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More hostile environment for human rights activists

Good People !!!

African People don’t understand the deep social disintegration with economic collapse from serious vices, theft with purposeful injustices, that render pain and human sufferings without care from corrupt political leadership practices. Where, in leaps and bounds, the conspirators of the politically correct network, engage in destroying important fabric of livelihood and survival including those that affected climate change. These actions are organized and executed in private deals that are unconstitutional and therefore, are illegal.

Consequently over a time, this practice render their ugly head pressurizing and intimidating on innocent people, forcing the people to submit to unfavorable prescriptions offered by the condition in such like, joblessness will find opportunity to join organized gangs in engineered framed Rebel Groups; with others forced out of their dwelling places and yet others are conditionally forced to engage in unfavorable dismembering of body organs against their cultural values, practices and norms. There is no alternative when put on corner by intimidating force; whether good or bad, the people have to succumb where there is no choice and their circumstances equally does not permit or give them option to defend their rights.........thus in this critical state-of-affair, the people are oppressed and are denied their obligated Rights with social and economic freedom and liberty from living a favorable, honorable and justified life. This amounts to International Crime, Violation and Abuse of Rights.

The Crime, violation and abuse in the effect of theorized plan put in effect thereby causing people disharmony, and where people are killed at will and or are forced out of their dwelling homes unfairly are causes of acts against moral justice for humanity. The spanner at work by the politically correct, make it in such a way, that the people become victims of circumstances without their honest validated consent as, they systematically forced and formed to be in a condition as hunted targets that are destined for extermination under unfavorable conditions, their Lands to be unfairly Grabbed, used as guinea pigs put on concentration camps or set to be used as slaves for selfish greed of enriching unscrupulous political corporate Special business interest network.

In this prospect, the behavior amounts to injustices against humanity that are punishable by law; and victims compensated ....... and it is because, they emanates from Abuse and mis-use of Public, Facilities and Utilities that are violated from abuse of public office through conflict of interest against Public interest and mandate.

The conspiracies of the politically corrupt network should not escape justice because they engaged in organized crimes against the innocent, and that these are violation and abuse that are done with careful orchestrated, well defined execution through shared engineering that are systematically and timely executed in a compact agenda. It is not an accident but a purposeful plan rendered through criss-cross shuttling with expenditures from public taxpayer incurring heavy expenses made to corrupt and push people to extreme poverty with bitter impunity to fulfill selfish greed ……..and this is unacceptable…….


Therefore, if the government is under democratically controlled principled rule, its service is per-mount to the people. Let it prioritize serving the people first. The people must take the lead……consulting with the people first for way forward before negotiating with the business community.

The business community equal to the people, and it must not act as a Government to the people or superior to the people. The business community needs must fall in harmony regulated with those of the people. When the Business Community self interest overtakes the Government, this is when economy faces a collapse. Any business first interest is to make gainful profit. If it is allowed to own power more than the Government, it will use those power to overtake and control the Government and suppress, oppress, intimidate and evade paying taxes to the Government, thereby maximizing its profit over those of the people going beyond margin in the balance of profit making. No Government in the world can survive in this manner of unscrupulous special business interest invasion. Which is why, all must play by the same set of rules...........which is why, in every practice, there must be control for discipline, guidlines to be observed, balancing to maintain leverage, checks and balances to avoid short-changing, theft with unscrupulousness........

This is why, in the balance of all, Justice must take its central rule to execute just rule of law in balancing acts that protects peoples rights in fairness, and offer guidance to government facilitative engagement mutually.  When the rule of law fails, it gives rise to the jungle rule which the business community with corrupt politicians it goes to intimidate its target further to gain power and amass more wealth and power in a greedy manner so to control its target.........rendering its subject the target to collapse in decay.........The law will in effect control the hostile environment to allow Human Rights Activist to stand up for peoples rights and continue to educate and empower people to know and demand their rights...........and that, people must act on informed choices.....because, knowledge is power.........and people have a right to access the knowledge, it is their human rights, freedom and Liberty for pursuit of happiness........

Therefore, to balance, both the business community and the people must work collaborate and agree to acceptable principles that work well for all on a fair mutual Plan of Action. Both must be guided by Policy guidelines that are the Law and no one is above the law.

May God Bless us all to overcome human pain and sufferings and overcome the injustices of the wicked minds..........

Judy Miriga Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

More hostile environment for human rights activists

Updated Saturday, August 17th 2013 at 12:53 GMT +3
By Philip Mwakio
“The environment in which human rights defenders operate is becoming more and more hostile, limiting space for negotiations. Those who stand up for human rights continue to pay a high price for their courage
This quote aptly captures the daily work of one Francis Auma, 35. Auma or ‘Gamba’ as he is fondly referred to in the civil society arena, is a household name in activism at the Coast.
Police harassment
He has withstood police beatings, harassment and threats to his life to help bring to light unfair and unjust human sufferings.
Recently, he was part of the group that featured prominently during the Occupy Parliament protests in Nairobi.
In Mombasa, he has become the public face of protests against all forms of injustice including extra-judicial killings of terror suspects, land grabbing and has several criminal charges on his head.
While growing up in the densely populated Makupa estate, Auma came face-to-face with the grim reality when unknown assailants clobbered his father, Aloice Kizito Nyando Auma to death outside his house in 1989.
“The killers have remained unknown to date. We had to grow up under the care of our hardworking mother, Alice Osea,” he says.
Today, working at the Muslim for Human Rights (Muhuri) as head of the Rapid Response Unit, Auma has led demonstrations against the Lamu port, police brutality, suffering of Kenyan domestic workers in Saudi Arabia and rampant land grabbing cases in and around Mombasa, among many others.
Rapid Response Programme
Auma€'s designation is Programme officer for Muhuri’s Rapid Response Programme (RPP).

They (family) are always apprehensive. They are always in constant fear for my life,” he says.
Auma says the RPP has been on the forefront of fighting for justice at the Coast.
“This programme has been dealing with day-to-day human rights violations that have been brought to its attention. Members of the public have trusted the organisation to be at the forefront of championing their rights,” he said.
Auma says every day, the organisation receives at least 15 different complaints of violations that need to be rapidly followed up.
“Indeed the RRP are certain that we cannot conclusively deal with all the issues that are reported as this can only be done by the State. The programme has put more emphasis on matters that are communal in nature,” Auma added.
 He describes Muhuri board chairman Munir Mazrui and Chief Executive officer Hussein Khalid as his role models and also admires South African politician Julius Malema who was expelled from the African National Congress for advocating for a land grab policy against minority whites.

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