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Kenya Today: Governor Kidero Executive Committee Puts To Shame Uhuru Kenyatta’s Regionally Skewed Cabinet

Kenya Today: Governor Kidero Executive Committee Puts To 
                          Shame Uhuru Kenyatta’s Regionally Skewed

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From: Bariki Mwasaga
Subject: [wanabidii] Governor Kidero Executive Committee Puts To Shame Uhuru Kenyatta’s Regionally Skewed Cabinet
Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 6:33 AM

Je kuna mtu ana mtizamo tofauti na huu
Here are the facts: We have a kikuyu president and a Kalenjin deputy president. The Governor of Nairobi is Luo and his Deputy is Kamba. The president and deputy have named their cabinet; albeit inconclusive, the governor and deputy have named their executive committee in full.

The President and deputy run a multiethnic country; the Governor and deputy run a cosmopolitan city. The President and deputy are suspects in a world court of justice, the Governor and deputy are free citizens. The President used the deputy’s numbers to get to power; the Governor got to power pulling his deputy along.

The Governor shares the same tribe with the runner-up of the Presidential race. The President shares the same ethnicity with the second-placed in the gubernatorial race.

The Governor’s win was contested shortly and dismissed before hearing; the President’s win was contested too and the petition dismissed after full hearing.

So what is the ethnic composition of their work-teams? The President named four members from his tribe and one member from the Governor’s tribe to his cabinet; the Governor has named four members from the Presidents tribe and two members from his tribe in his county executive team.

In the President’s team, the ethnic strength of members of both his and the deputy ethnicities is 10! This includes the Attorney General and the Secretary to the Cabinet. Meaning in a cabinet of 18 discussing the affairs of the 42 ethnicities, two ethnic groups have 10 members while 40 ethnic groups share the remaining 8.

In the Governor’s cabinet, it is difficult to tell whether the deputy even canvassed for ‘his people’, that’s if they do exist. But keenly, one notices a determined effort to ‘distribute’ these positions in a manner reflexive of the ethnic realities of the 21st century Kenya. To take of the demands of moral politics, the governor has brought on board two of his former competitors. These are Eric Mokua (Ford-People) and John Gakuo (FPK).

In another bold move which offends devotees of ethnic myths and falsehoods, Dr Kidero chose George Wainaina, a Kikuyu, as his Chief of Staff. What this proves is that tribalism is in the particular leader’s mind. If the president must take cue then let it be that actions, speak louder than words; and yes, words matter!

For the candid world, here is Governor Kidero’s cabinet:
1. John Gakuo
2. Timothy King’ondu
3. Mercy Nyambura Kamau
4. John Wanyama
5. Tom Odongo
6. Eric Mokua
7. Gregory Mwakinongo
8. Ann Lekidor
9. Ruth Othoro
10. Mohammed Abdullahi
11. George Wainaina-Chief of Staff

Here is President Kenyatta’s cabinet:

1. James wainaina macharia
2. Ann Waiguru
3. Michael Kamau
4. Jacob Kaimenyi
5. Phylis Chepkosgey
6. Felix Kosgey
7. Davis Chirchir
8. Henry K Rotich
9. Fred Matiangi
10. Amina Mohamed
11. Raychelle Omamo
12. Judy Wakhungu
13. Hassan Wario
14. Adan Mohammed
15. Charity Ngilu
16. Najib Balala
17. To Be Appointed
18. To Be Apponted
19. Githu Muigai-Attorney General
20. Fransis Kimemia-Secretary to the Cabinet

Both men are good men.

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