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Progressive Development Moving Forward Must put Spotlight on Stumbling Blocks of Corporate Special Interest Greed .............

Good People, 
As we connected privately, we need to fill-up the void and make things operational. No one will do it for us. We are the custodians of our destiny and we are the ones to agree to fix the problem..........Once we are committed, we must go it all through for the good of all.

In the year of 1990, when the World Bank introduced SAP (Structural Adjustment Program) and Privatization with IMF Stabilization program, life in Africa screeched to a standstill in Africa.  Nothing was working for a common man.  This was a strategy to push people to hopelessness so their public wealth and resources with scramble for Africa land was invaded by the politically correct networking with the Corporate Special Business Interest.  This was the beginning of Africa’s problem and re-colonialization with Africas New Order of Slavery.   

Africa is a target for the selfish greedy Corporate Special Business Interest who care less for the mutual fair share of “Give and Take”…….which is why, the politically correct of Africa networking with the International Corporate special interest are in the business of stealing public wealth, natural resource, forcing peoples out of their land in the scramble to Africa and are lobbying hard to destroy Peoples Government System and making it disable from functioning the way Democratic space plan it to work in service for the people.   They are set to block anything of meaning in ways and means that would provide service to the people in fairness and for the Special Interest to succeed in their mission, they hire politicians to engage in negative debate in that manner to defeat the cause of Public Mandate and channel all benefits to themselves……. This is where they brought up the Idea that Corporation of Special Interest Create Jobs and that the Government does not Create Jobs........Very Wrong philosophical theories...........This theory is meant to disable the People's Government system and be overtaken by the power of business of the Special Interest to superseed and overtake services of the Government functionability without public mandate.

This is unacceptable and it is Crime, Violation and Abuse of Human Rights Justice in the basis for Respect, Honor, value and dignity; to live a justified free and fair life sharing in harmony (at a fair Give and Take principles), where Peace and Unity are Mutually common for the good of all and which  are basic needs and are fundamentally vital to sustain Love “The Purpose” for Happiness we were all were created…….. which is the “WILL” of God’s Promise to mankind…………… 

Where do we go from here…………???  People, we must go back to basics………..It is only in coming together that we shall agree that All Must Have a Share in the Bigger Cake (Rich and Poor) found in the “Peoples Governance System” and NOT those found in the “International Corporate Special Business Interest Power House” of the Selfish Greedy…………As much as the Corporate Special Interest are into business of profit making, they are after private individual gainful undertaking mission whereas; The Peoples Government System is an Institution pool that are for Public and must cater for all and opportunity must be created and made available to all without discrimination within its governance.  This is why the President must have ears for everybody, both the Rich and the Poor with all others who in any way are disadvantaged in one way or the other. 

If the Greedy wont bulge, it is the people who must decide how they wish to be governed and peoples interest must not be controlled by the powerful rich who are after self interest and are after making profit for their individual private needs that are not for public interest.  Even if Business do create jobs, they do it solely and primarily for Profit Making, unlike the Government mission that are for all people and must be streamlined in a balance. 

Going back to basic is complying with Government Administrative functions and procedure plan to distribute service to the people and provide opportunities that are level and can be accessed with ease by all without discrimination or favor and Public Servants must be respectfully disciplined and must be seen to provide integrity of service delivery to the people and avoid “Conflict of Interest” priorizing on rooting for the “Corporate Special Business Interest” instead of leveling service to the people equally without discrimination or favor………..There must be a set of system protocol ethics and behavior to follow in the Administrative Governing Service delivery, and all people must feel welcome (Rich, Disadvantage or Poor) and be comfortable to access. 

Africa and America Ally and Partnership for Development will succeed in doing business where Human Rights is guaranteed and Unity for Common good of all is realized and respected.   Africa’s Wealth and Resource is what has build the world and made the world rich and is what the world need for Progressive Development and it is what is fetching Value for Money at the Emerging Global MarketPlace.   

We the people of African Descent are united and are only asking for good Policy where our people do not have to suffer or are put under oppressive rule, but that our people must share “In the Big Cake” as partners of International development.  We are asking for Responsible Partnership with Integrity where Trade is free and it is not discriminatory or short-changing.  We are asking for Transparency and Accountability, where fair share is enjoyed by all.  We are asking for Co-operation where deals are made in an organized and respectful manner and where all are happy and satisfied at the end of the deal.   

Good people, we are simple Kitchen Social Advocate economists workers who apply simple logics of commerce needed for survival as basic needs for Traditional Domestic families to stay at peace and united and be able to solve their family problems which was daily a growing problem getting out of control.  We don’t have complicated PHds. in Economics but we only solicit to know and find solution to save a situation.  We were concerned why things went wrong in the kitchen departments of many domestic families, why things were not going right, and why husband and wives were in conflict fighting each other and family began to break apart.   

We realized something was wrong from the top at the Government system, that there was a blockage and the system of the Government was not working correctly to provide a balance needed to sustain service delivery and service to people was not trickling down as it was suppose to.  The supply distribution was interrupted and was cut without people knowing why and people lost jobs and many lost their income and students graduated did not find jobs.  The Government system failed.  It was killed by the Corporate Politically Correct network of the Selfish greedy with intention to destroy Peoples Government functionability to provide and deliver service to its people in a responsible and balanced manner.  This was a big hit, it hit hard African Women in Africa, it changed African life style in a negative way.  When Domestic family is not able to feed or provide for their families, husbands and wives were not able to bring enough money home to feed the children and provide for their families, the family disintegrate and many dropped into poverty margin and children are hurt and left into hopelessness.   

This is true when home economics was hit in Africa, things went wrong and haywire.  There was tumult, we were forced to demand to know and find fixtures.  We came to understand that, Trading (which is the Exchange of Goods and Services from producer to consumer) is driven by a process called Commerce (the science theory of ways and procedures, goods and services transfer from producer to consumer to reach its destination according to supply and demand principle).  To provide enough for the Kitchen you need Money – (which is a science theorized and put to use as medium of payment for exchange through which the process or system for goods and services are produced at cost value and are sold at fee value, and why Money brought home was not enough to suffice The kitchen and homestead needs and be able to produce enough food to feed the family and provide for basic needs in Domestic family. 

Who do you blame?  More or so now that the problem is identified???  Shall their hullabaloo stop us from doing what is right???  It is upon the people to fix it.  We the People Government are the drivers who must design a plan to comply with Policies to supply service delivery.  The Corporate Special Business Interest with their network are after their self greed, but they must be told that this is sending a wrong signal that are detrimental to purposes of harmonious peaceful living. 
The Special Interest Community must be told that the science of Special Interest Greed is not producing good result that it is causing serious conflicts and division that are not healthy.  That Business Community and the Insurance Companies are after huge profit making without care of the rest of people and they should not be a stambling block sabotaging Affordable Healthcare and Progressive Development the American people need.  That, as much as we need them, they too need us and we must cooperate and agree for common good of all.  Let them take a little and we also need some space to survive.   

We all must engage in the economics of building sustained strategy for Progressive Development sharing by all.  There must be space to accommodate all fairly.  The World need America and the Economic Success Progress of America depends in African Partnership Value of Wealth and Natural Resource that must be streamlined and fairly balanced and at that point, we shall have our life back on track where all shall be satisfied and happy with each other doing mutual business without conflict and all parties remain satisfied and happy. We are bringing sanity and reality check on the drawing board.

This is why President Obama is right and why we all must agree to work with him to provide logistics that shall bring a just society in the world where all will stay on course doing good and sharing in the distribution of wealth. 

May God Bless us all so we may have better understanding of things and that in all our contributions, we bring good to the people……….

 I shall be available for further discussions moving forward.................

Cheers !!!


Jambo Min. Menelik,


While I agree with you on some statement, I wish to clear points on the part of reference about Capitalist Scramble to Africa while on Obama Watch with the following statement thus:  

"Check the worst of this unbridled form of capitalism and imperialism pushing into Africa currently re-introduced under Obama's watch" 

I saw this coming even before Obama became the President.It was made evident during Bill Clinton Administration through Bush Administration and it became clear from the way World Bank begun with SAP Structural Adjustment Program and Privatization of Africa’s Public Corporations, where Public Corporations, land, water tower, Public Wealth and Natural Resources became the target for bankruptcy, outsourcing and Restructuring FOR individual, corporate and foundations gains-----and on the other side of the coin there grew increased poverty, springing of Militia Groups, Pirating taking toll, proliferation of arms begun to flow in, child trafficking and phonograph with prostitution increased, currency trafficking boomed, increase of drug trafficking became the order of the day, with companies EXEMPTED from paying of taxes.  Corporate interest also increased their engagement in the Scramble to Africa and youth joblessness exploded with poverty sky-rocketing and now survival is hardship, a painstaking serious headache taking tall on the people. 

The fact that SAP (Structural Adjustment Program) as well as Privatization with IMF bank on Stabilization policy programs (as show-case), brought with it serious conflict of interest and confused African Governments functionability, where huge financial capital flight from Africa disappeared into individual politically correct foreign accounts.Many more activities such as public business were engaged in off-shoring with outsourcing Africa’s wealth and mineral resources including land and water tower begun to take shape from Public Trust and were treated as private business and Public Account at Central Banks begun to dwindle.This saw the careless spending of public funds to benefit politically correct network.Sadly and painfully, Peoples Government account was seen loosing public capital funds in free flow and scandals that were caught in the act were let free to escape justice and taxpayer funds were shared to benefit Corporate Bankruptcy that led to serious economic collapse with growing huge debts left on the shoulders of the poor and the disadvantaged. 

While I agree that, AU and some African nations and Banks are now also directly engaged in this process for “peace, development and democracy.” We must engage positively and in mutual sharing let us unite to make it a reality. 

We cannot succeed if we allow division to distort our thinking and focus. Let us encourage one another moving forward with our agenda to help stabilize the Congo people towards a sustained progressive development starting with AGOA.


I believe that Obama Administration is under siege and is being sabotaged by those who are negatve about every thing that are for mutual good of all.. The truth is that, he has been placed under extreme pressure by some of the GOP with Tea Party group in the Congress and it is our responsibility to make sure things work in the right order for the benefit of all and that peace and unity for common good is achieved.


Call me anytime in the evening as we plan to organize and let us conference over the same........




Judy Miriga

Diaspora Spokesperson

Executive Director

Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,




On Monday, November 11, 2013 12:20 PM, "" wrote:


As we speak, millions of dollars are been allocated by businesses to pacify this great real estate call the Congo. In other words white people have given the green light to prioritize the Congo, similar to their push into Libya to control its resources and control the AU direction. The AU and some African nations are now also directly engaged in this process for “peace, development and democracy.” Where I come from, when we hear the word peace from Europe, we know that it really means pieces for Europe.

As we proceed, we must ask ourselves, why now after a serial genocidal wars going back to the Berlin conference? Which corporations are involved? Who stands to benefit? What will be the role of this new pacified Congo? How will it affect Africans inside and outside the Congo? What are the nations and leaders undermining Africa and the Pan African mission and how do we counter them?

When teaching economics, I am able to have the students realize the historic march of industrial slavery from Whites in Europe, to Blacks (whites) in the USA, to Asia and now its deadly advance into Africa. Africa is set to be the industrial base for modern slavery and the Congo is one of the most terrorized people to force into slavery, like its little Africa child, Haiti. Other micro-states will follow soon without a Union government. Our problem with this capitalist scramble is that Africa as yet to build its political structure to determine its own agenda/destiny (Garvey, Nkrumah, Khadafi), rules and laws to govern itself (its workers and resources), and so stand to lose the greatest (past and present), unlike a unified and now powerful China. Other modern States have and are used socialism as a standard for human dignity and labor rights, to support their modern society.

Pan Africanism, and indeed Socialism has had a role to check the worst of this unbridled form of capitalism and imperialism pushing into Africa currently re-introduced under Obama's watch. Unfortunately, there are just too many degenerate types of African/Black leaders who are brutally and savagely disconnected into tribalism and regionalism to grasp what is coming suck whatever life is left of Africans, after successive and imperial waves of oppression and exploitation.

This is occurring at a time when others like those in Europe are becoming even more connected and conscious that their very survival, well-being and their continued global reign and dominance over the world (Africans) is based upon reorganizing themselves to function One Unit. Thanks Prof. Ngemi and the Friends of the Congo for advancing this work. Let's Get Organize!!! Peace and blessings!


Min. Menelik

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