Friday, August 30, 2013

China's major oil producers fail pollution test

China's major oil producers fail pollution test

Melbourne, Aug. 30 :

China's two biggest oil producers are being blocked from expanding their refining capacity after they failed to meet targets for reducing pollution. - See more at:

The penalties, imposed by environmental re0gulators, for PetroChina and Sinopec are a fresh blow to China's state-owned oil industry.The two oil producers failed to meet targets for reducing 'chemical oxygen demand', a measure of pollutants released into rivers and other bodies of water, the Ministry of the Environment announced.According to the Courier Mail, such penalties are unusual in China, where critics have complained regulators ignore environmental violations by state-owned companies. Chinese leaders also have been facing growing public pressure to curb industrial emissions that have made the country's major cities some of the world's most polluted and fouled water supplies and farmland, the report added. --ANI (Posted on 30-08-2013 - See more at:


China promises more aircraft carriers in near future to meet defence needs

Beijing, Aug. 30 :

China has announced that it will consider developing more aircraft carriers to fulfill its defense requirements in the near future.

A Defense Ministry spokesman, Colonel Yang Yujun, was quoted by the China Daily as saying there will be more aircraft carriers in the future depending on the nation's naval strategy.Earlier, there were media reports that China was domestically developing an aircraft carrier for the first time.The Chinese navy had commissioned the Liaoning, which is a retrofitted former Soviet Union carrier, in the People's Liberation Army on September 25, 2012. The navy has since then been developing it's main strike force by conducting takeoff and landing tests of J-15 fighters from the Liaoning. A senior researcher of the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, Wen Bing, said China was still exploring ways to effectively develop and use its carrier battle group to empower its navy, so it was too early to predict the number of carriers in the future. --ANI (Posted on 30-08-2013)

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