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4th International Congress of Black Women

International Women�s Day: Preparation for the 4th International congress of Black Women
March, 8-9-10, 2010 in Washington DC
Following the 3rd international congress of Black women held in December 2009, under the high patronage of the first Lady of the DRC, a decision was taken with the agreement of the First lady of the Republic of Zambia, to designate Zambia as the host country for the 4th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF BLACK WOMEN. This congress is scheduled to take place in November 2010.
As part of the preparation for the congress, the Workshop sessions would be held on March 8-9-10, 2010 in Washington DC. We expect 300 participants, 50% from the African Diaspora in America, with the rest drawn from civil society and African Diaspora associations from Europe and Africa.
The theme of the 2010 Congress is: �Marketing Africa: Bringing together professionals to accomplish work that can have an important impact on society�
DAY 1: MONDAY, March 08 2010
08h45 � 09h15: Arrival of Delegates at the Conference Venue 09h30: Official Opening and Welcome Remarks10h30: Order of Proceedings, Preparation for the 4th International Congress of Black Women.10h40: Discussion to ensure clarification.
11h00: Panel Discussion1: involvement of the African Diaspora for the promotion of Africa.Guidelines: The panel should discuss the practical actions of the Diasporas in promoting the continent. In this regard, the plenary session should focus on: � Main areas of action to promote Africa� Mechanisms to carry out programs of action between the Diaspora and the countries hosting the International Congress of Black Women.� Coordination and selection of strategies to be implemented.
11h40 �12h15: Questions and Answers Session
12H30-14H00 LUNCH
14h00-17h00 Working Group Sessions Commission 1: African Renaissance, history and ChallengesGuidelines: Setting up Procedures for African Renaissance, in priority areas such as education, Patriotism, responsibility, involvement of the Diaspora to the challenges facing the continent, promoting cultural diversity. Building coalitions for women's empowerment, economic empowerment, promoting the role of women in the structures of civil society, maximizing and using women's skills: "The Right Women at the right position"Discussion
Commission 2: Strengthening bridges between Diaspora and Africa: Industrial Development � exploitation of Tourism resources.Guidelines: Objectives: Promoting Tourism and infrastructure in Africa. Fight against the scarcity of skills in African economies: Programs to promote skills in the fields of industry, cooperation in business: interactive marketplace, enhancing of knowledge, partnerships. To boost exchange programs between Universities in the Continent. Technology transfer, promoting research and innovation.Discussion
Commission 3: creating a Fund to support business and women activities Guidelines: brainstorming, strategies for the creation of a real bank of women. Support determined women willing to achieve their professional ideal.
17h00 Conclusion of proceedings for the day
Free evening
DAY 2: Tuesday, 09 March 2010
09h00: Welcome Remarks09H10: Panel Discussion
THEME: Unity of women to deal with challenges and to seize opportunities in 2010.
Guidelines: Women have the gift to lead with heart and head. Both are added value used in doing things differently. How to overcome obstacles such as self belief, cultural, discrimination, poverty, domestic violence, ignorance, limitation of resources.
09H40: Questions and Answers Session

11h30: Report Back
Facilitator, in conjunction with the rapporteur of each panel discussion/commission to present a summary of discussions and the proposals detailing the way forward
11h30: Panel Discussion 1 Facilitator and Rapporteur Discussion, Scribes to note amendments
11h50: Commission 1: Facilitator and Rapporteur Discussion, Scribes to note amendments
12h10: Commission 2: Facilitator and Rapporteur Discussion Scribes to note amendments
12h30: Commission 3: Facilitator and Rapporteur Discussion, Scribes to note amendments
14h30: The Way Forward
15h20: Closing Remarks
16h00: Conference concludes
Free evening


DAY 3: Wednesday, 10 March 2010

09H00: Welcome Remarks

09H30: Session on Africa Femmes Performantes vision and representatives worldwide.

10h30 Dialogues: focusing on businesses or projects of members



14H30: One on one discussion matching with projects and cooperation across continents.Meet our US partners.
15H30: Delivery of Membership Certificate

16h30 End of the meeting
Please complete all fields, print and email or fax this form to our Executive Secretary: Annie Landu, fax : + 1 301 434 2728
Communication-Press : Deborah Kipene Lubula, Executive Manager
Any enquiry concerning commissions, panels, speakers, facilitators, presentations, rapporteurs, please email Patricia Faraut : or
Tel: +1 240 701 3972 /Tel: + 1 571 606 5215 / Fax: 301 434 2728
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Conference Registration
You must be registered to one working group session. The plenary session and panel discussions are opened to the public.
Workshops (tick the appropriate workshops)
� Commission 1: African Renaissance, historical and challenges.
� Commission 2: Strengthening the bridges between Diaspora and Africa Industrial Development � exploitation of Tourism resources.
� Creating a fund to support Business and Women activities.
Registration Fees
� Member 75 $
� Regular 125 $
� lunch per day 55 $ � Lunch for 2 days 110 $ � Lunch for the 3 days 165 $
Total Amount:

� Bank Transfer
Bank transfer to Bank: BB&T
ABA Number: 054001547
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