa, which were the Portuguese in 1471. They came in pursuit of gold and this led to the start of the African slave trade, which the Europeans incorporated themselves in. The British fought for control over what was then known as the Guinea coast, which was the Ancient Empire of Ghana. The British successfully won control and renamed it the Gold Coast. The Ashanti kingdom was the last section to be incorporated in the British Gold Coast and brought under British rule. They were reluctant to give into British rule, and also to give away the ancient golden stool that the British were so desperately eager to acquire from them once they got to know of it. So one female warrior named Yaa Asantewaa was determined to defend the Ashanti kingdom and make sure that the golden stool would not get into the hands of the British colonial power. Nana Prempeh the first at the time had ascended the throne as the new Ashanti hene. In 1874, the Gold Coast became an official British colony. As a result of opposing colonial rule, both Yaa Asantewaa and Prempeh were sent to an island east of mainland Africa called Seychelles in exile. Yaa Asantewaa died in exile in 1921, but Nana Prempeh managed to survive and was allowed by the British to return to the Gold Coast which was in 1924, 3 years after Yaa Asantewaa's death. The slave trade in Africa made its way to North America where the African diaspora began. Slaves were working on plantations in the south and picking cotton. This led to Harriet Tubman's secret underground railroad discovery, which many slaves used as a way to escape from their slave masters. Slaves who were brought from Africa in ships were treated very horribly once they arrived in America, and even while they were on their way coming in the ships they were treated badly and living in deplorable conditions. Many were chained and shackled together. While in America over the years fighting for equal rights, it sparked the civil rights movement. This brought great civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., among many others. Recently the first Black democratically President visited Ghana and also went to see Cape Coast castle, a place where many slaves were kept in order to be brought onto the ships which shipped them off. He chose Ghana as the first country to visit in Sub-Saharan Africa since becoming President, and of course Africa as a whole. Many saw him as acknowledging and realizing Ghana's political and economic stability over other countries in Africa. He even chose Ghana over his father's home country Kenya. It was then discovered that Ghana had become some sort of a pilgrimage for many African Americans who were and are interested in learning about the history of the slave trade.

Kick box Champ Seeks to take the Gauntlet of Dr. King to Africa
Uploaded on Jan 15, 2012
5 Time World Karate Kickboxing champion Anthony "Amp" Elmore of Memphis had plans to be in Nairobi, Kenya January 2012 to honor and celebrate the birthday and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King mentioned Nairobi, Kenya in his last speech in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968. Dr. King was a member of the organization A.C.O.A "American Committee On Africa". Dr. King served as the groups chairman in 1957 fighting against apartheid in South Africa. Elmore insists;" we must take the gauntlet of Dr. King to Africa."(Kenya)
Elmore traveled to Kenya in 1990 to premier his movie "The Contemporary Gladiator." While on Safari in Kenya, Elmore experienced a "Spiritual Revelation." Elmore says he encountered the spirit of his "African Ancestors." In a revelation to him Elmore vowed to tell African Americans to come home to Africa. Elmore felt as if he had communicated with Dr. King and Kenyan leader Tom Mboya who got Obama Sr. to America. Elmore vowed to pick up the Gauntlet of both Dr. King and Mboya. Elmore believes close family and community will improve our nations.

Elmore returned from Kenya in 1990 with a mission for Africa. For over a decade Elmore took groups to Kenya. In 1992 Elmore met Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi. President Moi called Elmore an African Ambassador. The spirit of Africa encompassed Elmore. Elmore married a Kenya woman and he developed and promoted many aspects of African culture in America. Elmore got Kenya honored in its Memphis Africa in April celebration in 2003. Elmore's special guest was Kenya's minister of Tourism Najib Balala. In 1998 Elmore traveled to Accra, Ghana, he entered the African Import business becoming an African designer. Elmore designed the 1st "All African Home in America." In 2009 Elmore designed an African styled tuxedo for President Obama that was accepted by the White House; President Obama sent Elmore a thank you note. See video .

In 2007 Elmore gained the attention of Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen. Congressman Cohen supported Elmore's efforts and he mentioned Elmore's work on the floor of Congress in 2009. Elmore believes that it was his influence that motivated Congressman Cohen to take an interest in Africa. The Congressman has visited 10 African Countries. In 2010 Elmore with Congressman Cohen visited with Embassies of Kenya, Ethiopia and Ghana. Former Kenya Ambassador Peter Ogego expressed enthusiasm regarding Elmore's interest for Kenya. Ambassador Ogego promised Elmore his support; however he was replaced a few months after meeting with Elmore and Congressman Steve Cohen. Elmore desires to build a relationship with Kenya Ambassador Elkanah Odembo.

Elmore's 22 years of dedication regarding African causes makes him one of the most knowlegible African Americans in the world regarding understanding African and African/American relationships. African/Americans spend 44 billion a year on travel and Africa gets very little of the African/American dollars. Elmore understands that Africa has not put in place "Cultural Pathways" to gain African /American support. Elmore wants to introduce the idea of "Cultural Pathways "to the Republic of Kenya. Elmore wrote a plan called Memphis 21st Century that opens trade, social and economic relationships between Kenya and Memphis. Elmore's passion is to honor Dr. King's legacy via taking the Gauntlet of Dr. King to Kenya and all of Africa. Elmore desires to launch a comprehensive plan called the "Safari Initiative." One Acronym for Safari is; "Style African Family Application Renaissance Initiative." The Safari Initiative calls for a 2015 homecoming celebration in Kenya whereas Kenya will honor African Americans with a historic "State Reception". Elmore posted a video on YouTube called the "Safari Homecoming Celebration Video." Elmore finds dealing with Kenya Embassy as "Challenging" and he asks Ambassador Odembo to join in the spirit of Kenya's Harambee. Elmore asked Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen to write a letter to the Kenyan Embassy on his behalf.

Understanding the importance of family and our nation Elmore created a 10 minute video and Elmore is praying that the Whitehouse will quietly call leaders in Kenya to support the noble idea of uniting family. See Video on You Tube . Elmore desired to address the Kenyan Parliament. Also Elmore desires to meet with Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga and invite him to Memphis to honor Dr. King. Elmore want to let President Obama know that the Safari Initiative can create jobs in both Africa and America. African Americans have double the unemployment and President Obama can help to implement our jobs program and family program. To reach Anthony "Amp" Elmore at via email address . For complete detail information visit the website

Kingdoms of Africa - Kingdom.of.Asante
Published on Oct 18, 2012
No description available.

Tom Mboya & Dr. Martin L King at a Civil Rights Rally in DC
Uploaded on Jan 19, 2009
African Nationalist Thomas Joseph Mboya coordinated an "airlift" in 1959 of 81 Kenyan students to the USA to attend college. With the help of Dr. King, the African American Students Foundation and its sponsors, Harry Belafonte, Jackie Robinson, and Sidney Poitier, Mboya raised sufficient funds to cover the students' travel expenses. One of the students was a certain Barack Husein Obama snr., the late father of US President Barrack Obama. This rally was in Washington DC, 1959

Sekou Toure NKrumah Patrice Lumumba Pan Africanism RBG Tube PanAfrican

The History of Patrice Lumumba, the Congo, and Colonization

Congo : Patrice Lumumba (3) (La dernière entrevue avant sa mort))

The History of Pan African Movement
Uploaded on Mar 1, 2010
No description available.

Africa's Slave Trade to Colonialism to Liberation
 Published on Sep 29, 2012
Africa's Slave Trade to Colonialism to Liberation / The history behind Africa's slave trade, how it started, and where in Africa it began first. African chiefs used to sell their own people in exchange for valued goods, or treasured assets. Then, when the Europeans arrived they began trading with them. The Europeans offered what they had in exchange for slaves and the slave trade became a widely known, and relevant phenomenon in most parts of the world. America and Europe needed people who could do hard labor, who could do their work for them which were rigorous tasks. Slave traders came along the African coast, which was the Sub-region (South of the Sahara) to acquire slaves. They would get them in large numbers and pack them inside the ships they came with. Then, in the 1800s the slave trade was abolished by Abraham Lincoln and then European colonialism/imperialism became the new system in which mainly the Europeans created to strengthen their nations. The necessity of raw materials, namely natural resources, led to European colonization. Also, to establish colonies which were brought up in the ways of the colonial powers, particularly Britain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, among others in order to extend their influence both culturally, politically, socially, and religiously. The geographic borders one sees on the map today of Africa, were designed by the European colonial powers who wanted to divide the continent into sections whereby it would be clear who's colony was where, and that each colony would stay within boundaries. This was carried out in 1884 in Berlin, Germany. Africa's resources were being exported immensely to the nations which ruled over certain colonies there, thus being distributed out to the rest of the world. After World War 2 and the establishment of the United Nations, nationalists movements began which internal self government came into focus and practice, thus leading to independence, sovereignty, and the emancipation /liberation of the African continent. Pan Africanists/nationalists/freedom fighters like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Sekou Toure, among others came into being and agitated for independence.

The Luo of Kenya: A Visual history (music : VUC Lamo)
Uploaded on Jul 23, 2010
The Luo of Kenya also known as 'Jo'kowiny' settled around the Kavirondo gulf present day lake Victoria which is also the source of the Mighty Nile river. descendent from the larger Kingdom of Nubia, the Luo migrated south from the Sudan. Famed for their intelligence, oratory ability and sense of style. The Luo tribe, through intermarriages and wars, are part of the genetic admixture that includes all modern East African ethnic groups as well as members of the Buganda Kingdom, the Bunyoro Kingdom, the Toro Kingdom of Uganda. The Music 'Lamo' meaning prayer in dholuo, is a traditional Luo Christian praise song by Voices United Choir Africa music kenya luo dholuo swahili experience music; kenyan gospel Luo gospel benga rumba ethnic vuc lamo akinyi otieno

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