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Spanner at Work with Conspiracy Theories How Mutula Died...........

Spanner at Work with Conspiracy Theories How Mutula Died...........


No one in sober mind of the type of Mutula would do that.

1) Why was he sorrowful at Parliament before he went to his


2) Why did he not have his security details, and who ordered

to have his security withdrawn

3) Who took his cell-phone and why was he without one

4) Why did he have to drive himself to the ranch when he had

Government drivers attached to him

5) Why would Kalonzo eye or even want to take Mutula's position

is that the constitution?

6) Now that the family pathologist has Mutula's sample, people

are beginning to see stars with fake conspiracy of suicide,

because the truth is now dawning that Mutula has some

poison in his system?

7) This drives us to demand an International Intelligence to

determine Political mischief in Mutula's death and how he

ended being poisoned.

God cannot be fooled..........We shall overcome..........

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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The sacrifice/suicide theory holds water if he was mentally unstable. Depression we/his family/him didnt know of? Kenyans are known to hide such stuff to even loved ones unlike other places where folks payuker publicly about their mental health status.

Mutula was focal against either Kalonzo or Raila getting back to parliament. So he would not leave a seat for him and also oppose it.

Lastly, an MP from Nyanza made some observation we ignored. He said you can only run where you registered. If true, then Kalonzo should forget it.

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My take..it could also be suicide through poison. Just read Amos Wako narration describing Mutula as a person not in his usual self two days before he died. He sat alone in the senate chambers, didn't make a single contribution to the presidential address and when Wako asks why, Mutula evades the question and instead started talking about his family and carreer.

Senate majority leader also says Mutula looked withdrawn, in his on world of thought, aloof or even distracted and was seen walking in and out of the chambers.

You will also note that media says Mutula never attended CORD'S meeting at Naivasha Great Lodge while deliberating on legislature committee composition. He was also conspicuously absent in Wiper's meeting to deliberate on Kalonzo come back to legislature.

If he woke up to go to the sink and vomit, and we assume the vomit was his, why didn't he call family or workers to say he is unwell.

Me think Mutula chose to end his life for the sake of Kalonzo. He was reflecting on his checkered career and a wonderful family as the legacy he would like to be remember for.

And that is my yet to be proved theory. If my theory holds, just as i stated a while back, Kalonzo should avoid temptation to vie for Maukueni senator for obvious reasons.

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I missed that he was in the garden at 2am !! What would he have been doing outside the house at that time of night? Who-ever mentioned that bit of news must have seen him...or heard...and knows.

Oh Gosh! am remembering Got Alila and stuff like cars driving off from the house at cocks-crow..(.3am)
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Very possible. A lot have been bitten by snakes without even knowing. Snakes do not leave their signatures. sometimes it looks just like a very little thorn scratch or stick . The snake could even have been in his own villa. I do still remember one of my classmate who was bitten by a lethal snake during my secondary schooling. We found it later when he started to faint and sweeting like hell. When we asked what is wrong with him. He said that he saw a snake running away from him when we were in the bush. We had left the school compound illegally so no one wanted to do any stupid thing of going to the headmaster to say the truth. We placed a very tight rope on his thigh above the 2 small bleeding sites on his leg as we we were taught in scout lessons and took him to the school clinic and one of us said to the authority that may be he was bitten by a snake. Thank God non of them asked where was the snake. They gave him some high doses of hydrocortisons + adrenalin then transported him to hospital. Never died but after that we never went out of school compound illegally until today. Life is too short so please do not abuse it.
What foreign pathologist will do is just to establish the direct cause of death. the pathologist will not tell who killed him. The police men or detectives have to look at the suspects first , enemies plus those who can gain after his death. Or those who wanted to silence him or revenge etc. Pathologist do not tell who the murderer is as kenyans always demand. Unless they have very clean fingerprints of individuals who were not supposed to be with him or in his house or near his food.BUt there are some deaths which an ordinary Kenyan can not inflict on the other that is when people will start to suspect the government, or highly placed individuals with access to such instruments.. We can detect now all venoms and from which snake they come from: we can detect if a venom is biologically kept in laboratory, genetically modified or not, or comes from a snake immediately or not. Type of snakes which are found in every area in the world. through gene microarray can also be detected..

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I had dismissed this snake/venom theory but we ought to be ready for anything. I read that he was at garden at 2am. Swari, is it possible to be bitten by a snake but you don't feel it? My biggest question is why Mheshimiwa never attempted to call someone. Could it be that he thought it was not serious?
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Odhiambo thura
you are asking odd questions:
Let me go back with you to normal biology: VENOM is made up of proteins and polypeptides. We know that in the human digestive system proteins aand polypetides are digested very perfectly. But you must remember that a venom is also cardiotoxin( affect heart muscules), cytotoxic( works like chemotherapy= kill cells), neurotoxin ( affect nerves). Venoms also affect blood coagulation( clotting system), they affect pressure regulations, affect transmission in nerves system and muscules. May be the digestive system can digest some of those poison BUT I will not advice you to swallow any venom without having antivenom around to rescue you. Because if in any case it enters your blood stream without being properly disgested then you will be history. Again we know from our hospital laboratory data that if we give rats a lot of snake venom they die, but not as quick as if given straight into blood stream. It also depends on whose venom you are talking about. There are some snakes which are 100% toxic to human nervous system. Your doctor today talked in the Daily nation first page. Stressing the heart problem as the most common causes of quick deaths. But kilonzo had no history of heart problems. We also know that Venom from african snakes can cause some symptoms which can very much easily mimic heart problems before death. Venoms are CARDIOTOXIC. What the doctor failed to say is that how many people do die quick deaths in kenya due to heart problem, but had no heart disease history and at which age. I think his note to people was trying to tell us that may be Kilonzo died because of heart problem, and he was backing his reason on foams found on his mouth. I did not see his body. But the daily nation journalist described kilonzo that he was found lying on his back had breathing problems and mouth full of foam. Not really a real posture of an acute heart attack problem. Most of of people having sudden heart attack always put their right hand on the chest and they try to bend even in bed or when walking like a bow . You remember bow and arrow. simple ordinary medical local teaching goes like this. The arrow represents the pain in the heart and the bow will show you how the patient looks like. Just like an arrow penetrating the heart like the broken heart( broken love). Kilonzo´s posture before death shows a man who was completely paralysed and could not move, could not get a survival posture. Humans are made to fight upto the end, but it looks he had no option. Poisoning or snake bite or scorpion bite etc should not be ruled out. It looks that death occured when he was sleeping. I still doubt that kenyan doctors mentality. Not all are being said about Kilonzo. No individual without heart problems dies in his sleep like Kilonzo did.
I think Kilonzo´s body needs a good pathologist to do the work and a very good well trusted laborotory which is completely independent from the government. If samples, like urine, blood, food, heart tissues are sent outside Kenya they will have very good independent report report.


On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 10:17 AM, kevin odhiambo <kelvinopande@yahoo.com> wrote:
I watched in National geographics, a program, that said venoms are actually harmless when swallowed. The danger comes in when it is injected into the blood. Could this be true daktari?
Tong' Maliel
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