Friday, May 10, 2013

Inside Story - Will military action end DR Congo crisis?

Published on Nov 21, 2012
After weeks of intense fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, M23 rebels say they have taken control of parts of Goma, one of the main cities in the mineral-rich region. The Congolese government, on Monday, rejected an ultimatum to open talks with M23. This came after the rebels gave the government 24 hours to withdraw troops and open direct negotiations before they said they would advance on Goma. So, why does the DR Congo government refuse to hold talks with the rebel soldiers? And is military action really the answer to this conflict?

lee smith 2 weeks ago
What do M23,Uganda and Rwanda want from the Congolese government? After hearing their indirect answer. It is apparent, Uganda and Rwanda are trying to steal the East Congo and make it their own!
The guest speakers justify this takeover by claiming the Congolese government is weak/ incapable of protecting its people and its borders.
How can the UN allow Uganda and Rwanda to kill so many people? What is the purpose of the UN troops?
Stop Uganda and Rwanda from killing and stealing Congo!!!

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