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Hillary Clinton Answers Questions on Iraq, Emails, the Foundation and Wealth

Hillary Clinton Answers Questions on Iraq, Emails, the Foundation and Wealth

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Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed reporters' questions on Tuesday after participating in a discussion with small-business owners in Cedar Falls, Iowa.Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed reporters Tuesday, fielding questions on topics ranging from her personal wealth and her family’s foundation to the deteriorating situation in Iraq, saying at one point that she had “made a mistake” as a United States senator in voting to authorize the war in Iraq.
Mrs. Clinton, who has been criticized for weeks by Republicans and members of the national news media for her unwillingness to engage with the political press corps, approached journalists and answered five questions after a round-table discussion in Cedar Falls focusing on small business creation.
“I am so proud of the foundation,” Mrs. Clinton said in response to a question about the controversy surrounding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. “I’ll let the American people make their own judgments.”
Mrs. Clinton also defended her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime friend and confidant who was paid by the Clinton Foundation and offered her advice about the situation in Libya while she served as secretary of state.
“I have many, many old friends and I always think that it’s important when you get into politics to have friends you had before you were in politics and to understand what’s on their mind,” she said. (Mr. Blumenthal served as an adviser to President Bill Clinton in the White House and has been close to the Clintons since.)
In the five-minute session with reporters, Mrs. Clinton also addressed questions about her exclusive use of a personal email address while at the State Department, saying she wanted the department to release the emails she had sent and received from her private account sooner rather than the estimated release in January 2016.
“They belong to the State Department, so the State Department has to go through its process,” Mrs. Clinton said. “But as much as they can expedite the process, that’s what I’m asking them to do.”
Because Mrs. Clinton exclusively used a personal email account while at the State Department, much of her correspondence has been shielded from federal records requests, creating a firestorm from Republicans investigating her handling of the 2012 attack on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya.
But according to most polls, voters have not changed their opinion about Mrs. Clinton over issues like her private emails or the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.
Minutes after Mrs. Clinton discussed the economic concerns of Iowans at a round-table discussion, she pivoted to defend her family’s personal wealth.
When asked about the $25 million in income she and her husband have accumulated from paid speeches since the beginning of last year, Mrs. Clinton said she could still relate to middle- and working-class voters who are struggling.
“Obviously Bill and I have been blessed and we are very grateful for the opportunities,” she said. “I’m running a campaign that is very clearly stating we want to reshuffle the deck.”
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Heard on Fox

Fournier on Hillary Clinton’s news conference: ‘Unbelievable’

National Journal’s Ron Fournier said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that while Hillary Clinton took questions from the press today -- for the first time in 28 days --  her answers on some ethical issues were “unbelievable.”
On the email scandal that has rocked her campaign, Clinton claimed she wanted the 55 thousand pages of official emails released to the public “as soon as they can get out,” but said they belong to the State Department.
“I literally spit my coffee on my laptop when she said that. It’s just inconceivable, laughable,” Fournier said. “She’s got copies of them. She could have brought them to the news conference. So that was totally unbelievable.”
Fournier also said he couldn’t take seriously Clinton’s response on the issue of her paid speeches.
“She said there’s no conflict of interest between her doing speeches for folks who are doing business with government. Well, of course there’s a conflict of interest.”
Fournier concluded this all adds up to a credibility problem for the presidential hopeful.
“It’s this whole trust and credibility issue. It’s become an anvil in her campaign,” he said.


Judge Orders State Department to Release Hillary Travel Records to Citizens United

Published on Mar 14, 2015

In a huge victory for Citizens United, a federal judge ruled on Friday that the State Department must turn over to the group “manifests from 47 overseas trips” that Hillary Clinton made while she was secretary of state.

As the New York Times noted, Judge Gladys Kessler of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled on behalf of Citizens United, which “requested the manifests last July through a Freedom of Information Act Request.”

The judge, according to the Times, ordered the State Department “to release the first batch of records by April 3, with more being released every two weeks; all the documents must be given to the group no later than Aug. 1.”


 May 19, 2015 6:15 PM MST


State Department ordered to release Clinton emails to federal judge

Politico: Judge Orders 'Rolling Release Of Hillary Clinton State Dept Emails - Stuart Varney

Published on May 19, 2015
Politico: Judge Orders 'Rolling Release Of Hillary Clinton State Dept Emails - Judge Andrew Napolitano - Stuart Varney

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras has ordered the U. S. State Department to release over 300 emails, belonging to Hillary Clinton, and related to the United States’ operations in Benghazi, Libya. District Judge Contreras gave the State Department only a week to turn in a schedule for the release of the all State Department email records associated with Hillary Clinton, during her time working for the State Department. The emails amount to about 55,000 pages of text.
When first approached for the email data, the State Department asked for the permission to only release a portion of the emails. District Judge Rudolph Contreras has refused to limit the number, or allow for any editing of the documents containing Hillary Clinton's emails during her tenure as Secretary of State. Among the emails, it is reported that 300 are related to U.S. operations in Benghazi. A controversial attack on our U.S. Embassy in Libya that resulted in chaos, and the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans.
In a law suit filed by John F. Hacket, on behalf of Vice News, a request has been made from the court to allow for the disclosure of all emails sent, or received, by Hillary Clinton while she was employed with the State Department, under the Obama Administration, and as Secretary of State.
Last month, Hillary Clinton announced she would be running for president of the United States in 2016. Shortly after, it was disclosed that Clinton had used a private email account to do State Department business. The disclosure, if true, could damage her reputation, and hurt her presidential campaign.
According to Politico, Hackett said 12 Department of State workers have been assigned full-time to reviewing the Clinton emails, taking all month to just scan them in records.
The pressure has been heavy on the courts to act on the requests for the email disclosures. Since the email controversy arose, 5 lawsuits have been filed against the State Department asking for the Clinton related emails. Most of the earlier filings were dismissed, when the courts were told the emails had been deleted. Once it was public knowledge that the emails could still be stored at the server level, one of the dismissed lawsuits was revived, and Judge Contreras has decided to take action.
The Clinton team may not be too happy about this development. The longer the process takes, the closer the controversy will linger, and possibly hurt her in the early presidential campaign, especially the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary.
In the video, Judge Andrew Napolitano, explains that there may be a chance that the Judge will order the server "delivered to his courtroom, and he can hand it over to experts of his choosing, to "reverse engineer" any of the deleted email."


Hillary Clinton Admits Illuminati Front Group Council on Foreign Relations Runs Washington D.C.

Published on Apr 15, 2015
Hillary Clinton Admits Illuminati Front Group Council on Foreign Relations Tells Her What To Do. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos daily and sound off in the comments section by sharing what you think!

Mark Dice is a media analyst and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, reveals the effects of our celebrity obsessed culture and the manipulative power of mainstream media.

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