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Former PM Raila Odinga gives President Uhuru Kenyatta notice on referendum

Good People,
In support for Uhuru and Afwande statements, any right thinking person, will see clearly that Raila is provocative and is pushing for sneaky and dangerous agenda that are malicious; and are stuffed with conspiracies for intimidating packages; if put together, amounts to treason acts with intentions to disrupt Government from functioning properly.
It can be understood to mean that, spanners are at work to deny and block people from receiving and accessing public service deliverables, at a point where people’s expectations and trust are at its lowest. The situation which is a creation of Raila with team Engineering.
This is unacceptable.........
Raila’s failures, selfishness, greediness, conspiracies, incompetency’s, irresponsibility’s with insurgencies lacking integrity, have caused more harm than good to people. He has continually involved in negotiating deals that are of conflicts of interest that has put the country in extreme volatile compromising position of default which amounts to colluding in theft of public wealth and resources viewed as unfairly stealing from people in ways and means.
This behavior is unacceptable.
The Civil Rights Society and the people must understand that, it is not just about Rights, but it is economic liberation that they must stand firm to support. The Raila Factor is moving ground beneath them having sold people to Re-colonization Mozambique style and that people are forced to slavery with hardship. The path at which Raila conspires with his network to push people further to social disorders where many have lost lives and have suffered irreparable pain and sufferings with being forcefully driven out of their homes to economic despair, has led people towards extreme poverty with moral decay.
Proof of the pudding dictates that Raila having realized his mistakes why he lost the elections,  he is fooling around to get grips and remain relevant in the control of power to finish unfinished business by undermining the Government of the day.........This is mis-conception and is totally wrong........
The reality states therefore that, in such a character, Justice is the right order way forward.........unless justice system has also lost direction and has fallen into disrepute and disarray ……..
Affirmative action must unite to justice into perspective and demonstrate (to make their voices heard loud-and-clear so the world is able to join in support – and you will never be alone, we are all into this together) about Civil Rights injustices that are threatening safety and security for sustainable livelihood and survival including Civil Rights that stand for a justified respect that values, honors and dignifies Human Rights with virtue. A life that has meaning, that is at Peace in Harmony with each other in pursuit for happiness.
People must stand-up and call shots for injustices against their loses, pain and sufferings and demand for pay-backs.
Raila was not shuttling to USA via South  Africa for nothing. He was in a mission that does not augur well to democratic principles........
He stands guilty........and Law must take its rightful responsibility and deliver justice to safeguard and protect Rights of People with economic flights to avoid social disorders and Kenya going banana to the jungle law.......cos, that which is not right, is unacceptable.........

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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How did Orange Democratic Movement become a political party? Was it not a referendum led by RAO towards constitutional change?

Do we have a new constitution now in Kenya? How old is the new constitution? Who was the wheel behind the new constitution? Now because RAO lost elections the constitution is bad?

Heck No! We are not pawns. Whether Anyumba has a million gachunguas from kikuyuland does not change facts. What about you? Do you support Mao Tsetung because you once swam in a Chinese pond? I say it as I see it. Most off you guys in these forums are scared of darkness and are pissing through the window. Not Afwande!

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The ball is now on your court.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 11:35 PM, Maurice Oduor <> wrote:
Anyumba has Kikuyu girlfriends and friends in Baltimore and is looking after his own personal interests. At the end of the day, he knows that he's a Luo and he knows those he can count on. Courage

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 11:22 PM, Kuria-Mwangi <> wrote:
Omwenga and MO

Do you want to keep quiet as Afwande tells Raila and his lieutenants such as both of to shut the hell up? Talk to us unless you just to keep the hell to yourself.
On Aug 14, 2013 3:54 PM, "ANYUMBA GEORGE" <> wrote:

I am with Uhuru on this. RAO should know that Consitution is not a piece of dirty laundry to be washed and changed at will. We cannot change the constitution toilored on meeting individual selfish agenda. As long as I can remember, RAO celebrated the enactment of the current constitution in August 2010. What kind of change do we need now?

Kenyan government must provide citizens with Basic needs, as Maslow's Hierarcy of needs dictate. Give Kenyans food, clean water, better sanitation, and healthcare. The rest shall fall in place. What do they say about the fish and its head?


Give us a break! Uhuru tells detractors

President Kenyatta said the opposition should focus on keeping the government on its toes. Photo/ FILE
President Kenyatta said the opposition should focus on keeping the government on its toes. Photo/ FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 14 – Just days after Robert Mugabe told his political detractors to, “go hang,” President Uhuru Kenyatta is telling his foes to give him a break.
Kenyatta on Wednesday tore into former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, accusing him of being hypocritical by calling for the amendment of a Constitution he (Odinga) actively campaigned to have enacted.
“Where were you when we passed the Constitution into law? Weren’t you the very same ones who advocated for it? Now that it’s law let us all heed it,” President Kenyatta urged.
The Head of State said he has lost all patience for the opposition’s constant criticism of his newly formed government and threats to put the country through a referendum.
“The elections are over and even I have refrained from politicising issues but I’ve had enough – give Kenyans a break!”

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:20 PM, mohamed warsama <> wrote:

Those who were old enough in 1976 will sense a deja vu in Raila Odinga's current bid to change the Constitution so that he can have a better chance to win the Presidency.
In 1976, worried by President Jomo Kenyatta's ailing health, the Kikuyu mafia around him hatched a plot to block Vice-President Moi,a Kalenjin,from automatically succeeding him in the event of his demise.
Their plot devolved on changing the Constitution. It was nipped in the bud when then Attorney General Njonjo warned that any talk about succession was a treasonable offence.
Now Raila Odinga has come up with the referendum idea to change the Constitution to block Uhuruto's re-election in 2017 using the present election system.
It will fail just as the 1976 plot failed.

Mohamed Warsama
Cord ally opposes call for constitutional referendum
Updated Thursday, August 15th 2013 at 10:53 GMT +3
By Eric Lungai
A Member of the National Assembly who is allied to the Coalition for Restoration of Democracy (Cord) has rubbished the calls for a referendum to amend the constitution.
Hamisi MP Charles Gimose (Federal Party of Kenya) said that a referendum at this time will be so expensive to the Kenyans because it is uncalled for.
He said that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga cannot be calling for a referendum right now when the constitution is his own brainchild.
“When Raila calls for a referendum now to amend the constitution, it bewilders me because it was his own brainchild,” said Gimose.
He was speaking to journalists at Emuhondo Salvation Army Church in Emuhaya constituency during a fundraising to help build the church.
In the recent public meetings, Raila with his co-principals in Cord have been calling for a referendum saying that some constitutional clauses needed amendment to enable devolution to be effective.
The legislator noted that the referendum may turn tragic to those who think that it is an easy option because the people are tired of pep talks and want to see development being fostered.
“The government cannot manage a referendum now because it is ill-managed and it may turn out not to represent the interests of the people,” he said.
Gimose further said that as legislators, they have to play a role in devolution and that will only happen if they are allowed to run the CDF offices.

He said that the money allocated to CDF is for the MPs to manage and not governors who already have plenty to oversee.
“If everything is taken away from us (MPs), what will be our role then? We better then be nullified and our posts scrapped from the constitution,” he said.

He said their intention to hold on to the CDF offices is not guided by malice, but that people will want to see them working on some development projects.

Former PM Raila Odinga gives President Uhuru Kenyatta notice on referendum

Updated Wednesday, August 14th 2013 at 22:42 GMT +3

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (centre) with Senator Dan Mwazo and Governor John Mruttu in Taita Taveta, Wednesday. [PHOTO: MAARUFU MOHAMED/STANDARD]
KENYA: CORD co-principal Raila Odinga has given the Jubilee Alliance one month to meet his coalition over plans for a referendum to amend the Constitution.

But even as the former Prime Minister issued the ultimatum, President Uhuru Kenyatta scoffed at CORD’s push for a Constitutional review on the day the opposition alliance led by Raila, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula launched campaigns for the referendum vote.
Uhuru cautioned that referendum politics would be disruptive and premature, coming soon after the contested March 4 presidential vote, as Raila announced the opposition had given the Government one-month to agree on referendum road map.
CORD has backed the governors’ crusade for a constitutional amendment to increase the allocation to counties and is rooting for another review to replace the presidential system of government with a parliamentary one. “We campaigned and the leaders were elected. Kenyans should now be left to work and leaders to serve. Where were they when the Constitution was being passed?” President Uhuru posed, apparently referring to CORD leaders who campaigned for the new Constitution while serving as part of the grand coalition Government.
The Head of State spoke during the official opening of the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Women Council Conference at the proposed Theological college grounds in Kamulu, Nairobi yesterday.
But Raila, who was accompanied by his co-principal, Moses Wetangula, chose Coast that voted overwhelmingly for CORD to step up the pressure on President Uhuru’s regime.
Raila said CORD leaders were ready to meet with like-minded legislators in the ruling Jubilee Alliance to work out the way forward for a referendum.
Kenyans support
“We are giving the Government one month to meet us to decide on the way forward to the referendum. If the Jubilee government accepts to meet us its fine, and if it does not accept then we will move forward to implement the referendum as we have the support of Kenyans,” Raila in Taveta Town.
Among those who accompanied the former premier were senators Dan Mwazo Johnstone Muthama, Otieno Kajwang, and James Orengo. Others included MPs
Thomas Mwadeghu, Jones Mlolwa, Adrew Mwadime, Chris Wamalwa, Taita-Taveta Governor John Mruttu, Speaker of the County Assembly Meshack Maghanga and several county representatives. The former PM said the opposition was pushing for the Constitutional referendum because majority of Kenyans preferred a parliamentary system of government to the current presidential one.

“The Government does not understand the benefits of devolution and that is why its leadership is opposed to it. They are the major beneficiaries of the centralised system of government and are not ready to allow devolution,” said Raila.
“The problem with the Government is that it does not want to bring money to the county governments and that is why we are going round meeting Kenyans to decide the future destiny of the country,” he added.

“Kenyans voted overwhelmingly to the new Constitution and we want them to enjoy the fruits of supporting the document. As CORD we want the current revenue allocation raised from 15 per cent to 40 per cent,” Raila added. Wetangula accused the Government of failing to distribute resources equally to Kenyans, claiming the current Cabinet and Principal Secretaries were skewed in favour of certain communities.
“The Government has failed to adhere to the contents of the Constitution. It is discriminating against areas that voted for CORD in appointments, and this is wrong for unity and integration of the country,” said the Bungoma Senate.
But as the CORD brigade ratcheted up the pressure on the regime, Senators allied to Jubilee warned they would drop out of the campaign for the Constitutional referendum if the opposition exploits it to undermine President Uhuru’s Administration.
The Jubilee Senate leadership accused Raila of seeking to hijack the push for a Constitutional amendment to further his selfish political agenda. The Senators said they will not allow the Cord leader to make political capital out of the “noble” process they initiated to protect devolution.
Political mileage
Led by Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki, the MPs said they would rather drop the referendum campaign than allow it give Raila and his group political mileage.
The Jubilee Senators said Raila and his supporters were free to champion their Constitutional amendment to install a parliamentary system, but should not ride on the Senate initiative. “We will not allow people to ride on the Senate to advance their parochial interests. We are afraid that our noble process, which had a bi-partisan approach as it is meant to strengthen the Senate and protect devolution, has now been hijacked by elements furthering their agenda,” said Prof Kindiki.
He added: “We have heard people going round the country telling Kenyans that they are bringing their amendments together with the Senate, but we are urging them to sell their agenda independently.”
CORD leaders started public rallies to advocate for the review of the Constitution, the latest source of friction with the Jubilee Alliance.
“We want to caution those who want to win mileage and make political capital out of the process that they will not ride on our noble process,” said Prof Kindiki.

The chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Devolution Kipchumba Murkomen, said that while the Senate will soldier on with its referendum agenda, it would resist games of those who want to use the idea to resuscitate their political careers.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Uhuru and Raila wade into referendum duel

PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI Activist Okiya Omtatah at press conference where he announced the launch of a movement pushing for a referendum to change the Constitution.
PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI Activist Okiya Omtatah at press conference where he announced the launch of a movement pushing for a referendum to change the Constitution. With him is former Cord chief campaigner Eliud Owalo, who had earlier denied links with the movement. NATION MEDIA GROUP

Political battle lines have been drawn after President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday dared governors and opposition politicians over their push for a referendum.
Mr Kenyatta spoke as Cord leader Raila Odinga said he would work with Jubilee Coalition leaders in the push for a referendum. Mr Kenyatta is the leader of the Jubilee Coalition.
The President said the government was not scared of the threats to amend the Constitution.
“Respect the Constitution and stop threatening the government with constitutional amendments to serve partisan interests,” Mr Kenyatta said in Nairobi during the official opening of the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa Women Council Conference.
And in Mombasa, Mr Odinga said the referendum would make it possible for county governments to receive more funds, empower the Senate and devolve many more functions of the national government.
“We want a referendum that will increase allocation of funds to the county governments so that development is realised at the local level. It is time the government devolved some duties to the county governments in order to ease the congestion of duties at the central government,” Mr Odinga said.
Meanwhile, his former campaign manager, Mr Eliud Owalo, joined the launch of a movement seeking to spearhead campaigns to change the Constitution.
The group, known as the March 4 Movement, wants the next president to be elected by an electoral college rather than by popular vote.
The movement intends to collect one million signatures for a referendum.
The movement says it has already collected 300,000 signatures in its bid to amend Article 138 (4) of the Constitution which provides for the election of the president.
But the Jubilee Senate Majority Leader, Dr Kithure Kindiki, accused Cord of hijacking the calls for referendum to push its own political agenda.
He said senators from the Jubilee Coalition would pull out if Cord intended to use the referendum to effect far-reaching changes to the Executive as set in the Constitution.
Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi also said he and his colleagues were disturbed by Cord’s decision to use the referendum to change the presidential system of government to a parliamentary one where MPs will transform themselves into an electoral college to elect the president.
“We, as senators from the Jubilee Coalition will not support a referendum if it goes beyond the issues of strengthening the Senate and allocating more resources to the counties,” he said.


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