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CORD leader Raila Odinga tells off Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura over leadership

Good People,

If the Old are not scared of the Young Turks, why dont they call for Free and Fair Party nomination.  This Obura is simply eyeing the seat of Prof. Anyang Nyongo.  Prof. Anyang is an Economic Professor highly qualified........but, he was not able to bring any value for the Coalition Government except theft in NHIF where they created the likes of CLINIX to steal from Tax-Payer and the matter has been shelved.........why is the Judiciary having cold feet to bring culprits to book??? 

With this if the Young Turks want the change, they are justified.  The Youth have come to understand what ails their country as lacking economic sound planning and they want CHANGE.   Which is why, Prof. Anyang Nyongo should instead, be given recognition of a Prof. of cutting-Luo-men-spears, a portfolio that is not of the Luonization, but an act of selfish greed that of  making money from the pain of others to enrich themselves the “Top-Skin-Harvest”; with that of short-changing taxpayer failing economic values.

Raila with team are therefore not fair at all to the youth.  It is therefore that the law must cause them to face pay- back-time.  The youth who suffered this “Top Skin” have lost energy and cannot stand at a  perpendicular right angle for meeting “ginene”, and the industrial functionability is reduced to lesser %age of production. The pain and losses must be compensated.......sasa Raila na Nyongo wameharibu ..... and this is not funny........ 

They also cannot beat the force of the youth more or so when old men are without wisdom.  The saying goes, "ywak ogwal ok mon dhok modho piii" and for a fact, the youth euphoria will build in strength from this kind of confrontation until complete change for good leadership is found. 

It must be noted that the youth also have rights and their Rights shall be protected by the Law....... No one is above the law and the Youth Rights must be respected without calling them names. 

Someone has to face consequents and pay for the loss of "Top Skin Cut" that were done in the thicket of the night in the villages without good medically fit environment and sanitation.  This is crime, violation of Rights, and abuse of Human Rights; lacking empathy and dignity ........

The Youth with all other Citizens who feel aggrieved in ways and means, have Right to Sue......!!!

These are not good signs at all for a better future, when leaders gang against Youth Rights.

There is need for private investigation to save public from intimidation and oppressive rules.

We cannot allow anymore short-changing with greater loses, pain and sufferings of people.   It is because, it is unacceptable.......and the Law must take its rightful cause.

Counts of public demands for compensation must begin to be lined up starting from:

1)  Uncultural and unfair treatment in the "The Cut" of Luo men

2) Luo Thrift

3) Mollasses

4) Migingo

5) Land Grab

6) Short-changing, intimidation and oppressiveness of Rights

7) Kazi kwa Vijana Funds that were embezzled

8) Forced Eviction and demolition of peoples house

9) Sale and distribution of Njaga/Drugs to our youth

10) Insecurity, Corruption and Impunity

11) Dominion Farm

12) Jointly colluding, embezzling and conspiring to loot public coffer against Public mandate Agreement and failing Compliance, Responsibility, Committment, Transparency and Accountability

13) Malfeasance in Office, abuse of power and thereby committing serious offence in conflict of interest thereby draining public funds, facilities and utilities to use instead on private and personal interests; actions that are against the requirement of public mandate but subsequently, causing people to sucumb to extreme pain and sufferings to serious abject poverty, bad health and lose of settlements; that resulted in humiliating loss of lives with destruction of human livelihood and survival .........

14) Insecurity

15) Pending and shelved injustices

16)......Continue listing them.........the list is long.........Ongezea list ……..

Respect is earned and respect is two-ways......We shall support the Youth in their fair demands and such as these is one of them........For anyone to fight the Youth in their genuine demand for change is fighting a loosing battle…….

The euphoria for change cannot be undermined or stopped and insulting them publicly is simply being stupid.....!!!
Cheers !!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

Balala Landmine Cabinet Sc,face bribery claims
Published on Aug 9, 2013
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CORD leader Raila Odinga tells off Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura over leadership

Updated Friday, August 9th 2013 at 23:19 GMT +3
KENYA: CORD leader Raila Odinga has told off the young Turks over their plans to take over leadership in ODM.

The former PM alongside other CORD leaders, who spoke during the homecoming for Kisumu County Assembly majority leader, Samuel Ong’ou, aimed their blows at Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura who had showed his interest in the ODM Secretary General’s post.
Obura’s onslaught was brought forth using parables and straight attacks.
Raila led the onslaught comparing Obura to a lizard. He said according to a Nigerian parable, there was a lizard that craved recognititon.  He said the lizard climbed a tree hoping people would see him.
“You can be old in body but young in mind and similarly you can be old in mind and young in body,” said Raila, advising the young leaders.
Funyula MP Paul Otuoma said Obura was like a young bull trying to overthrow the oldest bull in the house.
Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama also dismissed the young leaders.
“Obura does not know what he is saying and he should stop all these theatrics,” said Muthama, adding that Raila wants unity yet some people are set to destabilise ODM.
National Assembly Deputy Chief Whip, Jakoyo Midiwo told Obura to respect the older leaders.
Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ said ODM is like a church and there is no way a small priest could sit on the bishop’s seat simply because he is old.

Fears over new split as ODM bigwigs cling on ‘one-man’Updated Friday, August 9th 2013 at 23:50 GMT +3
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Dogeretti North MP Simba Arati (LEFT) are welcomed by ODM supporters in Dagoretti for presentation of bursaries in the constituency. [PHOTO: FILE]
KENYA: A fresh storm is simmering in the Orange Democratic Movement after the party’s top hierarchy failed to provide a definite roadmap to the eagerly anticipated National Delegates Convention.

The meeting is expected to result in radical decisions about the future of the party following a push from the rank and file for change at the top. ODM MPs demanded party leader Raila Odinga to cut lose certain officials at a meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday.
So sensitive is the issue that some of the party officials contacted either flatly declined to comment or referred all questions to newly appointed executive director Joseph Magerer Lang’at, himself facing a revolt as some members question his appointment.
At least 10 MPs are contemplating ‘technically’ defecting from ODM to underline their unhappiness. Former Roads Minister Franklin Bett says the party faces serious integrity questions in the manner it handles its affairs. In a tell-all interview with The Standard on Saturday, Bett took a swipe at the opacity in party operations that excludes majority of its members.
“I am aware they have tried to set meetings after the last Parliamentary Group meeting in June,” says Bett, who was in charge of the party’s presidential election team. “However, meeting and sharing with members is critical to the survival of this party. A clique around the party leader makes decisions. If a party avoids its members, it is doomed to fail. If they cannot find a way of accommodating all members, then the party risks being a one-man show.”
The brickbat that was clearly aimed at the party’s top brass left no doubt he shares the sentiments and frustrations younger MPs and senators have been expressing.
Jubilee is reportedly preparing a war chest to pounce on the dissenters. There have been reports of an effort to woo Western Kenya among other areas.
The latest developments represent the many twists and turns ODM has had to navigate to remain vibrant in the bicameral Parliament, despite its relatively weaker numerical strength. Some of the MPs met Raila on Wednesday evening during which they were categorical the bad eggs have to be dispensed with soon or the party risks another mass exodus as witnessed in the countdown to the March elections.
Kakamega meeting
The meeting was an attempt by Raila to calm the storm that has been building up involving mainly first-time MPs who have been calling for radical surgery to rid the party of senior officials they accuse of being responsible for the debacle suffered in the elections. The former PM’s responses to specific questions allegedly left some “frustrated”.
Raila, party secretary-general, treasurer and minority leader come from the same community, a reality those calling for disaggregation of seats to reflect the face of Kenya want changed.

The frustration of MPs from ODM political base in Nyanza coincides with a planned meeting in Kakamega this weekend to be addressed by, among others, former National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende. Marende is positioning himself for chairmanship.
The realignment takes place against a backdrop of reports that pressure is piling on Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chair Ababu Namwamba and Funyula MP Paul Otuoma “to work with” the Jubilee government. Namwamba would not respond to our phone calls or text messages.

Hot topic
One of the MPs who attended the 5-9pm “dinner” meeting told The Standard on Saturday that the former PM remained vague on when the party would hold elections to rejuvenate it. The MP says it is unlikely the much-talked about polls will take place this year, as it had become hot topic that would split the party further.
The Serena Hotel dinner talks were attended by Millie Odhiambo (Mbita), Opondo Kaluma (Homa Bay), David Ochieng’ (Ugenya), Ken Obura (Kisumu Central), Jared Opiyo (Awendo), Ken Okoth (Kibra), Sylvance Osele (Kabondo Kasipul) and George Oner Ogalo (Rangwe).
We have also learned that some MPs at the meeting said a senior official in Deputy President William Ruto’s office has been tasked with recruitment of disgruntled MPs from Nyanza and Western.
Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura referred to the meeting as routine “coffee meeting” with the party leader. “There is nothing extra-ordinary. We always meet with party leader for tea,” Mr Obura explained. The first-time MP, however, acknowledged the need to rebuild and re-brand the party.
“The National Governing Council will meet soon to set a date for elections. Once the NGC sets a date for a National Delegates Convention, we shall have enough reasons to speak on the direction we want the party to take,” he says.
Another first time MP from South Nyanza, who requested anonymity, says the session at Serena was stormy, with the MPs insisting demagogues responsible for the chaotic primaries be kicked out.
In a text message after the meeting, the MP described as “hot” the debate on the role played by chairman Henry Kosgey, Secretary-General Anyang Nyong’o, Eliud Owalo and Deputy National Assembly Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo in the March 4 elections.
The MPs questioned the recruitment of Magerer. The latter could not be reached by phone. Leaders from the former Western Province are pushing for either chairmanship or secretary-general’s post. Coast too is eying one of the positions, which are currently held by Kosgey and Nyong’o.
Other than Marende, Otuoma is said to be interested in Kosgey’s post while Namwamba and party assistant executive director Nabii Namwera are lining up to replace Nyong’o. Some MPs from Western are accused of either not propagating their party’s agenda or are quietly “working” with Jubilee.

Secrets of Raila, Uhuru meeting

President Uhuru Kenyatta his Deputy William Ruto share a light moment with Former Prime Minister Raila Ondinga and his running mate Mr Kalonzo Musyoka at State House Nairobi. President Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga have held a private meeting to break the ice after months of frosty relations. PHOTO/FILE
President Uhuru Kenyatta his Deputy William Ruto share a light moment with Former Prime Minister Raila Ondinga and his running mate Mr Kalonzo Musyoka at State House Nairobi. President Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga have held a private meeting to break the ice after months of frosty relations. PHOTO/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP
Posted Friday, August 9 2013 at 23:30
In Summary
  • Museveni brings President and Cord leader together in reconciliation bid
  • Leader agrees to avoid personal attacks following election fallout
  • Kenyatta to visit Siaya and Raila guaranteed VIP privileges
  • Kalonzo and Ruto not party to the discussions

President Kenyatta and Cord leader Raila Odinga have held a private meeting to break the ice after months of frosty relations.
Convened by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, the meeting took place in Kampala last weekend but details only emerged on Friday.
“I paid a courtesy call to my friend President Museveni where we discussed matters to do with regional integration,” Mr Odinga said in a Twitter message on Sunday but this is the first time details of his meeting with President Kenyatta are being made public.
The President and the former prime minister were in Kampala to attend separate events.
Mr Kenyatta was attending a Heads of State meeting for countries contributing troops to the African peace-keeping mission in Somalia while the Cord leader was invited by Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II of the Kingdom of Baganda to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of his coronation.
It has now emerged that a meeting between the two was arranged by the Ugandan leader at the request of officials close to Mr Odinga.
State House on Friday confirmed the meeting. “President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga discussed matters of national interest, including efforts on growing the economy,” State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said in a statement.
He described the presence of Mr Kenyatta, former President Mwai Kibaki and Mr Odinga in the Ugandan capital at the same time as “coincidental”.
Sources close to the two leaders revealed that Mr Museveni first met the two Kenyan politicians separately. He later met them jointly to push for improved relations between them. A source described the meeting between the leaders as “cordial”.
Mr Odinga has accused the government of humiliating him after he was barred from using VIP lounge at Jomo Kenyatta airport, and accused of illegally hanging onto official vehicles after leaving government.
Police have also interviewed officials close to the former prime minister over allegations they were fomenting political dissent.
There are early signs that the Kampala meeting has helped improve relations. Saturday Nation has learnt that President Kenyatta telephoned Mr Odinga on Tuesday and asked him to keep government cars in his possession— in effect revoking an order by Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku asking the former PM and the former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka to surrender the vehicles.
Saturday Nation confirmed that the Cord leader is expected to keep four saloon Mercedes Benzes, two 4WD Toyota Prados and a Nissan saloon used by his drivers.
However, Mr Esipisu said: “I cannot confirm now that there has been a conversation between the two regarding the cars.”
Mr Odinga has struck a conciliatory tone in recent public comments. The Cord leader recently met some Nyanza leaders in Nairobi and asked them to treat President Kenyatta well when he visits the region in a planned development inspection tour.

Seven officers held over looting at JKIA

PHOTO | NATION Fire engines at the Jomo Kenyatta Internationa Airport on August 7, 2013.
PHOTO | NATION Fire engines at the Jomo Kenyatta Internationa Airport on August 7, 2013.
Posted Friday, August 9 2013 at 23:30
In Summary
  • GSU men to be arraigned in court as police probe the disappearance of four illegal migrants on Wednesday

Seven police officers have been arrested for looting when fire broke out at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as the mystery surrounding four passengers awaiting deportation deepened on Friday.
The seven instructors, including an inspector of police from the General Service Unit, may be arraigned in court on Monday over the looting on Wednesday morning.
The men were supervising the course officers who had been brought in to offer reinforcement but items allegedly stolen from the building that was under fire were found in their possession.
Alcohol stolen
They include cash and alcohol from some of the destroyed shops. The Inspector of Police, Mr David Kimaiyo, on Friday said he had not been properly briefed but warned that stern action would be taken against any officer found to have been involved.
This happened as police focused their investigations on four passengers who were awaiting deportation when the fire broke out but cannot be traced.

Of particular concern to the detectives was the whereabouts of an illegal immigrant who had been denied access into the country. The man, of Somali descent, was being held at the immigration’s Prohibited Immigrants Room at the airport when the fire broke out.
Mr Joseph Mathinji Muriithi, the senior immigration officer in charge of the night shift, told detectives that when he was alerted of the fire, he went and ordered the transfer of the passenger to the JKIA police station.
In his statement, he did not indicate the passenger’s name, only saying he was of Somali origin. Mr Muriithi also said that he never took the prisoner to the police station himself but asked a junior officer to do it.
However, when the detectives checked at the station, the man was not there and there were no police records indicating that he had been booked in custody.
Investigators yesterday collected some samples at the scene of the fire including burnt items. They are trying to establish the nature of a substance that was seen oozing from the ceiling board shortly before the fire broke out.
Mr Muriithi on Thursday told detectives that when he went to the area where the smoke was coming from, he saw a sticky white liquid oozing from the ceiling board of the immigration offices.
There was speculation that this substance could be related to the fire outbreak.

The staff of Kenya Airways are also to be interrogated after investigators established that there was another fire at their kitchen, which is a few metres from the immigration offices.
The footage retrieved from Kenya Airways headquarters showed three women in KQ uniform in the kitchen cooking food just before the fire broke out at the same kitchen.
President Kenyatta yesterday seemed to rule out a terrorist attack as the cause of the fire.
“We can now confirm that there was no element of a terror incident in this fire. There is no evidence of an explosion or an improvised explosive device. This was a simple fire gone bad,” he said on Friday.
The President also warned that anyone found culpable, including for gross negligence, would be dealt with.

Although he ruled out terrorism, the President seemed to leave the door open to the possibility that the fire was caused by arson or sabotage.
The Head of State also said that they were going to fast- track the rebuilding of the airport and speed up the timetable for the newly constructed Unit 4 building.
Two US military fire experts are assisting local investigators, and the US is also providing immigration equipment to help restore regular international service.


Treasury on the spot over unaccounted expenses

Updated Thursday, August 8th 2013 at 21:20 GMT +3
A parliamentary watchdog committee has given Treasury seven days to reconcile and submit all the necessary documents to the Auditor General’s office for scrutiny.

This is to enable the Committee interrogate the 2011 Budget — including unexplained expenses as well as wastage.
“We are freezing the exercise of scrutinising public spending during the 2011 financial year until the entire verification process is complete,” said the Public Accounts Committee ( PAC) chairman Ababu Namwamba.
Interrogation time
Namwamba, who is the Budalangi MP, made this ruling during a PAC meeting held to interrogate Treasury on how money was spent during the 2010/11 financial year.
The PAC has warned that if the verification process between Treasury and the Auditor-General’s office is not completed within a week, then the committee will be forced to sanction Treasury and make recommendations for action by the appointing authority. And while the Auditor-General wrote a letter to Treasury requesting for footnotes and detailed breakdown on certain questionable expenses, Treasury failed to act. It only submitted what was asked for last week.
Under scrutiny is a payment to an Information Technology firm for breach of contract, totaling to Sh244 million. The firm was supposed to computerise the entire Customs and Excise Department at the Kenya Revenue Authority.
“It is now clear that the idea of breach of contract by the Government is a back-door way of fleecing the Treasury. This is a loophole that needs to be plugged,” said Namwamba.
MPs blamed the penalties for breach of contract to weaknesses within the Public Procurement Act.
Members of the Committee asked that the Attorney-General’s office be questioned on how they authorised this payment.
The PAC has also raised questions on how there was under-expenditure totaling Sh 2.7 billion in the appropriations account, which is 11 per cent of the Sh24 billion approved estimates. MPs also queried the questionable figure of Sh120 million appearing in the Government’s salary records.

Unclear expenditure
Other unsupported expenditures include Sh355 million paid out to Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) and Sh78 billion in uncollected receipts. Also unsupported is Sh32 billion, which is a loan given to the Government by the Central Bank. “We only received detailed documentation and footnotes on the 2011 accounts last week and we are still scrutinising these records,” said the Auditor-General Richard Ouko.

During the period under review, the level of public debt rose from Sh983 billion in 2010 to Sh1.3 trillion, an increase of Sh213 billion.
It is still unclear how public debt has been growing, a trend the Parliamentary watchdog has noted as worrying.

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