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The African Origin of Humanity - The African Diaspora Lecture Series (ww...

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The African Origin of Humanity is the first topic in the African Diaspora Lecture Series. In this public lecture given at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Perry L. Kyles uses vivid photo images to present fossil and genetic evidence of humanity's African origin. A specialist in the subject of African Diaspora History, Dr. Kyles makes complex historical developments and scientific approaches easy to comprehend.

Topics addressed include:
The emergence of humanity

Human migration out of Africa

Explanation of research methods such as potassium-argon
dating and radiocarbon dating

Discussion of fossil evidence such as Denknesh (Lucy), homo
habilis, homo erectus, and neanderthalis

Explanation and discussion of genetic evidence based on mitochondrial DNA and the Y-chromosome

Dr. Perry L. Kyles is Assistant Professor of African Diaspora History at Morgan State University. He has published in the Journal of African American History, Africa and the Wider World, and the Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora.

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