Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diaspora-driven development

Diaspora-driven development

With remittances more than double overseas development assistance, is it time to more actively engage the diaspora? Diaspora-driven development aims to explore how diaspora groups are gaining more traction as development actors

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Land rights, not land grabs, can help Africa feed itself

Edith Acengo carries cassava tubers back to her camp in KatineMark Bowman: Giving people the protection of legally enforceable land rights gives them a greater incentive to invest in their farms
  • SABMiller brewerAs the development community contemplates what the post-2015 goals should be, it's worth asking if targets should be set for developing countries only
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    Corporations and the fight against hunger: why CSR won't do

    Food There is an opportunity for the private sector to lead in tackling chronic malnutrition, but seeing it as corporate social responsibility or charity is damaging
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  • Mid-day meal India A landmark bill to make the right to food a legal entitlement is mired in controversy over its failure to address a deeply flawed public food distribution system, misplaced priorities and exclusions
  • Kenyan farmers tend newly-planted treesStrengthening producer organisations and co-operatives can empower them to become partners in locally-oriented, participatory development
  • Climate smart coffee farming in Uganda Video (4min 56sec)A public-private partnership is teaching coffee farmers better soil management and how to adapt to climate change, in order to safeguard their livelihoods against falling yields due to climate change
  • Wild seedRural communities often eat leaves, roots and wild eggs during times of food insecurity, but agriculturists and doctors have to take them more seriously for their potential to be realised, says Caspar van Vark
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