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Good People,

In a rejoinder, I would say, that the likes of Ongwen are those whose ideas belong to the Globalization basket of thieving, Land Grabbing, corruption, graft and impunity.........which is a crime against humanity ……. This mentality of business have no space in the present Global Business MarketPlace where in reality, Functioning Democracy, demands that the Government belongs to the people, so any good business should bring happiness with economic success story.

That, if the people are the Government, then service to the people are therefore fundamentally important and is a priority above all else.It then gives Responsibility to leaders to go market for opportunities, how the people wish to be governed mutually sharing in the business of give and take and where all end up benefiting from the business undertaken.This means, that the LAND that belong to the people are taken to the bargaining table to solicit for a resourceful business venture from competing INVESTORS who appreciate fair deal that involves public interest of improving local community welfare and NOT FREE LOADERS……The Truth is, Public Wealth, Gold and Silver, will not bring happiness if it is not planned well and the business fail to be executed the right way with respect and dignity.

At this point, it becomes a "Give and Take" Mutual sharing in the business where, everybody gets from the reward of their hard work in earnings from the fair game of business exchange of goods sold Vs. the good bought.This brings opportunity for activities to bloom.

In reality, the basic theories for a successful business undertaking was smoked out by the failed theories of the likes of Ongwen who are the brain behind Raila, Anyang Nyongo and Jakoyo Midiwo, and the results are in the open just like Otieno Sungu explained.Sungu can be believed because they are the people who were on the ground and they saw it all..........Yeah, a good leader can be successful if he or she is surrounded by great thinkers with formidable wisdom, whose advice cannot be doubted but are consistent and produces good results, not negative.

Consequently, business of thieving, corruption, graft, impunity and Land Grabbing for FREE LOADERSBUSINESS COMMUNITY, are unacceptable and they must begin to start counting their loses..........and people like Ongwen can easily tell you that God does not exist………and therefore they live in wishful thinking………

Good people, stealing from peoples sweat is a curse…….live it alone…….People must sweat for good life…….

People, the reason why I support Oduol even before I have met him, are records of his good works that speaketh for that he has close relationship with the people on the ground in that, both there is good understanding between him and the grassroots with what is at stake there…….That, he understands the people have the land but are not profiting from it, he understands the pain of the people from not getting support from the Government service delivery adequately and that, public mandate does not accommodate FREE LOADING........that, in the "give and take"voters expect good return for their votes in order to get opportunity to be heard how they wish to be governed and what values they care for.Oduol knows that, investors must be brought to the people to share in the business fairly under Public-Partnership Cooperative undertaking and both must contribute to the welfare development of the community in ways and means.

I salute you people for standing tall for Democracy to work.Poverty, Pain and sufferings are nowhere close to happiness.A leader who enjoys happiness alone with his cronies are leaders of doom.A leader who surround himself with losers end up losing, but a leader who surrounds himself with Thinkers of Great Minds who are guided by the principles of WISDOM, end up making history for Justified Sustainable Development; where Peace and Unity abounds and the wheels of success brings forth Liberty of good tiding in pursuit for happiness......and this is the purpose of God’s Creation.......

I surely sincerely love you all and I will always do, when you keep standing for Good Governance and justice for all irrespective of who is who........The Truth will set us all free, and telling it like it is, is the way people will know where they go wrong and if they care, they will correct their mistakes………

The world is changing pretty fast before my eyes.........We must work very hard in a short-space-of-time to bring back Law and Order and do away with theories that do not bring moral uprightness, respect, dignity with virtue. We dont bring forth children to the world to be a disgrace or turned to be messengers of doom but in Faith and Hope, strive for the best to bring dignity, Glory and Happiness to the world. 
Lets keep the good work by supporting Real Democracy to work at its best and fair justice for all.........and this shall be our land mark in pursuit for happiness.........

Cheers everybody......!!!
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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Odour,Ong'wen and the like are the ones who have always been fronted as Raila's think tank. If you ever heard Ong'wen attempt anything near a debate, you would run away in shame.The man is wanting in verbal skills of engagements and can be very boring to listen to when delivering a speech/talk. I have had the misfortune of listening to one of his speeches, spruced up with pacing around the stage, it is a nightmare.No wonder Raila losses elections every so often.I hope he does not devolve this kind of losing streak to Siaya County, Siaya kababa.Sungu.

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Sungu wodma,

In a contest between Oduor Ong'wen and William Oduol, I will grudgingly go for, God forgive me, Oduol wod Alego. I apologize to all my ideological friends out there.

On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 5:20 AM, otieno sungu <> wrote:
Now that the truth has finally come out and the election of Cornel Rasanga declared a mockery of democracy, the ground is pregnant for the election of a new Governor for Siaya County devoid of dirty politics, hoodwinking and political machinations.
The ground is fertile for issue based campaign and all candidates must stand on their own feet and not only have an agenda but propagate the same. This is why, like many commentators, I predict a landslide William Oduol win.

The fact that the Raila Odinga factor will not matter in this election with accompanied pleas such as “ give me this candidate for these are the people I will need to govern Kenya” while raising to the air hands of his cronies to be elected can only be doom for such a candidate whom he chooses to back against the people’s wishes.These kind of pleas have already been overtaken by events of March 4th so they have no room on the coming by election.

There were loud cries when William Oduol beat Dr. Oburu Odinga hands down in the ODM nominations prior to the March 4th elections. Instead of allowing the will of the people to prevail, it was felt prudent within the ODM circles to save Dr. Oburu further humiliation after being run out of the Senator race by James Orengo, by “nullifying” his candidacy and that of William Oduol.

The people of Siaya have never forgiven ODM for such blatant rape on democracy. In fact, it is only the nature of our tribal politics that ensured Raila Odinga got votes in Siaya for even he was on the verge of losing Siaya County to Uhuru Kenyatta as a protest vote against ODMs perennial meddling in nominations. Truth be told, ODM had the worst nominations marred with arrogant party officials and unapologetic attitude.While it cannot be said that TNA did any better, the manner and language with which it handled the aftermath and backlash was well above the chest thumping of ODM party leaders who believed they own the party and must be given nominations; thus losers like Jakoyo and Prof Nyongo also found themselves holding nominations among a raft of others.

But back to why William Oduol, my former schoolmate will cause an avalanche if ODM tries to run another smear campaign against him. This time round, there are no high stakes of party politics, there is no presidential vote being concurrently fought for and above all, the people still have a date with ODM to be taught a few lessons on democracy and respecting the will of the people. There cannot be such a sweat time for revenge devoid of tribal card, tribal sentiments, party loyalty or guilt and appeals.

In fact, this is a test of leadership, only those who exhibit true character and leadership traits should attempt this race, anyone hoping to hang onto ODM or any coat tails will find themselves buried in the protest vote.
William Oduol has not only consolidated the youth vote in Siaya County, he appeals to the elderly in equal measure. He is definitely a welcome candidate across all the constituencies of Siaya County.

With ODM beginning to develop cold feet over Cornel Rasanga’s candidacy, it can only be anyone’s guess the fear behind this. Truth is, ODM can only allow William Oduol to be or scout very hard for a formidable candidate with equal appeal to run against Oduol and work the William Oduol magic in the few months to the by election.

My Christal ball cannot be very clear from the cloudless environs where I have taken professional refuge.

Otieno Sungu.
Friday, August 30, 2013

46 gangs cited as most notorious

A Kenyan riot police dog baits a suspected Mungiki gang member at Nairobi's Mathare slums, in this file photo. PHOTO/ REUTERS

In Summary

  • Director Oriri Onyango (below) said the country was witnessing the emergence of complex crimes such as terrorism, piracy, cyber-crime, corruption , drug trafficking, money laundering, sexual and gender based violence.
46 organised criminal gangs
A new report has revealed the existence of 46 organised criminal gangs involved in murder, extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking and violent robberies.
Well-known groups such as Mungiki, Al-shabaab and Taliban, continue to exist despite frequent police crackdowns against their members while new ones such as The 42 Brothers, J-10 and Yes We can have recently emerged.
The revelations are contained in a report dubbed Summary Of A Study On Organised Criminal Gangs In Kenya, which was launched by Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai in Nairobi Friday.
“We have to embrace scientific methods in dealing with this problem rather than the conventional way,” he said.
While noting the trend is worrying, Prof Muigai added that the introduction of Prevention of organised crime Act 2010, had boosted the war on crime although gangs had become more sophisticated.
The report specifically blames politicians for slowing down the war on crime saying, they relied on twelve groups, including Jeshi la Mzee in Kangemi, Baghdad Boys in Kisumu and Angola Msumbiji in Butere, to act as their body guards, intimidate opponents and mobilize political support. The research was carried out by the National Crime Research Centre.
Director Oriri Onyango (below) said the country was witnessing the emergence of complex crimes such as terrorism, piracy, cyber-crime, corruption , drug trafficking, money laundering, sexual and gender based violence.
“These crimes have become a common concern both for government and citizens not only in Kenya but across the globe and have impacted negatively on personal safety and security,” said Mr Onyango at the launch of the report Friday.
Inspector-General of police David Kimaiyo said the war on crime would be won through co-operation between members of public and law enforcers.
“Crime is a common concern in the country and should not left to law enforcement officers only but the public should support the initiative by providing information,” said Mr Kimaiyo, in a statement read by Deputy Director of Criminal investigations Gideon Kimilu.
The report says the Taliban, which operates in Kayole and Dandora, is known for levying levy illegal feeson businesses and committing murders.
By Nation Reporters
Friday, August 30, 2013

How criminal gangs use women and children in killings and extortions

In Summary

  • While the male gang members are hardened criminals, women and children are usually used to distract attention because they are normally not the “usual suspects,” on the police watch, says the report released Friday in Nairobi by Attorney General Githu Muigai.
Women and children in crimeBy FRED MUKINDAMore by this Author
The underworld of organised criminal gangs has been laid bare in a Government report that details their intricate dealings, how they use women and children, invest their stolen loot and receive backing from politicians.
The report identifies 46 notorious groups, which it says are spread across the country carrying out murders, extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking, robberies, and evictions.
It spells out the specific tasks given to women, children and the elderly in criminal activities and how the gangs leave the police dazed and frustrated.
While the male gang members are hardened criminals, women and children are usually used to distract attention because they are normally not the “usual suspects,” on the police watch, says the report released Friday in Nairobi by Attorney General Githu Muigai.
The women are relied on for spying and the safe-keeping of stolen loot, while the children come in handy, carrying guns and illegal drugs for the gangs.
The elderly administer oaths to fresh recruits and are also key in resolving disputes that frequently arise among gang members, to ensure the illegal outfits remain intact.
“The gangs are evolving in an unprecedented way, giving enormous challenge to law enforcers. We are surprised by the number and colourful descriptions of themselves. This is a catalyst for disaster,” said Prof Muigai.
Women in criminal gangs usually masquerade as prostitutes, with the aim of getting closer to targets they have been ordered to spy on.
If a male member is caught in public while committing a crime, it falls on the women in the gang to raise a false alarm, create confusion and help him escape, says the report in a finding that evokes memories of slain Mungiki spokesman Njuguna Gitau, who was always accompanied by a woman whose duty was to scream whenever police approached, causing a commotion to help him escape through crowds.
Gangs that specialise in burglary often use children by pushing them through small openings where an adult cannot fit so as to enter a house.
Once inside the building, the children then open doors and windows to allow the adults to enter. Police have in the past exposed incidents where children in school uniform carry drugs and guns concealed as text books in their bags.
“Children convey arms and drugs from one point to another for adult criminals especially in points where law enforcers are likely to detect the adults. Children are also used to prompt potential victims to react negatively so that the adult criminals can intervene,” says the research that is only the second Government report on crime trends in the country. The first, which identified Nairobi’s most dangerous neighbourhoods, was released in April this year.
“There is that old perception that women and children do not take part in crime. That’s is far from the truth. It’s only that female criminals are more into soft crimes when compared to the men,” says the deputy head of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Gideon Kimilu. In Kenya, he added, most drug peddlers masquerade as street children and are also used as spies.
Within illegal groups, the elderly spearhead negotiations with rival gangs to maintain cohesion besides administering oaths to fresh recruits.
In areas such as Mathare slums where the Mungiki and Taliban reign, confrontations are common as rival gangs fight for supremacy, creating opportunities for older members to resolve the turf wars by convening negotiations in which contested areas are mapped out and gang members ordered to restrict their activities to areas within their jurisdictions. Violators of such pacts are usually heavily punished by the elders in their own gangs, usually in form of fines.
“Intergroup disagreements, power struggles and conflicts were frequently reported between criminal gangs. It was reported in Nairobi between Mungiki, Kamjesh and Taliban over the control of matatu routes in Eastlands,” says the report, which goes further to show that criminal gangs use the ill-gotten wealth to invest in businesses that look legitimate.
The report says: “Organised gangs are involved in formal and informal businesses including ownership of public service vehicles and motorcycles, car wash premises, rental houses, retail exhibition shops, kiosks, scrap metal dealing and gambling.”
For instance, the expansive farms in Nakuru have for a long time been associated with Mungiki, whose officials also own palatial houses in Kitengela and Ngong.
The report says the gangs rely on established business magnates to access legal aid and bail out those arrested.
Prof Muigai called on all security agencies in the country to team up to fight the gangs. “We need an urgent collective response including police, National Intelligence Service, academics, and the judiciary instead of each of these entities working on their own.”
Kenyans who spoke to researchers who compiled the report blamed the government for failing to eradicate the gangs.
“According to most of the respondents, there had been no arrests of gang members in their areas in the last three years when serious crimes had been committed and offenders were known. Majority were not aware of convictions of gang members,” the report named Summary Of A Study On Organised Criminal Gangs In Kenya, said.
It was prepared by the National Crime Research Centre.
Politicians also provide money to gangs in exchange for mass support in their areas of jurisdiction while corruption in the police and Judiciary, as well as political influence, was blamed for the emergence of gangs.
National Crime Research Centre director Oriri Onyango said the country was witnessing the emergence of more organised criminal groups in even more complex crimes such as terrorism, piracy, cyber-crime, corruption , drug trafficking, money laundering, sexual abuse and gender-based violence.
“These crimes have become a common concern both for the government and citizens not only in Kenya but across the globe and have impacted negatively on personal safety and security,” said Mr Onyango.
Mr Paul Suter, a lecturer of Sociology and Psychology at Moi University, said in a telephone interview yesterday that most young people were joining the groups due to unemployment and frustrations.
“We have delegated the primary social role of the family to the secondary role which is peer pressure and mass media, leading many young people to such organised criminal gangs,’’ he said, adding that many parents were focusing on developing their careers and occupation at the expense of their children.
Additional reporting by OUMA WANZALA

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