Saturday, May 23, 2015

'Clinton Cash' Author Defends Upcoming Book

Alan Colmes Calls For an FBI Investigation of the Clinton Foundation
Published on May 13, 2015
Liberal commentator and radio host Alan Colmes agrees with Bill O'Reilly that the Clintons should answer questions publicly about their family philanthropy and that the FBI should investigation the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton Foundation Still Accepting Foreign Cash Despite Promise - America's Newsroom
Published on May 13, 2015
Clinton Foundation Still Accepting Foreign Cash Despite Promise - America's Newsroom
Hillary Clinton Avoids Taking Questions From Reporters

CNBC Panel Grills Clinton Foundation Donor
Published on May 12, 2015
Longtime Clinton Foundation donor and unranium mine investor Frank Holmes is criticized over the controversy surrounding his charitable giving to the Clinton Foundation and business deals he brokered with other Clinton associates.

Ron Fournier: Hillary Isn't Showing a High Level of Ethical Standards
Published on Sep 10, 2013
Gut recherchierter Dokumentarfilm, mittels dessen Leute erkären, warum sie nicht besonders scharf darauf sind, Hilary Rodham Clinton als zukünftige Präsidentin zu bekommen.
Gegen Hilary ist Bundesmutti eine nette ältere Dame.

MSNBC's Morning Joe wants answers to Clinton Cash allegations from White House
Published on Apr 29, 2015
Chuck Todd calls Clinton Foundation's decision to accept foreign money "mind-boggling."

Peter Schweizer Appears on NBC's Today Show
Published on Apr 28, 2015
'Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer appears on the Today Show to discuss the explosive allegations about possible corruption at the Clinton Foundations.

Peter Schweizer • Clinton Cash • Morning Joe • 4/28/15

Published on Apr 28, 2015
April 28th, 2015 • Author Peter Schweizer joins Morning Joe to discuss the allegations in his new book, "Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich"

Clinton Cash • Can Hillary Clinton Survive? • This Week • 4/26/15 •

Published on Apr 26, 2015
April 26th, 2015 • The round-table panel on "This Week" sees big problems arising for Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions in the wake of Peter Schweizer's new book, "Clinton Cash".

Chris Hayes in Utter Disbelief over Clinton Cash Revelations
Published on Apr 24, 2015
MSNBC's Chris Hayes Discusses the New Book CLINTON CASH

Allegations Surface That Hillary Clinton Accepted Bribes • Kelly File • 4/20/15 •

Published on Apr 20, 2015
April 20th, 2015 • Hillary Clinton is facing allegations of accepting bribes in a 'pay to play' scheme while she was Secretary of State. Leaks from the soon to be published book 'Clinton Cash', suggest Clinton performed favors for foreign nations in exchange for large donations to the Clinton Foundation. Fox News host Megyn Kelly discusses the ramifications with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Peter Schweizer Responds To Bill Clinton's Comments

Published on May 10, 2015
'Clinton Cash' author defends book.
Fox & Friends


'Clinton Cash' Author Defends Upcoming Book

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