Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raila Offers to Help Resolve EAC Controversy

Good people of African Descent,

Raila cannot help to resolve the EAC Controversy.  This is a wishful thinking.  To bring Raila back into the block of good governance for EAC is in essence adding fuel and going round the roller coaster of corruption that has sold and killed Africa's potential and which is why, 50 years down the line, Africa is wasted and got pushed into excessive poverty with huge loses, pain and sufferings in the first place. 


As a voice of reason and an advocate of justice for Africa, I shall not recommend that. We have come a long way as a Community of people of African descent to be dragged into slavery, into Liberia's doomsday negotiating for the selfish and greedy special interest masters or even pushed into mad one more time will not do, as the pain of poverty in the face of Africa is catastrophic and the wealth from Africa are the resource that are needed in the world and has enriched the world’s leading super powers to an extend of the richest Corporate Special Interest………….


EAC shall be revived yes, but not to be led by Raila, Kagame or Museveni.  These people have failed Africa and their times are gone.  What EAC and Africa need is proper establishment of good organizing leaders and not schemers of self interests and greed……….


Reform for EAC will take place in the New Emerging Africa where Leaders who dignifies, honor, respect and value good Democratic Governance in a justified Rule of Law will accept and pass the test of Responsibility and Integrity as a measure of an acceptable standard public mandate deserve for progressive development moving forward.


It is only then that the Trust of the prospective Leader of East Africa shall Respect, honor, dignify Human Rights in the Democratic space for Progressive Development and where all people are treated equal and given the opportunity and access  to engage with the Government on checks and balances to shape their destiny and compete in the world without the control of corporate special business interest that which contributed and are part of the reason for personality selfish greed that superseded the institution of Peoples Government and where we have witnessed Public Corporation run down and was swallowed to benefit the International Special Business Interest network through the engineered bankruptcy and it is the reason for Africa’s wealth theft holed up in foreign banks, with mushrooming of ofshoring with Pirating, organized Militia Groups that have terrorized people through insurgencies and committed extra-judicial killings, terrorism, destruction of peoples livelihood and survival with environmental pollution. 


Enough is enough and people of East Africa Community know better how they wished to be governed. 

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Raila offers to help resolve EAC controversy
Former Kenyan prime minister, Raila Odinga. PHOTO | FILE
Former Kenyan prime minister, Raila Odinga. PHOTO | FILE
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga addresses journalists at a Nairobi Hotel, November 5, 2013. Mr Odinga has offered to help resolve the controversy threatening to break up the East African Community (EAC). Evans Habil
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has offered to help resolve the controversy threatening to break up the East African Community (EAC).
Mr Odinga appealed to Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta, Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzania) and Paul Kagame (Rwanda) to urgently pick a Panel of Statesmen from the EAC to resolve the controversy that has seen Tanzania threaten to pull out of the political and economic bloc.
“I want to propose to regional heads of State that a panel of statesmen from the EAC be put together to work out a mechanism to resolve the impasse and put the union back on track,” he told a press conference.
Asked whether he was ready to sit on the panel if picked by President Kenyatta, Mr Odinga answered in the affirmative.
“Yes, I’m ready to represent Kenya on that panel,” he responded.
Mr Odinga has previously resisted overtures from the Jubilee government to appoint him Kenya’s envoy at large, with his supporters terming it a ploy to push him into political retirement.
Mr Odinga’s concerns come in the wake of reports from Dar es Salaam that Tanzania was considering pulling out of the EAC.
Tanzania’s minister for EAC Affairs, Samuel Sitta is reported to have told a charged Parliament in Dodoma that Dar will not wait for a “divorce certificate” from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, but will “shoot before we are shot.”
The minister spoke on the same day Presidents Kenyatta, Kagame, Museveni and Salva Kiir of South Sudan signed a host of protocols and agreements in Kigali, including free movement of goods and persons, infrastructural development and transformation into a single Customs Union.
The pacts were signed on the sidelines of the three-day “Transform Africa Summit”to which Tanzania and Burundi, both EAC member states were not invited.
Mr Sitta confirmed that not a single Tanzanian minister attended the Kigali event. The only senior government official at the function was the permanent secretary in the ministry of EAC Affairs.
Claiming the trio of Messrs Kenyatta, Kagame and Museveni were engaged in some “dirty game”, Mr Sitta assured the MPs that Tanzania will not be bound by any decisions arrived at by the leaders of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda pertaining to the regional bloc.
Mr Odinga warned that Kenya would be the biggest loser if Tanzania pulled out of the regional bloc because it will be unable to access markets in the DRC and Malawi.
“Kenya and the rest of EAC stand to suffer immensely economically if Tanzania were to team up with DRC and Burundi in another union. The Tanzania-DRC-Burundi coalition would effectively block EAC, Kenya included, from accessing the markets of Central and Southern Africa,” he noted.
“We must make no mistake about the potential might of DRC, Tanzania and Burundi put together. DRC remains a virgin land of vast potential. But it is famed to have natural resources, including potential for electric power sufficient for the entire continent of Africa,” he explained.
To Mr Odinga, the ideal situation would be a coalition comprising Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and South Sudan which would jointly entice DRC to come on board.
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Secondly,TZ has a long coastline,and a bigger portion of L.victoria. All under-tapped.Dont write them off just yet.
This backward,African mentality of reading tribalism&mistrust in everything ('poverty mentality' as some call it) ...imepitwa na wakati!!
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