Saturday, December 20, 2008

United Nations Millennium Campaign

The United Nations Millennium Campaign was set up by Secretary-General Kofi Annan as an inter-agency initiative of the UN in late 2002 as a follow up mechanism after the Millennium Summit. The primary focus for MDG campaigning in the South has been in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia .
The UN Millennium Campaign – Africa office supports African citizens' efforts to hold their governments to account for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
The "Stand Up against Poverty campaign" initiative was developed by the United Nations Millennium Campaign with the objective of mobilizing the largest number of people physically and intentionally to stand up against poverty. Through this action, the UN Millennium Campaign seeks to demonstrate to policy makers the growing global support for the eradication of poverty through the achievement of the MDGs.
The UN Millennium Campaign in Africa partners with a wide range of partners including Global Call for Action against Poverty, faith-based groups, local governments, youth groups, students, Parliamentarians, cultural workers, media and other key actors to mobilize thousands of people to stand up and a range of other activities that raise profile of the MDGs.
23 Million people around the world stood up in 2006. Last year 43 Million around the world stood up in support for the MDG and against poverty.
This year we hope to double the last year figure, but interestingly we have also a TAKE ACTION component. Where we are asking all the people who are standing up to take positive action.
I am writing to you to invite you to Join forces with people all over the world on October 17th to 19th, 2008 to set the third world record for the largest number of people to STAND UP and TAKE ACTION against poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals!
Who can stand up
Every body can stand up and be counted
students in school / college / university
a congregation in church / mosque / temple
employees in an office
gatherings of people in a social function – football match, bus stop, etc
Why Stand up?
We are asking you to hold a STAND UP moment because...
...everyday thousands of poor people are denied access to medical services, clean water, education etc
...every day more people living on the street because of poverty
...every day gender based violence is on the increase
...every day more people are dying from preventable and treatable diseases
Stand Up & Take Action Ideas!
· Encourage people to plant a tree each and count the number of trees planted during the stipulated action period
· Organize action-oriented MDG rallies or marches with clear policy demands.
· Encourage students to undertake action-oriented activities such as planting trees, holding awareness road-shows/ concerts etc.
· Organize student competitions on various MDG themes.
· Post 1-2 min MDG videos (mobile videos) with strong messaging on website.
· Write to the government demanding specific actions on a development-related issue.
· Organize a free lunch for underprivileged citizens
· Send SMS petitions during the Stand Up and Take Action period.
· Organize teaching classes for illiterate people in your community.
· Coordinate the collection of used books and donate them to needy schools in remote areas or public libraries.
· Organize a team of volunteers to paint a needy school.
· Organize blood donation camps Mobilize communities to organize clean-up exercises.
· Organize distribution of mosquito-nets to families in malaria endemic areas.
· Organize a free medical check-up at a nearby hospital or clinic.
· Organize a 1-3 days free testing for HIV/AIDS at a public hospital or clinic
· Organize for training for farmers on new agricultural technologies.
· Call on your government to implement international MDG related commitments e.g. Abuja Declaration to commit 15% of national budgets to healthcare and Maputo declaration to commit 10% of national budgets to Agriculture.
· Educate the community on ways to reduce waste and encourage efficient-energy consumption
As you can see there are thousands of ways that you and your community can be engaged in the Stand Up and Take Action Campaign.
How to count:
Please find attached a pledge and a fax back form which you and your community will read and count the number of people who literally stood up (if the crowd is so large use an approximation). This form will be returned to us via fax or email or post. Also find attached a youth brochure explaining what stand up is all about.
We will then tally all the numbers received from you and other partners across the world and this will be submitted to Guinness World Record.
Our request:
1. Participate in the Stand Up campaign. (Please send us information of your event)
2. Participate in an activity near you
3. Circulate this information to as many people as possible to ensure that people in your country demand their governments to account for the promises they made come 2015
I look forward to your positive response.


youth brochure new design.pdf (1614KB), THE PLEDGE.doc (108KB), How to stand up.pdf (1106KB), SIGN UP SHEET FOR ORGANISATIONS.doc (111KB), Stand Up Fax Back Form.doc (172KB)

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