Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clinton adds to Obama's health care headache

On Thursday, November 14, 2013 2:28 AM, Judy Miriga wrote:

Johah Ogari and Pastor Absalom Birai,
I would like first like to comment that, your contribution to this thread did not add any value to the topic of discussion and I want to make myself clear thus:
1) First, it is irrelevant and stale and I would rather state that this is not the forum for you both to score cards about your differences with President Obama.
2) Secondly, it is because your contribution have no relevancy to Affordable Health or Bill Clintons stance of adding fuel on President Obama’s talking points to Affordable Healthcare network hitch
3) Differences of opinion does not make Affordable Healthcare Law to be illegitimate, illegal or unconstitutional
4) That differences of opinion should be handled legislatively without hampering the Executive where Administrative process of the Government is directly intimidated and interfered with by the Legislatures with an aim to cause panic and dissent to public service
5) If you both voted for President Obama and now you feel disoriented because of your own reason, you have your say who to vote for next, but right now, "The Law" is a Collective shared sacrifice, where all must unite to make it a reality and it is the reason America has come this far and is respected by the world as a Super Power
6) To single President Obama for attack because of hate of the selfish and greediness of special business interest network and muddle issues causing disunity over "The Law of Affordable healthcare" is being unfair and discriminative, simply because President Obama is Black and not because he has the ability, skills and talent and has the knack to steer America to greater heights of Economic success that is balanced and which provides for open opportunity to all without discrimination and where Peace and unity for common good of all is guaranteed.
7) President Obama is the President of all people irrespective of whether some are straight or gay or some are disadvantaged or rich. As a President he cannot discriminate and he ran with a ticket to serve all, whether in Blue States or Red States.........and rendering mutual trading with the world by being fair to all and as well being able to protect, deliver service to people in a distributive balance; opening Government resource opportunities benefits to all without discrimination.
8) As the President of the United State, he is obligated to Administer and Manage Government functionability to render service efficiently and effectively and cannot stay focused under tension and pressure that are not realistic and have strings attached that benefit a few special interest and on the same note, cannot allow dictates of Corporate Special Interest power to overtake or supersede the Institution of Government service delivery or its functionability.
So my friends, you all must understand that fundamental purpose of a business is to make profit, unlike that of the Government. The Government system is a non profit making establishment. Its mandated is to render service to people. It is a peoples institution. Understand that the Special Interest Business Community have business interest at heart and are for profit making first and foremost, which is why they lobby through politicians to organize their deals for business contracts in the Government service facility and utilities and therefore, this hullabaloo is all about protecting the interest of Special Business community and not about the people or the peoples Governments benefit. The Special business community feel that they must have control over the Government and this should not be the case, they also feel that they are the ones to serve the people directly to earn bigger profits instead of letting the Government serve the people.............that they must control the Government if not, their comfort zones are threatened or are interfered with and so it is the reason that they have the back of Legislatures in Tea Partiers and some Republicans to make noise and destabilize the Government functionability on their behalf...........but THIS IS WRONG....... the same Legislatures are voted by people to engage in public affair and deliver service, debate and engage in public mandate, how people wish to be governed and provide service to the people and not to the Special Interest people...................
It is conflict of interest why all of you people hate President Obama, you are all selfish and greedy and I am sorry for all of you because, with this kind of attitude, there is no spirit of goodness or harmony and unity for common good of all is disadvantaged and is facing serious challenges that good people must unite and step in to protect Peoples Human Rights.............that, President Obama is not the problem, you are the problem..............
I feel sorry for you to have voted him and now you regret................You are running and no one is chasing you, it is your guilt...............It is the truth that shall set us free indeed............You all need a reality check so we all can see things in the same wave length where sharing fairly for the good of all should bring us peace, unity and happiness and that life will have meaning one more time.
May God Bless us all as we trend and struggle to make ourselves understood so love can permeate and transcend to warm our hearts to where we are able to do unto others like we shall want done unto us.............and may God's Peace be upon us all...............
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 10:15 AM, Pastor Absalom Birai wrote:

I voted for Obama but have since regretted. He has worked so hard to champion gay rights. He has made things worse in areas of family

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 9:10 AM, Jonah Ogaro <> wrote:
Obama has already delivered as a champion of 'gay' and 'lesbian' marriages. He has succeeded in watering down the familiy values.

Akwende kabisa.
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 05:22:06 -0800
Subject: [PK] Clinton adds to Obama's health care headache
Good People,
This is Unbelievable to see who stubs your back when you least expect.When it comes to this point, I now believe that there is more than meets the eye and we all must be watchful. The dissenting voices are not genuine or fair to Obamacare (The Affordable Healthcare).
Press Talking points with computer mechanical hitch on Obamacare “The Affordable Care Act” is not something to be dragged into Legislative policy matters to a point that all important policy matters are stopped and are halted to engage a law that has been passed but awaits its administrative operation to take effect.Politicians cannot begin to engage on Administration matters as a stage show.This shows clearly that some people are set to bring President Obama into disrepute, so President Obama is sandwiched between a rock and a hard surface; if not, they should have let the Obama Administration do the nitty gritty to rectify the problem and take care of short-falls. It must be known that, the Affordable Care Act has not even been given chance to be put to tested, which is a requirement to any policy to have a minimum atleast one year to take effect and be perfect. There will be correction here and there as people move forward.But this is not to haters………. They forget that, it needs collective support for any policy to work efficiently instead of too much critics even before it is given a try. The haters wont listen to that………which poses a question, are they perfect themselves and did they succeed without collective support???
In life, there are always hitches, but people come together to fix what is wrong.You do not take advantage to find faults for a beating, President Obama is not anybody’s punching bag………He is the President of United States of America………..and this behavior must stop………
Time and time again, hitches happen and it is expected and history has proved that.Whenever something is new, give it time to take effect.There must be conflicts at some point before it gets to grip the way it is expected to be because it involves a host of team putting their heads together to make the system operational. It must also be known that in the circumstances, there are others who are not comfortable with change because it affects their comfort zones and they will do anything to resist the change.In Obamacare (The Affordable Act situation) it is more than just spanner at work for the good of the country, but all are spears targeting to destroy Obama and it is fighting aimed to fail President Obama's good intention to the people and efforts to disrupt policy change meant for the good of the people.
But in this case, it is hate that is driving people to negativity to regard Obama’s good work with contempt and in extreme repugnance, abhorring with malice and spiteful vengeance.
When will this stop???If everybody in the world is going to be negative upset and begin to fight hatefully the way all these people are fighting, what shall remain in the world???Is this fight of lethal hate healthy???
I urge the President to stay focused and do the needful, that which is good for the people and ignore these bad mouths.The more the President is going to pay attention to them, they will disrupt and disorganize the President.This hateful behavior is going to get worse by the day, but it should not deter the mission he embarked on service to the people. The haters are definitely forceful to keep their comfort zones and zero in to find faults to mess-up President Obama so Obama leaves the Office with no credit or achievement.........Whichever way you look at it, the haters will not bulge and are determined to fail President Obama.
Good people, no one is perfect and the President has honored and apologized for the short-fall hitch and promised to have the system work; let us give it space to correct and work instead of clouding it to fail…….Affordable Care is the law…….and we must all unite to defeat negativity whose aim is to kill it, which is the cancer of hate for goodness sake.
We all must stand up for justice and fairness without discrimination to all before hate consume and destroy us all.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Clinton adds to Obama's health care headache

Wednesday November 13th 2013
12 hours ago
Washington (AFP) - Bill Clinton weighed in on the crisis over the troubled new US health care law Tuesday, handing President Barack Obama a new political headache.
The former president said that Obama should stick by his promise that if Americans liked their existing health insurance plans they should be able to keep them, despite thousands being told by insurance firms they could not.
"I personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, that the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got," Clinton said in an interview with the website published on Tuesday.
Obama last week said he was sorry to Americans who had been told by insurance firms that their coverage will be cancelled because of Obamacare, despite his repeated assurances that the law would not force people to change their doctors or insurance plans.
The White House says that the reason people have seen coverage cancelled is that their policies did not meet minimum quality standards required by the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.
Officials say those people will be able to buy better policies under Obamacare and may qualify for tax rebates to help compensate for possibly higher costs.
Republicans seized on Clinton's comments, framing them as another disaster for the botched rollout of Obamacare.
The White House chose to highlight other assessments by Clinton about the law.
"I think it's important to note that President Clinton, in that interview, also said, and I quote, 'the big lesson is that we are better off with this law than without it.'" said White House spokesman Jay Carney.
Clinton and Obama had an initially frosty relationship, largely due to the current US leader's triumph over Hillary Clinton in their bitter 2008 Democratic primary race.
But Obama's choice of Hillary Clinton as his first-term secretary of state, and the valuable help offered by Clinton during the president's reelection campaign, brought the two Democratic champions together.
Carney also admitted on Tuesday that figures to be released shortly showing enrolment for the new scheme that debuted on October 1 would be disappointing, owing to the malfunctioning website.
"I can guarantee you that the number that is released will be lower than we had hoped and anticipated because of the problems with the website," Carney said.
"That is why it is so important to focus our energies on fixing the problems."
The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that fewer than 50,000 people had signed up for private insurance as of last week -- well below the administration's target of 500,000 enrollees for October.
Obamacare, which gets the United States closer than ever before to universal health insurance, is the president's signature domestic political achievement.
The White House argues that it includes many significant advances -- including a prohibition on insurance firms barring coverage to those with pre-existing health conditions -- and will be popular once it is fully implemented.
Despite Republican charges that Obamacare is a chaotic example of the folly of government intervention in the health care market, Obama allies insist that the website problems are distracting from the overall success of the law.

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