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The Tutsi of Rwanda M23 Rebel Army Mutineers in Congo, must be arrested by ICC Hague and be charged

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The M23 rebels, army mutineers had unleashed fresh unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capturing Goma, the main city in the mineral-rich region in March 2013.

The UN warned there was a "real threat" since the M23 Rebels had already warned that they were going to seize the city if they came under attack from the Congolese Army and as well if their demands were not going to be met.

After a three-month truce, fighting in the region resumed on Thursday 10th 2013 last week, just two days after the United Nations and the United States imposed sanctions on the leader of M23 military commander Sultani Makenga.

Makenga took over after Gen Bosco Ntaganda surrendered to US Embassy in Rwanda.

Bosco was Born in Rwanda in 1973 and grew up in Rwanda until he fled to DRC Congo after Rwanda genocide on Tutsi.

As a Tutsis, Gen Ntaganda and President Paul Kagame's government in Rwanda Kigali are staunch allies, bound together by their ethnic ties where they enjoy stealing Congo mineral wealth with killing and terrorizing its people - they both come from the minority Tutsi ethnic group which feels threatened since the genocide from Hutu militias that killed some 800,000 people in Rwanda in 1994. This does not give them an edge to kill Congo people and take Congo land by force.

After Mr Kagame took power in 1994, Bosco Ntaganda served as a bulwark in eastern DR Congo against the Hutu militias that took refuge there after being driven out of Rwanda at the end of the genocide.

Gen Ntaganda Bosco with Kagame joined to fight President Kabila of DRC Congo demanding to own part of Congo-Land where they lived and formed an independent Army and a government for Rwanda inside Congo with the help of Kagame and Museveni which is why they mercilessly killed and terrorized Congolese people with its government, accusing it of oppressing Tutsi population living in Congo as Refugees.

Gen Ntaganda Bosco surrendered and handed himself to US Embassy and where he was delivered to ICC Hague. "He will have a lot of things to say at the ICC and his testimony may potentially be very damaging with huge consequences for Kagame."

M23 military commander Sultani Makenga became the new leader of M23 when Bosco surrendered to US Embassy. Condition for their withdrawal from Goma and Kivu demanded President Kabila's government troops in the DRC Congo rebel-held region by Tutsi be disarmed. Since both the M23 and Rwanda's leaders are mostly ethnic Tutsis and therefore, their demands to move out of Goma is seen to be such a ridiculous demand from the M23 to order President of Kabila of Congo to compromise security of land and survival of Congo people. Both the M23 and Rwanda's leaders are mostly ethnic Tutsis. Following the rebel capture of Goma, the UN has warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in the mineral-rich region........which is why, M23 have no business staying in Congo, but go back to where they belong in Rwanda.

President Obama was Quoted as saying, .......“President Kabila inside of Congo has to do more and better when it comes to dealing with the DRC's capacity on security issues and delivery of services,” said Obama.

Brig Sultan Makenga must be captured and handed to ICC Hague. M23 are battling to control a strategic point in the M23 camps near Mount Muchanga in Kanyarucinya just 6 kilometers from Goma. They should be driven out of here into Rwanda as it is here where they belong.

The Rwandese Tutsi M23 Brig Sultan Makenga is the Rebel leader inside Congo who replaces Leader Bosco to lead M23 after Bosco surrendered to US Embassy in Rwanda.

It is just fair that Congo be supported by the world to be free from Tutsi M23 whose interest is to serve Rwanda and Uganda through destroying Congo and this is unacceptable. The videos show clearly Congo people are supporting the Government Army and not the M23. It is time they go back to Rwanda and join with their Tutsi fellows to build Rwanda and not destabilize and destroy Congo. No Government in the world can form another Government inside an existing is unheard of and what Museveni and Kagame are doing in Congo is not right.

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports.

Fighting continues between M23 and the DRC gov't

Published on Jul 17, 2013

Fighting continued between The Congolese army and the M23 rebels on Tuesday in the volatile east part of the country. This comes a day after at least 130 people were killed in the deadliest clashes in months. CCTV's Trevor Ombija with more details.
DRC M23 reinforces its positions around the eastern city of Goma
Published on Jul 8, 2013
Let's now cross over to the Democratic Republic of Congo, The rebel M23 movement is reinforcing its positions around the eastern city of Goma, following deadly clashes this past weekend with the Congolese army. The group is also stepping up its recruitment of new fighters. CCTV correspondent Hillary Ayesiga with the details
Latest World News - M23 rebels vow not to attack UN in DR Congo
Published on Apr 3, 2013
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The political leader of M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo has vowed that his fighters would not attack United Nations soldiers in the country.

The UN Security Council recently decided to create a new unit in the war-torn country to enforce peace and neutralise rebel groups.

But Bertrand Bisimwa, the M23 rebel leader, told reporters a political solution is needed to achieve a more lasting peace.

M23 military leader General Sultani Makenga attends a press conference in Bunagana in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Jan. 3, 2013.
M23 military leader General Sultani Makenga attends a press conference in Bunagana in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Jan. 3, 2013.

VOA News
February 28, 2013
Congolese rebel group M23 has dismissed its political leader, Jean-Marie Runiga, accusing him of "high treason."

An M23 spokesman said Thursday that the group's military chief, General Sultani Makenga, has assumed leadership of the group.

Runiga confirmed his dismissal in a brief interview Thursday with VOA.

He said, "I have no comments to make even if I have been dismissed. My official spokesperson will detail the reasons why."

M23 rebel leader Bishop Jean Marie Runiga, addressing press conference, Bunagana, Congo, Jan. 3, 2013.M23 rebel leader Bishop Jean Marie Runiga, addressing press conference, Bunagana, Congo, Jan. 3, 2013.
M23 rebel leader Bishop Jean Marie Runiga, addressing press conference, Bunagana, Congo, Jan. 3, 2013.
M23 rebel leader Bishop Jean Marie Runiga, addressing press conference, Bunagana, Congo, Jan. 3, 2013.
M23's military command released a statement late Wednesday, saying chairman Runiga was unable to carry out the group's political aims.

It said Runiga also allowed Bosco Ntaganda, a former Congolese general, to influence high-level decisions. Ntaganda is wanted by the International Criminal Court for recruiting and using child soldiers.

M23's political spokesman Bertrand Bisimwa said Runiga may have fled to join Ntaganda.

At least eight people died in fighting late Sunday between what sources said were rebels loyal to Makenga and supporters of another leader.

The statement late Wednesday says the rebels want to continue peace efforts amid "positive signals" from the national and international community. They said they want to ensure a "peaceful and sustainable resolution" to unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The country has endured armed conflicts for more than two decades, including the latest eruption of violence last April. The M23 rebels captured several cities in November, demanding the government fully implement a 2009 peace deal designed to integrate rebels into the Congolese army.

Leaders from Africa's Great Lakes region are set to meet in Kampala March 15 to continue talks with M23. Members from 11 countries signed a peace deal Sunday aimed at ending decades of conflict in the mineral-rich eastern portion of the DRC.

The United Nations has imposed sanctions against M23 as a group, as well as individual measures against both Runiga and Makenga.

Congo M23 faction leader arrested in Rwanda

By MELANIE GOUBY Associated Press

Posted: 03/16/2013 04:08:15 AM PDT

Updated: 03/16/2013 07:00:04 AM PDT


In this photo taken Monday, March 4, 2013, former M23


GOMA, Congo—A faction of the M23 rebel group has regained control of all of the group's territory in eastern Congo, as the leader of its rival faction was arrested in Rwanda, a spokesman said Saturday.

"We are victorious, we won the battle," Col. Vianney Kazarama told The Associated Press.
The M23 had split at the end of February following a dispute among the leaders of the movement. The movement's military leader, Gen. Sultani Makenga, dismissed Runiga, who was the political head of the movement. Both men then formed their own factions, which have been fighting since.
Runiga was detained by Rwandan authorities after fleeing across the border, said Kazarama, who is the spokesman for Makenga's faction. He said that Gen. Bosco Ntaganda, who has been siding with Runiga and is wanted by the International Criminal Court, is being pursued.
"Bosco has fled into the park, but we will go after him," Kazarama said.
M23 is an armed group largely made of Tutsi fighters who were part of a previous rebellion before they integrated into the army in 2009. They rebelled again in April 2012, and named themselves after the failed peace deal signed on March 23, 2009.
"The soldiers and officers from DRC that have entered Rwanda have been disarmed and detained," Rwanda's government spokeswoman Louise Mushikiwabo said Saturday. "Several wounded among them are receiving treatment with assistance from the Red Cross. We are consulting several regional and
international organizations to facilitate appropriate handling of this new group of refugees."
Runiga has been detained separately for his own safety, she added in a written statement.
Col. Olivier Hamuli, spokesman for Congo's army in the North Kivu province, questioned Runiga's detention.
"Is it an arrest or are they hiding him away?" he said.
U.N. reports have alleged that Rwanda is supporting the M23 rebels, by providing them with troops, weapons and ammunitions. Rwanda denies the accusations.
The rebels took the strategic city of Goma in November 2012, but withdrew from the capital of North Kivu two weeks later after the Congolese government agreed to negotiate with them. However, the rebels kept their positions just outside Goma, within two kilometers (miles) of the city's airport which is guarded by U.N. peacekeepers.
The split within the rebellion called into question negotiations with the government, entered into after the seizure of Goma.
M23 rebels and the government have been hashing out an agreement since December, and were supposed to sign an accord by March 15. But the Friday deadline passed without a consensus because of the divide in the rebel group.
Runiga's faction had claimed it is the only one entitled to negotiate with the Congolese government since the leader of the M23 delegation for ongoing negotiations in Uganda is still loyal to Runiga. However, Kazarama said that his faction will now continue government negotiations.
"We had an internal problem, now that this has been solved, we will be able to carry on the negotiations with the government," he said Saturday.

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