Thursday, April 25, 2013

News Update on South Sudan, Congo, Uganda and Rwanda with M23

S.Sudan shooting: Calm returns to border after protest

Published on Apr 24, 2013
Calm has returned to the Elegu border post after the Sunday night killing of four people on the Kampala Juba highway. Moses Akena brings us the very latest from the Ugandan border with South Sudan.

Prison Reforms: MPs want conjugal rights for prisoners

Published on Apr 24, 2013
A section of Members of Parliament are now fighting for conjugal rights for prisoners.
And in a quick rejoinder, prisons authorities say if allowed, the spouses of the prisoners would have to pay for the service.


President's 'sack of money' donation ignites debate

Published on Apr 23, 2013
President Yoweri Museveni's donation of a sack full of money to the youth in Busoga has sparked public debate, which in turn has prompted a reaction from State House officials.
A statement by the Deputy Press Secretary to the President Linda Nabusayi says while the 250 million shillings may have come in an unusual package, there really isn't anything remarkable about it.

USA faults Uganda on Human rights

Published on Apr 22, 2013
A new report by the US government states that Uganda has continued performing poorly in protecting the human rights of its citizens.
The report released on the 19th April 2013 entitled "The 2012 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" faults government agencies for carrying out unlawful killings, torture, and the abuse of suspects.
Presidents Al-Bashir and Salva Kiir Hold Closed-Door Meeting in Juba
Published on Apr 12, 2013 - President Bashir orders South Sudan border to be opened.
Rwanda invasion of the Congo-HOW TO PROTECT CONGO BORDERS WITH
Published on Jan 25, 2013
Challenges to protect Congo borders

Congo has long and porous borders with 2 states led by hostiles and belligerent leaders who have found in their neighboring country a weak and lawless state to plunge in bloody repetitive wars since 1997. Two hostiles and cold blood killers: Museveni and Kagame are to blame. How to go about protecting almost 600 miles of unprotected, complicated terrain, against hostile and ruthless armies of neighboring countries?

3 questions come to my mind:
What have been done first to stop the progress of unjustified combats?
What is being done on the ground?
What should be the next steps toward a permanent peace process?

First: For the last 14 years, much has been done by activists of peace in terms of raising awareness about war crimes, and human rights abuses done by the army led by Museveni and Kagame, both strong allies of UK and the US. At the moment, both leaders and parliaments of these powers have processed for long hours and multiple times hearings on the crisis in the Congo. Major News papers like NYtimes, the guardians and other media channels have covered extensively and sometimes in details the news on the Congo to relate to their audiences the clear reality on Congo crisis. Is this satisfactory? Yes. And, the results are that all powerful leaders of the world have called KAGAME and Museveni to stop their murderous, evil endeavors and plans in the Congo. And numerous aid projects to these hostile government have been suspended.
Second: What is being done? The UN have mandate African regional countries to find resolutions to put an end to those bloody conflicts. More than 9 african countries are supporting and contributing to the Congo government talks with the M23 rebels. Do we have faith in these talks? Yes, although, we would have not supported any negotiations with terrorists, we think that under the watch of the whole world, these evil initiatives from Uganda and Rwanda to kill Congolese by proxy fighting movements will come to an end.
Finally, what should be done? Kagame and Museveni need all to resign or to be forced to do so as they have stood as tyrants who not only persecute their own people, but use their armies to destabilize weak nations around them. It is time to call for the end of their murderous regimes because they will continue to use all types of malicious tactics to destabilize the Congo. These 2 leaders have come out as real failure to stand for permanent peace in Africa. In fact, whoever will bring them to justice will have done a great humanitarian endeavor to the millions of innocent displaced people in the Congo, and to the permanently threatened lives. To follow the example of peace in Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Senegal and other countries, the most lasting solution will be to democratize fully 4 countries, Congo,Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi. That region should be tyranny free in order to create a leadership committed to peace. And also, Tutsi populations should stop thinking of themselves as persecuted people as their armies have killed more civilians than any killing power in the world.

The Congolese government is also called for a quick reform of law enforcement services and to their defense forces. Laws should be introduced to allow civilians living along the borders with these hostiles countries to be armed in order to counter any destabilizing incursions at the beginning if possible. Community permanent dialog ought to continue inside Congo and across borders.
So you understand that more than 5 millions congolese have been killed, and 500000 raped women because of the lack of proper strategy by the so called Tutsi leadership. Those who knows well that Congo has huge challenge in fighting corruption and a fragile community stability in Nord Kivu. Don't confuse things. Either Tutsi officials want peace or they want only war in the region. They have to stand for one. If they want peace, the FDLR will be gone in less than a year. But they dont want it.
Congo cant be held responsible for the madness in Rwanda. I personally received both Tutsi and Hutu refugees in the Congo after genocide, and provide help to them regardless of their physical feature. Now, in the Congo my sisters, and fellow country men are being killed and raped because Rwanda can't find a way to stabilize their community. Congo has to both fight against Hutu FDLR and Tutsi M23, and be looted by Kagame. NO. KAGAME has to go if he can't fix his problem in Rwanda.
The Congo is now a country where Kagame sends indisciplined Tutsi fighters without really wiping out the Hutu extremists, because he had been fighting them since 1996 using the 2 KABILA's that he corrupts himself . The last Kabila is worse, just another proxy Rwandan fighter who cares more about facilitating the looting of the Congo by Kagame. In Conclusion, Kagame doesn't want peace in the region. He needs to keep getting free money from the US and UK and loot the Congo at the same time.

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