Saturday, August 3, 2013

Making foreign investment work: lessons from Mozambique

Making foreign investment work: lessons from Mozambique

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Making foreign investment work: lessons from Mozambique
The country successfully attracts investment for mega-projects, but for them to contribute to sustainable development, the country must also help small businesses to flourish
girls and migration
To anti-trafficking NGOs: a little less conversation, a little more action please
In Vietnam and around the world, instead of direct action to free victims, organisations are fixated by media soundbites. How can you claim to fight trafficking, yet sit at a safe distance?

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Ghana's oil wealth: how partnership can make growth equitable
Adam Smith International: A lucrative extractive sector could deliver significant benefits but for it to be sustainable the government, community and private sector must work together.

Mobile services for the unbanked: finding a viable commercial model
The cost of providing financial services remains high. Shared services platforms could offer an answer to increase financial inclusion, writes DAI

 Content from around the web for development professionals

What if 'slacktivism' actually could feed a hungry child?
Online activism suffers from a bad reputation. The World Food Programme's latest facebook campaign suggests we think again about the potential impact of online engagement
Aid worker job specs in the network age

The humanitarian field is evolving. In this blog from IRIN humanitarian news we hear about the future skills aid workers will need to navigate the shifting demands and opportunities of working in the sector

West Africa: full steam ahead on implementing regional agricultural policy
In this piece from the ECDPM, we hear from Jeske Van Seters about moves by the Economic Community of West African States to pick up the pace of implementing their regional agricultural policy

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