Monday, December 15, 2008

Kenyas current Politics is Stagnating Economic Development


Last week, KTN prime time streamed a very ugly incident. It was ugly indeed! I saw Nyambane and Odhiambo being whisked away at tax payers expense. I know that you are all updated about lask weeks live coverage of independence day fete celebrations, so i wont bore you here by repeating myself.

If I were the president, I would have hugged Nyamabane and gave him the mic to great wananchi., yes to great the common men and women gathered to celebrate 45 years of zero development. Maybe you got me wrong, the footage of this years independence day commemoration was like a theatre of State house inteligence service aided by suspicious looking presidential guards. Dressed in oversize designless suits, they portrayed themselves as if the president was under pernicious threat. They took cover all over the stadium, some were caught intimidating innocent wananchi for no apparent reason.

The likes of Caroline mutoko, James Mongare aka Nyamabane, Mwalimu Mati etc. are now the only remaining messengers of the gorogoro stricken section of Kenyans. The above men and women are nothing, but the only remaining pro good in Kenyas civil society movement. They are the true critics, by critic....I dont mean cynics on faultfinding mission, but rather genuine critics who wanted to show in their own unique ways how hard common Kenyans faces starvation and death as a result of faulty leadership. I therefore view their action as just and lawful in spirit with the hungry masses.

There is a real problem that is slowly gathering steam. People are dillusioned and simply angry with everything they see around them. They can not afford the ongoing business-as-usual attitude being perfected by the so called leaders. The current political allignment is agendaless, visionless and lacks the works of talented craftsmen to move the country forward.

I therefore take this noble opportunity to thank Mss Mwalimu Mati, Caroline Mutoko, Walter Mongare and Odhiambo for puting their lives on line to draw attention to genuine concerns of the majority. They have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt of what ought to be done or what is not being done rightly by speaking the truth. Criticism brings out the best in people, businesses, organizations and the governments who are in serious business of serving their people.

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W. ODuor

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