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Indian:Ethiopian:Land Grabbers & Activites Meeting On 2.6.2013

Indian:Ethiopian:Land Grabbers & Activites Meeting On 2.6.2013

Published on Feb 5, 2013
Indian:Ethiopian:Land Grabbers & Activites Meeting On 2.6.2013
In New Delhi,India/'Indian companies are the second largest investors in the Ethiopian economy, with approved investments worth nearly US$ 5 billion and land lease agreements for over 600,000 hectares across Ethiopia.
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BilisummaaTV Oromia 2 months ago
krbnsn:but the Asians and Europeans didn't come on their own.They were broght in by TPLF ruing class.TPLF makes laws not the people.Over 1 million people moved from their own farm land and homes in Gambella.The question is where is the love for Gambella people from TPLF leaders and land grabbers? It looks to me land grabber and TPLF leaders hate Gambella people.

KRBNSN 2 months ago
Your own people look like u in color sold you for small gold. what a tragedy! this is a history lesson. who is really your brother or sister?

Tigrays insulting Ethiopians
Published on Sep 7, 2012
Tigrays insulting Ethiopians

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Leeshan82 7 months ago
It seems ethnic supremacist TPLF has mistaken Washington Metro for Mekelle.LoL :)
TPLF didn't build the Embassy.It's is the property of Ethiopian people happy to learn of draculas death. The vicious reaction shows what Ethiopians in ethiopia have to endure from these arrogant racists WHO ARE NOT ETHIOPIAN. Thanks for capturing this important evidence.Our enduring eternal thanks to the brave Ethiopians who chose to exhibit the joy of Ethiopian majority in front of THEIR Embassy. They are the 99%
NitroEthiopian 6 months ago
That is true and reason is colonialism. The people you see above are brainwashed by colonialism mentality. They support a regime that ethnically divides the country apart. The women are insulting protesters who are celebrating the death of a tyrant. We urge you to read about Ethiopia's ethnic division that TPLF regime created.
Everything in Ethiopia is controlled by a Tigray, minority regime. From business, military ,church etc... they own everything. And they hate the idea of Ethiopian unity.


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