Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Media barred from covering principal secretaries' interviews

Published on Apr 29, 2013
Interviews for Principal Secretary positions began Monday at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. The media was however not allowed to cover the proceedings with the commission insisting the presence of media and the public may hinder their efforts of getting the very best for the jobs. NTV's Enock Sikolia was at the KICC and filed the following story.

Odorono blu 14 hours ago
We are slowly sliding back to the old single party ways of doing things by taking hold of the media. The two young guys have never being friendly to the media and one even publicly stated that newspaper were only good for wiping his backside. We have only ourselves to blame for creating another dictator and some seems to applaud it without thinking of the consequences. Even if you are majuu please think of your family back home while you are enjoying real freedom abroad.

simonski george 17 hours ago
This is crap...they will be serving the public hence public should be able to scrutinize them!

ast0nv8 17 hours ago
This is unconstitutional the hearings must be shown to the public

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