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???M23 Demands Immediate Political Negotiation with DRC Congo Government

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M23 says they have political problem with Kabila and that is what they want to solve through political dialogue. What is this political negotiation? The Congo Government to give Rwandese Tutsi M23 Land of Goma with Kivu and not Congo people?? Does this make sense??? I don’t get it. Are the M23 aware since it was formed in March 2009 it has killed many millions of Congolese and raped many of the Congo children and women in their frequent attacks and invasion of Congo going for Goma and Kivu. Why did M23 kill and raped innocent Congo people and settled on the Congo land illegally forming their own government of Tutsi inside Congo? Is this not interfering with an independent sovereignty of the Congo people with undermining the Congo’s democratic rights??? How can M23 talk about demanding to negotiate on political grounds with characters that are sly like snake, who attack and kill when you least expect and not valuing Congo-mens’ good Samaritan when they needed a place for REFUGE when the Tutsi and Hutus were killing themselves in Rwanda. Now that they are demanding Congo land by force, did they request the Congo people through policy enactment in legal process to grant them permission to own land in Congo …….. and how did they resolve to terrorize Congo and kill their people with stealing their land illegally and destroying Congolese livelihood and survival??? Do they have a case to be enjoined with Bosco at the ICC Hague? What type of reasoning is this by the M23 aided with Kagame and Museveni that make no sense???
My question therefore is simple, what is the Rwandese of Tutsi Clan with M23 people doing in Congo now that Rwanda is calm and stable??? Is it not time for them to go back to Rwanda peacefully and leave Congo people to organize their democratic engagement to improve their economy at peace?? How many people have M23 killed in Congo since their renewed attacks in March 2009 and how many Congo Military have killed Rwandese in Rwanda or in Uganda??? Is there fairness on the side of M23 in their illegal occupation of Congo-land??? How come all the Rebel Leaders of Tutsi led are either living in Rwanda or in Uganda and not in Congo with M23? What does this explain??? M23 is practicing genocide on Congo people inside Congo……….Is this the right thing to do???
The Tutsi’s M23 Rebel groups mission on Congo was found wanting by the International Criminal Court against the M23 warlord Thomas Lubanga, who was found guilty of conscripting and using child soldiers along with M23’s founder leader Bosco Ntaganda, who is a co-accused with Thomas Lubanga and who now faces an ICC charges.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Rebel fighters capture key city in Democratic Republic of Congo
Published on Nov 20, 2012
United Nations peacekeepers stood by as troops from the Rwandan-backed M23 rebel group marched unopposed into Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Small arms fire was heard soon after daybreak north of Goma, but that fighting ended swiftly and within four hours the M23 forces swept into the city unopposed.
The rebels, who Congo's neighbour Rwanda has been forced to deny it is supporting, appear to have no clear aim now that they have control of Goma. It is expected they will demand significant concessions from the government before they agree to withdraw.
There were fears that now that the city has fallen, rebel soldiers, who have spent months in eastern Congo's wild hinterland, will go on a rampage of looting and rape, particularly if the UN continues to appear ineffective. So far, however, they have been well-disciplined.
"They marched right past my house, they were in smart uniforms and looked disciplined, but we know that they can start stealing or getting drunk and then we don't know who

DR Congo says Rwanda forces back rebels

PHOTO | PHIL MOORE Congolese Army soldiers man a foward position in Kanyarucinya, some 12 kms from Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on July 16, 2013. AFP
Posted Tuesday, July 16 2013 at 21:20
In Summary
  • The M23 rebels launched a new assault outside the North Kivu provincial capital on Sunday and new battles were reported Tuesday
The Democratic Republic of Congo government has accused Rwandan forces of joining a new rebel advance in the east of the strife-torn country, in a letter made public Tuesday.
The letter sent by the DR Congo's UN ambassador to the UN Security Council said that "specialized units coming from Rwanda" were supporting M23 rebels battling government forces outside the key city of Goma.
The letter was part of renewed tensions between the neighbours. Rwanda on Monday accused DR Congo and UN forces of shelling two Rwandan border villages.
The M23 rebels launched a new assault outside the North Kivu provincial capital on Sunday and new battles were reported Tuesday.
The DR Congo government says at least 130 people, including 10 soldiers, have been killed in the fighting.
The DR Congo ambassador, Ignace Gatamavita, said there had been "bloody battles" started by the M23 with the Rwandan units against the DR Congo army, the FARDC.
"The M23 rebels and their Rwandan allies attacked, in the early hours of Sunday morning, the positions of the FARDC who had to defend themselves to push back the enemy."
Gatamavita said "this act of provocation" was a breach of a peace and security accord signed by several African countries, including Rwanda, in February.
The accord, under which leaders vowed not to intervene in the affairs of their neighbours, was aimed at ending conflict in eastern DR Congo.
The M23, which UN experts have said receive backing from Rwanda and Uganda, launched an uprising against the DR Congo government last year.
Rwandan diplomats made no immediate comment on the letter.

Rwanda Army Warns DRC

RDF Military Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita
RDF Military Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita
By Giles Muhame /
Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) has warned the country will not allow future bombings of its territory from the Democratic Republic of Congo
“Rwandans should know first of all that those issues are being discussed in diplomatic circles, but if they persist, the Rwandan Army will protect its sovereignty,” said Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) spokesperson, Brigadier General Joseph Nzabamwita on Thursday evening.
“All these are FARDC’s acts of provocations. They have to stop or we will act in defense of our sovereignty and the safety of our people,” he added.
“There was no fighting near the border so these bombings from areas controlled by FARDC were aimed at provoking us to retaliate. They have to stop.”
Nzabamwita made the remarks during the tour of areas in Busasama Sector, Rubavu District that were bombed by militants in the area under the control of DRC troops – FARDC and UN peacekeeping mission, MONUSCO on July 15.
Defence Attach├ęs from France, Belgium, US and Tanzania Embassies and one diplomat from the German Embassy accredited in Kigali and journalists were taken to a tour of the bombed sites.
“Further facts prove that the two bombs were shelled on Rwanda territory from BM 21 located at Carriere, in Mugunga 12 kms from Goma,” Nzabamwita said.
“The BM 21 is manned by gunners of 41 Commando Bn of Col Didier, Commando Bde commanded by Col Mamadou Ndala. The Commando Bde is collocated with MONUSCO.”
Nzabamwita further noted: “It should be recalled that in November 2012, FARDC fired on Rwanda territory 15 bombs killing innocent civilians and MONUSCO was silent and defending them even when DRC apologized for firing at Rubavu, saying it was undisciplined officers that fired without orders.”
Tensions hit peak levels on Wednesday after MONUSCO “rejected allegations of ‘deliberate bombings’ of Rwanda territory that would have originated from DRC.”
Rwanda revealed photos of shells following the bombings, before warning the peacekeeping mission that its actions are fueling tensions in the region.
“The gratuitous denial by MONUSCO, without prior investigations constitutes a dangerous pattern. This is not the first time MONUSCO is denying verifiable attacks on Rwanda territory,” said Rwanda in a statement issued Wednesday evening.
The bombing was verified by Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM)
“It is a fact that MONUSCO deploys in Goma areas where the bombs came from. MONUSCO is collocated with FARDC,” the statement added.
Rwanda’s relations with DRC have lately been deteriorating over the armed insurgency in the eastern part of the war-torn country. There are counter accusations between the two countries of backing each other’s rebel groups.
Observers argue that by providing sanctuary and logistics to FDLR, a Rwandan militia that draws its militants and leaders from perpetrators of the Rwanda genocide in which one million people were slaughtered in 1994; Kinshasha is not only stoking tensions but also cultivating a ground for a regional war.
Several UN reports have accused DRC of conniving with FDLR to carry out attacks inside Rwanda, allegations the international body corroborated with unquestionable evidence.
Rwanda denies backing M23 as alleged by UN, saying a war across its border is more of harm than good since it affects its tourism potential. There is general consensus among observers that DRC can only be stable if it extended state authority to the entire country.
The operations of FDLR and Uganda rebel group ADF in Congo have since been described by President Yoweri Museveni as a “terrorism conservation project.” Speaking at a press conference in June, US President Barrack Obama said DRC leader Joseph Kabila should “do more” on extending state authority to eastern Congo considering that the conflict over mineral resources has cost hundreds of lives and pushed thousands of refugees into deplorable conditions in refugee camps in neighbouring countries of Rwanda and Uganda.
“President Kabila inside of Congo has to do more and better when it comes to dealing with the DRC’s capacity on security issues and delivery of services,” said Obama. “And that’s very important, because if there’s a continuing vacuum there, then that vacuum sometimes gets filled by actors that don’t have the best interests of Congo at heart,” he added.
explaining how bombs from Congo landed in Rwanda
explaining how bombs from Congo landed in Rwanda
rwanda JVM
French and Belgium Military Attaches inspect the scene of the bombings
French and Belgium Military Attaches inspect the scene of the bombings

US Legislators Seek Action on Rwanda for Supporting of DR Congo Rebels
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