Sunday, November 10, 2013

Charge Evans Kidero and Rachael Shebesh, say police


Good People,

This is funny charges. Kidero did not fight. Kidero was invaded in his office and was taken by surprise when his thing was grabbed by Shebesh causing a reaction from Kidero on protective instinct.

People must not let corrupt charges to spoil for someone. This must be forcefully rejected and the Police must be investigated instead why he is engaging in double deal, has he been sent???

Somebody is after Kidero and this must be stopped at all costs.

It must be known if it is Uhuru or Raila who is after Kidero's position for their Hench-men or women.

Kilongo Mutula died mysteriously and today the case is dead silent with no one brought to justice. We shall not let people go after Kidero in this manner.........and why the Police ??? Can we trust the Police??? Who sent them??? Are they above the law??? How can they justify their charges more or so over something the world witness and the conspiracy was so clear..................This is unacceptable................

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
Friday, November 8, 2013

Charge Evans Kidero and Rachael Shebesh, say police


RAW VIDEO: Kidero slaps Shebesh

In Summary

  • The police inquiry concludes that a brawl took place at the governor’s office as a result of a Ms Shebesh-led rowdy protest
  • Mr Kidero and Ms Shebesh went to different hospitals and doctors certified their injuries as “harm”
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Governor Evans Kidero and Women’s Representative Rachael Shebesh should be charged for fighting in public, police say.
Criminal Investigations Officer Nicholas Kamwende says that inquiries had established that the two leaders fought.
Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko had asked the police to investigate the September 6 incidence at the governor’s office in Nairobi.
“It is recommended that Mr Kidero and Ms Shebesh be charged,” said Mr Kamwende.
He also proposes that Ms Shebesh and the group who stormed the governor’s office be charged with creating a public disturbance.
The police inquiry concludes that a brawl took place at the governor’s office as a result of a Ms Shebesh-led rowdy protest.
“There are witnesses who say they saw both complainants attacking the other,” Mr Kamwende said.
Mr Tobiko said on Friday that he would take a decision next week on whether or not to charge the two.
The police report details how Ms Shebesh and a mob arrived at the office at 3.30pm and the governor asked Ms Shebesh to enter the office alone but she insisted on going in with two workers’ representatives.
The governor opened the door to his office and Ms Shebesh and her group tried to force their way in.
Skirmishes occurred, said Kamwende, and it was then that Ms Shebesh started shouting that she had been slapped by the governor.
“The governor also claimed to have been injured on the groin by Ms Shebesh who pulled his private parts and an unknown person gave him a blow in the same area,” Mr Kamwende said.
Mr Kidero and Ms Shebesh went to different hospitals and doctors certified their injuries as “harm”. Mr Kidero then reported to Central Police Station while Ms Shebesh reported to Parliament Police Station.


Is Sonko going to be charged too, or that is a domestic affair?

      joe opiyo
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                        Free kenyanwoman

                          Francis Kiranga

                          I tend to agree that the charges should have been leveled immediately. It beats logic what the police could have been investigating since Sept. 6th 2013. If anything, this exemplifies the police as an ineffective and inefficient force that does not understand the notion that justice delayed is justice denied.Going by their example, the DPP now has another 3 years to mull over the charges during which time the facts will obviously have morphed. Spare us.



                                Helen madegwa



                                    Kamau Wa Mwithiga maskwembe


                                        Kamau Wa Mwithiga

                                        So you think the President is above the law, heih? Get your facts right bwana Kamau, OK?!

                                          Bernard Ongwae

                                            Kidero must reaign otherwise its an insult to women. What a shame. Just slap a woman in public and its ok?
                                            a day ago0

                                            Which woman? Shebbesh should be slapped by any man who passes near her.

                                            bobcat Dakitarijeff
                                            2 days ago
                                            You act like a thug, you get the same treatment. I am ashamed of their behavior, humans must act carefully.

                                            Francis Kiranga Dakitarijeff
                                            2 days ago
                                            Which woman are you talking about? You ought to be ashamed for calling Shebesh a woman? She belongs in her own category and needs thorough medical evaluation as she may be abnormal.

                                            Punchez Dakitarijeff
                                            2 days ago
                                            But it is still ok for a woman to grab someones 'bujingles' in public..before you respect the man, respect the office (title).

                                              Medicine Man
                                              A most idiotic and cowardly conclusion ..... I've watched the video a number of times and there is only one aggressor. Incompetent.

                                              Otunge Medicine Man
                                              2 days ago0

                                              That is why you are not the police.... Let police do their work pls. You were not there to see what happened from the lower angle before the slap but Police had time to investigate and find out...



                                                    I think the investigators have done a serious and fair job here. Kudos!

                                                      jamali mukira

                                                      Homo Urbanis

                                                      It has taken a whole month for the police to establish there was a brawl at the Governor's office. There should be a law against procrastination. And the DPP needs the weekend to decide whether to prosecute. This is public sector in full operation.

                                                        This is a complete joke, some un-named politician has abused her severally in public, yet he doesn't have a single charge, so, either charge him, Shebesh and Kidero, or don't disturb any of them

                                                          Who will be the defendant? What about Shebbesh vs Sonko?

                                                          cia waitina choba Alfotula
                                                          2 days ago
                                                          That one (sonkos) was sorted outa court long time ago!...& happened outa public eye, in a none-public-office! how this... one ..moves..alfe!

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