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Africa's Financial Guideline for 2010 By: Judy Miriga

Africa’s Financial Guideline for 2010.

Money is all around us people of Africa continent, it is flying in the air closely around us, but they seem so far yet so near....... we must force CHANGE and minimize the BEGGING BOWL our leaders go around the world BEGING FOR MONEY for Africa survival. We need to develop responsible and valuable strategy for Partnership Development. We must develop critical thinking and share strategy with the rest of Civil Society of Africa, where a larger popular participation involvement are able to change our destiny for better.

This 2010, should be a year of Transformation for Africa. Without looking back, we are faced with challenges from China and other Asia communities who have taken Economic Lead in World Recovery using Africa as their platform through underworld of rip-off. A good example is of Kenya and other Africa Countries where these Chinese, Libya, Egypt and Russia ship away unprocessed raw Natural Resources such as Gold, Cobalt, Copper, Titanium, Uranium etc., As Africans we must begin to dream big and stop looking for Manna from Heaven. We must begin to look for ways and means to boost Africa Economic Growth and create job opportunities from our own Natural Resources and Minerals we have in Africa. This is how the Global Countries will respect us and develop confidence in our ability to deliver in a competitive world for prosperity?

2010 is going to be a tough year. If 2009 was the year of the unexpected, 2010 may turn out to be a year of the unwanted ghosts (the double standard criminal terrorizing leaders) where people lived in fear from intimidation of loosing dear lives and fear of no jobs or hope for the future. The ghosts in the Leadership that developed to a monster which consumed our valuables and reduced African to valueless dummies, where our dignity has been undermined and our worth, value and virtue stolen from us, must now be a thing of the past. We have been reduced to beggars and not development concious participants, out of fear, we did not have voices to protect our resources or speak on behalf of our National financial stability or have a say on our economy, or speak up when we are sit on legally or under Civil Marginalization. The monster pushed us to the edge and reduced us to worthless International Beggars, the remaining straw as the final nail on a coffin box, is to drain us poor African to extinct.

2010 is our hope to get out of the mud of dictatorship control, we must design Way Forward, protect our Nationhood and together struggle to improve our destiny. This is a year of being optimistic for a better future. 2009 put us in a combative spirit, but as we end 2009, and after our concerted struggle, it is leaving behind a feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration. We have accomplished, through our determination, ways and means we are able to improve our dignity, value and virtue and have triumphed to have our voices heard. It did not come easy. We are still in solidarity and our Civil Society Groups continue to dare devil with facts and with the truth, so we can gain ground to move forward. We will continue to brake loose the yoke of the demon monster which is pulling Africa down. We believe this is the way to go and eventually we will gain improved hope to face challenges in 2010. In 2010, we must take Control of our Financial Destiny, and this is how:

1) Domestic Consumption:

Domestic Consumption is our priority and it must remain to be our common burden within a six months period. Government projects to be sanctioned within budges of 2010 – 11 on infrastructure budget 70% must go to Civil Society and private business sector and that brings together Civil Society business community lobby group dialogue with the Coalition Government as incentive to development structure involving partnership with the Government.

2) Geo-Politics:

Competing political temperature in Kenya where we see wrangling for power has become a theatre in every funerals fundraisings and homecoming, I must say, this is very unhealthy presently. The idea is to create confusion and cover-up our eyes so they get into underworld dirty tricks of engaging neighboring countries like Uganda and Somalia to invade Kenya and provokingly own one such island of Migingo where they threw Kenyans fishermen of Migingo into serious confusion with loss of lives and destroying community survival and income. We have seen how the Government behave like they have no idea what’s cooking at Migingo. On the other hand, pirating at the Mombasa coastal become a terrorizing menace. Such leaders thrive where there is confusion. This is impunity which the International Court must take up and give a protection and just rule. These are the leaders we do not want in our midst. They will import more problem and pain than good in our Development National Agenda.

This is cheap politics and their strategy is the divide and rule, and they thrive and prosper when they create conducive environment to unscrupulous investors who gain profitably at a time we are busy wrangling. This may arraign global opinions across dogmatic lines and distract leaders from economic issues. Kenya and Uganda have had peaceful co-existence and co-operation for many years, which is now being driven to a waste by President Museveni of Uganda and where our social economic and political cooperation is extremely important for Africa's survival where together, we are able to provide for competitive contribution to global growth. Our neighbors are our brothers we must develop harmony for our existence……fake politicians must begin to pack off and leave mainstream politics. They have no business staying in power.

3) Emerging Economies:

We must engage in export orient and take care and watch Domestic Institution of learning including our economic market and share in forum discussions for improvement factors. We will base our success upon supportive regulatory discipline within our Policy framework for prosperity. We must move to increase volumes in secondary market as we will deploy the same. We must close open ended debt incurred by our leaders, reduce manufacture and production of AID BEGGING BOWL, but utilize AID more responsibly and effectively involving the community in planning and disbursement, so we know we are paying for what we consumed. We will go for aid only when we will profit from it as a Nation not for a few where it offer access money to politicians for their pockets. We will built trust and create sustainable bonds for long run development focus.

4) Infrastructure Development Program:

The construction of roads and Titanium, Gold and other mine diggers, as we see in Africa and specifically in Kenya, must not be done by Chinese prisoners, imported from China as expatriate manpower an opportunity that should be derived from the Public Nationals who are in huge percentage are jobless. The importation of Chinese prisoners is a slap on the face… is undermining the intelligence of people of Africa and is an abuse of Social ethics and community peaceful existence. It demoralizes the spirit of Country’s Republic dignity, pride and value of Citizen and ownership. Chinese prisoners are everywhere in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo and Southern Sudan…….we demand help from International Court, to help African Republic Nationals to put these African Leaders who allow such intimidation, marginalization and dictatorial rule where Citizens are exposed to dangerous criminals in their communities.

Consider Commonwealth games and meeting hosting as major opportunities for Citizens to participate in service, culture, and art as well as physical participation in small business competitive delivery as a showcase of Africa’s potential and value to the world.

5) Emergence of Green Technology:

What we can do together in a united spirit as people of Africa to save mankind from perishing and protect the environment from pollution or damage should be our goal. We must search for technologies that will preserve our African environment to a point we can have a win-win bargain for our green technology options. We must avoid toxic gases and incorporate natural fertilizer for our agriculture for example. We must be ready to plan and restore afordable and adoptable strategy to preserve a healthy generation even in the future…..this can be achieved when Civil Society Organization work in harmony with the Government to plan and discharge safe methods not arrangements that are done under-table.

Kenya and other African Leaders have done greater damage amounting to felony to the Republic of Africa. This is a serious abuse and crime against humanity through the acts of corruption, felony and impunity. These cases cannot be taken lightly or left to fate, they must be addressed thoroughly and must be concluded. We demand that the International Treaty be observed and the International Court step in for fair justice and compensation. This is because lives have been terminated, and human lives are exposed to health hazard with no remedy or precautions taken. The environmental pollution condition is also not observed. The Digo people and Kamba are prone to extinction from environmental pollution from mineral and mine digging. I must elaborate that Mine digging is done secretively and privately and public are not aware their poor health is as a result, aggravated to harsh conditions attributed to mine digging. The unfortunate part is that those leaders in the Government are ready to silence anyone who could open their mouth. So people are living in fear and have no where to go to lodge complain.

In this situation as we know it. The land was initially fenced, taken and owned by former President Jomo Kenyatta who unlawfully grabbed it from the poor inhabitants of Mijikenda Digos and Kambas who are the indigenous of the area. Kenyatta unlawfully gave some bigger portion to the Kikuyu’s to occupy those minerals producing areas at no cost. The former Member of Parliament Jembe Mwakalu suffered irrepairable loss and he finally died from frustrations of trying to complain about the grabbed land.

There is a disconnect between the people public and the Government and there is no link for dialogue or forum between the people/public including Civil Society Agency that can be applied for people DEMANDS to be heard unless the International Jurists under Human Rights steps in to fairly represent the people of Kenya and Africa against their leadership advancement of terrorism and felony over innocent people they represent. We demand that we involve International Jurist to help take this matter on behalf of the poor public land owners of Kwale & Msambweni, and the Human Rights Agency to get involved in the health welfare of people living in this areas. The Chinese are sneakily digging this area without health precaution of people living in this areas. Mining must stop in this area immediately until all health care precautions are considered and observed and until proper law governing dispensation of land is complied including resolving growing complaints by Kenyans from Land grabbing are resolved.

We have been informed from reliable sources that, there are some coincidence of shared corrupt interest which is the reason why “Birds of the Same Feathers Flock Together” why KKK, Uhuru, Kalonzo and Ruto have a common bond to continue to corrupt and lead Kenyans in three-some corruption galore. They both want to accomplish their mission of “Fuata Nyayo”. Robert Ouko was first the Minister for Foreign affairs then came Biwott, Kalonzo and Tuju is still holding the same position so they seem to enjoy fun of dealing in corruption in Foreign and Finance Ministry. We therefore request authorities of Kenya Government and the International Intelligence for Human Rights, to prove this heartache story we have been told, that Ms. Joyce Misoi was the second last Secretary of Robert Ouko and in 1988 was sponsored to Toronto in Canada for study with all her expenses paid for her by the Government of Kenya. She stayed in Toronto Canada until 2008 where between 2006 and 2008 she paraded between Kenya and Toronto to seal the deal in a corrupt manner through Michuki and others in the corrupt circle and she spend over 2 billion trying to get license for the business where finally she confidently negotiated for a Canadian Company to undertake Titanium business in Kenya. She left for Kwale sometimes on 2008 to manage the Titanium business in Kwale, earning a whooping salary of US$ 200 per year for both the Canadian and Chinese Partnership so to protect these Company’s interest because of her connection with Michuki and Moi. Canadian Company holding is 49% while Chinese took 51%. Government of Kenya and the Republic People of Kenya got nothing. The indigenous were swindled and were not part of the negotiating deal. The deal for titanium was made at 15 billion dollars for 15 years commencing from 2008. Strangely enough, all these years she was in Toronto Canada, her salary was going to bank directly. Upon arriving to Kenya in 2006, she went through the Foreign Ministry and found her salary was still being paid to her account while at the same time, the Government was paying all her needs, pocket money and her upkeep in Toronto Canada. Upon going to the bank, she found all her money withdrawn.

If true, these are some of the corruption we DEMAND should be investigated urgently – how public money is being squandered. We DEMAND to know how much Kenya Government officially gained from this Titanium business in Kwale, why the Local Community were not involved in its negotiation (there are evidence that Maitha was advocating to his constituents not to agree to be paid lip service, they must resist). Why the DEMANDS of the Local Community was never considered? Why TIOMIN KENYA should not stop business until matters are officially resolved by a competent jurists of the International Court? Kenyan Public and Civil Society treat this deal as NULL and VOID UNTIL THE MATTER IS RESOLVED in Court. This is a half-backed-deal where people were killed and human lives is at risk, taking into account that negotiation was done under dubious circumstances – The Community has a Right to be fully Compensated for health hazard with loses incurred.

From now on, we will never ever sit back and watch while our leaders act with impunity and without consulting our experts in the Social, Economy and scholars in higher learning, Lawyers and the Civil Society Network Agency Organizations on behalf of Kenyans in Kenya. Our economy is being plundered in exchange for Chinese Prisoners some of who have committed serious criminal offence are having pathway in Kenya, Congo, Tanzania and South Sudan. Is there some dots we need to connect? What business had Ruto gone to do in Uganda with Museveni......why the coincidence with Chinese visitor to Kenya?

As Civil Society in collaboration and dialogue with Association Network of the world for Africa security, we will stay focused in collaboration with International Human Rights where we DEMAND for African Government cooperation with their Electorates, the people/public without being in a sneaky hide and seek drama from the public. We DEMAND the Governments of African Nationals be transparent and be open in their foreign undertakings which involve PUBLIC MATTERS and PUBLIC RESOURCES.

As we move forward with activities of repairing and fixing the broken pieces of the African Face through information & sensitization, Education, Agriculture booster as well as promoting Local Tourism to match the expectations of International Business Trading, we must sharpen and perfect human skillful service, talents, culture and Art, through polishing performance. We must stand in SOLIDARITY to motivate our Youth and Women to work as a team and put in committed hard work and time management to meet competition and challenges of the Social Community Welfare and by putting their DEMANDS known through their Civil Society Community Agencies including the Ministry of Social Welfare arm of the Government. So both are in harmony to improving life of Kenyans, as we try to come out of the mad.

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