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Did a donation to the Clinton Foundation violate an ethics agreement?

Chris Matthews On Clinton Foundation Scandal: "When Countries Give You Money, They Want Something"
Published on Apr 26, 2015
During a panel discussion about the ongoing controversy souring the Clinton foundation, MSNBC host Chris Matthews said "when countries give you money, they want something" in return.

The Tangled Clinton Web • Clinton Cash • 4/24/15 •

Published on Apr 24, 2015
April 24th, 2015 • Investigation into the blurred relationships between the Clinton Foundation and the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton on their behalf.

Bret Baier guides viewers through some of the questionable decisions made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and how closely they are tied to the large contributions of Clinton donors.

Based upon revelations in the book "Clinton Cash" by Peter Schweizer, this investigative report examines the 'quid pro quo's' or 'pay to play' arrangements between the Clinton's and their largest contributors.

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Did a donation to the Clinton Foundation violate an ethics agreement?

Former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton speaks at a press conference announcing a new initiative between the Clinton Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies, titled Data2x on December 15, 2014 in New York City. Andrew Burton, Getty Images

The Clinton Foundation may have violated an ethics agreement regarding donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, a Washington Post investigation found.
The Obama administration crafted an agreement with the foundation prior to Clinton's nomination to lead the State Department that allowed foreign governments to continue making donations in line with what they had given in past years. It was designed to ensure that countries would not try to seek favor with Clinton by giving money to her family's nonprofit.
But officials from the Clinton Foundation acknowledged to the Post that they should have sought the administration's approval before accepting a 2010 donation from the Algerian government for $500,000 to assist with earthquake relief in Haiti. The country was working to improve its ties with the U.S. and spent more than $400,000 to lobby U.S. officials that year.
"As with other global charities, we rely on the support of individuals, organizations, corporations and governments who have the shared goal of addressing critical global challenges in a meaningful way," foundation spokesman Craig Minassian told the paper. "When anyone contributes to the Clinton Foundation, it goes towards foundation programs that help save lives."
In her book, "Hard Choices," Clinton calls Algeria a "complicated" country where the U.S. must balance its issues and values, and noted its bad record on human rights issues.
The disclosures the Post received represented the first detailed disclosure of foreign donations received during Clinton's tenure at the State Department. A previous report from the paper showed that the foundation has received more than $2 billion since it was created in 2001, and foreign governments make one-third of the donors who have given more than $1 million during the foundation's history.
The foundation resumed its acceptance of foreign donations of various amounts in 2013 once the agreement with the administration lapsed, but the foundation has said in a statement that if Clinton runs for president in 2016 it will reevaluate the money it accepts from foreign governments.

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