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Where is Jane Feldman of Rhode Island in Kenya HIV/AIDs

Good People,


Nashangaa ( I am surprised).............Wapi (where is) KCA na Henry Gichaba, somewhere in the forests of North Carolina.....???


Where did this woman "Janet Feldman" dessapear to ??? What happened to her AIDs organization in Kenya with the unregistered private NGOs she was running in Kenya??? How come it is so quite........did she go underground or she is greasing underground......???


I would like to know?..........Is she in Kenya, Uganda or in Rwanda???  Under whose umbrella is she this passing years???  We seem to have been visiting HIV Aids stories with the “CUT” thing in the thicket, but with little information about Janet, what is going on, could she be very busy attached in the thicket ......, that she now passes our minds ???........Someone keep us posted……..As Public organization, No NGO should go underground this much……This woman had a piece of information we just cant get off our minds so easily........, I mean, a whole many years past without incidents ?


Wapi yeye ??? It is time we re-visit this character good people !!!  There are new posts in her links, but where is she and what is she doing ???  Or, is she somewhere quietly with Prof. of the "CUT"........


Her quietness could mean danger to humanity in Kenya or the Great Lakes of East Africa unless she is reformed.......and even if she is reformed we need to know.  In fact, the end of the story was never known…….OR does anyone have some sort of information? 


Please share if you do……
Cheers !!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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Janet Feldman left a comment for Samuel Kawilila
"Hello Dear Sam, Wonderful to hear from you, and am thinking of you so often! We may be out of touch via email, but we are always in tune in spirit, and our communication remains constant at that level. Please let me know how you are and what…"
Nov 27, 2009
Samuel Kawilila left a comment for Janet Feldman
"Greetings Jan, It has taken a while. Still doing the stuff."
Oct 24, 2009
Janet Feldman's Page
I am founder/director of two health and development nonprofits, one the international branch of a Kenyan HIV/AIDS organization, KAIPPG (, and the other an international arts coalition called ActALIVE (, whose 300 members in 30 countries use the arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). I am a collage artist and social-change activist.

I am an editor of the arts and MDGs e-journal, art'ishake; Task Force member and Adult Ally of the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS; and co-creator of development projects that focus on arts and media, information and communication technologies (including distance-learning), nutrition and food security, empowerment of women and youth, health and education, anti-trafficking, and poverty-alleviation.

I attended Hampshire College, where I received a BA in Art History, History, and Women's Studies; studied international law, diplomacy, and development at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, where myself and fellow students helped to create a special field of study in international conflict resolution; and trained as a mediator at Harvard Law School, also earning a certificate there in Bargaining and Negotiation.
Janet Feldman
  • Female
  • Barrington Rhode Island
  • United States
  • I am founder/director of KAIPPG…
From: Judy Miriga
There has been a lot of twist and turns in regard to (KCA) activities which is worrying and confusing.
We demand that KCA authenticity with records operandi be investigated as talk are ripe taking
dangerous turns in a make believe that has had a lot of funny illegal activities, in such of the likes
of "A Syndicate Decoy of Colombia Drug Cartels Money Transfers", involving big corporate
companies and where public taxpayers is equally in jeopardy of such transfers which breads
suspecion of the underworld undertable dealings of the Status Quo.
We therefore feel public safety and security is compromised if Joint investigation team are
not applied immediately and urgently.
This can only be clarified through FBI and Inter pool security investigative team as this
matter is believed to engage very high prominent Envoy Officer's networking along with those of
the local African corrupt Leadership in a significant ploy ......
We look forward to an urgent investigation and reporting of this case.
Thank you all,
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
- - - - - - - - - - -
From: Janet Feldman
Henry Gichaba and All,
Your abuse, lies, and complete misrepresentation of myself, my role in KCA, KAIPPG, Richard Brodsky, and the situation at KCA--including this hoax of an email, announcing the new KCA president as Chifu wa Malindi--can no longer go unchallenged. You claim friends in KCA, yet you do them a terrible disservice. You make pronouncements on things you know nothing about, and some people may believe your falsehoods.
Other measures will now be discussed and taken, as this has gone much too far.
From: Henry Gichaba
Dear Kenyans and members of KCA,
The KCA vote has been casted and the new KCA President is KCA long-serving guru and founder member, Abdulsalam Yakub, commonly known as Chifu wa Malindi. Out of the 32 members who voted in these elections, Chifu obtained 20 votes out of the highest possible 32 votes.
A messy mushroom soup behind the curtains:
Janet Feldman, an American woman with far-reaching financial and NGO interests in Kenya (through KCA) was the returning officer. The voting was done electronically. Yet, Janet has developed cold feet in releasing the election results.
Janet and Chifu are strange bed-fellows. In the founding of KCA, Chifu used his own $500 to ensure the registration and building process of KCA into a formidable organization boasting over 300 members worldwide. Nonetheless, after a few elections, notably of Dr. Matunda Nyanchama and Frank Mwaniki - others notwithstanding, KCA was tribalized. Internal feuds made it possible for members to choose a woman called Janet Feldman to run the affairs of KCA. She volunteered to work as CEO of KCA because she has fundraising interests through her chain of NGOs. Ms Feldman has since been the Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi of KCA. Her incessant dictatorship has reduced the KCA to only 32 paid-up members, each one the owner of at least one NGO with vast monetary interests.
For Ms. Feldman, and her her fellow American friend, Richard Brodsky, they use KCA on their resume to lend credence to their fund-raising activities in the USA, purporting to support needy projects in Kenya.
Look at this circulation mail from: Richard Brodsky
Hi : : December 16, 2010
World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010, Kisumu, Kenya. The Standard, one of Kenya's leading newspapers wrote an article about my wife and me, Jodi and Richard Brodsky.
For five straight years we have been traveling to Kenya a few days before World AIDS Day so the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation can sponsor orphan dinner dances.
The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation also co-sponsors the World AIDS Marathon with the Kisumu World AIDS Marathon Group.
A record number of participants, 404, completed the half and full marathon. Of the 404 runners, 29 were disabled athletes, and 80 were part of relay.
Such a statement is used for big fundraising drives in Manhattan and across America. They do fundraising in restaurants, a plate going at $5,000.00 (Ksh. 400,000.00) in places like Manhattan. In addition, they would seek donations from other groups and individuals so that at the end of the year, someone like Richard Brodsky would appear in Kisumu as the co-sponsor of the World AIDS Marathon.
What does Richard really do in Kisumu? He buys a few T-shirts for a parade of about 200 Kenyans. The T-shirts are cheaply made and printed in Kenya. He then buys glucose and soda for the marathon runners. Later, he buys dinner for those who participated. The coast of dinner for 200 runners in Kisumu at the approximate whole-sale price of Ksh. 1,000.00 per plate is Ksh. Ksh. 200,000. Therefore, Richard would use the cost of two fundraising plates in Manhattan to run the entire cost of "co-sponsoring" the World AIDS Day in Kisumu."
In the meantime, Richard Brodsky or Janet Feldman or those other Kenyans who use the KCA to run NGOs would make a chain of fundraising across the USA and Europe to raise money, awaiting the AIDS World Day et al in Kisumu. Ladies and gentlemen, a few thousands of fundraising plates are eaten by unsuspecting Americans and Europeans, genuine people who want to help some HIV/Aids soul somewhere in Kisumu.
Kenyans, that's the reason why Janet Feldman is running KCA like private property. It's the reason why Richard Brodsky is a paid-up member of KCA. Most of us made an exodus out of KCA when we realized this process the KCA is now owned by a mzungu with different interests other than the reasons for which Kenyans founded the organization.
Now a few Kenyans have woken up to the realization that Janet Feldman and Richard Brodsky, who are running the KCA have vast financial interests and that KCA gives them a good chance of doing fundraising to support their NGOs. In actual sense, this is NGO politics. In truth, 90% of the money they fund raise goes to "Administrative costs," meaning salaries for the owners of the NGOs like Janet Feldman and Richard Brodsky.
A week after the KCA Elections (where 32 people and two Americans would participate), Janet Feldman is still to announce that Abdulsalaam Yakub of Manhattan, NY, is the winner of this year's KCA Elections. The reason is because Chifu wa Malindi advocates for the Kenyanizations of KCA and that a Kenyan organization should not be use to raise money purported to assist needy Kenyans but 90% of the proceeds goes to administrative costs.
Thank God, Almighty, Chifu has won the elections and we will rejoin him to recreate the KCA to serve the interests of Kenyans in the Diaspora.
Henry Gichaba, somewhere in the forests of North Carolina.
From: Henry Gichaba
Dear Kenyans,
KCA does not represent Kenyans abroad. It's a group of at most 28 registered people under a stubborn American woman called Janet Feldman. So, if the KCA has 29 paid-up members, the group doesn't represent the 3 million Henyans abroad.
The following is the list of KCA members:
1.Richard Brodsky - White American man -
2.Hezekiah Nyaranga
3.Janet Feldman - White American woman
4.Tom Ochuka
5.Tom Obiero
6.George Onyango
7.Gichane Muraguri
8.Ogendi Menge
9.Ndung'u Kahihu
10.Warigia Bowman
11.Ronald Edari
12.Evelyn Staus
13.Jacob Maaga
14.Enock Menge
15.Edward Muiru
16.Kuria Mwangi
17.Margaret Gichuki
18.Mahdy Abdi
19.Abdul Yakub
20.Angaluki Muaka
21.Jared Oluoch
22.Peter Ngunyi
23.Hussein Abbas
24.Jared Menge
25.John Maina
26.Justus Mureithi
27.Daniel Ngari
28.David Otwoma
29.Jackie Wanjiru
30.Rose Kinanu
31.Beldina Opiyo - Kisumu
32. Roz Kahumbu - Nairobi
From: Kensud Liks
Kenyans in the diaspora have every right to participate in all political decisions affecting our country. Those of us outside Kenya contribute immensely to the economy through remittances which are a significant part of our GDP. In a globalised world, people move in and out of Kenya and other countries not because they hate their motherlands but because they grab opportunity both for personal and community development.
KCA is a major player in the economy. It must fully participate in affairs affecting the nation through experience earned elsewhere and material contribution to home countries.
We must all embrace ideas and opinions emanating from kenyan expats abroad. Our new constitution recognizes this and soon we will all be able to participate in the political processes that enhance democracy back home.
otieno sungu wrote
Ndugu Ogendi,
VVM supports a
strong KCA which will champion issues affecting all Kenyans and at the forefront for the fight for better lives for Kenyans both at home and in the diaspora, in this regard, we request that all shenanigans surrounding this election be resolved so that those who wish to vie do so fronting issues as the platform for being elected.
This will not only ensure a stronger and vibrant KCA but will galvanize Kenyans abroad into a united progressive unit that complements, supports and keeps watch on a better Kenya back at home.
I am looking forward to joining KCA soon and become an active member.
Otieno Sungu.
From: imo
Ndugu Otieno
There is a concerted slash and burn campaign being waged against KCA
and those who are behind it aren't looking for explanations or anything like
that. They have other reasons known best to themselves. Otherwise why
discuss KCA members in fora where they have no access and therefore
denied the right of reply? I have been attacked in the Kiswahili forum and
my reply to the same forum never saw light of day.
Very disappointing stuff.
otieno sungu wrote
Dear Good people of Kenya,
It is quite a shame that Kenyans have developed propensity to fails in almost every mall endeavor they undertake, especially electoral processes.
We seem not to understand democracy and what is going on on KCA mirrors our failures as a people, we fail both at home and are worse in diaspora to where we carry our tribalism, cronyism and lack of issues and content to determine who we offer leadership.
In this brief, may I suggest a way forward for KCA, let an independent and unbiased arbitration committee be formed to look into the issues being raised and then organize free and fair elections which both protagonist camps will respect.From hence, we will be able to weed out detractors after such issues are resolved and they still carry on.
For once, let us try and succeed in such a small endeavor and allow for democracy to prevail. I would be very much happy to see this resolved in a way that gives credibility to KCA and restore its place as an umbrella diaspora body.
The mushrooming of other diaspora bodies and the fact that many, like myself who is diaspora have been hesitant to join KCA is because of these intrigues, infighting and a lack of a clear agenda for moving Kenya forward.
Can diaspora offer the alternative leadership Kenya needs? I doubt under these circumstances of mistrust. Does KCA deserve representation in parliament and even a County? I am not sure from the foregoing where positions are championed for not on issues but personalities.
The many youth outfits we have in Kenya have been let without role models both in our national leadership and our diaspora brothers/sisters to whom we look up to for guidance on alternative leadership are equally smelling bad going by the quality of debates and decorum here.
Otieno Sungu is the National Chairman of Vugu Vugu Mashinani, a society of professionals based in Kenya and diaspora.
From: Henry Gichaba Subject: From Janet Feldman/response to Chifu, note to all
KCA means Kenya Community Abroad. If there were issues to be discussed, it's that Janet Feldman is not a Kenyan. This woman runs KCA by remote control and so has effectively killed the organization. KCA has allowed itself to be run by a foreigner who has ensured the organization's death. Kenyans in their right mind should have no business handing their daily business to an American woman.
You know the days when many Kenyans worshipped white people like mimi nafanya kazi yangu kama mzungu? Honestly, many of us are not in KCA since it was mortgaged to Janet Feldman.
Henry Gichaba.
From: alhussein5555@ . . .
Subject: From Janet Feldman/response to Chifu, note to all
Dear Elijah ,
Please can you elaborate on the issue of non KCA members who are they
I need you to tell us who are non and who are members not paid .
Hussein Abbas
Mombasa , Kenya
Elijah Kombo
Subject: From Janet Feldman/response to Chifu, note to all
I think there are issues
1. Who are the members of KCA? Can thy be allowed to do the elections peacefully?
2. Why all guns are directed at Janet who is a caretaker? I would like to see really issues here.
3. Chifu and Ogendi - Before the elections can they make statements that will be sent to all blog, suporters and members clarifying these issues?
Why am i feeling like there are non KCA members trying to meddle with the affAIrs of KCA?
Janet has raised very important points. Firstly,it in order to congratulate her for job well done despite the heavy burden from the family. Secondly, she is a care take as i understand from her email. Thirdly, she is non-Kenyan trying to volunteer. We may need facts if there are some interests then. Real. But how come she is running Projects in Kenya massively helping the rural forks in our midst that we don't assist?
My friends in Diaspora - how come that things are falling a apart here.
Can we now see the full list of voters and members of KCA here. The voters register is very essential. It needs also to have when members joined, how long they have been members...what are the rules of the game here. I am a member of several organization and clubs and i know these things.
I would now want to be an observer in this elections.
Kombo Elijah
Hussein Abbas > wrote:
From: Hussein Abbas
Subject: From Janet Feldman/response to Chifu, note to all
Dear Janet ,
First of all let me wish you and your father a good recovery soon Inshallah.
I just have to advice you on the following , since you have such heavy
burden on you health wise and your father which are very important now
so the better is for you to have a good rest as you know forums are a headache work and need to have a free time to volunteer and do the necessary actions .
This is my advice other things I don't think its good to bring in the forum .
Secondly I think have note got my respond on my previous email.
Once again wishing you all the best and quick recovery of your self and your beloving father Inshallah .
Tk c
Best Rgds
Hussein A Abbas
Mombasa , Kenya
From: Janet Feldman
Subject: From Janet Feldman/response to Chifu, note to all
Chifu and All,
I stepped up to the plate and registered the organization again because you did not follow through with your offer to do so, and Jared--the only other person in the then-Exec living here--was already very busy setting up our bank account and being our Secretary.
I have not attended meetings because I had major health challenges for many years (specifically, a weakened immune system) that kept me behind four walls, and then for the past 4 years I have been a full-time caregiver for my father (as you know), who is 92 and disabled. I hardly ever get to leave our home. I have not been able to do calls for the same reason, because the calls are usually scheduled when I am here with him alone, and I often am called upon to help him at a moment's notice.
I have been a constant presence in our main forum and in the Exec forum, however, and have more than made up for my not being able to attend meetings and do phone calls, which were an infrequent occurrence in any case. No-one else would complain about my absence.
You are very lucky to be able to go to baseball games, travel to Kenya, and do everything you do in the world. I wish I could do the same.
Now, on the issue of "fairness," posts from you to KCA have gone through the entire month of March, including last night, when I posted one about your presidency. It is a false assertion that you are being gagged in some way. The only thing myself and Mahdy are doing is keeping you from posting daily with disrespectful, derogatory, and untrue statements, such as your assertion that Kanaka Ogendi did nothing as a KCA president.
Kanaka was elected VP, and only became our acting president when the elected president was not "present" among us. He was the one who kept our 3-person Exec going--an Exec to which you were elected, and then faded away--and steered us towards the re-establishment of KCA as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization (with Frank Mwaniki getting us our 501c3 status again). KCA might have sunk completely without surely would not have had an organization to belong to or to be contesting the presidency of without him.
Everyone, you will find no posts from Kanaka saying that Chifu has done nothing for KCA (a statement that would also be false, as Chifu has done good works on behalf of KCA). I have allowed posts of Chifu's to go through that have skewered myself and others. I have edited some so that his remarks would be seen and felt in a more positive light by members. If needed, I can post a list outlining all of the postings he has made to the KCA main forum...he is far from being silenced.
I was given ownership of the KCA Yahoogroups main forum because I am one of 3 members elected in an Emergency Committee to oversee elections for a new Exec. All admin features were transferred to this EC.
I believe I was designated the owner (meaning I have access to all Yahoogroups features, such as setting a moderated status) in large part because of my previous role as a moderator (2008). I was appointed to that role during the post-election crisis in Kenya. Part of the rationale for my appointment was that--since I am not Kenyan, except in spirit (according to many Kenyan friends)--I might be in fact, and also be "seen" as being, a more neutral party.
Yahoo and Yahoogroups do have rules of conduct clearly spelled out. This is in addition to rules of conduct as laid down in the KCA constitution. When those rules are violated, some form of moderation is warranted. I would not feel the need to moderate posts if they did not violate these rules, which have been formulated so that people will treat each other as they would want to be treated, even if they have to be "guided" to do so via moderation.
I am not at all "leading" KCA. That too is a patently false statement. I am the only non-Kenyan in the Emergency Committee, I can only be elected to be a member-rep or at most an assistant, I did not even run for office nor was I elected to the last Exec. If I did not pay a yearly fee for our nonprofit status, it would lapse, as it did once before. In that, I do feel a great "responsibility." But someone else could re-establish that status if they wanted to take on that responsibility.
I have also tried to be a "leader" as a member rep, but that does not mean I am leading the entire organization. Its members altogether are the leaders of KCA, and the Emergency Committee was elected by KCA members.
Chifu, you are way, way out of line on this. I still have your email from a couple months ago telling me how much you support me on the nonprofit you remember? And your "white" reference is surely a new low for you.
If you keep talking this way, you may gain some allies, but on the other hand, some folks will hopefully start to see why there has been a need to moderate some of your postings, if nothing more than to preserve if at all possible the feeling of affection and respect that many of us have for you otherwise. I would not have nominated you for Asst Treasurer myself if I had not thought highly of you and of your abilities.
Thanks and blessings to all, Janet
from Judy Miriga
This is a serious matter involving International public taxpayer money and Janet MUST be investigated by FBI and Interpol Police.
The truth must be known, as these matters are of public information and interest affecting public life and taxpayers.
I wonder, could this be where the Minister Esther Mutugi could have borrowed the idea that HIV/AIDs should be put into a concentration camp or do they have something in common with HIV/AIDs fund case scenario?.......
There are possibilities that HIV/AIDs fund has been gravely misused or misappropriated, and more or so, it was used for unsuspecting activities or short-changed. We therefore demand facts of the matter, check and balances, accountability and transparency.
I am therefore asking the Head of HIV/AIDs Mission, Presidents and Directors to throw some light here, for the world to know ...... all about the hidden mission behind the purpose and aims of HIV/AIDs Fund to Kenya and Africa and whether the Funds are meeting its obligations, or are as accounted for, go to the people and mission intended for or not.......and who are the masterminders behind under-cover deals ?........
Thank you all,
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
- - - - - - - - - - -
From: mohamed warsama
Janet Feldman's decision to ignore pleas by various Kenyans at home and abroad to release the results of the KAC Election - now suppressed for the fifth day running - is a contemptous disregard for the wananchi of this country and the traumatic feelings they are still recovering in the aftermath of PEV. This arrogant white woman has no respect for the intervention of the New Generation Leaders like Otieno Sungu whose courteous appeal to her to let him verify the election results she trashed dismissively.
As far as Janet is concerned, the opinions of Kenyans on their own organisation count for nothing; only her arrogant views matter. And she damn well does what she wants with KAC, and the hell with what Kenyans say about it.
She is a sadist bent on reminding us the botched December, 2007 elections. She doesnt care a damn about the stress we underwent over stolen and rigged elections. KAC is hers and hers alone to decide what to do with. Who are we to demand a say in the affairs of the KAC when that is hers alone to decide ?
We have been a free Kenyan Nation since 1963. We are not about to surrender our sovereignty to the White Martinet Lady of Rhode Island. You must show some respect when Otieno Sungu and others like him when they ask you the results.
As for your so-called AIDS programmes by KAIPPG in western Kenya, rest assured I will thoroughly investigate the veracity of your claims. Already, I am suspicious.
You claim on a turn-over of USD 110,000 KAIPPG is running an AIDS programme for 1,000,000 in 24 Western Kenya with a staff of only two - you in Rhode Island and James Onyango in Mumias ? How can Onyango single-handedly administer a programme for 1,000,000 ? How can a programme for 1,000,000 be run on a budget of USD 110,000 only ?
Mohamed Warsama
From: JM
I would hate to respond to you in a different forum than KCA but I'm forced to do so because you are misleading the members of this forum from understanding the current quagmire in KCA.
As the outgoing president of KCA whose Executive team was dissolved through a "coup de tat" by a special interest group of 12 members using clandestine means, I am forced to respond and shed some light.
As soon as the "gang of 12" hijacked KCA from my executive using unorthodox and lame excuses, you took upon yourself to moderate some members including myself who differed with the "Gang of 12" members. If truth be told, KCA has been limited to a participation of 12 active members who engineered my dismissal because as the president, I refused to allow KCA to partner with a financial group that includes these 12 individuals.
My argument was that KCA is a non-profit registered organization and should NOT be involved in any financial venture schemes. I was overuled by the "gang of 12" who took upon themselves to dissolve my executive and conduct sham elections that were undemocratic.
The motive behind the "gang of 12" is financial gains from the newly formed Kenya Diapsora Investment Funds. Majority of KCA members who were displeased by the actions of the "gang of 12" are no longer active participants on the KCA forum and that's why its only less than 2 dozen members participated in this elections. This group is not a representative sample of KCA or the diaspora, and as such, these elections should NOT be honored or recognised since they were not conducted in a democratic manner.
The "gang of 12" who appointed themselves interim executive members nominated each other as candidates for the executive seats while moderating the forum from "outside" interferance.
Janet, any house built on dubious foundation can never last.
And BTW, I am not interested in current or future KCA executive position.
John Maina
From: Henry Gichaba
Dear Kenyans,
Janet Feldman fears that if she announces that Abdul Yakub won the KCA elections, she will not be able to use Kenya's name and KCA to raise funds.
As I informed you earlier, the un-announced winner of the KCA elections is Abdulsalam Yakub of New York. I also explained the reasons why Ms. Janet Feldman can't announce the KCA results. It's because she has far-reaching financial interests in Kenya. Through the rubber-stamp of KCA and the use of Kenya's name, she is able to enrich her resume and get more money which she claims to use in helping Kenyans suffering from HIV/AIDS and other ailments.
When I pointed out this unfortunate development, Janet Feldman said she would "take other measures." I must that Kenya's name has been used wrongly by an American called Janet Feldman to collect funds whose use isn't clearly explained as required by Federal Law. Both Feldman and Brodsky have registered non-profit organizations 501 3 (c) in the USA purporting to raise funds for work in Kenya but only feasible on paper.
One, according to US Federal Law, one must be account for the use of untaxed funds raised through legally registered non-profit organizations. Look at Janet's Feldman's fundraising for use in Kenya in 2008-2009. "Please contact Janet Feldman at or James Onyango at if you would like to volunteer your time, or expertise, or to donate funds or other items. Many Top of the list is that we need program and core-funding to enable us meet our budgetary requirements. Our budget for 2008-2009 is US $200,000."
I've taken the pain to find out the existence of the projects on Janet's site but I've not been successful. First, in the Motor Vehicle Department, no vehicles are registered in the name of Janet's KAIPPG.
Right on the ground in Kenya, I've interviewed people and there's hardly any support for AIDS/HIP victims assisted by Janet Feldman's organization. Janet, please give us the breakdown of people who benefitted from your 2008-2009 budget.
Janet has previously threatened me with "other measures will be taken" kind of stuff. Now I want Janet to come out clean on how she uses the money she raises helping needy people in Kenya.
I hope you have filed your taxes for that period and that the items you entered in every column are true to the best of your knowledge. Second, I suspect failed accountability in actual use of these funds according to US federal requirements. Based on the reports from the ground, Janet Feldman has not funded AIDS-related projects in Kenya in the magnitude of her 2008-2009 budget.
Now read for yourselves:
Richard Brodsky is foxier than his countrywoman from Boston. It's hard to nail Richard in terms of specifics. This New Yorker's sin is that he uses KCA (see KCA membership and voting rights) to advertize his interests. However, his books with the feds seem to be well kept (at least on paper). However, we will also follow through to ascertain the exact nature of activities where he uses public funds. When the courts and the feds subpoena his use of funds which he collects - like use of credit cards billed to his organization - this man, I've been advised is a fox.
On the other hand, James Onyango shouldn't allow his name to be used by Janet without actual work going on in Kenya. On the same note, KCA shouldn't be used as a tool to collect funds whose use is not verifiable on the ground.
"The mission of the Foundation is to provide food, shelter and shoes for orphans living in Kenya, raise money for research for the cure or vaccine for AIDS, to help those already afflicted with AIDS, and to help those with brain cancer." This man, at least, travels to Kenya to buy some dinner in Kisumu.
I am asking Janet Feldman: 1) leave KCA to Kenyans 2) stop using Kenya's name to raise funds 3) stop threatening me and Chifu that "other measures will be taken" whener we ask legitimate questions. I am going to demand that the Federal Government explain to me why Janet Feldman should use Kenya's name to raise funds whose destination is not well-accounted for.
Janet, do not forget that laws here in the USA do work. You may remain in the KCA, but I want to let you know I've a right to petition the Federal Government to account for why Kenya's name is used to raise funds which you don't fully account for.
Henry Gichaba, somewhere in the forests of North Carolina

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