Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have a Merry Christmas

Long ago in Bethlehem a king was born. He was born in the most unexpected place, a small insignificant town. The first people to see him were the shepherds, the unexpected low class people. God deliberately decided to do extraordinary things through ordinary people and place. It could have been unfair for the angels to wake up the kings and the rich to tell them about the birth, leaving the poor lowly shepherds who were awake watching the sheep.
Maybe your status in the society is like that of Bethlehem. You are insignificant in the eyes of people. You get feedback from other people on how insignificant you and your family are. When Nathaniel heard about Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he asked whether anything good could come out of Nazareth. But the fact is that the small tiny town of Bethlehem had made history.
It does not matter where you come from or what you have been through in life or what other people say or think about you. It doesn’t matter whether you come from the smallest tribe in the world. You can’t really change any of that, but you have power to change your destiny.
You have the potential to accomplish great things in life. God had a big plan for Bethlehem and when it was accomplished, everybody was astonished. Likewise, God has a big plan for you, a plan for good but not for evil. However, it is your responsibility to find out what the plan is.
Don’t give up
Once you know it, pursue it, keep the focus and don’t give up even when the going gets tough. At the end of the dark tunnel there is some light. God can be your light and your salvation, your refuge and strength, your shield and defence. He can set your feet on a higher rock. Strive to be a leader not a follower. Aim at the moon and think big.
The three wise men from the East travelled a great distance to see baby Jesus in Bethlehem. A star guided them. When they got closer, they went to King Herod’s palace to enquire about the location of the birth of Christ.
It is important to note that even as they went seeking direction from the palace, the guiding star was still waiting to guide them to their destiny. When they were done with the king, the star carefully guided them to the very place where the saviour was born. However, immediately they left, King Herod started making plans to kill baby Jesus. At some point, Mary, Joseph and the baby had to run away to Egypt to seek refuge. Sometimes, you have to change your location to avoid dream killers or downers. As you pursue your dreams, try to consult with the right people who have your best interest at heart. Some people can kill or hijack your dream. Look for positive mentors who will not misguide you. Keep your eyes on God, who is the author and finisher of your life, he is your guiding star.
To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate their adoration, the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. This was an outward sign of affection. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving presents. There is joy in giving than in receiving. You don’t have to have much to be a giver. Remember those who are more unfortunate than you. Some people will not have any food this Christmas. Some will be on the city streets begging for food, others will be confined in hospitals or prisons.
Christmas cards
There are those who will be lonely in their homes with no one to share the joy of Christmas with. Do something positive to make a difference in somebody’s life — even a Christmas card with an encouraging message can be helpful. Write the word Christmas in full and avoid writing "Xmas", because this means celebrations without Christ.
During Christmas time, some people abuse alcohol and other drugs more than any other time of the year. As a result, there are more accidents, fights, and conflicts. Try not to put your life or anybody else’s life in danger this Christmas. Think about the consequences of your behaviour. Look before you leap. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

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