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Congo soldiers clash with Rwandan rebels in transit camp


UN cant fix the mess they created in the first place.  The Scramble to Africa for Land Grabbing, Weapon deals in exchange for favors on Minerals: Diamond, Gold, Oil, Colta, Zinc, Potassium, Uranium; are the reason why the few greedy Corporate Special Business Interest groups engineered corruption, graft, impunity to destroy Unity of Purpose in Africa and organized private security army to intimidate, recolonize, create poverty, kill and rape Africans with innocent women and children, invade and terrorize Africans in Africa through gang pirating, Money Laundering, Elephant Tusks for Ivory to create wealth etc., but did not plan for smooth exit for end game.  It is sad and unacceptable to take Africans for fools.  It is about time this silly unproductive mentality should stop before all Africans are turned into slaughter houses and into extinct, just like what happened to Liberia and Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Congo, Chad, Rwanda genocide and now headed to South Sudan, Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania.

The situation is soon spiraling out of control and these few Corporate Special Business Interest group will not enjoy their creation of ISIS, BOKO HARUM, AL QAEDA, AL SHABAAB AND THE BLACK WATERS.......It is about time to think logically..............

A Concerned Diaspora Spokesperson.

Judy Miriga.
Diaspora Spokesperson &
Executive Director for
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa


Congo soldiers clash with Rwandan rebels in transit camp

By Aaron Ross May 25, 2015 10:50 AM

By Aaron Ross

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KINSHASA (Reuters) - Congolese soldiers clashed with Rwandan Hutu rebels being held in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday, wounding at least six, as an agreement to move the rebels from one transit camp to another fell apart. 

Congolese troops were moving rebel officers from a camp in Kanyabayonga in North Kivu province, which is run jointly by the country's United Nation mission and Congo's army, to a larger camp in the northern city of Kisangani. From there they would be returned to Rwanda, or possibly to a third country.
"There was some unrest and the ... soldiers shot in the air," said Daniel Ruiz, the head of the mission's North Kivu office. "In principle, there was an agreement. In reality, it turned out differently." Six people were injured, he said.

It was not immediately clear what provoked the clash. A local activist said the rebels had stockpiled arms in the camp, but his claim could not be confirmed. 

A similar transfer on Monday from a camp in Walungu in neighbouring South Kivu province to Kisangani went smoothly, Ruiz said. The governor of North Kivu and an army spokesman both said they did not have enough information to comment.

More than 11,000 rebels from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda have been demobilized and returned to Rwanda since 2002. Their number includes remnants of the Hutu militia that took part in the 1994 Rwandan genocide before fleeing across the border.

But repatriations have slowed to a trickle, as remaining fighters say they fear reprisals from the Rwandan government. U.N. officials have raised the possibility of sending them to a third country, but none has been found yet. 

In February, Congo's army launched a campaign against the estimated 1,400 rebels still active, vowing to eradicate them from Congolese soil.

Commenter 14 hours ago
The UN was responsible for the last Rwandan genocide. Maybe the are going for a two-fer.

Grace 23 hours ago
I like the statement saying that:U.N.officials have raised the possibility of sending them to a third country.Really?So the same UN who witnessed the genocide in 1994 committed by the same Hutu genocidaires is now seeking a safe haven for them.I am shocked.They should bring them to justice fof God sake.

Timothy 1 day ago
The Congo is where metals for things like iPhones and EV car batteries come from. So enjoy the human misery behind them, as you drive to brunch in a Tesla and share photos of the quinoa salad.

Mr_ Elvis A Yahoo! user 1 day ago
If the Congo.. really wishes to end this insurgency..
they need to honor their "Peace/Armistice Agreements"
Otherwise.. no one else will surrender..
creating further turmoil..
Education, Jobs, Equitable sharing
of the countries bounties.. work wonders on this

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