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Ugandan Forces in South Sudan Must Leave Now!

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Subject: [changemombasa2012] Ugandan Forces in South Sudan Must Leave Now!

Good People of the World,
It is with great concern that I send this memo to all people of the world again emphasizing that Museveni and Kagame are trouble makers in the Region of Great Lakes of East Africa and the neighboring countries. For the sake of Peace and security in the region,
1) Museveni and Kagame must face legal justice in a court of Law.
2) Museveni must withdrew his Uganda Army with its M23 out of South Sudan
3) Terrorism, Insurgencies, Genocide, Atrocities, Incursion, Invasion and unconstitutional Occupation of land unacceptable
4) A Government belongs to the people, for which, it is the people who must decide how they wish to be governed and therefore, people choices must be respected and this is what Democracy is all about
5) All forms, manner and nature of Crime, Violation and Abuse of Humanity are injustices that are against all norms of International Treaty and there is no justification or excuse for Museveni and Kagame to put people’s lives at a disadvantage for their greed and self interest
6) Priority must be given to security and safety of lives and no one has excessive authority and power to disrupt and destroy lives and livelihood of people at will because of business interest, is unacceptable for which, in the case of South Sudan and the rest of Africa, justice must prevail.
As the voice of reason, we make a case on behalf of people of Congo, South Sudan, Central Africa, Kenya with other African Nations who have been invaded and their Land, Water, wealth and resources have been violated, abused and mismanaged without due concern of Public Mandate or people’s rights of Respect, Dignity, Value or Virtue.
Conspiracies with unconstitutional engineering on the part of African Corrupt Government system supported by the manipulated politicians with other business community, gave rise to Chinese Agency illegal occupation rooting in Africa aided by the International Corporation of Special Business and Foundations interests are as a result of things going haywire and out of control in Africa.
For the Security and Safety of African People in Africa and all over the world, things must be done differently by mutually in a balance, observing human rights, respecting, honoring, dignifying with value added interest on environment from pollution and securing livelihood and survival as mandated.
This also means, South Sudan people have right to organize their lives and demand from their leadership how they must be governed without interfearences from Museveni's invasion, incrusions or in an irregular, illegal and unconstitutional occupation of South Sudan Land without consent of the people of South Sudan. This one Museveni has gone too far and he must take responsibility to face charges at the ICC Hague to explain himself what prompted him, why he trespassed and disobyed sovereignty and territorial boundary, who commissioned him and where he took the wealth and resources of the South Sudanese.......and as well why he should not face legal justification in a court of law. With these clear evidence, any Citizen of South Sudan or group of people have the right to lodge claims to the ICC Hague against Museveni while the UN has slowed their pace to act. Lives, Wealth and Properties damaged that have been lost or destroyed cannot come back except Museveni must be charged for the same for South Sudan to recover in ways and means. Museveni must not be left off the hook...........
It is because of the above that we demand the UN Security Council with the World Leaders to urgently intervene and prefer sanctions with other penalties and ultimately bring the two i.e. Museveni and Kagame to ICC Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity and as preferred………..otherwise, we are seeing a situation where Museveni and Kagame are fully charged and are on heat to continue with their invasion to effect incursions to terrorize and destroy the whole Region of East Africa, throughout the Great Lakes Region with its neighboring countries and for which people will not just sit and watch as they are being destroyed except they will be challenged and this will spark total war that will push them to their door steps………..and whereby, more old and sick people, women and children shall be made victims of circumstances for no apparent justified reasons.
There are enough evidence to prefer charges against Museveni and Kagame irrespective of African Union stand that heads of States should not be taken to the ICC Hague. This appeal from AU does not make sense nor can it be justified by people of Africa or the world.
Africans too have rights and they are not lesser human beings to be treated like nothing that has no value, when animals have rights and are protected by law and are even treated better than Africans. Its time people, it is time Africa’s situation are justified and the law must takes its justifiable natural course.
Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,
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Subject: [wanabidii] Ugandan Forces in South Sudan Must Leave Now!

The South Sudan Crisis Management and Advocacy Group (SSCM & AG) has organized this demonstration to inform the world of the current crisis that resulted in mass killing of innocent people, displacement of millions of people and destruction of properties in South Sudan. The event happened on 15 December 2013 in Juba, the Capital of the Republic of South Sudan, after the government falsely accused its opposition of mounting a coup and has since then spread to all parties of the country.
We the South Sudanese Australian are deeply been affected by this incident and we are therefore calling on Australian Government, United States, IGAD and the rest of International Community to enforce the following safe lives of innocent South Sudanese:
1. Ugandan Forces in South Sudan must leave now
We strongly condemn in strongest term possible the present of Ugandan Forces in South Sudan:
The presence of Ugandan troops in South Sudan undermines the national sovereignty of South Sudan
The Presence of Ugandan Forces in South Sudan is an invasion of the territory of the Republic of South Sudan
The presence of Ugandan Forces in South Sudan is has been contributing negatively to peaceful resettlement of the current conflict
The presence of Ugandan Troops in South Sudan have intensified the division of tribes, and will continue to do so, if the world remains silence
The presence of Ugandan Troops in South Sudan under minds its legitimacy as a member of IGAD and indeed fosters a negative role modeling to African affairs
2. Release of Political Detainees
We are calling for an immediate release of the political detainees because:
The detainees are the most important parties to peaceful settlement of the current conflict in South Sudan
The present of detainees in the conflict resolution will contribute to positive outcomes of the future unity and reconciliation in South Sudan
Failure to release political detainees may well resulted in their tribal men, relatives and friends to take up arms and escalate the conflict further
3. Respect for ceasefire
We are rallying today to inform the world that the government of South Sudan has breached the ceasefire signed on 23 January 2014. Today we are urging IGAD and the world to strongly warn the two parties to:
Respect the ceasefire
Both parties must stop killing innocent people
Both parties must allow humanitarian corridors to all areas freely
IGAD must impose consequences on any party that breaches the ceasefire.
We are also urging the Australian Government to pressure the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and those in opposition to respect the ceasefire, release political detainees and allow free access to humanitarian corridors al all affected areas in South Sudan.
Signed by: South Sudan Crisis Management and Advocacy Group (SSCM & AG)
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From: South Sudan Press
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Subject: [wanabidii] (GBC) USA Condemns the Destruction of Lives and Properties in Juba City, Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity States
United States, February 1, 2014 (SSNA) -- We, the Greater Bor Community members and citizens of South Sudan in the USA (GBC-USA), are strongly condemning the destruction of properties and loss of lives in the Juba city, Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile States. We have witnessed unimaginable and unprecedented scale of catastrophe, whether it was provoked or not, the SPLA and rebels forces under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar must adhere to the South Sudan and International war Laws.
Since December 15, 2013 to mid-January, 2014, the world has witnessed the young nation of South Sudan on the verge of collapse and the people of the Greater Bor community fells victim and lost thousands of lives, estimated at 2,500 deaths, according to the recent estimate taken shortly after the last re-capturing of Bor Town by the government’s forces. It is also estimated that over 10, 000 people have died, 500,000 people have been internally displaced and 80, 000 people have fled to neighboring countries.
It is tragic and heartbreaking that the innocent people of South Sudan have lost their lives for something they neither knew nor saw coming. We condemn beyond words the inhumane killings of elderly, the sick in the hospital beds, deaf and blind people in the church. We also condemn the raping of women, including the elderly by Dr. Riek’s forces before killing them. This is inhumane and unforgettable. The nature of these killings and their demographics are tragic.
The images of the properties destroyed are very devastating, consistent and reminiscent of natural disaster as opposed to what human being would do. Nearly all properties were burnt down in the town of Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, and the peripheral areas. The entire county of Bor and Panrieng (Panaru) were brought to total destruction. Words cannot express the devastation South Sudanese communities have seen and the senseless killings and destruction of properties brought upon the people of the Greater Bor, and Panaru communities.
We in the GBC-USA strongly condemn the current insecurity being orchestrated by the rebels. Dr. Riek Machar has made Gadiang, an area within the vicinity of the Greater Bor, his operational base and this continue to pose danger to the people of the Greater Bor communities. Dr. Machar’s forces constantly roam, loot and kill innocent people in the Greater Bor areas regardless of the ceasefire agreement, recently signed in Ethiopia. For instant, a few days ago in Jalle payam, the rebels launched an attack and killed 16 people, including 9 women. They did the same earlier in Mathiang and killed and abducted a number of people.
Justice for the victims
We, the people of GBC-USA, want to assure all parties involved in this conflict that it is the right of this community to leave NO STONE unturned in search for justice for its victims. We are disappointed that President Kiir and Dr. Machar have involved civilians in this crisis and instead of protecting them; they have allowed this massacre to happen. This conflict was a political one that should have remained in Juba. We demand justice for our deceased and wounded victims and we will not rest until it is realized. Scapegoating will not deter the people of South Sudan and the World in finding the real culprits.
Humanitarian Assistance
We call on South Sudan’s government to urgently provide support to the vulnerable victims of this senseless war. As they are being resettled back to their destroyed and leveled homes, we ask that they will be given the support they deserved to help them rebuild their lives. It is important that the government provides proper security and humanitarian support to those who are returning to the destroyed communities at the request of the government.
To Greater Bor Community Members
We send our condolences to all the affected families of Greater Bor and South Sudan, as a whole. We, in the GBC-USA, call on all Greater Bor community members around the world; in America, Canada, Australia and home to join hands and turn to our people now. We call on our fellow brothers and sisters to eat half of their bread and sending the other half to the devastated family members in the Bor, Twic, Duk and other internally displaced areas.
To the Jonglei Communities
We, the GBC-USA, call on all the Jonglei communities to recognize that what has happened in Bor has negative effects on all the communities of Jonglei since all people hailing from the six tribes were represented in Bor. We are reaching out to all our counterparts in the state to restrain from tribalism fueled by ruthless politicians looking for personal political gains. We must choose peaceful co-existence in South Sudan as one people and one nation instead of being divided by political greed.
To the People of South Sudan and Upper Nile
We, in the GBC-USA, call on the entire people of South Sudan and particularly, the people of Greater Upper Nile, to stop the ruthless killing of one another. These violent acts cut us short of many advantages that the coherence of the regions can provide. The GBC-USA calls on all the players in this crisis; the government, the reformistsand the rebels to end this crisis as soon as possible and put the country back on its normalcy.
To our other affected fellow citizens
We share the suffering with other affected people in South Sudan such as those of Panaru, the people in Juba, Bentiu, Malakal and other 7 states. We ask you to maintain your resilience, regroup your hopes and strive to come back stronger as South Sudanese.
To all South Sudanese Citizenry
We reach out to all South Sudanese and inform you that this war is more than it is just between President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar. It is affecting us today and it will affect us tomorrow. We cannot afford to see the nation that has caused millions of lives for the last 21 years and for which we all aspirate to, and so hopeful for to get destroyed in our watch.
We ask all citizens of South Sudan to join hands and say no to this senseless war. We ask both sides in the conflict to put their acts together to foster peace and reconciliation for the development of our people and country. We are better than this. We, the next generation, have the obligation to carry our own cross if our elders fail to care for our future. Let us get together and make our martyrs proud by building a united and loving nation that we all dream to build.
To the friends of the South Sudanese people
We call on our friends, the people friends; namely; the IGAD states, the United States of America, the United Nations, the European countries and many more to not give up on South Sudan. We appeal to your great friendships and democratic values to help our country overcome this crisis. We need your help in the process of ending this conflict.
We will need your help in the process of national reconciliation and healing. We will need your help in the process of nation building. We will greatly need your help in the process of bringing perpetrators to justice to end this crisis altogether.
This is not the time to give up. Each of you has spent so many resources in our country to help see us become a successful nation. In the process, many of you have established the greatest friendships with our people. You are our friends and partners. The South Sudanese citizens, not the ruthless leaders, need your continued partnerships.
Signed By the following Leaderships:
GBC-USA Governmental Affairs Committee
GBC-USA Executive Leadership
GBC-USA Board of Directors
GBC-USA County Leaderships (Bor, Duk& Twic East)

South Sudan rebels say army razed

town, using foreign fighters

By Andrew Green 4 hours ago
(Blank Headline Received)
Rebel fighters greet one another in a rebel camp in Jonglei State February 1, 2014. REUTERS/Goran To …
By Andrew Green
JUBA (Reuters) - South Sudanese rebels accused government forces on Sunday of razing the hometown of their leader Riek Machar, violating a ceasefire, and said the army was drawing support from foreign fighters now in the country.
Rebel spokesman Lul Ruai Koang said government SPLA forces and fighters from the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement - a rebel group from north of the border - had destroyed the northern town of Leer on Saturday, massacring women and children as they fled.
An army spokesman said he had not received any reports of fighting in Leer, where the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said last week more than 200 of its staff had been forced to flee because of growing insecurity.
The government accuses the rebels of flouting the ceasefire signed on January 23.
The claims and counter-claims came as east African ceasefire monitors began to arrive in South Sudan, seven weeks after violence erupted in the capital, Juba, before spreading across the world's newest state.
"(President Salva) Kiir's forces burned down the whole of Leer town and entire surrounding villages," Koang said in a statement.
"The latest destruction of Leer town in Unity state has no strategic, operational or tactical importance, but mere need for psychological satisfaction."
Koang said the Ugandan military, which gave air and ground support to the SPLA as it battled to recapture rebel-held towns before the ceasefire, had swollen its ranks with fighters from the defeated M23 Congolese rebel group.
Hundreds of M23 rebels fled into Uganda after the Congolese army and a U.N. brigade flushed them from their strongholds. SPLA spokesman Philip Aguer said he had received no reports of foreign militiamen joining the conflict.
Ugandan army spokesman Colonel Paddy Ankunda called the rebel allegations "cheap lies".
Thousands of people have been killed and more than 800,000 have fled their homes since fighting was triggered by a power struggle between President Kiir and Machar, his former deputy whom he sacked in July.
The conflict, which has taken on a largely ethnic dimension between the Dinka and Nuer tribes of Kiir and Machar respectively, has brought oil-producing South Sudan, a country the size of France, to the brink of civil war.
Machar on Friday accused Kiir of sabotaging the peace talks - which resume in neighbouring Ethiopia this week - and of waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing, in a Reuters interview at his bush hideout in remote Jonglei state.
An advance team of monitors sent by east African nations arrived in Juba on Sunday to start observing the shaky truce.
Diplomats expect them to focus on the three flashpoint towns of Malakal and Bentiu, near the main oilfields, and Bor, where some of the heaviest clashes have occurred, as well as the capital.
"We will start our mission, at least the teams will be deployed, within the next week," General Gebreegzabher Mebrahtu, a retired Ethiopian general who is leading the advance team, told reporters in Juba.
The violence, the worst since South Sudan won independence from Sudan in 2011, has caused a humanitarian crisis.
At least 3.2 million people - more than a quarter of the population - face food shortages, the United Nations says. Aid agencies say insecurity is hampering their operations.
Uganda Miners Must Protect KaramojaInterests, Rights Group Says
By Fred OjamboFeb 3, 2014 1:00 AM CT
Mining developers in Uganda’s northeast Karamoja region have failed to respect the rights of local residents who communally own the land for raising livestock and cultivating crops, Human Rights Watch said.
The government and some exploration companies have excluded customary land owners from discussions to develop deposits in the area, the New York-based group said in a 140-page report entitled “How Can we Survive Here?” released today. The hunt mainly for gold and marble has intensified over the past two years as at least three companies started operating without the communities giving full consent, it said.
The East African nation, which has deposits ranging from gold to copper, hasn’t produced large quantities of minerals. The industry could expand “significantly in the near future”as investor interest in oil spreads to minerals, according to a report on the U.S. Geological Survey’s website.
Uganda, classified by the World Bank as one of the world’s poorest nations, discovered oil in 2006 and has an estimated 3.5 billion barrels of crude. London-based Tullow Oil Plc, Cnooc Ltd. and France’s Total SA are jointly developing the finds, which have yet to enter into production. The nation has sub-Saharan Africa’s fourth-biggest oil reserves.
The situation in Karamoja mirrors concerns in Uganda’s oil-rich regions about the possibility of heightened political patronage, corruption and restrictions on civil-society groups that criticize the government’s development plans, Human Rights Watch said. The report is based on 137 interviews between May and November.

Local Approval

The government ensures its development plans for the region have the backing of the local community, Barbara Oundo Nekesa, minster of state for Karamoja, said by phone.
“It is not possible that government can work against its people,” she said from Kampala, the capital.
Karamoja, a region of 1.2 million people mainly of the pastoralist Karamojong ethnic group, has suffered recurring bouts of violence and food insecurity, with the highest rate of childhood malnutrition in the country, according to Human Rights Watch.
“Mining development could be a real boon to the people of Karamoja, bringing jobs and better security, services, and basic infrastructure,” said Daniel Bekele, the group’s Africa director. “However it is still unclear how the people of Karamoja will benefit, if at all, from mining, or how the government intends to protect their rights during this process.”
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To contact the editor responsible for this story: Antony Sguazzin at

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