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Judy Miriga is the executive Director for Confederation Council Foundation for Africa.  The organization existed since 2009 when the demand for my voluntary refugee services grew to a large extent here in USA and where I participated and provided a unique leadership skill that effectively saw and brought an immediate peace that eventually restored order in Kenya in the wake of things-fall-apart where Kenya was at war with itself during the 2007/8 political conflict which quickly turned into a civil war.  I speedily led, orchestrated and organized a demonstration group to the White House during President Bush who ordered his Secretary of State Ms. Condoleezza Rice to travel to Kenya urgently in a mission to restore peace and order that saw Kofi Annan play a fundamental role in the formation of a Coalition Government of Kenya.
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa became a voice of reason to many and has remained an Advocacy group networking with other Civil Society groups as a Non-profit making Lobby, Outreach and providing services for African Refugees, Individuals and mentoring Civil Society in diversity collaboration.  Our engagement is connecting in coalition as partners to discuss and push on fundamental agendas for human rights with Federal Authorities at the US State Departments and networking to provide service solution and information to the uninformed African Constituency Diaspora and to better connect with authorities abroad to highlight and improve on African lifestyle and as well open avenues for meaningful investments opportunities in a secured harmonized environment while promoting sustainable and progressive agenda for local people in Africa in Partnership with Diaspora.  We also work closely with professional practitioners’ for legal litigation intervention documentation, preparations and certification in order to provide international litigation arbitration mediation content necessary to avoid expensive legal mistakes that turn out to be tricky, cumbersome and unreasonable for the Diaspora to have things done securely under reasonable legal security protection.........Diaspora is now fully recognized by the UN, AU and the rest of the world.  Our role is to play a pivotal role in formalized and secured investments to Africa and in strengthening Africa's Foreign Policy for improved and sustainable partnership agenda.

We engage in Socio-Economic and political concerns to fix both Africa and foreign policies necessary, acceptable and favorable to people of Africa’s interests and altogether network to improve community of Diasporas progressive and sustainable development through highlighting negative effects of show-case-scenarios of injustices as educational materials for case-studies a focus for improvements.  Our engagements are participatory action oriented with an aim to improve living standards of people of African descent and create increasing engagement and focus for the Pan-Africanism through our advocacy group network with interest for Africa progressive Partnership to improve conditions of the under-privileged members of society through advocacy collaboration to improve civil society interaction in Civil Society, the local NGOs and Social welfare advocacy engage with the Governments of the world, the UN, AU and with other International NGOs symposiums inclusively to improve Africa’s public service delivery.
Our focus is to provide strong advocacy on fairness in shared mutual unity of purpose and promote human rights, respect, value, virtue of African heritage and reconnaissance for harmonious peaceful environment where we are able to reap progressive agendas, respect and dignity for the marginalized, the intimidated or underprivileged individuals or community to live a justified meaningful and productive lifestyle amongst the people of the world. 
The prospects are to advance advocacy networking and provide Education and Information for Social Welfare Engagements, Civil Rights, the underprivilleged and marginalized, business partnership perspectives, legal litigation mediation interventions, solutions, and collaboration on the following themes: a) inclusive business solutions targeting the base of a secured fair policies on mutual justified shared responsibilities in political, economic and social agenda; b) engage in disputed legal matters inclusively for arbitration mediation content for Legal Litigation intervention; c) intervene for fair-play on the operationalization of the UN, AU and the Industrialized progressive on world’s challenging Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for common good of all; d) share in cross-industry investment collaboration to make rural areas of the developing world more attractive places to work with inputs for local interests and concerns for securely protecting lives as the world becomes a small village marketplace; e) participate in business solutions addressing skills shortages & unemployment challenges within supply chains of the government and the Diaspora for the African community sharing with the world and; f) formalize legal litigation intervention for Diaspora engagements in Africa.


Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,


Twitter a/c: @africadaspora

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