Monday, April 8, 2013

Land Grabs in Africa Neo-colonialism.flv

Africa must be a continental primary INDUSTRIAL PRODUCING POWER. This can only be set up and developed within an ALL-AFRICAN UNION. Nkrumah warned of neo-colonialism, and its insidious forms. The puppet/uncle tom regimes must be systematically destroyed, first and foremost. They are the entities that are selling africa to its enemies decade after decade, while the people continue to suffer. New political institutions and economic forms must be created to develop wealth in africa.

SPS148669 2 months ago
There is only one Native American majority country that is Decolonising and that is the country of Bolivia. Africa suffers from selfish politicians that Import full Chinese factories and a full Chinese colonist workforce to run them. Native American President Evo Morales is only importing a tiny Chinese factory to train Locals on how to make Lithium Batteries than build bigger factories with a Native American workforce. Bolivian batteries will sell to Middle East as Asians serve White Countries.


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